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    The End of the Twins Cycle


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    Post  Ashera on Tue Mar 19, 2019 6:40 am

    That I call myself Alyena of Corcyrus in Gor says nothing noble first place, even a Low Caste Master would call himself "Ben of Teslit" for example

    I am anti-fascist, I propose a Gorean style Aztec two-step Caste Republic instead. I think Ayelet is simply in despair because her justice reform was messed by parliamentary forces, the corruption did not stop. And she departs from democracy

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 WcNPrfgv?format=jpg&name=600x314

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2A-KFKXcAEv8VZ
    Replying to @boggywood @MZHemingway and 2 others
    We are living in very dark times. We have been looking for fascism everywhere else whilst we have been living under it the whole time. I can only hope that the fact that their actions are becoming so obvious shows that they are actually losing control.

    It maybe "civilized" understood as democratic end effect of opinion based moral majority socialization but it is not cultured

    Gorean Lifestyle is not directly BDSM, even if some practise it

    It*s Grace

    To me Gorean role play was not just "fun", it had a lot to do with work too

    I am not a midwife but "outing" has a lot to do with rebirthing, and this is what the Lara Medical Academy LMA, a "prenatal clinic" factually, also was about - similar to what Dr. Know did

    I had at least 150 hours psychoanalysis at different therapists and a private training in alternative psychotherapy

    I can diagnose TS and tell it from TG and other "deviances", probably even psycho-anthropologically treat it according to my anamnestic experience in the Gorean Green Caste GGC and elsewhere. Today there is hardly any psychiatrist anymore who can do that

    I have two identic mugs, only one I regularily use, the other is for guests, both are clean and I serve you the real Gorean Black Wine, @gewoba, unfiltered - @FDPBremen

    As I said in trial 6 C, I want that someone of the @gewoba executive floor comes, @RathausHB_news! Pronto!

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    Post  Ashera on Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:28 am

    "What do you dare to do where the men piss? Piss off, slut!"

    Among the Sioux - and maybe this one can generalize, Indians were quite prude - it was not usual to talk about private parts and how they look was uncertain, variances not seen as absurd. So every young romance was a new discovery and some kind of new world creation

    I translated the Winnebago Red Horn and Twins Cycles into German

    The girl did not get pregnant and parallely twins were born by c-section in another hut and the mother died in childbed

    The Sioux were a nation, similar to the Saxones, consisting of many tribes and idioms. Tlingit, Winnebago, Algonkin - all were Sioux. There were regional differences of the mythology but the red thread was the same, Maybe the Winnebago one was documented the best

    Tawashi, the girl with the white beaver fur hat - how the trouble started

    What should I care the duties that they consider when they do not care my rights? They are the lawless people and Earthmaker will punish them and send the maneater

    What should I care what people think who cannot think? Should I kill them? I prefer to calculate with the loss of their not existent memory

    If you were a good huntress there was no fear to die of hunger and you could travel long distances all alone. There was fish and birds and berries of all kind,and sweet water. Fire was a problem but the Innuit still knew how to do without and to make cheese from ducks

    A Mountain in the East

    The Return of the Thunderbirds ("dragons")

    Beyond the Twins Cycle

    Light as a Feather

    The Whitewater Creek

    Tawashi at the White Border

    Turtle and the Turtle Dove

    Teaching never produced a genius, only learning does. Bad in being taught? What does this say?

    I have to win through, such is the law, social do-gooders to and fro. And their inertial activities are truly not helpful

    John Whitewater (Ivan Bystrina) avoided to write "Dove" because of the possibly bad German interpretations, he wrote "Schwalbe" but not considering the possible English implications of "swallow". He could read English, not perfect, but prefered German...

    Alene means "alone" in Lower Saxon Mingelsh and in Berlinese

    Magd Alena

    Jesus was a permanent theme of my doctor father who was state law expert (prosecution theorist) and diagnosed as manic-depressive, the same diagnosis that was assumed to Jesus, not only by Morton Smith. Finally he studied Shamanism in Old Palestine and psychiatry

    I contributed nothing to all the trouble

    So that way...

    Legally seen Jesus was a ward of the Roman state because he was seen as the natural child of a soldier, no matter what the people and Kaiser Augustus thought. But this alone surely does not explain why prosecutor Pilate declared him as innocent. later a folk theme

    "What is it Queen Esther, what is your request?"

    One can read יהוה differently, I never read it as Jahweh, Jehovah is possible but also ADONAI is correct, and this is what the Jewish bible supposes. Factually the bible knows different names of God, also El Elyon and Elohim, I mostly say Allah Elohim

    Multitudes of Angels...

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2B0jmzUYAA_Z98
    Hebrews 12:22
    "But you have come to Mount Zion, and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to innumerable multitudes of angels,"

    My father was not a St. Joseph type, rather a St. Cristopherus

    Mary had strange dreams all her life. often of angels, Gabriel played a central role - as very much later in the dreams and visions of Muhammad (pbuh) again

    The scrolls say that the 60 years old Joseph, more an uncle of her who was thought to keep an eye on her, married Mary when she was 14. She was pregnant. Abdes Pantera, a 16 years old archer from Asher, a soldier of the Roman auxiliary forces, had inseminated her

    - Jane Doe? Judy Miller?
    - Rabea Alienne...

    Place of Birth: Jerusalem, St. Joseph Principality

    The people has no say concerning my name, legal status, and academic titles

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Carol on Wed Mar 20, 2019 6:26 pm

    Your thread is getting more and more interesting as it evolves. Mahalo nui loa Ashera. Flowers

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:35 am

    Thank you Carol, Salama!  Cool


    Israeili Passport

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 DCgqnhYm88yDaNFt
    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Jerusalem: "Sadly, we in the United States have seen anti-Semitic language uttered even in the great halls of our own Capitol. This should not be."

