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    Death simulator exhibit opens in China


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    Death simulator exhibit opens in China Empty Death simulator exhibit opens in China

    Post  Carol Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:23 pm
    Death simulator exhibit opens in China

    SHANGHAI, China (WAVY) – A new exhibit set to open this week will let participants experience a terrifying brush with death.

    The attraction is called a “Death Simulator.” Those brave enough to take part are sent through a simulated “Crematory” and then “Resurrected” through a “Birth Simulator.”

    The sessions last about two hours.

    People who got to do a preview said the entire process is frightening and eerily realistic.

    During the 2-hour session, which has been described as eerily realistic, the participants are also "resurrected" via a "birth simulator."
    The end of each session, participants have the option of writing down their “Last words before death,” if they wish.

    More at and The Sun.


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