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    "The Lost Light" by Alvin Boyd Kuhn


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    "The Lost Light" by Alvin Boyd Kuhn Empty "The Lost Light" by Alvin Boyd Kuhn

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:20 am

    This document is written with great eloquence and I'm impressed by the part in purple, presented here.
    To those of you who explore the ancient writings and journeys of human consciousness, this might be an interes-
    ting read.

    GraceWatcher Ministries Presents The Lost Light


    Alvin Boyd Kuhn

    Electronically typed and edited by Anyeot GraceWatcher/Paul Jones for educational research purposes. Please do not remove this notice. I can be contacted at . I will be greatly indebted to the individual who can put me in touch with the associates of the Estate of Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn and/or any of the following works:

    The Mighty Symbol of the Horizon, Nature as Symbol, The Tree of Knowledge, The Rebellion of the Angels, The Ark and the Deluge, The True Meaning of Genesis, The Law of the Two Truths, At Sixes and Sevens, Adam Old and New, The Real and the Actual, Immortality: Yes - But How?, The Mummy Speaks at Last, Symbolism of the Four Elements, Through Science to Religion, Creation in Six Days?, Rudolph Steiner's "Mystery of Golgotha", Krishnamurti and Theosophy, A. B. Kuhn's graduation address at Chambersburg Academy "The Lyre of Orpheus", A. B. Kuhn's unpublished autobiography, Great Pan Returns.

    (quote)"Chapter 1


    Little could the ancient mythologists and sages have foreseen that the "fabulous narrations" which their genius
    devised to cloak high truth would end by plaguing the mind of the Western world with sixteen centuries of unconscionable stultification. They could not possibly imagine that their allegorical constructions to dramatize
    spiritual truth would so miscarry from their hidden intent as to cast the mental life of half the world for ages
    under the cloud of the most grotesque superstition known to history. Nor could they have dreamed that the
    gross blindness and obtuseness of later epochs would cite these same marvelously ingenious portrayals as the
    evidence of childish crudity on the part of their formulators. Who could have suspected that a body of the most
    signal instrumentalities for conveying and preserving deep knowledge ever devised by man would become the
    means of centuries of mental enslavement?

    Nothing more clearly evidences the present age’s loss of fixed moorings in philosophical truth than the inconsis-
    tency of its attitudes toward the sacred scriptures of antiquity. The general mind, indoctrinated by priestcraft,
    regards them as infallible revelations and holds them as fetishes, which it were a sacrilege to challenge; while
    theological scholarship hedges from pious veneration of them over to outright skepticism of their divine origin,
    swinging more recently to a view which takes them to be the simple conceptions of men just emerging from cave
    and forest barbarism. The character of divine dictation and absolute wisdom assigned to them on the one thesis
    has yielded to that of ignorant speculation of primitive folk on the other. That there is a possible truer characterization
    of them lying midway between the extravagances of these two extreme views has not seemed to come through to intelligence at any time. It has not occurred to students of religion that ancient scripts are the work neither of Supreme Deity on the one side, nor of groping infantile humanity on the other, but that their production must be sought in a region intermediate between the two. They came neither from supernal Deity nor from common
    humanity, but from humanity divinized!"
    (end of quote)


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