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    Post  B.B.Baghor on Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:46 am

    5 Steps to Increase Your Emotional Happiness by Ashish Anand


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    "5 Steps to Increase your Emotional Happiness

    How important is emotional health to you ? If you want to become emotionally healthy again there is a way.
    First forgive yourself for the history of damage which may have been done to your emotional health. We all
    go through challenging phases. You went through yours and paid the price, but now start with forgiveness.

    Next begin with gratitude. Gratitude to get a chance to build your emotional happiness, health and well-being again.
    Many humans in life don't get this chance to rejuvenate their emotional health again. The fact that emotional health
    is important to you and you are willing to give it priority is a great positive step in itself. And it definitely calls for

    Next begin with two things : Invest in real friendships and Start noticing and enjoying simple pleasures life is
    bringing everyday. (Despite the regular challenges and rigmarole and obstacles which everyone faces routinely).
    Don't postpone the enjoyment of simple pleasures.

    And lastly celebrate the friendships and simple pleasures for this itself is like love of the universe manifesting itself
    in these emotionally uplifting moments. Don't trivialize them. They are far more mammoth in their significance than
    a lot of material aspects going around.

    A lot can be said on the topic of establishing and building emotional health, but if you ask me what may help as
    starting steps, I would say :
    Simple Pleasures and

    To me, that's a wonderful Xmas vibes and New Year's vision message.

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