    Maybe some experience the genderism as liberation but I experience the gender laws in my case as Jew laws. And even all the circumstances and my worsening life situation for years, even the idea of transportation and locking away, speak for this interpretation

    I never was a boy,I was a girl, I just was an early gender victim and suffered this loads. Then I found a way out, got therapy, was through with that but no, some day the idiots stood in front of me again with their new gender laws

    It is proven that I was badly suppressed in my personality development here, @gewoba, and that this repeated a second time is not to excuse

    I obviously have no right to have a home, and I probably would live more safe at some Indian reservation, @gewoba

    To get tormented all life, as far as it happended here, is not funny, @gewoba, and I did not enjoy it

    If I am gone, @gewoba, I never again will enter this district

    Planet of the Idiots - @gewoba

    M - @gewoba

    Murderer @gewoba!

    Some Eves are the same corrupt sluts since the dawn of man - for what reasons soever (mostly bondage). What do they have to offer? The apple of knowledge was not theirs... It is ignorance, Satanism, and rebirth. But Ashera Lucifa will not transgress

    All these oh so democratic levelling attempts are an evil trap finally, the last coup of the brotherhood to dissolve all mankind in the metaphysical kingdom of their LORD idea

    First the Bologna Process and then the Gender Laws...

    The problem and my position are exactly the same as when I finished high school. I am happy to be Magistra and Doktorin, in some Master degree I am not interested

    You are not interested in evolution but in stupid social games - but I am not

    If, then... @RathausHB_news - if what is happening has to do with my role play activities then those who do that are not the Goreans I voluntarily role played with but the ones that we fought

    I never aimed at a handicapped state @RathausHB_news, this may well be a @gewoba fiction since 2013 that some judges formulated as my "interest worthy of protection". But this is not the truth. I wanted integration as the sane woman that I am with full name and titles

    Disease as socio-political final cause, @RathausHB_news?

    How can it be that so many uneducated and mad morons work in the Bremen state apparatus, @RathausHB_news? Has this to do with the equal opportunities policy (incl. Christians)? And does this explain why I am unemployed and get terrorized, criminalized, pathologized?

    The Social Terror State


    For normal daily use I recommend the Elberfelder Bible (ELB). I especially refer to Jesaja 11 there (Isais...)

    Btw.: I do not care much what the EU declares, different to the State of Bremen the EU does not execute State Law. And I apply Public Law in the sense of the Bremen State Constitution and the Federal Basic Law. The last @BVerfG decisions concerning Public Law I do not accept.

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    Post  Ashera on Thu Mar 21, 2019 6:47 am

    יהוה - nowhere is said that the second ה could be male. To define the "Daughter of Elysium" male as "Divine Spark" is only a brotherhood idea. If this was intended von Schiller is not so sure if one considers his poem "The Veiled Image at Sais" (not Isis but Isais)

    No Divine Spark (Götterfunken) will enlighten this EU pit of Democratic Flatworms, rather an H-bomb detonation!

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2GW3e9WsAABksn
    The European Union orders Google to pay $1.7 billion for allegedly abusing its dominant position in online search advertising. Europe has now fined the tech giant $9.3 billion over the past three years.  

    It does not hit the core of abusive advertising based on intentionally masterminded personality profiles

    You are soulless emotional cripples, there is no potential for the spirit to settle, and even more you strive for a more automated existence, this no life anymore. You are the diggers of your own grave, may well be your last half-conscious activity in semi-darkness

    I will switch the light off before I go

    I will leave nothing of my substance here

    From the distance this planet looks nice, a trap - a pit of flatworms

    Never again!

    This is NOT my world

    I have no will to survive you procedures but only what I proposed

    What I started is the only way, what you offer is just a pit of mud and worms

    And if it is the end of all - so what? What is it my concern? I did not provoke it

    You xxxxxxxx shall pay forever!

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 THjfATjo?format=jpg&name=600x314

    The Book of Esther I toss into the Elbia river!
    - Dr. Martin Luther

    (Luther was never interested in the basics of truth finding and legality, same with Susanna)

    I do not care if I die and even less if you die

    There never was a beginning except in your ideological imagination, no approaching one another - I do not compromise with opinions

    I will do you traitors not a single favour

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:39 am

    I am not sekheb, the 13th bridge, I am sa sekhem sahu, the 14th soul

    My disciplinary complaint to the Land Court President did not aim at Dr. Dittmayer but at Land Court judges who mingled into District Court matters via the lawyers of one side. And above all the demand was not justified in the way it should get executed

    To extrapolate from my Abitur certificates to my doctoral certificate is not allowed. I am not a double-Dr. in strictu senso but changed the document via notarial act. Little Chicken who must have had contact to the State Coffer misdefined this. I am one Doktorin

    And my house number does not exist twice - for the WC, State Coffer, double you see? I flush the loo!

    I am not a hermaphrodite. This idea is a Swabian Prank rooted in the SPD Schwachhausen-Nord and the Land Court (this fascist interpretation of the Theozoology). I think Dr. Dittmayer (District Court) is innocent. But the State Coffer is not

    Dr. Dittmayer: I do not let her get through with that!
    Magistra Alienne: I accept it

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Tumblr_inline_odph1kmfqf1qarw15_500


    The State Coffer

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 P2020320

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    Post  Ashera on Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:42 pm



    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2CTew4WsAEFqHC
    Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro presents President Donald Trump with a Brazilian national team soccer jersey in the Oval Office of the White House, March 19, 2019, in Washington. (Photo: Evan Vucci/AP)

    The Democratic Flatworms and the Global Agenda

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2Mao7MU4AE2omi
    President Donald Trump & His Extensive Connections To Deutsche Bank | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC - FiWEH Life -

    You have no idea

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D1-2dnXX4AEMArr
    JUST IN: Trump exaggerated his net worth by over $2 billion to get loans from Deutsche Bank: report

    If you do not invest in dreams you will die out

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D1_FiL2XQAARZgs
    With Deutsche Bank and Trump, something was weird.
    But somehow they kept managing to shove more money his way.

