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    New post on 2012 Indy Info

    How Do I Know If I’ve Found My Twin Flame? | in5d.comby Laura Tyco

    How Do I Know If I’ve Found My Twin Flame?
    The term twin flame is becoming increasingly acknowledged and familiar in the metaphysical realm, especially as the numbers of twin flame relationships seem to skyrocket—most likely to help our world with the unique energies, perspectives, and power that twin flame reunions create. A twin flame is quite literally the soul’s other half, which parted before entering the 3rd dimensional experience and human incarnation.

    Up until recently, most twin flame halves did not incarnate at the same time, but took turns supporting each other through respective human lifetimes. However, twin flame partners are incarnating together in greater numbers now with the special purposes of helping to maintain timelines, protect and augment energies, and move our world forward, particularly in the times ahead.

    Since many soul-mate connections are also quite compelling, familiar, and strong, how do you know whether you’ve really found your “partner of ultimate destiny” or twin flame? Listed below are some of the attributes of a twin flame relationship:

    You had dreams or visions of this person and/or your energetic relationship before ever meeting in this lifetime.
    Meeting your partner felt like “coming home” to a familiar, long-lost energy. After meeting, you had “memories” of other times and places with that person that are not part of this life experience so far.
    Your partner mirrors your own issues, concerns, and imbalances, but you also complement each other’s skill sets, talents, and capacities. You are the ultimate embodiment of yin/yang.
    At least one partner is of higher frequency, possibly a First Waver, Indigo, and/or Crystal, or is genetically related to one.
    You may be of different ages, the same or opposite sex, vastly different backgrounds, “opposing” religions or cultures, but you feel an incredible unity or incomparable sense of oneness with your partner.
    You feel each other’s symptoms, illnesses, and emotions even when you are not near each other or in communication.
    Your functioning is impaired or much less optimal when you are apart from your twin flame. It physically and mentally hurts when you are not together.
    When you are with your partner and the relationship is in balance, you become stronger, more powerful, and more capable than you have ever felt. You feel united in a mission or “calling” to serve others and the world.
    Your unconditional love for your partner is like no other. Your partner is likely to have a certain habit, quality, or “baggage” that would be a deal-breaker for you in any other relationship. However, you overlook it or willingly work through it with this partner-- no matter what it takes.
    You met your partner when one or both of you were in other relationships or otherwise “unavailable.” It’s likely that you met when and where you were least consciously expecting it.
    Either you or your partner feared the power of the twin flame connection and ran from the relationship so as not to feel overwhelmed and/or vulnerable. Years may go by before you are both in the “place” to finally commit fully to the relationship.
    The partner who ran from the twin flame relationship finally “wakes up” and realizes the significance. His or her “a-ha” moment comes as the result of a loss, illness, or other personal catastrophe. He or she then comes to terms with the fact that there is no other person or priority more important than the twin partner.
    No matter how many times you break up or separate, forces seems to bring you back together. You see the “signs” and reminders of that twin connection everywhere, urging you back together.
    Your relationship is characterized by extreme highs and lows, including passion and intense pain you’ve most likely never felt before.
    In efforts to harmonize, justify karma, and balance each other, you “push each other’s buttons” and test each other’s limits like no one else has or ever will. Nevertheless, the extreme highs in the relationship consistently get higher.
    Friends, family members, and others in your circle can’t relate to the twin flame dramas and always try to get you to move on to someone or something else that seems more logical or better for you “on paper.”
    The growth you experience, the lessons you learn, and the person you become in the twin flame relationship are more significant, happen more rapidly, and are more powerful than any other experience or period of growth in your life.
    You realize that your previous soul mates or other relationships prepared you for the twin flame reunion. Your twin flame may even have or embody a number of the unusual characteristics or outstanding attributes of your previous mates and soul friends.
    You feel as if you’ve been waiting your whole life for this person. When you look back at your life, you see illnesses, sabotaged relationships, or other situations that manifested because you were still waiting and still looking for “the one.”
    Even if you are extremely tired of 3 dimensional existence here on earth, you heal, evolve, mature, and continue to live-- just to stay with your twin flame partner.
    You are an “old soul” and this is your last human experience.
    The more that you and your twin partner spend time together, the more rapidly and completely you awaken to higher consciousness.
    You have a deep knowing that your twin partner is your destiny-- not just in this lifetime, but also when you ascend, return “home,” and are reunited for eternity.
    If you are interested in learning more about the twin flame you’ve found, whether you’ll find your twin flame in this lifetime, or how to navigate the intense twin flame connection, please visit us at Max, the Healer’s Healer, is an acclaimed energy healer, psychic coach, and medical intuitive. Max, Lana, and LOC Group enjoy helping other twin flame partners make the most of this human experience.

    Also see Max and Lana's other in5d articles:
    Are You Unknowingly Part of the Cosmic Call to Action?
    Part II: Are You Unknowingly Part of the “Cosmic Call to Action?"
    Why Do I Feel Like My Path is Unclear?
    Do I Have Angels or Entities Around Me?

    Addendum from What is a Soul Group?

    Twin Flames

    Other relationships may involve seeking your twin flame, who may or may not be here in this incarnation. A twin flame is literally the other half of your soul that makes you whole, yet at the same time, each twin flame is a complete soul. They form a complete balance of the male and female energies. Your previous relationships were also soul contracts to help you prepare to be with your twin flame. When you meet your twin flame, you’ll know it immediately.

    Some twin flames aren’t here in this incarnation. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get married or have children because your twin flame (in the ethereal realms) wants you to experience everything that can bring you joy and happiness in this incarnation, as well as to learn as many life lessons to help your spiritual growth. He or she is still part of your soul group but decided not to join you in this incarnation. Don’t take it personally! They’re still with you in heart and in spirit.

    It’s also important to remember that some twin flames remain on the other side to provide you with help and spiritual guidance. Some souls decided to come here without them because they “heard the call” and they knew they were needed here in this incarnation. Please keep in mind that not everyone from your soul group will incarnate at the same time!

    How Do I Know If I’ve Found My Twin Flame? |

    Laura Tyco | June 3, 2012 at 10:00 | Categories: General News | URL:
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    The Twin Flame Blessing:

    “The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was.

    Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along”. – Rumi

    When Twin Flames do meet in person, it is at the end of their cycle of incarnations and at the moment for their greatest contribution towards selfless service to others.

    “The song of mine will touch your forehead like a kiss of blessing.. and will carry your sight into the heart of things” – Rabindranath Tagore

    When there is great Love there is always miracles.

    Youtube . com

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    SaLuSa 4-June-2012

    The path to Ascension will be much smoother than you might believe, because over time the necessity to bring about severe physical changes has passed. You can take a lot of credit for this situation, because as a collective you have raised the consciousness levels. In bringing more Light to the Earth you have enabled the transmutation of the lower energies. The result is that the necessary cleansing does not call for the depth of changes, that were once thought necessary. The Earth is constantly shifting, and there are hundreds of minor earthquakes that take place every day without any adverse results.

    So Dear Ones do not spend your time in fear of the coming period, and bear the consequences knowing it is all for your good. Rather look at the changes as sweeping the Earth clear of its blemishes and ugly spots, so that it can once more be restored. Bear in mind that you too are being cleansed in a similar way, to release any vibrations that cannot be taken with you into the higher ones. Much of it happens without your knowledge, but you can contribute by having a life style that lends itself to purifying your body and mind. Your choice of food is an important factor from the point of view of your health. Try to move away from processed foods and towards fresh produce. This way you will avoid many chemicals that would otherwise be ingested and remain as toxins in your body. Where possible include raw food in your diet and benefit from the energies that they carry. Drink plenty of water to keep the organs of your body cleansed, and avoid carbonated drinks if possible.

    In the future because your body vibrations will have been lifted up, you will no longer be attracted or need the heavier foods. Your needs will be considerably less, as you will replenish them by taking more of the energy that is around you. It is only in the lower vibrations that you need your meats, and you will find that gradually they do not satisfy you. Eating is a pleasure and we still indulge but nowhere to the extent that you do at present. We would not dream of putting your type of foodstuffs into our bodies. However, for the time being you need to sustain your bodies and get your energy from your traditional foods, but you can try to introduce changes that take you towards more natural and purer ones.

    We lead you to a new way of looking at life but one that gives great satisfaction and fulfillment. After the changes the pace of life will be much slower and you will not be placed in stressful conditions. Indeed, you will have ample time to relax and follow your personal pursuits, and we do have Holodecks that are for your enjoyment. Yes, they rely exist and can provide you with knowledge whilst at the same time be a source of enjoyment. We have our fun and also a sense of humor, but we do not indulge in crudity or unpleasantness. We are happy and joyful, and in appreciating the Oneness of all life are uninhibited in our companionship and friendship with other Beings. Jealousy and envy are not emotions we entertain, as we understand that all live in unity and exist for each other.

    We are One whereas you have managed to create divisions and separation between you. You may look different according to the Race you belong to, but in essence you are all the same and together are on the road to Ascension. In fact because you take a series of lives for your needed experiences, you will understand that in turn you have had lives in many different countries. Think about it and consider whether you are specifically drawn to one particular country or period of history. Would that not tell you that within your consciousness you still have memories of those experiences? There would clearly be less racial tension if you could accept others as yourself.

    When we look at you we know that we do not see the real you, but merely the body that you taken for your present incarnation. We also make allowances for your lack of Light and even love, as the lower vibrations have pulled you down. However that will change and is doing so right now, and there has never been such an opportunity as now exists to raise them up. More and more light is being beamed to Earth, and you can attract it to yourself by lifting up your levels of consciousness. Your true potential is unlimited and you should strive for the highest expression of yourself as possible. By nature you are peaceful loving Beings, and you are heading for a return to that level. Stay calm and walk and talk your love for your fellow Beings. It is the only way and you will become an invincible force for good.

    At present we of the Galactic Federation ready ourselves for the final thrust against the last cabal. As they stand in our way and yours they will be removed in one way or another, and then our allies can really get moving with all of the changes that are planned. There is to be a total change in the way your lives are lived, and all for your betterment and preparation for the New Age. There is no reason to hold onto anything of the old or be concerned at what you may lose, as we stress again that you can only gain from the changes that are about to occur. You are to take a quantum jump into the future that is your transition into the higher realms. You could not otherwise enter them unless your vibrations were comparable with them. This is why there will be souls who are unable to do so, as they are not ready and will continue in their present vibration. Indeed, it would not serve their purpose or needs if they were placed in a higher one, as that would be uncomfortable for them.

