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    AL BIELEK, Orion Technology (Invisibility Test) July 22, 1943


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    AL BIELEK, Orion Technology (Invisibility Test) July 22, 1943 Empty AL BIELEK, Orion Technology (Invisibility Test) July 22, 1943

    Post  Carol on Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:48 pm

    AL BIELEK, Orion Technology (Invisibility Test) July 22, 1943 Preston%205-
    Al Bielek, Orion Technology & Other Secret Projects Interview

    The Montauk Project and the Philadelphia Experiment
    Second Underground Interview.
    Rare Salvaged Video Descriptions

    With Al Bielek, and Preston Nichols - Survivors of the Montauk Project
    Survivors of the Eldridge Tell All Publicly

    The Montauk Project personnel-Al Bielek, Preston Nichols, give more advanced information and details about the Phoenix project, Teleportation, and treaties with the Grays, Pleiadians, and the Reptilians.

    More talk about the famed, secret Montauk Base. Discussions continue on the list of events that occurred in 1934 regarding the Rainbow Project experiments in Chicago. Al Bielek discusses events from which lead Nicola Tesla to start the project in 1934, to his eventual sabotage and resignation of the project in 1942.

    General Summery: Second Underground Video: Part 1, 60 min. (youtube)

    After Dr. Von Neumann took over the Rainbow Project in 1943, he carried on full force working almost around the clock to meet the Navy deadline. In spite of Tesla's plea to discontinue any farther testing until the personnel problem has been fixed, a small test of invisibility was scheduled for July 22 1943.

    The actual test of invisibility was a success, however the crew on board were very sick with electromagnetic radiation poisoning and other disorders.

    A third test was scheduled for Aug 12 1943 and the battle ship left the space time continuum, entered hyper space for four hours. It was a disaster. Most of the personnel died instantly, some seemed to be phasing in and out of reality almost appearing like ghosts. Some were lost in the space-time continuum. Some people lost their mind completely, while other had parts of their body embedded into the ships steel hull as if their body and the ships hull were occupying the same physical space.

    The US Navy decided that yes, their may be a personnel problem and aborted the project in Oct 1943. Under the direction of Von Neumann, the project was again started up in 1947 with the so called personnel problem apparently sorted out. In 1952, a new ship was sent to England under a new project, Project Phoenix.

    Project Phoenix included data from the previous experiments and was implemented into different phases 1 through 9.

    * Phase 1 Mind control
    * Phase 2 Invisibility
    * Phase 3 Worm Holes/Space Time
    * Phase 4 Time Travel
    * ... ?
    * Phase 7 Helicopters, Stealth Technology, and Mind Alteration
    * Phase 8 and Phase 9 were fixed location of projects located in Lake Mishear, Louisiana (NASA) and Canada.

    Al discusses what may have happened if a time machine was used to intercept the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He also discusses German technology using sound and brain wave training, various mind bending drugs, and hypo-meditation.

    On Aug 12 1983 (40 years into the future at that time), the USS Eldridge battle ship was to become visible. Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron noticed all the fussing with people on fire, that they decided to jumped off the ship. Expecting to hit water, they ended up on dry ground - only 40 years into the future (more on this in later videos). Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron in 1983 were sent back to smash the equipment in 1943 to "turn off" the experiment 40 years sooner. Duncan deserted the ship and went back to 1883 when he realized that the project's orders were that all survivors were to be eliminated if the experiment was unsuccessful. Al stayed behind and was eliminated by the Navy by being reborn in 1951 in another body of a new born that had, in that time, just died. This was Al's second (unnatural) incarnation into another body. The machines used were Alien technology, under order of the government.

    The Technology had now advanced so far as to build portable invisibility machines about the size of a briefcase. Al shows a photo of president Bush and a secret service man fishing in a stream. Along side of Bush is a fishing pole just floating in mid air as if someone was there holding the rod, but we cant see him. This is alleged to be a third, invisible, secret service man.

    Actual screen where slide show is shown Another Alleged non-existence machine

    They discuss perceptions beyond the normal physical reality and altered states of consciousness. Also explained is information on the development of psychic ability by Wilhelm Reich during between 1947 to 1952, when Wilhelm Reich had a 5 year contract with this origination, now called the CIA. Wilhelm died in prison in 1957 when he would not talk to the CIA about secret information connecting the conscious with the subconscious mind.