    The City of Glass

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 AffYFX9_?format=jpg&name=144x144

    The City of Corcyrus

    A City of Ar still exists, or rather two of them, but Imperial Ar in its central role ceased to exist in the year 10.197 C.A. after its defeat by the Salerian Confederation. Some speak of the "Ghost Cities of Gor"

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Yc_TiuBe?format=jpg&name=600x314

    Will Europe leave the Age of Vinegar Treatment and Swedish Drinks? -

    Imperial Ar was just the beginning...

    The Dominion of Corcyrus is similar to Sparta but it is not Sparta, it is also similar to Rome but it is not Rome. What is referred to here happened after Caesar and after the death of Jesus and was deeply impacted by the rule of Augustus and later by Augustine

    P.S.: In Gorean role play the Dominion of Corcyrus (Corycus...) to that Market of Semris (Antiochia) belongs stands against the Salerian Confederation and the PCOG Kurii...
    I am Alyena of Corcyrus, Gorean Green Caste GGC, University of Gor, Market of Semris. Last role play name Ashera Ssha (alienne.laval), Huntress and Panther Girl, Free Woman.

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    Post  Ashera on Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:23 am

    Alcohol I do not drink for long anymore but I still smoke - Prana Yoga. Allah allowed Camel

    Esther you do not know, I was like Shoshanna

    Hear My word, O you shining star, you shimmering scintillation of brilliance whom the world mysteriously seems to revile and despise
    ~ Shedona

    Rabea Art Matura K1a/B2a

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 E3cTshyh?format=jpg&name=600x314
    Thelema -

    You fear me because I am the hammer of a girl

    The Grotesque of German Policy

    Not even the little finger to those corrupt brotherhood ideas. @FDPBremen @fdp

    If this society ignores the individual, @FDPBremen @fdp, it must not wonder if the individual declares the relation to this country as broken

    I am Magistra of Religion Science, Anthropology and Psychology of Religion, @FDPBremen @fdp, I did not study Religion Pedagogics or Theology, I am Anthropologin

    I was about Islamic Science, @FDPBremen @fdp, Islamic Theology I saw as corruption

    I am not interested in this Prussian Lutherist Nazi Islam, @FDPBremen @fdp

    Yes, I am Jüdin, I am Jewish, @FDPBremen @fdp, but I am also Muslimah, ya Allah Elohim! I am Israeli

    2011 I was through, 2012 I got my German passport. @FDPBremen @fdp, but then the idiots mingled into my things in 2013 and then again in 2018, even harder, not having the slightest idea, Great God Opinion!

    I want an Israeli passport, @FDPBremen @fdp, that this "social terrror" finally finds an end. And I will sign it proudly under the Star of David

    An unnecessary expertise initiated by @gewoba landlord and fellah initiative that proposes even torture and no one protests? Yes, @FDPBremen @fdp, the Agenda 2010 was a full success! "We" learned hardly anything of the Dahrendorf mistake to compromise with opinions

    I do not carry the burden of idiots, @FDPBremen @fdp, and if it is their schizoid "normal" state. Pray to St. Peter!

    It is not Tourette Syndrome, it was a fully developed TS/Endometriosis already then

    Das Ganze stinkt mir bis zum Kotzerbrechen!

    - Freundchen! Freundchen!
    - Halt's Maul!

    Political Correctness only protects the xxxxxxxx and their hidden agendas

    Why should I repeat something that makes no sense? To be possibly reborn and kept as male cripple only because the Lutherists believe that any male life is of higher value than that of a free intellectual Jewish woman?

    They cannot bear that the social is the culprit, it does not fit into their anti-cultural ideology

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    Post  Ashera on Sat Mar 23, 2019 4:26 am

    Dr. Dr. Bartoldi

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2GtdFjVAAI0btG

    Lutherists and their companions are totally corrupt. If you are screwed and mad does not interest them as long as it serves their interests, and women can be lunatic to the rim, main thing they are pregnant, ergo sane. But woe you oppose!

    Dr. Dr. Bartoldi?

    I got you at your balls, Gender Judge!

    In Hamburg rule the Lutherists, a part of the North Church. Bremen is traditionally not Lutherist even if they gained the parliamentary majority since the Wall Fall. The Bremen State Church is still independent and I doubt the rightfulness of the Lutherist dominance

    The legal caveat instance of the Land Court is the Hanseatic Court, and there you cannot go yourself but only delegate a lawyer. Is this constitutional in identity matters? No, because it conflicts with the Basic Law. To circumvent this they try deprivation of rights

    I tried to keep the ball low, watched that the matter does not leave the District Court. In some act of rushing ahead I blocked this way with a disciplinary complaint to the Land Court. In a last act of despair the remaining judge doubled my Dr.-title via State Coffer

    Meereen (Bremen/Berlin), Astapor and Yunkai (Hamburg, Astra pur, Jungfernstieg) - #GoT- 

    The highest juridical instance in Bremen is the State Court and not the Hanseatic Court that factually is subordinated to a higher Hanseatic Court in Hamburg. They do not have the right to doubt legal documents accepted by the Bremen State Court

    A Daughter of The State

    The Imperial Constitution (Hitler ruled by an Enabling Act) stayed valid all the time (last Holy Roman constitution...). The Imperial Preamble says: The German People, agreed in its Tribes... The post-war Basic Law reduced this to the German People and the Individuum

    Dr. Know knew almost all but did not realize everything. I am expert in Tribal and Public Law

    According to Bremen State Law (I am Dagebaren and Landeskind) I did not accept the recent @BVerfG decisions concerning Public Law. I refer to my 2003 oath to Basic Law Preamble and Bremen State Constitution and to the Holy Quran. I will move to nowhere in Germany

    What do they piss at the @DeutscheBank and the @Telekom_group? Only because they behaved legally concerning me all the time? Where are the true criminals who do not care the state?

