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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…


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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  Carol on Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:46 pm

    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… 3853718603_d931d392e8
    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…
    The Ulsterman Report
    White House Insider: Obama is an Atheist

    In a long and winding - and at times perhaps near incoherent discussion, a longtime D.C. political operative arrived bearing gifts and a willingness to talk about “almost anything and everything” pertaining to the Obama White House – both past and present and the always vigilant look into its very near future.

    Note: This interview was conducted over the course of several hours and, at Insider’s request, accompanied by a number of drinks. While the consumption of said drink most certainly contributed to the demeanor of both involved, the end result is yet another fascinating look into the troubling machinations of an Obama administration and the president himself, seemingly intent on the purposeful remaking of the United States of America and those within both political parties now working to prevent that from happening. It was later requested the conversation be published in its entirety. That request will be granted – though the resulting length does require it to be broken up into separate parts.

    Insider: A celebration of…I’m above ground son. Nothing more needed than that. So what the hell was that interview about? -Name deleted- sends you on a walk? They put you up here too?

    UM: They did.

    Insider: You take the walk?

    UM: Yeah – not sure what I was looking for…but I took the walk. 19th and G.

    Insider: Mmmm…been ’round there a million times. The IMF, right? World Bank? See the new building. IMF 2?

    UM: Yeah.

    Insider: Well? Did the sky break open? Shaft of light? All that sh-t?

    UM: No.

    Insider: Waste of time?

    UM: Don’t know yet – maybe part of something they want to explain to me later? The buildings were impressive – huge.
    Insider: Yeah, they are that. A whole city of people working inside of them too. Can I give you a suggestion though?

    UM: Sure.

    Insider: Don’t go jumping when they tell you to. -Name deleted- is a very…they live in a different place. Don’t breath the same oxygen we do. Not sayin’ they had you go running here as some kind of joke. Probably got something to do with somethin’. But whether or not you ever find out…they can be damn slippery you know? Or they’ll just drop it without a word of explanation. They’ve taken an interest in you – not sure what that’s about…but I would really urge you to keep…keep your guard up, ok? People like them – they are dinosaurs. Big fu–ing dinosaurs that might crush you right under them and not even know it.

    UM: Any ideas on why they were so defensive of Ron Paul?

    Insider: That…that I don’t know. I was like you reading that…Ron Paul? What? They sure as hell don’t have much in common. And I know they are real tight with Israel – talking inner circle stuff. Netanyahu. Tight. We’ve already used that relationship with this stuff. And Ron Paul doesn’t exactly come off as a friend of Israel, right? At least that’s my understanding. Granted, I never paid him much mind one way or the other until recently.

    UM: Why are you paying attention to him now? Something changed?

    Insider: Well, he’s running a pretty damn good campaign for one. Messin’ a bit with the nomination don’t you think? It should start to fade here soon, but that leaves all them supporters willing to jump ship. His support…it’s a damn mess is what it is. Those people got no rhyme or reason to why they are supporting the man and that has some of us wondering the outcome…and that makes me a bit nervous.

    UM: Ron Paul is a threat then? And if so, to what?

    Insider: A threat? Not yet…but he could be. That’s what – I don’t like guessing. I want to know the outcome, right? Or know it as much as possible. The Paul campaign, and I got to give them credit, they are running a hell of a campaign with a less than ideal candidate…it could muck up the outcome. If he runs 3rd party…I just don’t know the outcome of that. But it got a lot of us talking…got a lot of us scratching our heads. Or our XXX…scratching something anyways…

    UM: What do you mean by “muck up the outcome”?

    Insider: Get Barack Obama a second term, that’s what I mean. Get the bastard re-elected.

    UM: If that is a concern – and I agree it certainly could be…why would -name deleted- be so willing to protect Ron Paul?

    Insider: If I knew that I would tell you. I don’t know…I don’t – that’s what makes me nervous. What are they up to with that? Somebody that high up in political food chain telling you…sayin’ to lay off the Ron Paul – Soros stuff…what for? Why do they care? The Federal Reserve? The IMF? That One-World-Order bullsh-t? Nah…don’t add up. They are up to something and I don’t know what it is. So…f-ck it…I just keep dealing with what I know. With what’s right in front of me. That’s what I do. Figure out what was, what is, and what will be.

    UM: Could they want Ron Paul to make a 3rd party run? Or to have people write his name in if he is not the nominee? Have you done any polling to determine if Ron Paul would actually pull more from the Democratic Party side than the Republican side?

