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    Creator Gods versus GODs Creators


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    Creator Gods versus GODs Creators Empty Creator Gods versus GODs Creators

    Post  Eartheart Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:11 am

    The Benevolent Beings of Light, the Angels, of which you exist as already as your Original Light, orchestrate the playing out of Human Destiny, through the interplay of consciousness, of which all exist within.

    Trusting that this holographic maze, this virtual field of Light that you are within, is the ONLY way through to your next levels. Made easier as you let go.

    This opens you to GRACE and Mercy. That is the consciousness of Benevolent Divinity itself. Open to receive.

    The design is perfect, the use of your will is required. I love you!

    Are you absolutely LOVING and LIVING a PRISTINE and Pure life, with infinite abundance all around you, because that is what flows through your veins, through your cells, through your breath?

    Are your relationships pure again? Is your life simple and not convoluted anymore? Is DIVINE LOVE at the CORE of everything, is DIVINE LIGHT emanating from you all of the time? Is your LIFE an absolute DREAM manifested into physical form?
    We Are One and Only and Non-dual. The more profound your heart desires Our genuine and pristine Oneness, the more your mind is retiring from its constant and tireless search for Me.

    Your mind does not retire just by any strategy, making it silent, by suppressing its activities, by entering voluntarily a silent room of being-ness, which is merely another shape and frequency of mind, because even that room itself is mind and the silence a vessel of mind! Or using some other meditation techniques. Because also meditation and techniques are mind.

    It is your desire, your deepest heartfelt-desire, that attracts the Way to Unite with Me, beyond duality. This desire cannot by any means be fabricated by your seeking mind. Because this Desire is rooted in Myself.

    I Confirm to you that the entire Process of Me-Realization Is Me Only. If you are willing to surrender your mind and body to Me, so that it ceases wishing to create the Great Path by its own will and imagination.

    Let your mind be the leader and you will move away from Me further and further!

    I AM the One that Ultimately Comes Forth in, through and as You. By a process of transforming and literally enlightening your total body-mind.

    You can’t do it yourself, as if a fragment could create the Force and Totality of Existence That I Am, of Which it is a part only.

    Rather, I Replace you with Myself, Overwhelming what you think is you, to let it be Un-done in Me. Only then you truly Know Me. All veils dissipated, all errors surrendered, mind Known as My True Servant.

    I AM your God-Self!

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