    If @gewoba and @SparkasseBremen put federal documents and my verifications in question and even try to corrupt people judges to declare me as insane to get through with that they are criminals 

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 0?e=1558569600&v=beta&t=BCfneEUKhrP60n0bT4xuVj2lf4Bh_T3_K7mkz93z1-8

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    Post  Ashera on Sat Mar 23, 2019 5:09 am

    In The Tropic Of S**t

    South of the Vosk river there is not any stream anymore that would pass the Gorean continent from east to west direction Thassa, the big ocean. If someone controls the river he controls the trade...

    Salerian Confederation, Vosk River Alliance, and The Axis

    I had/have one of the few Gorean "inworld laptops". It is not so that some kind of computers were unknown in Gor but they are not a "mass product". Several infirmaries had lappies and I got mine when I advanced to an Apprentice of Silver in Port Kar

    The night before I had spied the area outside the back gate of Tarnfell before I went to sleep in that rural room in the inn that they had showed me. A wagon people camp was not far away, and there I would head at the next day

    In the Tarnfell infirmary I sat and read the Aristotelian notes of the PCOG when I fumbled at the Vendetta bomb under the desk that was developed at the University of Gor and that Robert Foxdale (Robert of Corcyrus) handed to me secretly in Korat Village. Last proofs before detonation...

    My soul idea is Aristotelian but the abstractions and reductions of this idea to a "torso structure" I do not accept. And here two different approaches of healing show up: a bifurcation catastrophe

    To me one of the greatest philosphers ever and the most influential one to my development besides Plato was Anaxagoras

    The Rationality of Decay vs The Reason of Spirit 

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 0?e=1558569600&v=beta&t=FQEPWfcGdUwE0fjhaX388RMLQb4dCxzDCKO0hA0Vafg

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:12 am

    I am not a communist, to say that just in time, I am well known as anarchist from SPD to FDP, where I located myself as liberal libertarian, ergo as radical and independent

    "Radical" is a democratic attitude. Is it to settle left or right of "progressive"? It is not so clear since I am more republican than democratic. I promote a "qualitative democracy" different to the "progressives" who still insist in quantitative majorities

    Socialism has but nothing to do with communism, and by defining this mainly opinion based structure as makehift direction communism the lie dugs in. Why did Herbert Wehner, SPD, survive this brainwashing as washable democrat?

    What happened in the Hotel Lux?

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 DzhE6pnWoAIfja_ 
    Of the 1400 leading German communists, a total of 178 were killed in Stalin's purges, nearly all of them residents of Hotel Lux. By comparison, the Nazis killed 222 of those 1400 leading German communists. 

    No one scrutinized the witness testimonies and so a consensual reality developed far above a possible facticity. The overall impression was corruption

    Magistra Alienne: In the name of God, I do not believe you a single word!
    The People: But we want to believe!

    On SPD, blown up and blurred photographies of a storey car park surveillance camera, file realities, cookies, majorities, and a policy of increasing reality loss

    Who becomes the next wheel chair psycho? Me or the Gender Judge?

    Lawfulness is a fiction as above so below where the same logic rules. To delegate the finesses of hewing and stabbing to automated procedures would not change this: one could only rule the middle mass with this. Ethics within me, Law of Talion and my Seal of Tathassa

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    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:24 am

    Global Agenda - Yes? - No?

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Dz3LKphWsAA1Rbp 
    Today marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the foreign military aggression against Ukraine. I want to express my gratitude to the UN General Assembly, which for over these past years has been taking a strong stand in…

    The Old Republic

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 DPwWybUXkAAxYQZ 
    Orn Free Taa, senator of the planet Ryloth confirms Separatist blockade of his homeworld. 

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Bh5t5hBv?format=jpg&name=600x314
    The critique is justified but it misses the point. The true risk of socialism is inertia to a state of social homoeostasis via an opinion driven total reality loss. The democratic non plus ultra is in any way fascism as last hope and saviour -

    Human Dignity

    Denmark, Austria, UK, Australia to oppose anti-Israel resolutions at UNHRC

    North-Assyria vs South-Assyria - Trump: US Recognizes Israeli Sovereignty Over Golan Heights -

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 24, 2019 3:30 am

    An early Palestinan contribution to a democratically justified final solution of the Jews question

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2XyDoKW0AA2lrl 
    The grand mufti of Jerusalem.. Meets hittler .. History .. Search it .. 

    Jews are Nazis and Palestinians are Democrats...

    What is it my problem that the social tagged me with a wrong personality profile right from the start? And what did it say that I got angry? That I have a bad temper? I solved the matter... they did not care! This is only to explain as sadism

    Der Distrikt die Vahr is ruled by a moral majority

    It is a most abusrd idea to put the state under democratic care and control - and this includes me

    I would not recommend to eat from my floors but with my dishes I am hygienic. I am convinced that "super-hygiensim" is insane and contributes a lot to diseases. Despite the fact that it is a waste of money, energy and water resources and an intoxication by chemicals

    I am messie but I am not a stinktier. I like it more Gorean style, my body is always clean

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    Post  Ashera on Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:55 am

    One of my all time favourite movies

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D137ZV2WsAEkwXt 
    The Mask of Satan 

    The Reason Why Churches are Filled With Women is the Same Reason Why Satan Chose to Approach Eve Instead of Adam..
    Same Same Reason Why Women listen to Their Pastors more than Their Husbands…

    Ashera Lucifa certainly was/is not Satan and surely did not promote Genesis 2 and genderism, either the Church or Adam are involved...