    (Lengthy Pause)

    Insider: Son, you might have just opened up my own eyes on this. Son-of-a-b-tch….they been playing a whole different game on this. The anti-war…that whole angle. Sh-t…right in front of me and I didn’t see it. Right fu–ing there and I didn’t see it!

    UM: So that’s it then? You think—

    Insider: (interrupts) That could be it. It sure as hell could. Makes more sense… If I find some polling has been done…can trace who ordered it up…(laughs) That sneaky old bastard…this would be so like them. You got no idea…they are gonna either laugh or be seriously pissed when they read this. Either way – you print it. Don’t lose your nuts kid. You print this. Just like we said it. You gonna do that?

    UM: That has always been the agreement.

    Insider: Good enough…(slaps hand down on table) Sneaky bastard!

    UM: They did say they were working to defeat Obama more than either one of us realized.

    Insider: Yes they did. And one thing I know – they are good on their word. Even if they don’t explain the process…the outcome has rarely been wrong.

    UM: So you’re not a – you don’t subscribe to worries over globalization? The currency issues?

    Insider: Told you – I deal with what’s in front of me. What I can see. What I can do something about. There are powers…told you my thoughts on that. I have met some of those people. Got stories of presidents…how they react to them. Said they intimidate me. Everyone. That’s no exaggeration. But their world isn’t my world…I focus on the world I’m livin’ in – not theirs.

    UM: Tell me a story of how presidents react to them. You saw that?

    Insider: You love the stories don’t you?

    UM: It’s those stories people don’t hear about in the mainstream media, or if they do, it’s so long after the fact it don’t matter. These stories of yours are a big part of what we are doing with this. Perhaps the most influential part.

    Insider: And here I am thinkin’ it’s my charming personality… (laughs)

    UM: Yeah – there’s that. Of course…

    Insider: How about I share with you a time I saw -name deleted- after Clinton was inaugurated? That was actually the first time I saw them in person. Parting of the sea…God himself walking into that room. That’s how it struck me.

    UM: That would be fine. Tell your story.

    Insider: Ok then…and talkin’ of stories…that last interview with -name deleted- I felt like I should be reading it with the lights out and a flashlight under my face. (laughs) A godd-mn ghost story was what that was! The “19th and G” ghost story! (laughs)

    UM: Thanks – glad I amuse you.

    Insider: Now c’mon…you gotta admit it came off pretty damn heavy handed. All that doom and gloom sh-t. “Take the walk”…that didn’t strike you just a bit funny? Or odd?

    UM: Nothing about this strikes me as very funny – including the threat of a global economic collapse. Which I do believe is a very real threat by the way.

    Insider: Whew…you do got a hunger for that conspiracy sh-t don’t you?

    UM: I need you to get back to the story. President Clinton and—

    Insider: Right- right…sure enough…

    It’s just before the inauguration…some time after the bell ringing thing. There’s about 100 or so of us gathered in this room…or hall…something like that. Big players in the campaign. Got the next President of the United States there. He’s laughing, making small talk, congratulations all around – the kind of thing he’s so damn good at. Making everybody feel important. We are all are part of history, right? No media here – just the players. A few members of Congress…donors…staff…transition people already giving updates as to the status of the move. Personal aides. These are soon to be very big players on the D.C. scene. We got the White House motherf-ckers. Damn if we didn’t pull it off.

    The President-Elect, he comes up to me. Calls me by my first name. Big guy. You don’t realize how big he is until you’re standing next to him in person. He’s smaller these days. A bit shrunken in. Back then…a big strapping fella from Arkansas. Cornbread-fed as my momma used to say. Tells me thank you a number of times. The easy smile, keeps the handshake going…totally comfortable. In his element. This is what he was born to be, right? That laugh that the country would come to know so well. Genuine laugh. The head goes back, puts his hand on his belly…he loves the moment. Never knew a politician that could so easily just live in the moment regardless of all the other sh-t that might be going on around them. Which probably is a big reason why he got himself into so much trouble by the way. That whole “in the moment” thing with him. Blessing and a curse.

    Hillary is there too of course…but she’s off to the side. Not so comfortable as her husband. Pensive – that the right word? She smiles, but there’s no smile coming from her eyes. The toll of the campaign, the scandal…you can see it already weighing her down a bit. Poor woman has no idea what’s to come. But she ain’t complaining just yet…she helped push her husband to where he now is. And she is tough. We love Bill. We fear Hillary. That hasn’t changed over the years. We will stop and say hello to Bill because we want to. We do the same to Hillary because we don’t want her pissed that we didn’t.

