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    Any tips for preps ?


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    Post  mudra Wed Feb 28, 2024 11:46 pm

    Any tips for preps ? - Page 5 663c8b10

    From a blog on FB

    Any tips for preps ? - Page 5 7aed6810

    I keep certain produce in water like flower bouquets, and store them in a sunny spot. This keeps them fresh for far longer than in the fridge. I find that cilantro stays fresh for 2 weeks with this method. Just make sure, like bouquets, you change the water every few days to minimize gunk. Glass jars are PREFERRED as they keep the produce fresh longer, but if all you have is plastic, that is fine too.

    And yes, that is a plant rack that I made from a repurposed doggie kennel, once my puppies no longer needed the kennel.😊

    Produce that I find work well with this method (so far) are: cilantro, parsley, green onions, carrots (pointy side in the water), celery, radish, bok choy, and asparagus. I‘ll experiment more with others as time goes on.

    And that’s your life hack for today, my beautiful squash blossoms 💜😉.

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