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    Steve Bannon's War Room


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    Steve Bannon's War Room Empty Steve Bannon's War Room

    Post  Seashore Tue Jan 17, 2023 8:05 am

    I want to share a 48 minute video that I like because I think the host, Steve Bannon, has his heart in the right place, and the various guests he brings on are DOING THINGS about the trouble we're in.

    Bannon talks about the big picture of we the people—as in worldwide.  He says that worldwide debt, made up of all levels of government, corporate, and personal—is $300 trillion.  I think that statement frames the problem well; any proposed solutions for how to AVOID the central bank digital currency—which will give the banksters the ability to make us unable to spend our own money as we see fit—need to take that fact into consideration.

    Guests are Matthew Cox, a former bad guy at the FBI; Natalie Winters, his co-host; Father Frank Pavone re. the abortion issue; a candidate for a special election coming up in February for a U.S. House seat re. the insanity parents are faced with today regarding what's going on in public schools; and an investigative reporter Brandon Showalter re. the insanity going on with children being encouraged by the government to mutilate the gender of their body.

    The link: Episode 213 of Bannon's WarRoom Battleground

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