    Gore is there too. Didn’t like him then. Like him less now. He ain’t Tennessee – never been. Spoiled D.C. political brat is what he is. And a fu–ing loon to boot.
    So that’s the scene – Bill Clinton is soon to be inaugurated the next President of the United States. The guy is larger than life. He is ruling that room. Senators with the legislative power of God are kissing his XXX now. The guy is King of the World. And then this little fella walks in. I don’t see him walk in…there’s just a sense. A feeling that the rest of the room catches too. Here is Bill Clinton, his head poking above the crowd of people hoping to get what I got – a quick thank you, a handshake, a moment with history. By now I’m off to the side a bit, but still about ten – maybe fifteen feet from the President-Elect. And like I say…there’s this little fella parting the crowd…parting the sea – and heading right toward Clinton. He don’t stop to acknowledge anyone…but everyone steps to the side. Out of their way. Even the Secret Service detail who has been around for months now…they step aside. Now I can’t stress that enough here…hell, I know I’m not saying it in a way that really communicates how that made me really take notice of who this person was. You see…some of us had been on the campaign for…well…since the beginning. And we still had to deal with the Secret Service when approaching Clinton. Not a pat-down or anything…it’s not like that. But they always put themselves there…they didn’t just step aside. NEVER.

    This time…for this person…they did. I have since seen that kind of thing happen just a handful of times…and each time it was in the presence of one of these kinds of people. There are donors. There are bundlers. And then there are these figures…not millions…not hundreds of millions…billions upon billions of dollars of influence. That’s no conspiracy sh-t there – that’s just how it is.

    So this little man – I can see him now. I sensed it before, but I can see him now making his way…and then Clinton spots him too. And in mid-sentence, I sh-t you not…mid-sentence he leaves a conversation and just about bolts his way to meet this gentleman who just came into the room. A man who is soon to be the Leader of the Free World looks like he is about ready to sh-t himself if he don’t hurry the hell up to meet this guy. So I’m thinking who the hell is that? Never seen him before…we would come to know each other later, and much better after that…but up to that point I had never seen him. Bill Clinton sure as hell knew who they were though. And Hillary too. She actually got to him first – before Bill. And she looked visibly nervous. She wanted to make an impression, and for those with any experience around her – that is unusual. Tough lady.

    So Hillary is shaking his hand now – the guy looks harmless. Bill gets there and waits for Hillary to finish – he looks almost as apprehensive as she does. The President-Elect shakes his hand and they are speaking. I can’t hear what is being said, but I note that -name deleted- is watching this very intently. He wants this…whatever this little meeting was…he wants it to go smoothly. Bill leans down to allow the smaller man to say something directly into his ear. Whatever is said is brief, but it’s got Clinton nodding his head in the affirmative and I can hear him say quite clearly, ”Absolutely – count on it.” Then the man is gone as quick as he came and I wouldn’t see him again until well into the second term. By then I know who they are. I know the kind of influence they have. And I know they are among a very select and powerful group of people who take a keen interest in the the political outcomes of this country.

    You’re flirting with that kind of person when you run off and “take a walk” at their bidding. I’m telling you to proceed with some caution on that. I don’t know exactly what their interest in you is…but you might wanna be careful. Not sayin’ you’re not…just…sayin’…

    UM: And you think my ideas on why they might want to defend Ron Paul is part of their current interest in the political outcome of 2012?

    Insider: I think you sure as hell made me look at it in a way I hadn’t thought of before. I’ll qualify that a bit though…don’t spend too much time trying to figure these people out. I’ve tried. Those waters are too muddy. How deep or how shallow…you just don’t know. So I avoid trying to step into them at all whenever possible. I take the information they give…grateful for that…but as to tryin’ to figure them out? Not gonna happen – so don’t bother.

    UM: They gave you the Bin Laden info, right?

    Insider: (Pause) …they were part of…they helped on that. Yes. Maybe. That’s partly why I am…why I was so confused on the Ron Paul angle. Couldn’t figure that out.

    UM: How so?

    Insider: Nah…wasting time trying – I told you, don’t try and figure these people out.

    UM: Military contracts? They are part of that, right? They told me that already.

    Insider: They did?

    UM: Yes – during the union discussion – Obama’s hopes to unionize the military. So no reason you cannot talk about that now.

    Insider: Mmmm…maybe. Yeah – I recall something about that. You better believe it too. They ain’t the only ones to suggest the administration wants very badly to bring some kind of union presence into the American military. All of this Home for the Holidays thing…it’s there. Give Obama a second term…he’ll make that move. I know it.