    In spite of what some may think, everything is moving along well and will ensure that you are finally ready to ascend when that opportunity arises. You still need to apply yourselves to your own needs, and work towards reaching a level of control and awareness that enables you to maintain your progress. As we often point out, it is your intent and will to succeed that will take you forward to successfully complete your journey.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you joy and happiness as you prepare yourselves for the biggest event ever to happen in your lives.

    Thank you SaLuSa.

    Mike Quinsey.

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    New post on 2012 Indy Info

    pleiadedolphininfos: Magatha from Agartha ~~ Our Transformation purpose ~~ 04/06/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafontby Laura Tyco

    Monday, June 4, 2012

    Magatha from Agartha ~~ Our Transformation purpose ~~ 04/06/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

    My beloved brethren from Earth, I Am Magatha of Agartha and, repeating my introduction in a previous channel, I Am a fifth Dimensional Being of the Inner Earth, more specifically of the Agarthan civilization. Agartha is one of the biggest cities of Inner Earth ; I dare even say that Agartha is the biggest of all Inner Earth cities. Of course, we are One big family which you will be introduced to as our reunion approaches fast. Today I will digress upon ourselves and our world deep beneath the Earth’s crust. Numbering tens of thousands of beings, we all live together including several smaller peoples. All of us withdrew into the Inner Earth at the moment of the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria. Here we started our civilization. We don’t own material possessions nor money or even food for that matter! We live purely on Love and Light. Our wondrous world consists of colorful trees and we have a sun named GYNN. Our sun is unlike yours as she is a lightsun whereas yours is a material sun. Our sun always shines, hence in our world there is no division between day and night. We greet our sun every chance we get and we thank her for her presence among us.
    We created our own world and we feel remarkably well at home since its inception. You too are on the brink of creating your own world because your Ascension is imminent. That which you create will also be applicable. We too underwent our Ascension in order to be “reborn” so to speak in our beautiful world of Love and Light. Our world came into being at the moment of our Ascension when we went into this Inner Earth and what we had created beforehand came into existence. We live together in complete harmony and that will also apply to your civilization ; that is, quarrels, wars, diseases will be no more. We created finer, more ethereal, technologies such as free energy devices for instance. In the times of Atlantis it all went horribly awry due to the fact that a technological device was wrongly operated causing the Earth’s axis to be displaced in the wrong direction. This in itself lead to our demise and to the sinking of our beloved worlds. This mistake will never be made again and we will assist you in this matter. We too had to learn from our mistakes and we did; that’s why we are in a good position to assist you to handle it all appropriately. We are going to introduce these Ethereal Technologies to you, together with your Galactic space Brethern.
    Enough said about this sad event : let’s concentrate on the more positive and joyful issues of this whole event that are about to happen. All will come to pass in Divine Timing. As a matter of fact, there is no ‘time’ as it is only an illusion that has been forced upon you. We, the Agarthans, work with the positions of the planets, star-systems and even further away and now I can hear you say ”How on Earth can we, The Agarthans, relate to that?” To reply let me explain that we as a fifth Dimensional civilization lean heavily on our telepathic abilities and our energetic evolutions, which are all at our disposal any time we need them. It all comes down to being centered and to start from your inner center. This inner center (which is located in your heart) and your Higher Self are the most pure, adequate guides for you. So then, go regularly to your heart center or your heart chakra and place yourself there in the Divine Light, feel the warmth that is so prevalent there and start from here on out in your search, your questions and parallel worlds. That’s the way we do it. It is really not necessary to travel in your physical lightbody and to cover distances when you can simply do it all from your inner center! Can you understand now how we travel, how we can inform ourselves without leaving our world? It all comes down to being yourSelf and to really understand that your are One with everything and everyone! You are the co-Creator! Start from the Source, the All That Is from which you all split so many aeons ago, and in doing so your quest will be pure. The mistake we all made in the past is we let ourselves being led by our ego and our selfishness. When starting from this illusionary point, the quest will lead to something totally different namely to the world in which you exist. However, you are all really evolving to the point where you can let go of this illusionary world. All illusions and all 3rd Dimensional patterns are dissolving very rapidly now and we are so cheerful for this. We experienced the exact same thing so long ago and we are pleased that we are able to help you with this and to join you real soon.
    We don’t look that different compared to you : we are just taller, much taller. Thanks to our Ascension process our consciousness and our lightbody, existing out of white Light from Christ, expanded implying that our physical lightbody, existing from a Crystalline body, had to accomodate to contain our full lightbody. The same procedures will happen to you; however, it will nog be readily visible or evolve as quickly as you might think. Let go and let God, as the saying goes. Your meddling can only lead to disturbances! It is recommended that you stay positive and excited, that you remain centered and open-hearted. Express your desire for these changes and for our interactions but in the meantime proceed with your daily tasks and your life. Do not worry for we are near : everything goes according to plan and will come to pass exactly as decreed by our Creator. Nothing can stop you now!
    I Am Magatha of Agartha and I will be back in a short while with some more news about our civilizations. We will take one stap at a time.
    Thanks for the opportunity given to me to come forward with this message. Namaste.
    Posted by Méline Lafont pleiade dolphin at 12:52 PM

    pleiadedolphininfos: Magatha from Agartha ~~ Our Transformation purpose ~~ 04/06/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

    Laura Tyco | June 4, 2012 at 11:30 | Categories: Channels | URL:

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    June 4, 2012
    Matthew Ward – June 3, 2012
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    Matthew Ward – June 3, 2012
    Light’s progress: evidence delayed in some areas, obvious in others; Earth on target to enter fourth density; media reporting; reforms and revelations will be rushed; telepathic communication precautions; resolution of differing beliefs; psychiatric patients; some changes early in the Golden Age; information references
    1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Not only is our love for you boundless, so is our respect and admiration. Your steadfastness in the light has remained strong even though nearly midway into this world-transformational year, nothing that you would consider conclusive evidence has occurred. It is logical to expect that by now the thousands of spacecraft in your skies would be visible to all; crews would have landed in great numbers and been officially welcomed; and turmoil, warring and other violence would have decreased significantly.

    2. We have been awaiting these developments along with you, and we have what you could call “bittersweet” feelings about the delay. We know that millions still are winding up third density karma; divine grace is granting to millions more amended soul contracts to transition early with full karmic completion credit; and still more millions are evolving at an accelerated pace by sharing others’ karmic burdens. Yet it is sad for us, just as for you, that the topmost dark ones still have enough influence to cause widespread suffering.

    3. However, please do not think for a moment that Earth may not make it to the celestial window in time to enter fourth density, where darkness cannot exist. Absolutely everything that needs to precede that momentous happening will! However, instead of coming one by one for society’s easier assimilation and adjustment, profound revelations and changes will be rushing far more swiftly and in larger doses than the Golden Age master planners had anticipated.

    4. It is immensely heartening that most of you are seeing the positive perspective of situations that the media are reporting with bleak overtones, such as potential economic meltdown in the “Eurozone” and the global boomerang effect, upheaval in several governments creating national instability, and citizens protesting intolerable circumstances in one country after another. You see those and other tumultuous situations for what they are: essential steps toward initiating systems that are based in fairness and honesty and having leaders with moral and spiritual integrity.

    5. Because the dissemination of accurate information is crucial, another good indicator of the light’s progress is that mainstream media censorship clearly is on the decline. For instance, even though the Vatican is one of the kingpins under the Illuminati umbrella, it now is public knowledge that investigation into the Vatican’s financial affairs is underway. Ultimately this will lead to uncovering the cesspool of darkness in that tiny sovereign state, including that it is the international headquarters of satanic worship and a vast storehouse of stolen art treasures.

    6. More and more often news commentators and well-informed guests are condemning the lack of holding accountable the persons responsible for the world’s dire economic condition. They are specifying how governments are failing to serve the best interests of their citizens, showing statistically why wars are both futile and senseless, and acknowledging that media have not met their responsibility to accurately inform the public. They are enumerating practical ways to recover economic stability and reform governments, the benefits of ending all wars, and how media can and should be educating the public.

    7. No longer are the voices of those individuals and others, whom you call whistleblowers, confined only to the Internet — they’re going “mainstream.” While they see themselves as simply speaking out honestly, frankly and pragmatically, the brilliance of their auras identifies them as spiritually evolved souls who came from advanced civilizations to be way-showers.

    8. Other indications of the light forces’ progress aren’t getting that kind of “listen-up!” attention. Some news is distorted or incomplete because the reporters simply don’t know more than the information they are given. Accounts of the nuclear reactors in Japan are ominous because it isn’t known that spacecraft crews are using their technology to reduce the toxic effects of radioactive emanations from the Fukushima facility and to prevent more damage there.

    9. Reporters don’t know that the crews are alleviating the most harmful effects of chemtrails, whose very existence still is not widely known, and health-harming pollution from a variety of other sources. As for all the talk of potential military action to curtail the spread of nuclear weaponry, it isn’t known that in honoring Earth’s desire that her residents stop killing each other, God has authorized the crews in spacecraft and on the ground to prevent the functioning of all nuclear weaponry. When the effects of what is called global warming are recounted, most often it is with grave concern because who among your scientists would give credence to the assurance that this is Mother Earth returning to her original moderate climate worldwide?

    10. Then there are the situations that are well known by the Illuminati who own media conglomerates and still have enough control to keep some facts quiet. As one example, films and statistics show that recent earthquakes and storms have resulted in many fewer deaths and less property damage than previously. What isn’t reported is why: The Illuminati’s technology that enables them to originate earthquakes and intensify storms is being “jammed” by our universal family so that Mother Nature can carefully release negativity until all of that force is gone — and soon it shall be.

    11. Earth’s intention is exactly the opposite of the Illuminati’s, which is massive loss of life, devastating damage and the affected area’s economic ruin, all of which produce more negativity for Earth to deal with. With thanks to our universal family’s technology that can level out the effects of quakes and veer mammoth storms away from coastlines, the Illuminati never managed to achieve the vast extent of death and destruction they intended.