    Peter was the only one Jesus ever called Satan 

    This comes full circle to the Law of Thelema. What comes in the mask of an Egalitarian Libertinism or Communist Libertarianism, do as thou wilt, is the facade behind which establishes the Immortal Machine God Moloch, the Synogue of Satan, Congress of Clownworld

    The Demiurge and his Second Fire in the Realm of Shadows
    Beware of false prophets, teachers, and even visions that people receive because Satan can mask himself as the angel of light as well as all his ministers as well.

    Who are the Masks of Satan? St. Peter and his fellahs...

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Dhj6ryxWkAA57ug 
    Barbara Steele - Black Sunday (Italian: La maschera del demonio), also known as The Mask of Satan and Revenge of the Vampire in the UK, is a 1960 Italian gothic horror film directed by Mario Bava

    Hexe Asa with Castor and Pollux

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 DLWRK3tVwAAm9j1@adoltadult
    Currently watching: Black Sunday aka The Mask of Satan (1960) 

    The Masks of Satan...

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2b-CAnXQAALrHH@gardenandgun
    There's no drink more worthy of a Sunday morning than a Bloody Mary:  


    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2Z8HbrWoAA97AY 
    Have a beautiful bloody Sunday... 

    I wear sunglasses at night

    Replying to @JoeNBC
    Take on Me, Stop the world and melt with you, Rebel Yell, Let's get Crazy,  Dancing in the Dark. Sunday Bloody Sunday, She's a little Runaway, Su-Sudio, White Wedding, Use your love Tonight, I wear my sunglasses at Night, Summer of 69

    One can escape structuralism by diachrony at least temporarily, until a higher order inertial storage forms

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 DvQ8XuHXcAIK0-S 
    When Claude Lévis-Strauss proposed a structural analysis of the public burning of an effigy of Father Christmas: a Christmas classic for the whole family…

    Twin Mythology

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Bq7dWarIYAA2siG 
    Claude Levis Strauss - stressed the fact that binary oppo in all spheres of production create an enhanced meaning. 

    Structural Anthropology and Myth Research is a very complex subject

    This story was told everywhere, @weserkurier, but maybe also used to transport other and older mythems (tribal memory)... - 

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Dp0PBdOWsAEmjT9 
    The 1908 Tunguska event re-analized: an asteroid was divided in two pieces before the impact: the main body (60m diameter) caused the airburst while the secondary (6−10m) excavated the site where is situated the Lake…

    Immanuel Velikovsky, "Mankind in Amnesia"

    Those "flatworld dwellers" who want to post-socialize me are the lunatics, @weserkurier!

    How could it be, @weserkurier, that the Winnebago Hero Cycles thematized a meteor impact? Only the Greek analogy of the Dioscuri was sufficient. Surely, the myths were not proticolled before culture contact, and the settlers already told their fairy tales, but..

    "Oral Tradition" is much more persistent than originally assumed, @weserkurier, and partly spans times over millennia. It is a most relevant question if not textualization partly destroyed certain traces in power interests

    Sethos was associated with Venus because this asteroid came from this direction, @weserkurier, maybe this explains what Immanuel Velikovsky told

    I reconstrued/visioned the "Sethos Impact" so 15.000BC, @weserkurier. based on Egyptian and Sumerian sources and a lot of phantasy. I assume that the today Gulf of Mexico region was hit by a huge meteor then that also had late effects to the Atlantic Rift (Hekla 2)

    It is not really known if all what is found was original "Stone Age" or if not sometimes already then rather forms of "Secondary Savagery" after catastrophes etc. @weserkurier. It is quite sure that it came to huge land losses in the North-Sea area 15.000BC

    "Stone Age" is a myth, it rather was a Wood Age as Prof. Narr used to say. Decay explains why mostly artifacts of rock and bone remained, @weserkurier. Of one relevant 40.000 years old wood spear is known (Salzgitter-Lebenstedt). The tip was hardened in fire

    I am superfluous. But you do not get the fatality of this simple sentence

    Some say I am mad? I am not mad, maybe I am not really synchronized and my kind of self-conscious femininity not socially wanted after all the democratic brotherhood revolutions

    John Whitewater (Ivan Bystrina) was always annoyed that his department was named "Communication Theory and Semiotik". He taught that knowledge is experience based, But how to express this sufficiently? So he came to a "synthetical theory of culture evolution"

    I liked this higher daughter room in the apartement of my great-grandma, originally 19th century, the noise of the water from the china garaffe into the wash table

    Why can I do such things? Because I am Alienne

    Me and my sister visited my great-grandma alone after Fox just died, I was 16 years old. She felt somehow freed and gave the witch. My sister ran out the room - I did not see her as witch at all. What she told was very interesting

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    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Empty Re: The End of the Twins Cycle

    Post  Ashera on Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:00 pm

    The Swabian Prank, @SPDFraktionHB @FDPBremen

    Brotherhood and Genderism

    The Golem of Bremen, @SPDFraktionHB @FDPBremen. Away with this schizo Swabian Prank eagle!

