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    Holistic Hormone secrets free webinar


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    Holistic Hormone secrets free webinar Empty Holistic Hormone secrets free webinar

    Post  mudra on Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:49 am

    Holistic Hormone secrets free webinar

    Are you looking for a powerful way to balance your hormones naturally and live a more vibrant, energized and pain-free life?

    What if you could reset your body and heal any lingering health challenges to look and feel younger NOW?
    In this information-packed FREE webinar, world renowned hormone specialist Dr. Afrouz Demeri, Director of Functional Medicine at UC Irvine’s Department of Medicine, will show you some simple but powerful techniques to achieve maximum physical and emotional health through balancing your hormone levels.
    In one short, fascinating hour, you will gain a wealth of knowledge about how your hormones work, how they impact your overall health and mood, and some easy ways to know when your own hormones are out of balance... More importantly, you will learn some simple ways to heal your hormones using the right foods, herbs, mindfulness practices and simple lifestyle habits...

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