    12. You have the advantage of knowing what we and many other messengers in high stations have been transmitting to our respective receivers. By far, you are in the minority. Most of your world’s people still are rooted in third density’s limitations, which makes them especially vulnerable to fear, the ultimate producer of negativity. Whenever there is an opportunity to share your knowledge with persons who are fearful because they don’t know what you do, please enlighten them to the extent they are receptive.

    13. Your calm yet excited energy alone will go a long way to easing others’ fears, and it is realistic to anticipate that many will need your help in that respect as well as compassionate understanding. Thus far only the tip of the iceberg is obvious even to you, but during the next few months, happenings will be breathtaking in scope and speed.

    14. Along with your awareness of what is ahead in these waning days of third density, there is some confusion about how to prepare to physically ascend with Earth, who will go along with her, how to know if you are absorbing light, what density is, NESARA’s provisions, what will happen at the end of this year, and what life will be like in the Golden Age.

    15. In previous messages we have covered these areas quite extensively. It would be a disservice to long-time readers to repeat those explanations and a disservice to persons who are newly awakening to offer only a comment or two. We understand that with time passing so quickly, it is difficult for you to manage all responsibilities, much less search through our messages to locate clarifying information. Therefore, I have asked my mother to do this and to note the dates of messages that include the most explanatory coverage of those areas in question or where misconceptions abound — the dates will be inserted at the end of this message.

    16. Since the prevailing vibrations are conducive to the opening of telepathic connections, it is essential that you know how to communicate with only the sources you want to — dark entities are just as eager to connect with you as light beings are! The precautions that apply to receivers of telepathically transmitted messages for distribution apply equally to you.

    17. Prior to initiating telepathic communication, ask for protection of the Christed light and demand that only light beings may connect with you. Never try to communicate when you are in ill, fatigued, beset with worries about self or loved ones or financial straits or any other stressful condition or situation. During those times, an effort to speak with a loved one is instead an invitation to base entities because your energy level is too low to reach souls in the light. Humility and gratitude about having achieved telepathic communication carry high vibrations that reach sources in high vibratory levels, whereas the low vibrations of vanity and egotism automatically connect with dark entities. Mother, thank you for searching for prior messages that may include this topic as well as the aforementioned issues.

    18. Many are wondering how resolution ever can come out of the many forms of religious and governing ideologies that are the foundations of prevailing belief systems. People whose minds and hearts do not open to the truth about the sinister reason behind the formation of those conflicting convictions no longer will be on the planet to fight for their beliefs to reign supreme. By the laws of physics that govern life in this universe, a closed mind cannot absorb the light that enables physical survival in the higher vibrations of fourth density. Earth’s residents in her Golden Age will choose to live in peace and harmony with each other and with all of Nature.

    19. To the reader who is concerned about the destiny of psychiatric patients, who are independent souls with a wide range of conditions that affect each uniquely, all we can offer is what is likely generally and by no means is patient-specific. Those who have no brain damage, whose relatively sound mental abilities have been stultified by prescription drugs, may respond positively to the high vibrations and attain full rational functioning. However, decisive factors in every case are soul contract provisions and the degree of light the body has absorbed; a person whose behavior isn’t harmful to another, but simply doesn’t conform to superficial societal expectations, can indeed absorb light. It is likely that the most gravely mentally ill patients, those labeled psychopaths, will die because their depraved urges and actions are bereft of light. In any event, no one will be institutionalized or imprisoned after the Golden Age gets underway.

    20. Because it offers an excellent forum for an explanation of great importance, we address a writer’s suggestion, offered some time ago: on Memorial Day in the United States, the truth be told to the world about who starts wars and why so that “never again will people have to fight and die ‘for freedom.’” We honor the writer’s intense desire for peace in your world, but especially on that emotionally-charged day of commemoration to fallen soldiers, the truth about war could not have been told.

    21. Grieving families and friends of troops who have died don’t want to hear that their beloved persons did not die to protect their own nation from oppressors or to help another nation achieve freedom from tyranny. Veterans whose severe wounds have caused physical pain and perhaps loss of limbs don’t want to hear who actually benefited from their service, and neither do those who are living with nightmares about their wartime experience want to hear that truth. Troops still in combat zones or stationed in foreign countries in an occupation capacity don’t want to hear the real reason they are far away from home and families.

    22. Beyond those myriad personal situations, beyond the civilian casualties in war zones, and beyond the financial burdens to the peoples whose nations are at war is the global emotional impact. It can be said that the condition coined post traumatic stress disorder is endemic to Earth. No one is immune to this battle energy that permeates your world, no one can escape the ravages that centuries of bloodshed have inured generation after generation to accept as humankind’s nature and lot in life. Yet, the fear of dying is just as pervasive, and that sets up a paradox that minds have to come to terms with.

    23. There is another vital factor — the soul’s composition is love energy. The soul knows that it is not human nature to fight one another to the death because each is part of the Oneness of All. The soul knows that life is eternal, that physical death is only a transition to the next lifetime in spirit, where it prepares for the next embodiment.

    24. The psyche’s continual subconscious juggling act with soul knowingness keeps the psyche in fragile condition. That is exactly the intention of the dark forces, whose ultimate goal is to capture souls. They are manipulating their Earth puppets to be tenacious in perpetuating the war mentality and fear of death because the negativity produced can fracture psyches and prevent absorption of the light that connects the consciousness and the soul. The collectivejuggling has paralyzed the civilization into accepting what is force-fed as “patriotism” and all who fight and die are “heroes.” The collective psyche would suffer a severe trauma if this truth about war came forth in one fell swoop.

    25. When veterans join with others in peace rallies, worldwide meditations for peace, and internationally respected leaders negotiate peacefully with enough frequency, forcefulness and publicity, minds are stirred. People who formerly accepted official reasons for going to war start questioning, pondering, and then “see the light” that enables psyches to more easily assimilate shocking information — day by day, this is occurring to persons around the world.

    26. However, there isn’t much time left for the masses to reach that level of consciousness about what is behind wars or religious dogmas or any other facet of life that is of dark origin and intent. The light that would let individuals avoid severe psychic trauma is the same light that would enable them to physically ascend with Earth. Many will not be ready to accept that for millennia Earth’s population has been controlled by darkness through fear, deception and various forms of mind control.

    27. Please understand that these people are doing what is right for them. Every soul becomes enlightened at its own pace, and divine grace offers each as many opportunities as needed to accept the light within truth and spiritually evolve. Be heartened by knowing that even though paces of evolvement differ, reunions of beloved souls take place in compatible energy planes.

    28. Now then, we shall briefly address other areas questioned by readers whose concerns are shared by the many people who have no idea where world events are leading. If not initiated prior to Earth’s entry into fourth density at the end of this year, the following changes will occur in increments soon afterwards:

    29. Nuclear power plants will be dismantled, no new facilities will be built, and stored nuclear waste will be rendered harmless. The process called fracking will cease and oil drilling equipment and rigs will be eliminated along with above ground power lines.

    30. Cell phones will become safe, and the use of surveillance cameras, communication systems and other monitoring devices will end.

    31. Elements in foods that are harmful to bodies will be destroyed. Medical procedures that are more damaging than beneficial to bodies and minds will stop, and so will sonar testing that is harming or killing marine life.

    32. Laws and cultural customs that curtail human rights will be stricken and proposed regulations for such purposes will not be enacted.

    33. Educational systems will give everyone on the planet access to accurate information via computers and printed material. Fair reallocation of the world’s resources will be done as expeditiously as possible.

    34. And the sun’s activity is all to your benefit!

    35. With confidence and joyousness, you will master any complexities during these last transitional steps into Earth’s Golden Age. Never are you alone — the love of countless light beings has been with you all along this universally unprecedented journey.

    ______________________________________LOVE and PEACE

    Suzanne Ward
    Website: The Matthew Books

    36. The following references are on Matthew’s Messages page on Preparing to physically ascend with Earth, who will go along/who won’t and why, how light is absorbed and signs that you are absorbing light often are interwoven, so references to all are listed under Ascension. Messages dated July 25, 2005 and earlier, which have important background information, are not in chronological order — this occurred as my webmaster was transferring messages to the new site she is developing. It’s doubtful that I located every topic’s best clarifying coverage, but this combination of references will be helpful.


    February 1, 2012, paragraphs 13-14

    January 4, 2012, paras 13-17

    December 5, 2010, paras 12-24; 31,32

    September 11, 2010, paras 6-8

    October 19, 2009, paras 9-13

    September 21, 2009, para 28

    October 22, 2008, paras 23-27

    August 29, 2008, paras 15-21

    August 1, 2007, paras 4-41


    November 5, 2011, para 36

    September 9, 2011, paras 20-28

    Earth’s Golden Age

    April 1, 2012, paras 18-27

    October 10, 2011, paras 19-28

    October 19, 2009, paras 14-19; 22, 23; 27

    September 21, 2009, paras 10-13

    December 31, 2007 – Essay on 2012, entire message


    May 26, 2009, paras 16-19

    January 20, 2009, paras 9-13

    Special NESARA edition, below the message dated September 11, 2006

    December 13, 2004, paras 3-5

    May 7, 2004, paras 1-8

    December 31, 2003, paras 25-30

    Telepathic Communication

    December 5, 2010, para 33

    May 26, 2009, para 14

    Matthew Ward – June 3, 2012.
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    ← Mahalo (Thank You) for 4,000,000!Interview of Cobra (Portal 2012) by Galactic Free Press →Return of the Goddess, 6-5-2012 (and Her Update)… from Portal 2012
    Posted on 2012/06/02 by kauilapele

    Click to Enlarge
    Well I finally felt the movement to put this up here, from Portal 2012. It may be helpful to some of you/us.

    My own view of this is that it is a key point on the 2012 timeline events. Here we have the 6-5 Venus transit followed by the 6-6, for those in the western hemisphere countries. And for those in the eastern hemisphere, they are the same day. There is something very potent here.

    Anyway, after this “event combo”, I feel there will be rapid “illuminations”, shall we say, or maybe we could say, “apocalypses” (unveilings). For those “ones” (so-called, “dark ones”) that really buy into that EOTW scenario (End of the World), yes, their own personal EOTW (End of their World) will be realized.

    And one last note is that I often approach these “all at the same time” events or visualizations this way. If I’m not “right on exact” with the time, I can always “step out” of the 3D timeline, and be there anyway, at “exactly” that time.


