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    Post  Anchor Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:57 pm

    The following information is presented for you, charged with the intent to help others avoid the subtle deceit of the internet cult.

    In one way, you can read it as about mental clarity and hygiene, another way you can read it as light vs dark.

    The core message is: take good care that you detect and if necessary avoid cult led thinking and thought-forms. Grasp your sword of truth, and with it excise lies from your life. What you read and accept is your responsibility. You can accept or reject whatever you like – no one else will do it for you and if you let them, you can be led far away from your own path.

    I am not a qualified person. I expect that qualified readers will read this document and it is my hope they will add their professional clarity thereby enriching my message. The information below should be filtered knowing that I have claimed no authority and it should be rejected if found to be in error when tested within your-self.

    It has been my observation that internet based cults start in easily identifiable stages, and each stage is accompanied by certain traits. These observations have enabled me to put together some information that may be able to work as a detection kit.

    Here is a simple check list that I use to indentify “cults”, “cult like thinking” and “cult formation”

    1) Fist stage (Preparation/Introduction)

    a. Enigmatic, new and unusually different thinking
    b. Charismatic powerful personalities
    c. Rigorous politeness and charm
    d. Flattery – the less control of your ego you have, the easier that gets!

    2) Second stage (Cultivation)

    a. Unfolding of a stream of new and interesting information
    b. Employment of devices used to create and maintain the drip feed of new (often these ones are making it up as they go along)
    c. Use of anticipation as a means to create an atmosphere of expectancy – most often seen as the requirement to wait until certain dates before things happen or information is revealed
    d. Many devices employed to emphasise the importance of the leader (extreme busyness, fragility, short temper, intolerance, hidden knowledge etc) [these traits are often suppressed at first, until they can be excused by those being hooked in]

    It is important to state that up to stage (2) it is just as likely that you are seeing the presentation of information in good faith but by someone with a flair for the dramatic, or by someone with genuine hard to control constraints on their time.

    It is the stages after this that are the real defining point where serious attention needs to be placed on the process, because at this point several red flags should be being raised. Even if the person leading this process doesn’t know it, they are entering territory where it is very easy to mislead and unwittingly override the audience/members better judgement.

    Cult groups maturing beyond the formative stages above may well have formed due to the coming together of genuinely real information expressed naturally and innocently. However, if a group is successful the messenger or emerging “leader” is ripe for external subversion and compromise of the original by dark forces on the lookout for any suitable “channel” through whom they may gain magnified expression.

    Therefore what can start innocently can easily move on to stage (3) but at this point the original messenger is not really working for his or her own original agenda – having been either obsessed or possessed by external and malevolent forces. Typically in the accidental situation you have a messenger with an under developed levels of psychic defence, distorted ego, personal issues that provide the necessary chinks in their armour for this to happen.

    3) Third stage (Separation and Inculcation) This is the phase that really should be prompting you to tread extremely carefully and turn up the levels of discrimination and personal protection

    a. Each member of the audience is contacted and invited to a special group /forum /meeting place. The internet provides many mechanisms for this where the work and succeeding stages can be followed

    b. More details are bought forth as in stage 2, but only revealed to the separated members (generally speaking those that bought into the initial story) – at this point the members are being subjected to repeating information and reinforcement that they are special or different

    c. Peer pressure will start to be cultivated, peer pressure is an essential part of stage 3 because this is one of the pre-cursors to the effectiveness of later stages and one of the means to prevent escape

    People who have recently undergone significant personal consciousness changes or transpersonal experiences are especially weakened to the malevolent, obsessive or seductive forces involved in the move to stage three. People in that situation are best advised to get away from the new information – spend a few days grounding themselves and assimilating the experiences before rushing into new ones – so that the inner eyes can remain open and you can return with inner clarity before proceeding under un-encumbered freewill.

    Later stages of cults will include some, all or a selection of the following - any time you see anyone of these, your bullsh*t detectors, and incoming darkness meter should hit the red zone, flags should wave and alarms go off.

    • The requirement for attending physical meetings: with no regard to the cost or inconvenience.

    • The requirement for you to change your lifestyles in some way, in ways you would not naturally have considered

    • Initially some, but increasing or total financial involvement

    • Mind control techniques that cannot easily be applied using the internet/written word: Love bombing, sleep deprivation, enforced intense study, repetition, sexual distractions, etc

    • The requirement for you to be separated from your worldly assets and emotional support structures, family, friends etc.

    • Assignment of special missions, titles or qualities

    • Requirement to protect and fight for the leader!

    A lot of the control techniques exerted on a cult member are very similar to the kinds of obsessive controls exerted by men in dominating or abusive co-dependent relationships. I have past experience of situations wherein men have controlled every aspect of their spouse’s lives so that they are completely trapped. In many ways escaping from a cult (deep into stage 4 in terms of this essay) is very similar to the challenge of escaping from a psychotic partner and a co-dependent relationship.

    I was once approached recently by a woman involved in a situation very similar to the above, which had just had a near miss, but owing to her inner honesty and spiritual maturity had reacted well when the first feelings that something was not right. I was able to spontaneously produce the following message that I feel was strongly inspired by my higher self and that was affirmative of the correctness of the course adjustment taken: I reproduce it here because it is actually relevant not just to her, but anyone who gets into a situation with what may turn out to be a cult and then changes their mind.

    “You get to make all the decisions that affect your life and your future – every single one. Saying no and resisting trickery and pressure is your birthright. It is perfectly ok to have been down a path, and decided that it may be better to get to where you planned on, going by a different one.

    In making these decisions you must come first, because you are responsible for the outcomes of all of them. Putting others before yourself, especially people that you don’t really know should not really be a primary factor in making those decisions”

    My feeling is that situations come along in life that change us, or change our friends. In rare cases these are divisive. As we all evolve it can often be the case that we separate, and the likeness attracting likeness moves us to a new group. This can, sadly, be the ending of some friendships in a 3D sense.

    My humble request is that you carefully assess the motives behind all of the online structures and organizations that you encounter on the internet. Do this just as you would structures and organizations in real life, examine them in the light of common sense and allow the infinite inner love and wisdom guide your actions.

    I honestly believe that I have written the above in the light and in the love of the one infinite creator – in whom I ask for the guidance and protection of all, and for the highest and best good of all!



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    Post  Floyd Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:41 am

    Hi John.
    I spent my College years studying cults and NRM's. (New Religious Movements). I also worked voluntarily in a place in London that gave balanced information to concerned families and individuals about various groups for a short while.
    Unlike another site I could mention, we neither promote charasmatic frauds here nor monitor the expression of thought of our members. It is easy for me to see that the structure of Project Avalon and the behaviour patterns of its leaders now contains traits of the beginnings of a NRM.
    So yes..thanks for posting this information. The last count in the 90's was about 500 in GB and 5000 on the Americas approx. There are also many lesser known ones in Japan of course.

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