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    Forgiveness on the farm. A Rwandan family.


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    Forgiveness on the farm. A Rwandan family. Empty Forgiveness on the farm. A Rwandan family.

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:15 am

    Part of a report by a Guestblogger Jan. 13 2015

    "When I started Kula Project two years ago, I wasn’t passionate about agriculture. In fact, I had never planted a thing.
    My passion was with children. I hated that so many children went days without food and lifetimes without education, but the more
    I traveled and the more I studied, I quickly realized something very important. If I wanted children to eat and to learn for generations
    to come, I needed to equip their parents to afford it. According to the Gates Foundation, investing in agriculture is twice as effective at
    alleviating poverty than investing in any other sector of development. That is why I started Kula.

    We help parents put food on the table and provide an education for all of their children, and we do that by investing in the family farm,
    particularly female-led farms. By participating in Kula Project’s program, Maria will soon have the income she needs to put both boys in
    school until they graduate. She can barely contain her smile when she talks of the possibility of her boys going to college".

    Forgiveness on the farm. A Rwandan family. Rsz_ph10

    "This is my friend Maria. She is one of the 18,000 people that live in Ruli, Rwanda, and she is tall, beautiful, and kind, but she is certainly
    not afraid to put someone in their place. I met Maria last May when we she was applying to be in Kula Project’s coffee program, and despite
    the language barrier, we felt to be kindred spirits. We had almost nothing in common, but it didn’t seem to matter".


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