    Return of the Goddess, 6-5-2012

    After the great success of World Liberation Day and even greater success of Reboot of the Grid, our efforts for planetary liberation continue. This time, we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the exact time of the Venus transit on June 5th. Masses will gather and visualize the arrival of the Goddess energy so that for the first time in 5000 years we will have the chance to co-create our own spiritual destiny in harmony and replace the outdated society of war and conflict with a more advanced one of spiritual understanding. We need to have 144,000 people doing this visualization with focus to achieve the desired effect.

    Click to Enlarge
    On June 5th/6th there will be a Venus transit, a rare cosmic event when planet Venus passes in front of the solar disk. This Venus transit will mark a completion of the 8 year cycle of the Return of the Goddess which started with a previous Venus transit in 2004. Goddess energy is a pure feminine essence of Love that will help us easing the planetary liberation process. Both masculine energies of action and feminine energies of receptivity are needed to complete this process successfully. Removal of all dark entities will be a direct consequence of a newly achieved balance of female and male energies on this planet.

    We will all be doing this visualization at the same time, the moment of the Venus transit, which comes this June 5th/6st. Exact times for different time zones are:

    3:30 pm HAST June5th (Hawaii)
    5:30 pm AKDT June5th (Alaska)
    6:30 pm PDT June5th (Los Angeles)
    7:30 pm MDT June5th (Denver)
    8:30 pm CDT June5th (Houston)
    9.30 pm EDT June5th (New York)
    10:30 pm BRT June5th (Rio de Janeiro)
    2:30 am BST June6th (London)
    3:30 am CEST June6th (Paris)
    3:30 am SAST June6th (South Africa)
    4:30 am EEST June6th (Bulgaria)
    5:30 am MSK June6th (Moscow)
    7:00 am IST June6th (India)
    9:30 am CST June6th (Beijing)
    10:30 am JST June6th (Tokyo)
    11:30 am AEST June6th (Sydney)

    If your place is not listed, you can find the exact transit center time for your location:


    1. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

    2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize a loving feminine presence in the shape of a beautiful Goddess descending from the sky and entering your physical body. If you are female, this presence will harmonize your inner woman and make you more loving. If you are male, this presence will make you more balanced in your actions. Stay united with that presence for a while.

    3. Visualize bright new spiritual future for humanity, with men and women in perfect understanding, with our society growing beyond need for wars and conflicts as all dark entities, physical and non-physical, are removed from our planet. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source in perfect balance of their inner male and female aspects.

    Please do this visualization as instructed and do not change it as otherwise it will not have the desired effect.

    More information about the Venus transit:

    About the Goddess energy:

    Updates about Return of the Goddess:


    Return of the Goddess – Update

    The critical mass for this visualization to have desired effect is about 118,000 people worldwide actually doing it with focus. If we consider that human concentration and meditation skills are not perfect, we need 144,000 people as the critical mass.

    But to read about it is one thing and actually do the visualization on 6-5-2012 completely another. I would encourage as many people as possible to actually participate, although it may be in the early morning hours in your part of the world.

    We can do it! It still needs to go viral! We need to reach millions of people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on your websites and blogs. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube. If you have contact within Occupy movement or Anonymous, they might be interested in spreading this also.

    The main Facebook group for this event is here:

    You can also watch the video:

    General information and guidelines about Return of the Goddess:

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    Angela Peregoff: Cosmic Crystalline Cocktail – Would You Like to be Shaken or Stirred?

    Cosmic Crystalline Cocktail:
    Would you like to be shaken or stirred?

    By Angela Peregoff, June 4, 2012

    “Hold integrity in all that you are and all that you do. Learn to travel light. Know you are stepping into the veil and opening up the connections between yourselves and all the shifts about to be. There is nothing to fear. It is just new. You are ahead of the curve of many. So, you will be faced with many who don’t understand what you are doing or why. You are not here to follow their paths or their fears. You are here to know what you need to do. You are here to be courageous and trust what your inner knowing tells you.” – Guardian advice.

    In the Northern Hemisphere we now stand in the official “light half” of the year. Light and warmth and shifting rhythms are returning to Earth, bringing with them all manner of healing, balance, and well-being which will enhance the unwavering Power that delivers us to another level of purified consciousness. May for the most part was relentless about pushing us out of our comfort zones and stretching us to our conceived limits in order that we settle into the new energies of June with a renewed detachment to the past. June, and especially this week, is about integrating, restructuring, practical application, reorganizing, amplification, and reordering. There will also be independent leaps in psychic abilities, telepathy, magic and shamanism for those ready for these higher achievements of being.

    The newest unconditional frequencies of graciousness begin settling this evening with the full moon and the Venus transit tomorrow. As the electromagnetic energy field around Gaia fluctuates and flows to newer heights of transformation and integration we will be inspired to reorganize and adjust our lives to honor the life force that exists in all matter.

    This infusion is a prerequisite for resolution to becoming a responsible creator and one of the necessary frameworks for restructuring the Earth’s expression within the universal family. As her energy field integrates a variety of upgrades humanity will be challenged to shift, change, move, and alter their connection to Self and Source in order to match Gaia’s newest resonance.

    As the grid around earth becomes more activated, it will awaken dormant synapses in the brain and jolt your electrical wiring (nerve cell function) as the transfer of ancient information is let loose within human biology. More than any other time this year, the practice and power of remaining present at all times, under all circumstances and in all ways will be required to stay in balance. So during the days this week when it feels like cosmic holy forces are putting the kaibosh on your organic physical systems just remember you are actually being a harmonious biofeedback component for the New alignment of Earth’s expansion.

    For any digestion issues (assimilation of codes), emotional upsets (hypothalamus balancing), stiffness, buzzing, soreness, skin rashes/eruptions and any metabolic concerns (thyroid function refining) take the simultaneous approach of asking for assistance from your M.A.P. (medical assistance program) team and incorporating remedies and practices such as cranio-sacral, acupuncture or quantum touch to ease you through the integration process.

    The good news and end result of this energetic-physical investment is that you get a big oomph as a new networking of illumination and enlightenment comes online. Be prepared as the month unwinds to grow into a new sensitivity of clairvoyant abilities. Utilizing the latest light waves in the wisest fashion possible means new psychic connections will open.

    And if that isn’t enough, Gaia positions herself within the heavens in alignment to a celestial portal that will allow many visions to pour forth, also many transmissions, and meetings shall take place between the human realm and all other dimensions.

    The ability to be consciously aware of these is in direct proportion to the amount of fear you still carry within your soul and psyche. Those with an abundance of adaptability, creativity, flexibility, hope, peace, and love shall be included in these rites through prayer, meditation, and dreaming. This communication portal shall remain open until late August allowing plenty of time for activation, adjustment, and clarification as these new messages are given and incorporated. You get plenty to feast on during this time, be certain to create a sacred gateway space to receive the communiqués.

    It is critical now and in the time leading to December 2012 that any memories, ancient or modern, of slavery, fear, tragedy, destruction, devastation, disease or surviving be cleared, transformed and transmuted by each soul in the many living kingdoms on earth. The entire atmosphere of Gaia’s being is moving out of valuing the consequences of such fear-based patriarchal patterns. The practice now becomes not giving energetic and physical expression to the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of such vibrational attributes.

    In this domain of free will there is always going to be a group of souls willing to act as the receivers of any projected thought forms, feelings, and emotions in order to have them played out as a way to face, overcome, clear and cleanse them. If however, there is no projection and only an owning by each individual of their thoughts, words, and deeds it becomes unnecessary for any group large or small to absorb what is projected and act out the drama trauma.

    The more each member of every kingdom, including human, takes responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and emotions the less there is projection onto others. If instead there is projection of unconditional love, abundance, hope, peace, prosperity and joy onto others the acting out of fear energies would be minimized allowing healing and transformation for Gaia and all her inhabitants in a smooth and effortless manner. And once responsibility is taken each shall see the consequences of their actions and choices before making them.

    A new sense of joy, active participation, creativity, and pleasure will flow through the human element on Earth and align with its Soul purpose joining the Devas, Elementals, Imaginals, Angels, Ascended Masters and all Universal Light Beings in the anchoring of the New wisdom and living upon earth.

    So the mantra for June is as follows: I release fear of the unknown and open in love to the power, worth and energy of the one creative Self fully engaged with the deeper truth of my Being. Using this affirmative catch phrase for the entire month will allow us to shine our brilliant light of love into the Unity crystalline grid of the earth, helping to facilitate the activation of Gaia’s passage to her next expression of greatness, and thus ours as well.

    When we find the faith to release our fear limitations in favor of a more expanded version of potential then we become capable of living in Truth. This opportunity, when taken, will support us reaching our full potential en masse.

    The amplifying of the crystalline grid of the earth is in process. So is the amplifying of every living being upon, within, and around the earth. This occurrence is designed to assist the expansion of the energy fields and heighten the vibration of those beings making the commitment to bring in and anchor the Light. For quite some time we have been working long and hard to get to the point of physically manifesting our Souls into this world.

    We have cleansed and purified our intentions through every level of our multi-dimensional existence, and now we stand poised to implement those purified intentions into form. May gave us a chance to build new and solid foundations for intentional living. The key now is to trust that what appears next supports the full embodiment of our divine blueprints.

    Celebrating us as part of the Growth process of the Universe,

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    Nice Post We Are You. Thanks.

    Lectures by Samael Aun Weor

    Alcyone and Negative Emotions

    Written by Samael Aun Weor
    Since the year 1962, the 4th of February, between two and three in the afternoon, the Age of Aquarius or the Age of the Water Carrier began.

    There occurred an event that you might have recorded within your memories. I am referring to a congress of worlds or planets, which was gathered precisely under the constellation of Aquarius. Truly, this was a heavenly traffic jam. This was an encounter of worlds.

    There were two eclipses: one of the Sun, and the other of the Moon.

    Many years before, we addressed such a cosmic event, and even gave the hour in which it would occur. We judiciously asserted that such a cosmic event was going to take place on the 4th of February, 1962, between two and three in the afternoon (this is a concrete fact that actually occurred). For twenty years we repeated the same facts. So, when the event finally came to pass, when this cosmic phenomena occurred, none of the sisters or brothers of the International Gnostic Movement found this to be something new. They only came to corroborate what we had addressed with much anticipation.

