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    TSA: New Powers To Arrest People Suspected Of Crime, Entering Or Leaving -


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     TSA: New Powers To Arrest People Suspected Of Crime, Entering Or Leaving -  Empty TSA: New Powers To Arrest People Suspected Of Crime, Entering Or Leaving -

    Post  mudra Sun Feb 08, 2015 4:29 pm

    TSA: New Powers To Arrest Suspected Of Crime, Entering Or Leaving

    ( Sorry this site does'nt allow copy/paste of passages.)

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     TSA: New Powers To Arrest People Suspected Of Crime, Entering Or Leaving -  Empty A new industry has been created in the western so called democracies the making of " terrorists "

    Post  enemyofNWO Mon Feb 09, 2015 5:36 am

    In time of crisis a new industry has been created by the zionist friendly governments the creation of
    " non existent terrorists " . Those people do not carry any Kalashnikof rifle but are considered dangerous because they criticize the criminal government or know something embarrassing to the powers that be !
    Who are the " terrorists ?" . They are common citizens that have committed the crime of speaking out against the Zionist controlled state or knowing some secrets about the life of members of the CABAL . This fact is also considered a terrorist act that could lead to a series of measures designed to entrap , isolate , harass , and destroy the employment opportunity of the person involved .
    Today the spooks have the power to invent terrorists at will . It only takes the interpretation of some writing or spoken words critical of the zionist controlled government . There is no appeal , no review , no trial in a court of law . The assessment of some faceless spook is all it takes to unchain the power of the criminal state against the individual .
    Government sponsored gang stalking may last for a life time and often the victim doesn't even suspects that episodes of misfortune or bad luck are actually the result of planned secret operations to damage financially and mentally the victim .
    Character assassination of the target is another favorite tactics used with the relatives and neighbors of the person targeted . Those people might be visited or contacted and convinced to terminate any relation with the targeted person . The same tactic is used with local shop owners and house neighbors in order to tell them some outrageous story about the person targeted .
    When traveling to another country the secret services of that country are also contacted so that the person gets harassed in that place too .
    As you can understand this sort of criminality needs a lot of citizens that cooperate with the police criminals . In Italy very often school kids and immigrants from ASIA or Africa are used , I suspect those groups are chosen because they are blackmailable and accepts minimal pay . Because most of the local industry has been decimated by bankruptcy and some firms have relocated overseas or in neighbor countries , there are not many jobs available for young people so a lot of them jump at the opportunity of cooperating with the spooks for very low payments.
    Consideration of the ethics of those " jobs " are disregarded in favor of cash . After the multiplication of " call centers " , jobs for the spooks are multiplying . I sure sign of society that has reached the absolute bottom and is now cannibalizing itself .


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     TSA: New Powers To Arrest People Suspected Of Crime, Entering Or Leaving -  Empty Truth? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Truth

    Post  enemyofNWO Mon Feb 09, 2015 7:04 am

    quote "

    Truth? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Truth
    By Paul Craig Roberts

    February 08, 2015 "ICH" - In the previous posting, The Grand Manipulation, I again wrote about the false reality that government manipulation of information and control over explanations creates for Americans and others who have subordinated themselves to Washington.

    Consider the “war on terror.” According to a Nobel economist and a Harvard University budget expert, Washington’s 14 years of war on terror has cost Americans a minimum of $6 trillion. That’s 6,000 billion dollars. This sum, together with the current PayRoll tax revenues is enough to keep Social Security and Medicare in the black for years to come. Without the vast sum wasted on the war on terror, Republicans would not have an excuse to be trying to cut Social Security and Medicare for budget reasons and to privatize the old age pensions and health care of people, thus turning Medicare and Social Security pensions into fee income for Wall Street.

    Combatting terrorism is the excuse for squandering a minimum of $6,000 billion dollars.
    What were the terrorist events that serve as a basis for this expenditure?

