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    Ascension, new age or what-not


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    Ascension, new age or what-not Empty Ascension, new age or what-not

    Post  st54tr2 Mon May 23, 2011 3:18 am

    I have some contradicting thoughts about ascension and things of the like. In this example I will use Salusa messages. But those words are not only limited to Salusa.

    When the time is right (soon…?), we will get out of this density and join the next evolutionary path where we can imagine what we want and need. In other words, produce with thought. So I am thinking, why fight the cabal and get the energy inventions out to the public, so we can get on with the next steps of humanity. What next steps, if we can actually do that?

    It is only common sense (for most that are aware) to want a fair living for humanity. Salusa makes it seem so simple on what to do. Yes, we know what to do, but 99% of the people can’t do anything about it. The only thing to do is actually stand up and fight and that goes against what we are trying to achieve. The GFoL says they can’t really interfere. Well, if I ask to be taken away to get out of this crap on earth because I’m sick of it, why don’t they do me that favor and beam me up…that’s MY choice, isn’t it? Or is it my “souls” choice to stay? Listen to your inner self they say…well, mine doesn’t speak. Apparently it only guides me…for who, what, where or why, I have no clue.

    Say that the first steps on humanities movement forward of disclosure are true and real, and it starts with GFoL and the letting loose of technology and the cabal will be abolished out of the way and no more wars. Still, the density is here and it will take many, many generations to weed out the negativity that would still exist. Their one minute could mean 1000 years to us, so time is still a misconception, even if they mention it. And if the density is gone and we move up a scale or two and DNA will change so we can see that negativity is not logical…why go through all the disclosure stuff?

    Makes no sense to me to be “ascended” and still needing the technology. Seems like two different ways of existence to me. One of which we are still here in this density and one of which we (could) exist when we die. Can’t have it both ways correct? Materialistic ascension? Why, when/if we can create ourselves with thought.

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