    A congress of worlds such as the one that took place in that year, day, and hour does not happen every day, but only when a new era begins. Therefore, facts are facts, and we have to surrender before these factual events. But, this is not all: from the date already mentioned, something else is going to occur.

    We already know that Aquarius is an era governed by Saturn and Uranus and this is completely revolutionary...

    In Alchemy, Saturn is allegorized by the black crow, that is to say, “the return into the original, primeval chaos.”

    In regard to Uranus, it is perfectly demonstrated that it is one hundred percent revolutionary, catastrophic.

    In relation to the stars, there are events, there are phenomena, that are worth knowing about.

    Much has been said about Alcyone (Greek: Ἁλκυόνη), and this invites us to reflect. Once, while in the superior dimensions, I had to converse extensively with him. I then verified that he is truly an Adept of the great White Fraternity.

    He greatly mentioned the star Alcyone, and also referred to Krishnamurti. In some way, he associated K.M. with that star. This is profoundly significant.

    The star Alcyone is a very fascinating sun. Many other suns rotate around that sun.

    We have been told that the Sun that shines upon us is the seventh sun that rotates around this star Alcyone. Naturally, this would not be admitted by the wise men of official science, but we, the esotericists, do not ignore the reality concerning the significance of that great sun.

    A great organization of worlds exist around Alcyone. There are seven suns and each one of them shines and gives life to its own planets and its satellites (which rotate in their respective orbits around each one of these suns). We cannot deny that our Sun has its own group of worlds or planets that it shines upon and gives life to.

    When one comprehends the form in which these system of suns are organized and how they rotate around their gravitational centers, one then advances greatly in the field of knowledge.

    The Pleiades have been cited by the sacred scriptures, by the Bible, and by many esoteric teachings. Alcyone is precisely the principal sun of the Pleiades, and around it seven suns gravitate (our sun being the seventh one which rotates around Alcyone).

    Each sun is the center of a solar system, and Alcyone is the center of seven solar systems.

    This invites us to a brief reflection.

    Let us remember Saturn with its rings of stones, meteoric sand, or rocks, etc. Those rings are limited exclusively to Saturn. But, it is good to know that Alcyone also has rings. These rings are larger than those of Saturn. Rather than being made up of rocks, meteoric stones, and other distinctive materials such as the rings of Saturn, Alcyone’s rings undoubtedly form one sole thing and are radioactive. These rings are constituted of radiation.

    But what type of radiation am I referring to? Simply, to that radiation that is the result of the fractionation of an electron. The fractionated electrons liberate energy, a type of energy that some authors call “manasic.” This term is Sanskrit and in some way is related to the Inferior Manas (inferior mind) and with the Superior Manas (superior mind; Manas is the Sanskrit word for mind).

    So, these electrons liberate a type of unknown energy.

    Obviously, if the intellectual animal (mistakenly called human) could disintegrate the electrons as he disintegrates the atoms, then a catastrophe would be provoked, that not only could affect the tridimensional world of Euclid, but moreover, could affect the Sephirothic regions of Hod (the world of emotions), or Netzach (the world of the mind), and perhaps even Tiphereth, (the world of natural causes). Thus, these regions could suffer great damage.

    If any foolish terrestrial scientist could disintegrate the electron, then he would obtain a different type of energy, different from that which results from the fractionation of the atom; it is an eneregy more terrible than the energy of the H-bomb or any other deadly element.

    Fortunately, scientists are not capable of fractionating the electron in order to take advantage of the energy enclosed within it.

    On Alcyone, the cases of fractionation (the destruction of electrons) does take place. This phenomena liberates a type of unknown energy, an energy different from cathodic rays, x-rays, or N-rays.

    It was in the year 1974 when three astronauts (who were gravitating around the earth) reported a type of radiation or a type of unknown energy, unsuspected by official science.

    Obviously, since 1962, specifically since the 4th of February of the cited year, our planet Earth (and the whole solar system in general) has been in the momentum of entering within the astonishing rings of Alcyone. Such rings extend themselves across many light years; they are immensely huge.

    So, in a given moment, our solar system will enter within Alcyone’s rings. Very few are they who suspect what will happen.

    Paul Otto Hess states that if the Earth enters into the rings first, it will appear as if it were a great bonfire, like a pictorial light of firecrackers.

    But, if the Sun is the first to enter (which the calculations that are being made seem to indicate), such radiation will interfere with the solar rays and as a result darkness will endure for 110 hours; after this, everything will resume normally. The difference between the second aspect from the first of this phenomena is that instead of everything appearing like a great bonfire, what will occur is that the whole Earth will be covered in darkness, but in reality it will not be darkness, for everything will be saturated with lights.

    For example, it is like a meteor shower (shooting stars) upon the face of the Earth; after its conclusion, everything resumes as normal.

    Nonetheless, the Earth, already within the rings of Alcyone, will be submitted to a very special vibration.

    The molecules, whether they are of iron, phosphorus, calcium, copper, nitrogen, carbon, starch, etc., would be completely modified due to this radiation. This signifies, as you can see, a change in matter.

    The men of science believe that they know matter, but in reality they do not.

    The concept that they have about matter is nothing more than a concept.

    Matter as substance is unknown to physicists.

    I am not saying that merely physical matter cannot be destroyed, but the substance itself, that famous Iliaster that reposes within the profound darkness of the abyss or bottomless space during the great cosmic night, is indestructible. This is unknown to modern scientists.

    Atoms offer many surprises that the men of science, of nuclear physics, do not even remotely suspect.

    Within their interior, the atoms carry that which the Hebrews call “igneous particles,” “hashim” or “igneous souls.” These igneous souls are formidable. Without these igneous souls, atoms cannot process themselves within the living constitution of matter.

    Therefore, in reality, no one truly knows the power, for instance, of a few grains of sand. We can be sure that nobody knows the power that is enclosed there, or what it is capable of doing.

    The hashim or igneous souls are enclosed within each atom. The great magicians of the east know how to work with these igneous particles of the atoms. In any case, the atoms are impelled by these igneous particles, which are obviously suspected by modern scientists.

    Therefore, do not take this following assertion as a strange statement: the igneous radiations or vivifying radiations of the atoms of Alcyone will come to alter the molecules of nature.

    Once this radiation envelops the Earth, it will be tremendous, so tremendous that there will be no night for a duration of two thousand years. The whole Earth will be enveloped by this radiation, and in order to see, the light of the Sun will not be necessary. This radiation will illuminate even the deepest caverns, and for two thousand years there will be no night, but only one complete day without night.

    Thus, this is how it is written, and the best wise men agree with this.

    Obviously, what we are emphatically affirming today will not be accepted by the men of science. In no way will they accept this statement, simply because this does not commune with their scientific talents. But, this is a reality.

    The organisms of all beings will be modified, plants, animals, etc.

    Many plants that do not exist today, many species of animals whose germs are latent in the bottom of the ocean or in the rocks or in the most remote mountains, will be vivified by this radiation, and will consequently come into existence.

    This event happens every ten thousand years. It happened before, and will happen again, because this phenomena obeys heavenly transit. Our solar system has to forcedly pass through the rings of Alcyone.

    Some people might say that Alcyone is very far, that it is related to the Pleiades and that it has nothing to do with our solar system. It is very appealing to speak in this ignorant manner.

    The reality is that the Sun that shines over us forms part of Alcyone; it is the seventh one. It is a sun related to a system of suns which rotate around Alcyone.

    This formerly cited event will process or will endure for two thousand years.

    The radiation of Alcyone’s rings exercises a specific influence upon the rotation of our planet. This signifies that the velocity of rotation over its axis will be slower, and as a consequence or corollary, our world will continue to rotate around the Sun in a wider orbit.

    The planet Earth will become a little more distant from the solar center.

    The verticality of the axis of our planet with respect to the elliptic will be a concrete fact.

    The poles are melting due to the deviation of the axis of the Earth. This has already been demonstrated. Today, the magnetic pole no longer coincides with the geographical pole.

    The deviation of the poles will be precipitated with the tremendous radiation of Alcyone.

    The Count of Saint Germain said, “The seasons of spring and summer will be the first to be altered.” This spring (1977) has everything, but nothing that belongs to spring. We have to tolerate cold weather while in spring. Also summers have not been the same; it seems that these seasons are going to disappear.

    The poles are melting, and with the radiation of Alcyone, this melt down will be precipitated. The ice will invade the whole north and south; only the equatorial zone will be tolerable.

    A new glaciation is coming!

    The Earth has already suffered from previous glaciations, and a new one is coming.

    The cold weather that occurred in the United States a while ago was like nothing experienced before.

    When is our planet Earth, or better if we say our solar system, going to penetrate within the tremendous rings of Alcyone?

    When will we start passing through this ring, which every 10,000 years we have to pass through?

    Not a single scientist can predict this. Really, it is unpredictable. But since the year 1962, we are in the momentum of penetrating within it. So, do not be astonished if from one moment to the next we will penetrate into the rings of Alcyone.

    I point to the facts: the astronauts who in 1974 were in orbit around the Earth are the ones that gave us the information about a strange type of radiation.

    A terrible change in Nature will come, this is obvious: the submergence of the present continents and the emergence of new ones, etc.

    But the limit of limits will happen with the arrival of Hercolubus.

    The event of Hercolubus is preceded by the entrance of our planet Earth into the rings of Alcyone. This is when we will comprehend that physical nature is not always the same.

    If you believe that physical matter, the matter that compounds our world, existed always with the same mathematical formulae, then you are completely mistaken. Matter was distinct in the Polar, Hyperborean, Lemurian, and Atlantean epochs. Now, when we cross through the rings of Alcyone, the mathematical formulae will completely change.

    Example: as a result of this radiation, the elements that today are working for medicine will become obsolete.

    The formulae for animals will be out of order.

    The knowledge of contemporaneous physics will be the laughing stock of all the world.

    Everything that is being taught in modern chemistry will become useless, because chemistry will change its formulae within a few years, upon the entrance into the radiation of Alcyone.

    Once again we will evidence the Law of the Pendulum.

    We are starting the new cycle of transformations that was initiated on the 4th of February, 1962, between two and three in the afternoon, in spite of what the stubborn people might say. But we always refer to the facts.

