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    Cults and NRM's


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    Cults and NRM's Empty Cults and NRM's

    Post  Floyd Fri Feb 17, 2012 6:55 pm

    Given a recent exchange I thought it may be useful to open a resource page on cults and NRM's (New Religious Movements)

    Obviously there will be an opportunity here to make value judgements but sometimes they have to be made.

    One persons cult is another persons dismay. Often cult members will vehemently defend their religion/ cult.

    It is where there is evidence of abuse, financially, emotionally, sexually and so on where the line can be drawn. Other than that, there are cults who make outrageous claims that cannot possibly be verified.

    Cult leaders often have similar traits. As do their disciples.

    Perhaps its all karma and we should just leave them to it.
    Perhaps not.

    Interestingly, recently many have found conspiracy and alternative forums as fertile ground to proselytise their pseudo religions.

    These websites are useful.

    ps see the full of crap files for more. Cool

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