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2lUyZCXQAAEnMv@bengeologist
    Beautiful architecture


    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2qNBrOX0AEDwnx 
    "We were not going to leave the Jewish passengers in Entebbe."
    Captain Michel Bacos, pilot of the Air France flight 139…

    My conviction shaped at the Weser-Stadion riots in 1980 that I already then compared to Prague 1968, @SPDFraktionHB @FDPBremen. I started my studies with Anthropology of Law (Rechtsethnologie) factually and was doctorated by the Prague 1968 director of State and Law

    Whatever I partially think of the recent Senate, @SPDFraktionHB @FDPBremen, but that the State Court torpedoes them on behalf of the BiW in the name of more democracy is not to accept

    Vahr was not only the Goddess of the Hearth Fire (Central Fire) @SPDFraktionHB, but also of truth and oaths. I once applied for the @FDPBremen seat at the Bremen State Court but knew that I had no chance even if I was qualified. I want an Israeli passport for any case

    I refer to State Law and Public Law, @SPDFraktionHB, and do not see the recent @BVerfG decisions to define Public Law as democratic right as constitutionally legal. It is rather an invidual right (freedom of expression) rooted in Tribal Law

    God (Genesis 1, The State) and man (Genesis 2, The People) - Basic Law Preamble - Vox Populi is not Vox Dei, @SPDFraktionHB 

    In 2003 I swore by Basic Law Preamble and Bremen State Constitution, @SPDFraktionHB, and this was the Ariadne thread of my activities. I see no psyche-logical reason to deviate from this

    I will apply the federal Gender Laws merciless on you, @SPDFraktionHB, if you violate the Bremen State Constitution and the 2013 in Bremen ratified Quran

    Recant and Abjure!

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2qKw3qW0AED452@SPDFraktionHB
    Die @HBBuergerschaft hat Antje #Grotheer heute zur ersten Präsidentin der Bremischen Bürgerschaft gewählt. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    @a_grotheer #SPD #Bremen #hbbue 

    What about the corruption in courts and politics and the violations of the Bremen State Constitution?

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2nJp5BX4AEkL5i
    Successful operation against organized crime:
    @BremenPolizei, @PolizeiBhv, @Polizei_DEL, and customs (#Zoll) field 350+ officers in large-scale joint counterdrug raid in #Bremen area.

    I acted lawful, @RathausHB_news, with best scientific and medical knowledge. What should have happened since 2013 was illegal and criminal - and I fought it

    To set a thief to catch a thief, @RathausHB_news? This is called cultivation

    You cannot swear by the Bremen State Constitution and promote the federal Gender Laws, @RathausHB_news

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    Post  Ashera on Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:38 pm

    I am Gorean by conviction, @weserkurier, and in role play I fight for the Dominion of Corcyrus

    That I read Julius Evola does not make me a fascist or nazi, @weserkurier, and that I liked his "Revolt against the Modern World" does not say that I am a traditionalist. I am rather convinced that "alternative" structures could cope quite good with recent problems

    The "urge to be modern" is a neurosis, as Milan Kundera put it, @weserkurier. What then is the "modernity automatism" of the new Bremen Parliament President? Democracy as Social Fascism as some kind of Prussian Lutherist Social Stalinist USSR invasion variance?

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Tumblr_inline_peu0weNMoT1qarw15_500

    The End of the World

    To the west of the massive Gorean continent lies Thassa, a vast ocean. No one knows where Thassa ends or what might lie beyond it. The “World’s End” is a term used to describe the area of Thassa that lies beyond the islands of Cos and Tyros. There are only a few small, close islands west of Cos and Tyros. It is a legendary place as no one has ever sailed there and returned. Some say that Thassa is endless. Others claim that it is protected by clashing rocks…

    The final frontier… 

    …to bodily go where no Kajira has gone before…

    Basically Thelema @FU_Berlin -

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 Tumblr_inline_peu0whaahA1qarw15_400

    What is the meaning of participation if they hardly understood anything? One cannot precise from opinion to substance, neither in abduction nor in transduction - and I will not transgress!

    Aster Argos!

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    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 31, 2019 3:26 pm

    One time I could not risk to go to the District Court because the Land Court involvement was not cleared. Innocently I incured a default decree. This is the only punishment in all the matter that I accept at all

    I did not appear to my crucification because I am not Jesus!

    Magistra Alienne is a good name, I am not really a Mistress

    To a huge part democracy means the pushing away of personal responsibilty and the production of scapegoats

    I strengthened thee with the Holy Spirit (Sura 5:110)

    What is social responsibility? You cannot delegate an individual decision that is a matter between your soul and God. You only can ask your Self if you "serve" better after you decided

    All strivers to the Aster Argos are men...

    I am not with the Minims, what they do for their "ascension" or not is their matter - I am Ashera

    You are anyway not allowed to believe but obliged to the spirit of truth

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D221tD3W0AIfQ8E
    Stroll the streets of Gilead through this new graphic novel adaptation of @MargaretAtwood's Handmaid's Tale

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    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 31, 2019 3:59 pm

    The Jordan - in ancient times the Pleiades or Atlantides were codified as doves - Magdalene and Salome - the Holy Spirit

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 W0pZuZEn?format=jpg&name=600x314

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 OQrcDy0R?format=jpg&name=600x314
    U.S. embassy and Brazilian trade office in Israel -

    Most impressed me the story of the dozen plumber skeletons they digged out in a favela backyard... no trace of their cars and tools

    One should not go too close by the lane, snapping and kidnapping with cars was en vogue then

    I still have the black Eastpack I had in Sao Paulo but hardly use it now. Some said it was a risk to run around with it there...

    There is Bible and there is Bible - is it truly a mirror universe of two reflecting halfs (symmetric mode)  or not rather a hierarchy (concentric mode)?

    The Jewish Hotel and Arabie friends were my lifesaving in Sao Paulo

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D29dJLSWwAIgdnX 
    A new spirit of partnership and friendship is coming from #Brazil. President @jairbolsonaro, welcome to Jerusalem, the eternal capital of #Israel!