    There has never been a more grandiose concentration in heaven like the one on the 4th of February, 1962.

    Let us then not be surprised that from one moment to the next our solar system will enter within the rings of Alcyone. We must prepare ourselves now.

    Many will not resist the radiation and will die!

    Physical matter will become more radioactive, more fluorescent, and this will in some way be helpful for our spiritual work.

    It is clear that we must review our daily conduct. We must become more reflective, more careful with our critical judgements, and especially very careful with our negative emotions.

    When we are in the very field of psychology, we find many disorders within people.

    Everyone is being dragged down by negative emotions, and this is very grave.

    There is nothing more harmful for profound internal development than negative emotions.

    When you are assaulted by a negative emotion, you must express the best that is possible within you during that event. If a negative emotion has arrived, for instance, a negative emotion of envy that is eating you up, down to the very marrow of your bones, then try and display a very harmonious behavior, not in favor of envy, of course, but in favor of your neighbor’s good.

    If an emotion of anger is shaking us up, then speak with an extraordinary sweetness, and instead of being upset with the one that has hurt us, speak well of this one who has offended us. Thus, we will not be hurt internally.

    It is not an easy task to express good when one is feeling a negative emotion. But it is only this way that it must be.

    If we have an emotion of resentment because someone has been bothering us, then let us speak with love and in favor of the one who has bothered us.

    It is clear that we must not remain on the surface. We must eliminate those undesirable psychological elements that from moment to moment produce within us negative emotions of anger, envy, hatred, lust, pride, etc., etc. At the very least, we must eliminate the psychological aggregates that have produced these negative emotions. Thus, we will not be hurt.

    Unquestionably, this physical world of forty-eight laws is in the momentum of entering into the rings of Alcyone. So, everyone is being shaken up by negative emotions and nothing could be more contagious than these emotions.

    There exist bacteria and viruses, there is no doubt of this.

    Bacteria originate many types of sicknesses. This has already been demonstrated in the test tubes of the laboratories.

    In regard to pathogenic viruses, these are infinitely small and therefore more dangerous. Let us observe, for instance, the virus of cancer. Even though some might think that its isolation has still not been achieved, we have to inform you that in Israel the virus has already been isolated. We do not know with which name this virus was baptized.

    We baptized this virus with the name “Cancro” and we have spoken about this extensively before. [See Occult Medicine & Practical Magic]. It is so tiny that a powerful electronic microscope is necessary in order to study it.

    Regardless of the fact that these viruses are so tiny, they become more dangerous and more contagious.

    Nonetheless, negative people, victims of negative emotions, become more contagious than viruses and bacteria.

    Grouchy people, who are always filled with envy, who are always obnoxious at any given moment, people who are filled with morbid minds at any given time, people who suffer deliriums of persecution, who say they are bewitched, who say that are hated by everybody, are negative and infect the groups; they infect others.

    In our work, we isolate such people. If they do not comprehend, if they feel upset and think that we do not love them, they are mistaken: we love them, and through this way we are insinuating that they must become positive, amicable, and magnetic. We offer them the opportunity to study our wisdom, but we isolate them in a certain way because they are dangerous for the groups.

    A negative person can infect other negative people, and if this person dictates a lecture, then he infects thousands of people. They are more dangerous, thousand of times more dangerous, than viruses and bacteria.

    There is the need to specify who the negative people are and which are the negative emotions.

    It is not enough to say that such a fellow is negative or that the other fellow is not. There is the need to specify who are the negative people.

    If a person is screaming, grouchy, and complaining all day, is this person positive or negative?

    If a person is tremendously lustful and his life is processed by virtue of lust, if this person is full of frightful emotions and sees in each person of the opposite sex a sexual opportunity, what would we say about this person? If just a look from the opposite sex agitates him and that look is enough for him to be constantly with lust, what can we think of him? Obviously, he is a negative person, and of course this person comes to infect other people.

    If a person goes everywhere from instant to instant with negative emotions, this person infects the whole world.

    The angry ones who at any time are thundering and lightning infect other people with their anger.

    It comes into my memory the case of a friend of mine who had the custom of placing his hands under the belt of his pants. So one day, a man approached him with a gun in his hand and asked him, “What’s the matter with you? Do you want to start something with me?”

    Then my friend answered, “No!”

    “So then why do you have your hands like that?”

    My friend then answered, “It is a custom that I have, sir.”

    The other person then said, “Ah well, excuse me, what happened is that I am enraged (with anger).”

    Thus, this is an example of someone negative infecting the whole world.

    People like this have to be isolated from groups; they do not understand or they do not comprehend that they are negative. They think that we do not love them, but we love them; what occurs is that they are infected people that interrupt the interior, profound development of the Being.

    Behold, this is the grave part of this matter. Therefore, from a psychological point of view, it is necessary that we do not allow ourselves to be pulled in by negative emotions.

    We have the longing of visiting or entering within the Sephirothic regions of space. One thing is to grasp a Sephira and another thing is to penetrate within it. Obviously, the Sephiroth are atomic and we, the Gnostics, must penetrate within the Tree of Life.

    We must know that there are many Sephirothic regions within space; to penetrate within them is marvelous.

    How are we going to penetrate into the Kabbalistic region of Hod if we do not have a psychological body? There exist psychological projections (Astral projections). The diverse psychological aggregates can, at any given moment, integrate themselves in order to penetrate within the Sephira Hod (Astral World, or First Heaven). But this would only be a subjective entrance; this would not have objectivity as when the second body (Astral Body) has been created. This body has to be created in order to handle the emotions of this region. What type of emotions am I referring to? I am referring to superior emotions. The inferior emotions are an obstacle for experiencing what is Reality (God), and for the psychological development of the Being.

    If we want to be born again, to create a second body, in order to penetrate into the Sephirotic region of Hod (the kingdom of heaven), then it is obvious that we should not torpidly waste our energies by letting ourselves be pulled in by negative emotions, such as violence, hatred, jealousy, pride, etc.

    If the energies are wasted by inferior emotions, then with what energy are we going to create a psychological body? How is this going to be achieved if we are wasting the energies?

    In order to create a psychological body (to be born again) it is necessary to save our energies.

    In order to explore the regions of Hod (according to what has been taught, these immense regions are governed by ineffable beings, by solar beings, example: the Beni-Elohim or the Children of God who dwell within those profound regions) only the one who saves energies can penetrate into the profundities of Hod.

    It would be impossible to penetrate or to have access to the mysteries of life and death without the Kabbalistic body of Hod. This is obvious.

    Therefore, let us begin to save our energies. When a negative emotion is shaking us up, then it is worth knowing which psychological aggregate produced it. After having observed this aggregate (sin) in action, we must submit it to the technique of meditation, in order to comprehend and disintegrate it. Otherwise, how else are we going to do it?

    What is most terrible is that negative emotions transform the human being into a liar. The liar produces a mistaken connection, because the energy of the Elder of Days (our Father who is in heaven, the Truth) flows harmoniously and perfectly throughout the ten Sephiroth of the Hebraic Kabbalah until reaching Malkuth (or the Kingdom), the physical person, or psycho-physical person. The liar connects himself in a wrong way; he intentionally, with his negative emotions, produces a dislocation of his mind, and consequently, a lie emerges, which is a mistaken connection.

    One can be a liar due to a negative emotion that transforms us into slanderers and liars, or one can be consciously and by will a liar. In any case, these are negative connections of the mind with the superior centers of the Being. A dislocation of the mind with the superior centers of the Being is produced (therefore, we do not perceive things in their true sense).

    We have to say the truth always, at any cost, and no matter what. To say the truth and nothing else but the truth is the crude fact of this matter.

    So, negative emotions transform people into liars.

    The karma of liars is monstrosity: children who are born with two heads, deformed children, are like that because they have been connected in the wrong way with the superior centers of the Being. These souls were intentionally and continuously lying in their past life. Therefore, they come into their new existence with a deformed body. Behold here what a lie is.

    We must pay much attention to this matter.

    When one has created a second psychological body, which permits us to enter within the Sephirothic regions of Hod, one can evidence by oneself what a lie is, falseness.

    Michael is the one who is the regent of such a Sephirah, and it is obvious that He marvelously shines within this region.

    So, how are we going to explore those regions if we are liars, if we are victims of negative emotions? It is obvious that we cannot.

    How are we going to explore the regions of Netzach if we do not correctly connect ourselves with the superior centers of the Being?

    It is necessary to create a psychological Mental Body in order to explore the regions of Netzach (Mental World), otherwise it is impossible.

    No one can create a psychological Mental Body if they allow themselves to be pulled in by negative emotions. There will not be enough energies in order to create this individual mind, which would permit us to explore the psychological regions of the universal mind.

    So, in order to explore the regions of Hod and Netzach, it is necessary to utter the truth and nothing but the truth, and no person can say the truth if they are being pulled by negative emotions.

    We need to obey the Father who is in heaven, and those who let themselves be pulled by negative emotions are not obeying the Father. The Father is the Truth and nothing but the Truth. So, in order to obey the Father who is in heaven, the psychological connections must be perfect. One must harmoniously and correctly learn to connect oneself with the Father who is in heaven.

    The one who has also has created a body of Conscious Will has done so by having learned to obey the Father.

    All of us have the Elder of Days within our depths, mentions the great Kabbalist Schimeon Ben Jochai, but few are those who know how to obey the Elder of Days.

    One cannot obey the Elder of Days if one does not do the will of the Father. One does not do the will of the Father who is in heaven when one lies. The will of God the Father is not fulfilled when one allows oneself to be pulled by negative emotions.

    Therefore, beloved readers, it is necessary to learn to live wisely. It is necessary to self-explore, to observe ourselves better.

    So, we are now going to enter into an extraordinary epoch. The great selection has begun. Not all of this humanity who populate the face of the Earth will serve as a seed bed for the coming sixth Root Race, which will populate the future world.

    Once this planet Earth is within the rings of Alcyone, then all we the workers of the Great Work have been stating will become evident.

    The Tree of Life is the spinal medulla. This Tree of Wisdom is also the ten Sephiroth, the twenty-two creative Major Arcana, letters, sounds, and numbers, with which the Logos (God) created the Universe.