    Al displays an electronic box prototype that was designed by Wilhelm Reich to do weather modifications and weather control. He also tells about how Preston Nichols ran an experiment on how he used a transmitter to send "Psychic" signals over a city, and for the people who got this psychic signal were hypnotized to call a certain telephone number. Over 6000 calls were received in a period of several days. Some callers call numerous times. There were public demonstrations in Mexico whereby a certain electronic psychic frequency would stop a bull in its tracks.

    He also discusses the new Alien micro chip implants that are biological and can no longer be detected with modern day technology.

    Slide Show Drawing of the Montauk Teleportation Chair
    Rare photo of the Generator to power the Teleportation Computers at link. (currently not here yet)

    Al Bielek discusses how transmissions from the Tesla towers at Montauk in Long Island were shut down in 1986 when the base officially closed. Amateur radio buffs had a field day when they were told that of all the millions of dollars of electronic equipment at the base, they could have all they want for free - just take it.

    While the base was being dismantled, and building were being torn down to make room for the new developments, bodies were found embedded in the brick walls of some buildings. Albert Einstein, years earlier, had concluded that a "materialization of matter could instantly come from a different dimension", which confirmed what was going on at Montauk.

    Al talks about how people are teleportated to other planets, other solar systems, even other domains. This makes you wonder why with all the advancement with today's technology, NASA is still using rocket fuel to launch rockets. Rocket fuel which is a 75 year old technology!. The German moon and mars projects are also discussed. These projects all tie in to a new physics of light propagation and anti-gravity.

    Discussions are made regarding the "Alternate III" moon exploration done as early as the 1890's (you now know this is possible with time travel). Al describes his Teleportation travels to the moon and describes the ruins left behind there from the civilizations that used to live there under the surface. Other places also visited through the use of Teleportation and time machines were Atlantis, Napoleonic wars, and other evolution's of the Earth which are now gone. They can still be visited even though they are in the past. Detailed records and videos of these journeys exist in the tightly sealed vaults of the Government.

    There was some write ups in local and national tabloids about animals and frogs falling down from the sky into terrain's that are foreign to these species. Physicists were lost for the explanations and they were written off as the result of some type of Teleportation experiments.

    Delta-T Transmitter that requires no receiver
    Non Existent High Voltage Label

    One of the unique properties of these Teleportation machines are that they only require a transmitter, and not a receiver. This means that you can teleport a person or some equipment to any destination with out a receiving station, and so long as the vortex is open, the objects can still be retrieved. This technology was tested from 1977 to 1983 and was given to the Government by the Aliens as a result of a crashed ship.
    (Note: This information also parallels Andrew Basiago's testimony regarding Project Pegasus time travel project only Andrew claims to have been time traveling from around 1967-72.)

    Other information on this video is the discussion of various Extra-Terrestrial Bases and the involvement of the Pleiadians in the US and Germany. Reports confirmed by Billy Mier, stated that space-time technology was exchanged by a certain race of Pleiadians with Hitler in Germany during 1933 to 1934. When Nicola Tesla claimed that he was in contact with some races of Extra-Terrestrials, the government asked if it were possible to meet with the Aliens. Tesla said he could arrange it. After the presidents initial shock, they made arrangements to meet with the Pleiadians, and then with the Grays.

    This certain group of Pleiadians offered technology to the US in exchange for un-interrupted "Earth Space" to build under ground bases in the deserts and the Antarctic. The president decided to first listen to the Grays proposal before deciding on an agreement.

    The Grays offered similar technology in exchange for abducting humans and doing genetic experiments. The US Government decided to work with the Grays and the Pleiadians went to Germany to work out a treaty with Hitler.

    Hitler got involved when a saucer crashed in the Bavarian Alps in 1936. This was a head start for them when they dismantled the ship and found some new technology. Hitler apparently gave up people from the concentration camps in exchange for technology and that no Germans would be abducted. After several years of working together, the Pleiadians decided that they could no longer work with Germany and pulled out in 1941, and would no longer support Hitler.

    The video goes on to say that some of the saucer crashes may have been orchestrated as a method of contact to get the higher government interested, and to pull out interest of the keys people. Al explains how Atlantis was destroyed by created international earthquakes, and after which two humans and one from the Reptilian race formed the early secret societies leading to the ultimate development of the Illuminati.

    The underground reserve gold bases that were produced by alchemy was performed through the chemical manipulation of matter. Some elements, such as plutonium, were man made elements created by alchemy. These and other elements did not exist in the periodic table

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