    Tobacco Road

    China: 2,391
    Brazil: 880…
    Tobacco production. (thousand metric tons)


     The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D27w4gtX4AMi6sR
    Rihanna for Vogue Brazil. THE EXCELLENCE. 


    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2-GrRbW0AA9lFp 
    President of Brazil Bolsonaro delivered a speech at his reception in Israel: "I am excited to be here, we want to be like you, as the Bible says. The friendship between the two nations is historical..."

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    Post  Ashera on Sun Mar 31, 2019 5:29 pm

    The Great Quinn, whoever he was, was an effect of the Bronze Age Collapse. And maybe he founded the Kingdom of Ararat whose people migrated in two directions: Rome and China. As Dionysius of Halicarnassus (60 BC - 7 BC) put it: the "Etruscans" came from nowhere signal

    The Etruscans used the "fasces" as symbol, and they introduced the office of the "pontifeces" (the last ones in this row are the popes...)

    The Helen of Sparta, Ashera, and Lucifa origin myths are almost identic

    The Egg of Nemesis

    At no point of time Alienne, hidden in a ball of fire, aimed at striking the mountain in the east of the Island of Dr. Moreau like a meteor... I warned them in 2013: do your stuff but do not bother me with it, my way is different. They did not listen!

    I still do not see the scientificality of "social psychiatry", nothing what they performed convinced me. How can a psychiatry be based on social gossip to a huge deal? To understand this one must realize that "psyche" is no entity of the social discourse universe

    Not a single step direction social madness! Not even a little finger!

    It is stupid a saying that someone who lies must have known the truth, @weserkurier, a lie can be based on the acceptance of a consensual reality for example - while others know the truth

    The Lloyd Building gained some actuality because people assumed to have been there when it did not exist for long anymore. This even drove some prosecutors nuts because juries decided that the building existed until 1983 or so. A parallel universe? Time warps?

    The Umbrella

    Islam Light, a sister from Algeria, taught me most of Quran and Islam, and I became Flame of Allah. My way through the scripture I had to find myself, led by Allah

    Cortés Agenda II

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D27XstoWsAEDYoE 
    #BREAKING: Trump cuts off foreign aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras

    IDF EUCOM...  Die Abwehr

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D27Xe3oX4AI6Pt0@sotiridi
    #Breaking: Just in - Algerian army chief; to trigger Article 102 of the Algerian Constitution to remove President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, for being unfit for office! After weeks of massive peaceful protests in the Country. #Algerie

    Allah decides if you may believe or not and addresses the individual soul. This is codfied in Sura 100, called Sura Jonah. You can ask and pray to your Lord before - and this is what Sura 110 says

    I am not compensated by an Animus

    The Quranic Ashera Lucifa is not a goddess but a female being made of flesh and blood whose Master (Rabbi) is Allah, the Master of the Universe, Rabbi l*alanima

    If you once had contact Allah is the most strange being you ever met, He is not a construction but a living and feeling entity with an exceptional spectrum of moods but not arbitrary

    The Lloyd was rather like an administrative office than a bureau. They had an own Telephone Office and a Telex Office - the predecessors of the later fax machines, as big as wall units

    I should forget Harley, my alter ego. As small child I spoke a mix of German and English, mixed with Lower Saxon that I snapped from my grandparents. No one really knew what would happen to the State of Bremen and the Lloyd. I got a huge plush ape - Charley - Laley

    The Guelphs of Hannover were a dubious Lutherist "sect" and as landlords deeply involved in Third Reich and slavery. The roots are the same as the English House Windsor. And factually the Kingdom of Hanover (Saxonia remnant) was ruled in personal union until 1866

    After the American Enclave State of Bremen became member of the Federal Republic of Germany increasingly migrants from the former Occupation Zones settled here, first mainly Lutherans from Lower Saxony. This led to increasing changes in the Lloyd structure

    The Lloyd and its Information System developed as a security risk, and so the Lloyd finally was dissolved and the building levelled in 1969. If history had developed differently Bremen belonged to the State of New York now - or vice verse. Gotham City is a synthesis


    My father was internal revisor and auditor at Lexcorp, Gotham City... the flour dust explosions... 9/11? The father of Cassandra was fire fighter... After my father died I had to go in prvate insolvency

    The Flour Dust Explosions

    After what I knew from my father and the father of Cassandra I assume that the 9/11 planes that hit the twin towers caused flour dust explosions, So James Bond and Gotham City Lexcorp thoughts in mind the one 1979 in Bremen and the one 1997 in France were tests

    The Gotham flour dust explosions... this was much later, and before 9/11

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 CJUdmc3WgAAKcAK@JustFinesse28_
    LexCorp in Gotham! Dope egg! 

    A bomb exploded at the place where the yearly circus was, clowns did that, masked men. Car wheels flew through the air and metal pieces, people were hurt. lying on the ground. My father drove the Lambretta along the Gotham Globe Building to the Lloyd for telephone

    Gotham City Tales. The young Joker, a Shack in the attic

    The Batgirl that I embody is not so after "ordinary" criminals, and this is why I could communicate with Joker. I am rather after "organized crime" but understood as NGOs. When Joker started to collaborate with "The Clericals" our relation became rather difficult...

    My Gotham City Batgirl story starts with that water from a gargoyle on the roof of the Gotham Lloyd Building (Ministry of Information) fell into my mouth when we drove with the ruby Lambretta of my parents under it, me looking up, mouth open, drinking from the rainy sky

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    Post  Ashera on Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:26 am

    The Seven Circles of Hell

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 J-x7vlOY?format=jpg&name=386x202

    Ein Deutschunterricht wie ein Satz Ohrfeigen!