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    June 5, 2012
    Sananda ~ May You Be a Kaleidoscope of Oneness ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ 4 June 2012
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    No matter where you are in the energy spiral, you are all rising in frequency. The energy surge accompanying the present alignments now occurring will cause massive jumps in your consciousness. It is only necessary for you to open your hearts to a degree you have not yet attained, dear Ones. The energies will assist you; you must only allow the awakening to occur.

    All across the universes a massive domino effect is occurring, and will continue to occur as you open and lead with your hearts. By now you are becoming quite adept at this and the question is only how much you desire to embrace the unprecedented surge of Light and Love energies being poured into your hearts as we speak.

    Dear beloveds, these are your moments to surpass all expectation of your ability to absorb the maximum of Light particles ever absorbed. It is up to you; it is up to you to harness them and catapult them in the form of intention and visualization for what the New Earth would look like if it were as balanced and abundant as an array of colors representing every hue of the rainbow in complete radiant explosion.

    You may have guessed it: You and each one of you and every Being of all the universes has the potential to light up like a firefly producing a kaleidoscope of radiant colors, each unique to each Being, but in totality producing such a beautiful combination, unique unto each part yet so balanced and synchronized in Wholeness.

    Imagine, if you will, this beautiful array where no one color or hue is diminished and seen as less or unimportant. Consider that each is allowed to shine to the fullest extent and value. You have just increased the voltage a hundred-fold, a thousand-fold by this allowance. What this creates is beyond words to describe.

    I don’t have to tell you how important each one of you is in this endeavor to increase the Light a thousand-fold, dear Ones. Take a moment now to visualize this and behold the capacity you have to bring in the new balanced feminine and masculine energy alignment to fruition.

    This is your time to shine, each and every one of you, and I will bet that you don’t even fathom the extent of the ability you have to break all barriers of your limitations, now and forever on into this year of your sense of linear time.

    Be whatever your hearts will hold, my brave Souls of Peace and Love. Be the Whole of what you can be and carry it forward side-by-side with your fellow Beings on into your glorious New Earth as One.

    I AM Sananda, and I am with you always.

    Copyright © 2012 by Fran Zepeda. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)
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    New post on 2012 Indy Info

    Twin Flames- Series 2, Venus transits Sun June 2012! « blissmanifestorsby Laura Tyco


    Twin Flames- Series 2, Venus transits Sun June 2012!
    Posted June 6, 2012 by Bliss Manifestors in Twin Flames. Tagged: eternal love, Love, spiritual love, Spirituality, twin flames. Leave a Comment

    A twin flame is another aspect of you. Some people believe that you were Divinely Seperated from Spirit, both both retain their own soul. Never the less, what I want to talk to you about is what happens when you meet your twin flame. This is #2 in a Series titled Twin Flames. There will also be a podcast, that is much shorter than this blog, but helpful as well.

    The first thing that many of you will experience is shadows coming to surface. The shadow side of yourself is merely aspects of your personality that you haven’t loved and accepted. These aspects, either through, dogma, society, or family have told you they are not acceptable, so you have suppressed them.
    Imagine for a moment that you live in a society that accepts and loves these traits you are suppressing. They would no longer be shadow aspects, as the Shadow is just that aspect you haven’t accepted as part of you. When you reunite with your twin flame, you might experience these aspects coming to the surface to be dealt with, because you are a divine reflection of your twin flame. You also might experience past life trauma being brought back into your life. This is for your twin flame to help heal. When you come together, you are two halves to a whole. Instead of one and one making two; the two of you create a third higher love.

    So begin now, bringing up those parts of yourself you are suppressing and loving this as another aspect of you. When you do this, you will unify your soul purpose and your twin flame will be drawn much more quickly to you.

    You will also notice that this love is a Divine Spiritual Love, and not in any realm of love you felt before! There will be an unusual attraction to this person that you’ve never felt before, as well as a selfless need to sacrifice yourself for the betterment of them! This is not like the ego based, narcissistic “love” you’ve had before. You are part of each other and have reunited to heal each other and the world. So, the first healing you will experience is one of Divine Love. If you haven’t loved Source or had the sense of disconnection from the Source of Creation, you’re twin flame will bring that back to you. This love will be a reflection of Divine Source’s Love for you.

    Their feelings and brightest worth will matter to you. In the past, maybe you’ve been able to discount another person’s feelings but in this twin flame relationship, not only will you understand, you will feel it on every level and most importantly from a higher Spiritual perspective. You will see this person as a being of light in every way and want the best for them, thereby supporting them in every way. There is no, “me, me, me” in this union.

    Your twin flame compliments you, so that their strengths are opposite your strengths. Part of being with your twin flame is unifying all the aspects of yourself so that you may shine brighter. Your twin flame is shining aspects of you already that you long to use. As you grow together and begin healing each other, you might notice strengths switching from time to time, as you both mirror each other and compliment the other. Wherever Jeff and I go, people are always commenting on how they love to spend time with us. We’ve noticed it doesn’t matter where we are at, we get this same reaction. We bring out the best in each other and therefore we become better individuals even when we are apart. People are drawn to that sort of energy; they want to feel it in their lives. You will find that there is a Divine Mission for you and your twin flame to complete and when you are flowing with that mission, there is a synergy between yourselves and the Universe!

    Twin Flames when reunited are literally connected on all levels. I remember when I first met Jeff, he was able to literally thinking of stroking my hair and I would feel this on a physical level. Literally I could feel his hands, and not even know he was thinking of this. You can feel the other persons pain, emotional state of being and mental place they are in. This is there for a reason, as you are both there to uplift each other in growth, this enables you to give of your strengths when they are in need of them. In no other type of relationship is this so acute. You may have experienced in the past, feeling someone’s pain, or thinking the same thought as them, but this is of a far lesser degree than what I’m describing here. It is like you are within their body. Each time Jeff and I would have to part, it was like someone was physically ripping my heart out of my chest. My heart chakra was pumping and swirling strong when we were together but literally sick when we were apart. The significance of this, is that Divine Source has placed you as twin flames for a higher cause, so that you may heal the world.

    Reuniting with your twin flame changes your life, the world around you and you begin to grow spiritually at a rapid pace! Within the first month of Jeff and I meeting we began to meditate on the phone together. I’d never had the sense of “seeing” with someone else’s eyes, but as we meditated, it was like a mirror image of the same experiences at times. Even as we later came together and got married, we would sit together and one of us would lead the meditation. In either case, we would envision the same place. We’ve had past life experiences during all sorts of situations where suddenly I was someone else with him, or vice versa. This connection is not a déjà vu situation. You’ll know the difference when you’re twin flame explains the same situations/visions from their physical perspective of that time!

    Jeff and I believe because of this twin flame Divine connection the sexual attraction and connection is much stronger. Before we even met, I was connected to him on such deep, and hear- felt levels, both physically, emotionally and spiritually that any type of sexual attraction was unbelievably incomparable to any person I’d ever been with. Of course, there was the understandable fear when something is that strong and “fantasy come true” type of relationship, that it wouldn’t be there when we moved in together and got married. When you are with your other half, this aspect gets stronger and stronger, so as you might find yourself questioning when the other shoe will drop…It won’t!

    No amount of time to wait until you are with your twin flame will digress or lessen your feelings for each other. Jeff and I waited a year and a half to be together, lived states away from each other and only got to see each other sometimes once a month. Time doesn’t matter in the way you might be thinking of it now. Notice how in past relationships you were in a hurry at times to become *boyfriend/girlfriend* or even engaged. It could manifest as a desire to *label* a relationship, which comes from a shadow of insecurity. In the past, you’ve feared that if you do not “tie them down” to you in some way, you’ll lose them. There is no rush in a twin flame relationship because more than likely you’ve known each other in several lifetimes and have chosen this time to come back together. When you reunite with your twin flame, the time together is rich, and passes quickly, but is packed with growth and spiritual insights!

    We’ve discussed many times how our reuniting was perfect timing. Both of us had to grow and not only that but experience other aspects of the relationships we were in. Those past relationships strengthened and taught us lessons very important in our evolution. So, if you’ve recently experienced a relationship that feels like a failure or that you’ve wasted your time, you did not. That person was specifically given to you to nourish you to completion. Right away it will seem like you’ve come home to the other half of you! Your past will suddenly make much more sense and the timing of all those concerned in your meeting. You might even find that you’re grateful for the past relationships as they’ve all led to this one final reuniting with your twin flame. This leads to a new understanding of how the Universe works, continuing in the Divine plan to reconnect you with Source! Together you’re timing will be perfect, or as perfect as two humans can achieve. Intuitive responses are off the chart, because you are one with each other and feel each other’s needs! Even when you spend time apart this intuitiveness will be greater than you’ve ever encountered! Being able to even see what they are doing at times. Then when you do come back together, it is like no time has passed between you. It lifts you to new heights of spiritual freedom and elevation!

    Together there will be a mission that you are both aware of, even if you don’t know what that is right away. You know you’ve come together for a greater purpose than mere human love and you are both willing to do what it takes to come into alignment with this Divine purpose!

    There is so much more to write about this and I am excited to share with you more in the future.

    heart to heart, we are One!
    Loving blessings,

    Please visit my site and contribute/donate- Choose a Level on this Donation Page and receive free Spiritual Readings!

    I offer many free things like house griddings and blessings! BLISSMANIFESTORS.COM

    Twin Flames- Series 2, Venus transits Sun June 2012! « blissmanifestors.

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    Allendale Resurfaces ~ Message From a Long Lost Bloke to Tots | AnonymousChannelingsby Laura Tyco

    Allendale Resurfaces ~ Message From a Long Lost Bloke to Tots
    Posted on June 7, 2012

    June 7, 2012


    [Hello Al!] Well hello Tots, great to be with ya Lass. I know each of the tribe thinks of me from time to time as I do too. I love you ladies and it is my pleasure to be connected to you all. I moved on so that we all could continue our work.

    Now let me tell you though, I have been one busy bloke! I am still working on a project for the greater good of humanity. I keep tabs on you girls and might I say you all are doing well in your respective works.

    Give me a minuet to toot me horn. In the time since we spoke last, I have continued to work with your planetary white hats and with other representatives from other planets to continue the work at hand. Now, when we were working with David & Ben, there were specific threats on both their lives. Since then a layer of protection is surrounding them and others who have come on to the scene. [Bill B. & Drake?] Yes and many more.