    There are five: 9/11, the London transport system bombings, the Spanish train bombing, the Boston Marathon Bombing, and the French Charlie Hebdo rifle attack.

    In other words, 5 events in 14 years.

    The loss of life in all these events combined is minuscule compared to the loss of life in the war on terror. Even the deaths of our own soldiers is greater. Washington’s wars against terror have caused more deaths of Americans than the alleged terrorist events themselves.

    But were they terrorist events?

    There are many reasons to suspect these “terrorist attacks.” Governments have always resorted to false flag events in order to serve secret agendas. The Czar’s secret police set off bombs in order to create grounds for arresting labor agitators. We know from Operation Gladio that Western intelligence services did the same thing in order to blame European communist parties and block their electoral gains. Washington lived in fear that a communist party would gain executive power in some European country.

    The 9/11 Truth movement, consisting of 2,300 architects and engineers, physicists, nano-chemists, military and airline pilots, first responders, and former government officials, have blown the official 9/11 story out of the water. No person with a brain believes the official story. The chairman, co-chairman, and legal counsel of the 9/11 Commission have written books stating that information was withheld from the commission, that the military lied to the commission, and that the commission “was set up to fail.”

    Now we have claims from an imprisoned Al Qaeda member that Saudi Arabia financed 9/11. There is a secret government document, whose 28 pages allegedly point to Saudi involvement, that some lawmakers think should be released. At this point we have no way of knowing whether this is another layer of cover, another red herring to divert attention from the collapsing 9/11 story to the Saudis, whose country is also on the neoconservative list of Middle Eastern countries to be overthrown. When Washington lies and withholds information, the American people cannot know what the truth is.

    There are peculiarities and contradictory evidence with regard to the London transport bombings and the Spanish train bombing. Moreover, these bombings arrived at the right time to serve Washington’s propaganda and purposes, while what terrorists had to gain from them is unclear and ambiguous. The Boston Marathon Bombing and the Paris Charlie Hebdo attack have many characteristics of false flag attacks, but the media have not asked a single question. Instead, the media hypes the official explanations. When questions cannot be asked or answered, it is a reasonable suspicion that something is wrong with the story.

    Myself and a large number of observant and astute persons have asked questions about the Boston and Paris events. Our reward, of course, has been ad hominem attacks. For example, a non-entity of whom no one has ever heard used Salon, known as A Voice For The Government, to call me a series of names for asking the obvious questions that every journalist should be asking.

    The only reason to read Salon is to continue your brainwashing experience as a good patriotic American should. I mean, how dare you contemplate disbelieving your honest, caring, loving, humane, moral, life-preserving, truth-telling government, which takes special care to spare human life everywhere, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Ukraine.

    You can take it as a general rule that anytime you see an ad hominem attack on someone who raises questions that the questions are dangerous and that the government is using its well-paid trolls to discredit the sceptic who raised the questions.

    The Charlie Hebdo and Boston bombing have in common that the police decided to kill the alleged perpetuators rather than capture them–just as a person alleged to be Osama bin Laden was gratuitously murdered in the raid on the “mastermind’s compound” in Pakistan. Dead men tell no tales. They can’t contradict the story.

    The obvious question is, like the question about Osama bin Laden’s alleged murder by a Seal in Abbottabad, Pakistan, why were such valuable intelligence resources killed rather than captured? But the Western print and TV media have not made a point of this obvious question. One of the alleged suspects in the Charlie Hebdo affair, Hamyd Mourad, when he heard via social media that he was the driver of the getaway car of the Charlie Hebdo killers, had the wits to quickly turn himself into the French police before he could be murdered as a terrorist. The frame-up of this intended victim failed.

    I have seen nothing in the news questioning how the official story can be so wrong about Hamyd Mourad and still be right about the alleged brothers who conducted the attack. The evidence connecting the brothers to the attack is the claim that they left their ID in the get-away car. .......
    continues at

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