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    Practical measurement of our progress


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    Practical measurement of our progress Empty Practical measurement of our progress

    Post  Beren on Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:07 pm

    Officially I open this thread as sort of journal of everyone who wishes to participate in documenting progress upon our lives.
    Since we live in constant creation mode (whether we realize it or not) and since we talk about quantum physics in various forms here on the forum , let us step ahead and speak what did occurred in our lives as a sign of progress of our understanding of how life works.

    My example is that from a time frame where I conceive a thought about something - realization time frame has sped up dramatically.
    More over , I see connections in places where I din`t saw it just yesterday.
    Everybody here on mists are aware of this but it`s getting more beautiful as I see it enveloping daily in bigger doses.

    Practical measurement of our progress 245713

    My connection in spirit with Creator is getting stronger and more substantial.
    I asked many years ago and even to this very day for my eyes and ears to be opened and to be able to understand divine languages. And whole universe started opening.
    I realized that current pattern of physical voice language we use is one drop in the ocean of the ways how the divine speak.

    We all have this ability but we don`t believe we have it or we just neglect it .

    One thing is amazing : in every second we receive about 400 000 000 000 bits of information but we only process 2000 .

    So vast field lies infront of our very eyes (and noses) Idea ...
    I jumped into that ocean and it feels great!


    Everybody- please share! Thank you!


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    Practical measurement of our progress Empty Re: Practical measurement of our progress

    Post  Threecaster on Sat Feb 18, 2012 7:38 pm

    Yes, it is most excellent! cyclops

    I have noticed that the rate at which consciousness is rising seems to be increasing. I created a thread sometime back, here:

    After some thought I changed the thread to it's current title. There I share some of the more intresting occurences... Cool

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