    In your time with me, the HS of Anonymous, the tribe opened portals to assist the whistleblowers. My work is quite low & dirty, the tribes work is quite high and lofty. A dream team we are! All is going right on track and you lasses know this. I love you all so deeply and my respect for you all runs deeper yet. I’ll be here whenever you ask. Allendale out.

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    If you wish to listen to Allenale’s voice on Project Camelot with David Wilcock, please listen to this extract:

    Laura: I am glad I was not only imaging your presence yesterday and I am sorry I was unable to take down a message yesterday. I hope you are back for good and till the end this time! Would you remind our readers who you are briefly please. And also, would be great to have some news from you.


    Allendale: No worries las, you have seen the new message and I am glad you realised I am really back, and that it was not merely wishful thinking on your part. I am part of the Galactic Federation in my three dimension form. My material form is somewhat human and I did live on Earth for too long. My visible form in your dimension is working in intelligence in your terms and I am that being’s higher self.


    News for me are marvellous, as I am so delighted to see you all join forces and work together with respect and appreciation for each other. I know many of you have suffered tremendously at the hands of the cabal, and yes all Drake is talking about is real. No joke. You are actually pulling this one off, my lads! Well done. You still have to keep going though. But one step at a time, and you will make it to the end of the road.


    Resistance is certainly not useless and your secret movement will pick up more and more momentum and attract more and more light workers. Have a wee thought for our friend Bill Wood. He is a genuine soul, in service, doing his duty. He is not exactly having a great time now, I can assure you. Send him your loving thoughts, along with the mail he has requested from all of those who support him. He will not stay where he is for a very long time, as thing will speed up. By that I mean that… well… I don’t want to jinx it by saying too much.


    I am glad to be back, things are on the move, your hearts are on the move and for a change, yes it is heading in the right direction my lads. Allendale out. God bless.


    Allendale channelled by Laura Tyco


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    Post  Carol on Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:47 pm

    Who is Allendale?

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol
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    Carol wrote:Who is Allendale?
    Neitherman norwoman, nothing but a name, none and/or noon (channeled :DD)

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    Post  Carol on Fri Jun 08, 2012 1:38 am

    Understood but has this entity identified who it is and from where?

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol
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    Carol wrote:Understood but has this entity identified who it is and from where?

    Laura Tyco From Slow knows Arctur Lancelot The Slow Of Slow

    An Introduction to the Events of 2012 – Part 1/4
    2012 June 8
    Posted by Steve BeckowAnyone who wishes to read the whole series ahead of time can go to the URLs in Footnote (1).


    The first article in the series that I feel the need to write at this moment is in response to SaLuSa’s message of today (June 8, 2012), in which he says:

    “You are in the big month of activity when what we are engaged in can no longer be kept quiet, and as it leaks out it will prepare people for what is to follow. That is preferable to sudden extensive revelations, by allowing people to adjust to the idea of the coming massive changes. It would otherwise seem to them that their world was being turned upside down, and be unsettling.

    “For those in the know it is an opportunity to tell them that it is all for the good of mankind, and is the result of a divine decree that this cycle of duality should end.” (2)

    I’d like to support the task that SaLuSa lays out here by writing an introduction to the events of 2012, by way of reassurance to those who are just now waking up to the incredible changes occurring in this year of 2012.

    What is occurring as we speak is that we’ve arrived at the end of a cycle in history. Hindus call it the end of the Kali Yuga (Age of Darkness) and the beginning of the Sat Yuga (Golden Age or Age of Truth). The Mayans call it the end of their calendar. New Agers call it the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

    It doesn’t matter by which name it’s known. We’re now about to experience the end of Third-Dimensional reality, which is characterized by dualistic consciousness and separation and the beginning of Fifth-Dimensional reality, which is characterized by unitive consciousness and unity.

    That these events should be happening now is laid out in the Divine Plan for this universe, not just for this planet alone. But if we restrict ourselves to this planet, then we shall see on or before December 21, 2012, all of its inhabitants who choose to do so and have assimilated enough light/love to endure the conditions, transiting to the Fifth Dimension of reality, along with the planet, Gaia or Earth, all its animal inhabitants, all young children who get an automatic travel ticket, etc.

    This is called “Ascension,” but it’s also called a shift and a transformational event. It’s not something that someone has to pacify a god or supplicate a divine panel of judges to participate in. It simply depends on having chosen to ascend and being able to endure the rarified living conditions on the higher dimension because we have assimilated sufficient love and light to do so.

    Those who choose not to participate will receive the same loving care as those choose to participate, but they won’t be able to remain with the planet. The planet itself will ascend so those who choose not to ascend will leave the planet by assorted routes, always under the watchful eye of their guides and helpers, and, after time spent on the astral planes, reincarnate in a world of similar density or dimensionality to this one.

    In fact there are two sets of events transpiring simultaneously. A global elite, who has controlled the life of this planet for millennia, is seeing their grip upon the levers of power loosened and their authority over matters decline and disappear.

    Any among them who’ve been responsible for crimes against humanity, war crimes, acts of torture, or other serious harmful acts against the people of this planet will either find themselves removed by various means or else go before the International Criminal Court in the Hague for trial and sentencing. The evidence brought against them will be irrefutable: it will probably derive from the Akashic records through devices of higher technology and won’t be something that can be argued against. Consequently their trials will probably be short and decisive. The evidence against them has been collected for years and there is no way for them to hide from justice.

    It’s probable that their prosecutors will be Earth beings, which people familiar with these events speak of as “Earth allies” and “white knights.”

    At the same time as this “cabal” falls, a new economic and social structure will be erected that is based not on old paradigms of separation, competition, conflict, greed, etc., but on divine attributes like love, peace, joy, harmony, balance, etc. But I wish to turn to that later and to stay with the removal of the cabal for the moment.

    “Earth allies” of whom? you ask. Well, it’s my belief that we of Earth could not have neutralized and removed the cabal without assistance, And in fact we’ve had powerful and unstoppable assistance from the same galactic civilizations that populated the Earth in the first instance.

    No, we’re not descended from apes. We’re descended from equally human civilizations that hail from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Andromeda, and similar star nations. And, at the request of Gaia herself and of the local spiritual hierarchy that looks after Gaia and us, these star nations have come here in their ships of higher dimensionality, and have nullified the efforts of the elitist cabal to enact a plan that would have seen the Earth’s population brought down from many billions to just 500 millions through nuclear war, pandemics, chemtrails, weather warfare and other strategies that were actually underway. These strategies have been defeated.

    Much in our history will be revealed after these star nations join us in the near future. We’ll have to cope with learning that events like 9/11, the London bombings, the Oklahoma City bombings and many other disasters and tragedies were purposely carried out to instill fear in the population and justify these elites taking over our governments. They have been stopped in their plans and defeated in their initiatives.

    These higher-dimensional civilizations who have come to our rescue obey the universal laws and have been slow in their efforts because they don’t cut corners and they don’t harm others. Having scrupulously followed the dictates of the Divine Plan and the universal laws, they’ve brought the cabal’s efforts to a standstill and now are poised to introduce new measures that will see all on Earth have their freedoms restored, experience abundance and liberation from drudgery, and their bodies and minds refreshed and reformed in preparation for ascending with the planet on or before Dec. 21, 2012.

    There is absolutely nothing to fear from the star nations that are here on Earth and above us in invisible or cloaked starships. This could not have been said some time ago when negative alien races exerted a measure of control over Earth’s population. But these negative beings have been escorted from the Earth and are prevented from returning. The beings who surround the Earth at present stand on guard for us and are here to see that we ascend with no further interference from negative beings and that we liberate ourselves from all negative conditions and enjoy peace and abundance between now and that event.

    (1) For Part 2, go to; for Part 3, go to; for Part 4, go to

    (2) SaLuSa, June 8, 2012, at

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    Ireland. Land of the Pharoahs by Andrew Power, is a wonderful example of how one man followed his intuition and uncovered so much more than he ever expected. He wrote his findings in such a way that he painted a picture of truth that has left you in no doubt about the true history of that time. The hearts and minds of people are waking up. They are seeking truth. The knowledge of the ancient Irish was beyond anything in your world today. They understood the universe. They were in contact with other planets. They knew the Earth was round and so they sailed all over it, confident in the knowledge that they would not fall off the edge. They built structures that have stood the test of time and are a testament to their knowledge and expertise. What was stolen from Ireland and placed in another part of the world has created the illusion that you have been trapped in for 2000 years.

    Templatesby dreamwalker444

    The Law of One

    There is only freewill. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    The Law of Attraction (a.k.a. The Law of Reflection)

    The universe provides that which we express (intend). Be careful what you wish for – you may just get it!

    The Law of Templates

    God is basically a lazy programmer. He didn’t create the apple, He created the template for the apple, and let the universe do its thing through the Law of Variation. The result is one shiny red apple! (and a bunch of other stuff…)

    The Law of Variation

    the outcome of templates are varied. What we experience will be similar yet different from one person to another. The “template” is the underlying process of all things. For example, the “wave” is a template for light, sound, and water. The “tree” is not only the structure of a tree, but also of rivers and human organization.

    The Law of Duality

    For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every light, there is dark. Both opposing forces make up a whole, and each piece contains a small amount of that which it opposes. Often expressed as the Yin/Yang symbol. Often experienced as politics, sports, and marriage…

    The Law of Confusion

    You have the right to remain oblivious to the world around you. Nobody ever has a complete picture of all-that-is. Mostly because we don’t have a big enough telescope.

    The Law of the Pack

    Mob mentality. A direct result of duality (i.e. us versus them). The sooner we put down the pitchforks and flaming torches, the better.

    This is why it has to start with Ireland. “Ireland is the key that will reveal everything”. Always remember that. It is there, that the FALSE WORLD can be dismantled forever. Now is the time to ensure that it happens.
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    In UNCONDITIONAL LOVE we trust with unconditional individual opt out of any competition towards full cooperation.

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    is it a religion? thoughts? imagination?

    there is a dark side, there is a light side and god is something in between like grey something?

    how to love god something is grey and no personality? and what do you or somebody from ireland say how to cooperate in unconditional love and how tree is human organization? thanks We are you.

    love to us

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    Lover Earth - Wondering what dreams you dream

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