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    Re. the Rothschild Connection to the White House


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    Re. the Rothschild Connection to the White House Empty Re. the Rothschild Connection to the White House

    Post  Seashore Wed May 16, 2018 2:10 pm

    The following is an insightful video that brings out the reality of Pres. Trump's former extreme financial worries and how they relate to being within the grip of the puppet masters of the world at the present time.

    The YouTuber is someone by the name of Jake Morphonios, an investigative reporter who also has a background in politics in the campaigns of former Presidential candidates Steve Forbes and Ron Paul:

    Blackstone Intelligence Network
    Published on May 9, 2018

    Latest Blackstone Intel from inside Iraq/Syria.  Plus... stunning details about the Rothschild connections to the White House.

    On the other hand, QAnon seems to be military intel white hats who are backing Pres. Trump.

    What to believe?

    That is the question.

    Maybe the military intel white hats are simply using Donald Trump?

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