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    Neale Donald Walsch The Heart of Truth Seminar


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    Neale Donald Walsch The Heart of Truth Seminar  Empty Neale Donald Walsch The Heart of Truth Seminar

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:22 am

    Neale Donald Walsch The Heart of Truth Seminar

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    Transcript of part 26, on human sexuality, in the Seminar “The Heart of Truth” with Neale Donald Walsch.
    "For you truly do, then, know, that we’re all One.  That there’s only one of us in the room and it changes everything.
    Then your pain becomes my pain, your joy becomes my joy. What I do for me, I do for you.  What I fail to do for you,
    I fail to do for me.   It all becomes very clear and very simple. And we wonder why we didn’t understand it with such simplicity before.
    Then, all there is to do, is to act it.  So know this, then, about all the souls in creation  “In my house there are many rooms and in that place
    we call Home, there are many mansions. Yet there is only one Home, one Being and that is you. Welcome Home!

    Now…. does such esoteric wisdom have any practical function in day to day life? Or is it just a pretty thought, a gentle insight, a nice idea?
    Or can it have some application, in our moment to moment experience? I believe it can.          
    The only question then is “What will that action be,  that we take?” How will we choose to functionalize our new truth?
    Or perhaps our always present truth, now more clearly understood? Your life lived, will be the answer to that question.
    But, try not to leave here, in the next few days, returning to your old patterns. But yet, form a new pattern and a new reality.
    That we might all together seek and do our world. Because if that is not a worthy activity for the love of us, then what is? (musical interlude)

    Human sexuality is among the most distorted of human experiences. We have allowed ourselves to feel so inhibited about it and around it,
    by and large, if not embarrassed by it, that it has almost become impolite to talk about it in public. That is amazing, given that it is the human activity which recreates life itself. We’ve created a culture and a society in which violence is glorified and acts of violence are depicted on the screen in such startling reality, that people come running from the movie house in tears and falling apart.

    But God forbid, that we should depict on the same huge screen, an act of love that would allow us to revisit what we went through in an act of love. They say that depictions of sexuality on the screen, have become about as graphic as one could get. Although that is not nearly so, as anyone who has had a real sexual experience as opposed to a screen sexual experience will tell you.

    And yet I would say this “If Stephen Spielberg ever attempted to put on screen an act of sexual love, at the level of realism and detail,
    that the act of violence that is depicted in “Saving private Ryan” (unsure of this translation being correct) he would be drummed out of Hollywood and the movie would be condemned, as being to explicit… far to explicit.

    If that doesn’t say something about the collective decision we’ve made in our society, then I don’t know what does.
    I can tell you, if we had a 20 minute love scene on screen with that much detail, we would be… most of us, embarrassed to high heaven.
    Some of us will be ecstatic, but most of us would be embarrassed to high heaven. Why we’re not embarrassed to high heaven, those 22 minutes of graphic depiction of violence is beyond me. Because that’s what should embarrass us!

    Of course, the depiction is justified by the filmmaker and by the audience, along the following lines “It’s really needed, in order for us to get,
    the true picture of the horror of war” And all he was trying to do, honestly and graphically, show us the horror of war. And so we… forgive it,
    if you will..  or allow it, if you please…  as a device of realism. Yet even if the same rationale were used with regard to a love scene, if the producer
    said “I am merely seeking to show the beauty and the glory of love and to do it as realistically as possible, we would say “Sorry, can’t go there”

    And…. you may want to ask yourself the reason why. There would be pickets up and down in front of that theatre from a great many people.
    Yet I don’t see any of those organizations, that uphold  family values, marching up and down in front of the theater, protesting “Saving private Ryan”
    You see, our children and our children’s children and their children’s children and…. us and our fathers and their fathers and mothers before them and
    so forth…. have been taught that violence is okay.

    Now I know that you say “They haven’t been taught that violence is okay” but with regard to violence we say one thing and do another.
    The same father who says “Don’t hit your brother” smacks the kid around, showing him that he shouldn’t be doing that… see? (Neale acts as such
    to make it explicit) And the guy who does that, doesn’t even see the contradiction, anymore that society sees the contradiction between saying
    “Thou shall not kill” and  “In order to make sure you get that, I’m going to kill you.” We’re trying to end murder in this country, by killing people.
    It’s called "execution” (end of part 26 audiobook “The Heart of Truth” by N.D.Walsche)

    Transcript of part 27 audiobook "The Heart of Truth" by N.D.Walsche:
    “The tools of creation, and there are three, are thought, word and deed. As you think and as you speak and as you do, so will it be done unto you. Now, most of us are thinking one thing and saying another, or perhaps saying one thing and doing another. Or perhaps thinking one thing and doing another and saying neither. Or some combination thereof.

    It’s not been easy for us, to get all three aspects of our being together. We are three part-beings: Body, Mind and Spirit. It’s not been easy for us to experience ourselves in this way, given that we have fallen into forgetfulness of who we really are. Now we are trying to re-member, that is to say…   become members of the same body of God. And so, the way to use God is to use the tools that God gave you.

    Your thoughts, your words and your deeds must be reflections of the highest reality you would choose to experience.  
    When all three of those are together, when we’ve got it all together, it will shock you, how quickly your desired reality will be made manifest
    in your experience.
    And the window between your first choice about a thing and your experiencing of it, will begin to close.
    It’s only you who are delaying the process.
    So, get out of the way. Get out of the way.
    And…. may I close with this.
    The grandest tool is knowing-ness.
    What you know, is what is so.
    So leave here in knowing-ness.
    Know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.
    (End of part 27 audiobook “The Heart of Truth” by N.D.Walsche)

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