    Der Hund, die Katze

    Der, die, das, wieso, weshalb, warum? Why, why, why?

    Die Sphinx - CAT

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 D2_SDHuX0AA1XT6

    Mitten in Ägyptens Wüste
    steht ein riesengroßes Dings,
    hinten Löwe, vorne Dame,
    jeder weiß: das ist die Sphinx.

    Sehnsuchtsvoll in Richtung Westen
    schaut sie steinernen Gesichts.
    würde sie nach Osten gucken,
    wärs egal: auch da ist nichts…

    (Heinz Erhardt)

    Now CET = CAT, Cairo Time in the First Circle of Hell -

    Now the witch laughs in her sleeves...

    With this I started as soon as I could read and stumbled through the text. I wanted to get out more about Die Sphinx of who I had two huge pictures in different books (one daylight, one at night) -,_Graves_and_Scholars

    The Egyptians had technological difficulties but their visions of advanced machines speak volumes. Psyche-logically, and partly even medically, they were far developed, and modern man is the idiot in comparsion. Egypt was no civilization but Stone Age culture climax

    The "7 circles of hell" may not represent the geology but topologically (as derived from topos/topoi) they are correct, understood as the structural organization of a semiosic system, the "consciousness field". But may be that Egyptians used it as real world model

    I do not let pin anything on me, not even a shadow! You always repeat the same mistakes - this is middle school niveau

    What is "my" shadow? Is it a characteristicum, a property? No... it is accidental. To attribute a shadow and define it as mine is not allowed

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    Post  Ashera on Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:41 am

    What is a steam engine? First of all it is black hole with tin around.... 

    This was my @Twitter page background for many years. What is the earth? A plate, a ball, or a torus (considering the "magnetic" fields)? In any case some kind of "sphere"...

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 C1ux0V4UsAA6_8h 
    It looks so idyllic inside the Stanford Torus space station, I'd live there. By Don Davis (1975)

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    Post  Ashera on Sun Sep 29, 2019 7:39 am

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 EFS-Bv4WwAA5OQM?format=jpg&name=small

    Lucifa Rising!
    Hurray and up She rises!
    Even if I may be partly of demiurgic matter I do not care the democratic flatworms!
    Gift to me the matter that I stole, Demiurge!


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    Post  Ashera on Sun Sep 29, 2019 9:44 am

    So... what happened meanwhile?

    The attacks of the democratic flatworms escalated in a way that they transported me end of May handcuffed in a police car into the mental hospital and kept me there eight weeks. At the driveway of the clinicum there was an advertising column with a picture of Mayor Sieling, it was just before the Bremen elections (I refused to vote under these circumstances, f**k the new federal participation law!) and shouted: "Gulag Sieling!"

    At Station 3A it was quite complicated in the beginning because I was taken to hospital under a false (social) diagnosis, finally only PTSD remained as plausible. This Station was under the auspices of the Interior Ministry.

    Now I live in Bethel, Septemtrionalium, Archdiocese Lower Saxony.

    Muhammad Khan Aladin of Gor

    I wrote with permanent marker at the wooden tables, so that nothing gets lost and to explain things.

    It was plain despair

    The Legend of Ash

    A few years lagged at the Station...

    Alienne Lavalלֶהָבָה (Alyena of Corcyrus) - Gorean

    The Wa Ngao Ua had given me the name Ssha because the Khan had vanished or died. And therefore I could use the tribal name "Ashera Ssha" legally and came under the protection of Persian border tribes

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    Post  Ashera on Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:43 am

    Hundred times I can say I want NO drugs, but again and again they try to get me in contact with such people, based on high school time rumours! I do not deny I like cannabis - but this they refuse! My traumatization to and fro! As hindered schizo they would like me!

    It was a great luck that I had no android anymore when they transported me. Already the year before when they put me into the short time arrest cell I had abolished it before in time. They like to lock you in together with bots and these respective thingies

    They hardly understand anything except the problems they caused themselves. The best is if your are an addict, and the very best if its alcohol - that they know all, and jurists are experts. Nowadays "the handy/cell-phone" is hip. They can teach you after withdrawal

    If you do not help me I help you into the grave!

    What Doctores Imke, Boo, Ullisses Doller, Bearwinkle and Mistress Mountain factually did and Dr. Funzel tried, was censorship and repression of research! Only aim was to shut me up!

    I revitalized Freud*s idea of the "dual drive fate" based on my anthropological shamanism studies. I impute that there is an "ego" and an "I" that often gets littered in the process of socialization. Instead to reach for the "IT" a social "super-ego" becomes installed

    Psyche is NOT a social entity but a cultural one. Therefore disciplines like "socialpsychiatry" are to me plain absurdity

    I cover no one, I only fight for my physical AND psychical survival

    Dr. Funzel... humpalong dumpalong...


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    Post  Ashera on Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:46 am

    Had, Could, Would, Should - S**t! You are bums

    - Sawubona Mahara!
    - Salama Hari!

    I have nothing to justify anymore, I finished this in 2009, now it is your turn!

    I am NOT an uterus homunculus!

    My mother will not come at my birthday, we have our reasons. I partly explained it already. She comes at another date

    No means No!

    Beka, Kheri!

    I am a Huntress!

    The End of the Twins Cycle - Page 23 EFx8WWjWkAAMwWC?format=jpg&name=small

    It's crunch-time!

    Piss off you fakes!

    I will come as a penilous flame and a devious song, a voice in the judgment halls, a banner before armies. I will come girt with the Sword of Freedom. Before me, kings and priests will tremble, cities and empires will fall, and I will be called BABALON, Scarlet Woman!

    I am a bad girl!

    Into the bin with you as**oles!

    Piss off you fakes!

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