    UM: That would be a disaster don’t you think?

    Insider: It…yes. Hell yes. Not quite up there with the Obamacare stuff…but another nail in the coffin of America…you bet.

    UM: So why does the military contracts and the Ron Paul support confuse you?

    Insider: If they’re making a hefty profit off of the military contracts…why Ron Paul? He wants to cut the military budget, right? Simple question of motivation there. Doesn’t seem to be in their interest then to defend a candidate who would harm their own bottom line, right?

    UM: Unless they are being sincere in their concerns over a global economic collapse.

    Insider: (shrugs) …Maybe. Like I told you – don’t waste time trying to figure it out.

    UM: We had some stuff off the record before…you didn’t want to make it part of this. You started to share —

    Insider: (interrupts) —don’t go there. No purpose going there. Can’t we just shoot the sh-t for a bit? Does it always have to be all of “this”?

    UM: You called it your Vince Foster moment. Remember that?

    Insider: We ain’t doing this. No…c’mon now.

    UM: He was your friend. A good friend.

    Insider: Foster?

    UM: No, -name deleted-. You know who I’m talking about.

    Insider: Yeah…yes he was. Good people.

    UM: You think there may have been foul play. That’s what you said. You weren’t sure about it, admitted you would never know…but it didn’t feel right. He was speaking out openly with concerns and then they died. And you did call it your Vince Foster moment. Your words. Your exact words.

    Insider: Sh-t c’mon now. This dog ain’t huntin’ today. What is done is done. Nothing can change that and I was just speculating with you back then. I was grieving and I was pissed and…just forget about that. It’s got nothing to do with where we are at here now. And I got no proof, not information, nothing to substantiate a damn feeling I had. And I don’t want to rehash all that now.

    UM: But you do have another story. You have what you know was told to you…And if they were sharing it with you and some others…don’t you think it should be put out there? Why not do it now?

    Insider: No.

    UM: You recall the time you did not wish to share what you witnessed first hand regarding Michelle Obama’s racism? Her attitude toward rural white supporters? That very specific example you gave?

    Insider: Yeah.

    UM: But your story painted a picture of the First Lady that has since gone on to be supported by others. She is a highly divisive figure. She has a history of anger and resentment toward Whites in America. Those facts are now coming out.

    Insider: Of course they are. It’s the truth. Always has been. And some of us knew it…but we chose to ignore…we still ignored it. Too many still are.

    UM: So tell this story now. Tell the truth.

    Insider: I told you – it ain’t the truth. It’s just my…it’s a feeling I had at the time. Something wasn’t sitting right with me, but going over it now…it don’t fit in with anything we are up against now.

    UM: How do you know? You said much the same with the Michelle Obama racism story. Lots of people dismissed what you shared with me then – but I’m willing to bet not nearly as many would do the same now. You’ve been right too many times for them to dismiss you.

    Insider: I don’t care who…care who is dismissing me or not. What we are doing here is tipping the balance. Leaking it out there…and rattling their fu–ing cage. You know that. All the rest of it…maybe your ego getting stroked. But the rest of it…don’t care. Whatever.

    UM: I was right about the racism story. I feel confident I’m right about this. Tell that story.
    Insider: You’re talking -name deleted-, right?

    UM: Yes.

    Insider: And you think it has a part in this? Or you just want another story?

    UM: Both.

    Insider: Why? You gonna take this right back to…gonna be conspiracy sh-t again. I ain’t doin’ no “19th and G” dance here for you or anyone. Don’t care who they are.

    UM: This isn’t that and you know it. This is what was told to you by someone who is no longer able to do the telling themselves. Whatever they saw, whatever concerns they had…you’re responsible for that now.

    Insider: Don’t smoke me up son.

    UM: What?
    Insider: Don’t shine me. You want another story…ok then. But cut the bullsh-t. Like right now. Right fu–ing now.

    UM: I’m not doing that. You know better.
    Insider: -Name deleted- put you up to this? This their doin’? Got you taking walks and asking things you shoudn’t be asking?

    UM: No, they have nothing to do with this. I have been wanting to ask you about this again for some time. Remember – you mentioned it first.
    Insider: I bet.

    UM: How about we take a break…and then you tell that story. Let’s get it out there. It’s the right thing to do. The story has value, it reveals once again what the country did when it elected Barack Obama…what the kind of person he is. Character still matters right? And if you don’t want to share the other part…what happened to -name deleted- after they told you…that’s fine. I think you should – but I won’t push you on that. Fair enough?

    Insider: He’s an atheist you know.

    UM: What?

    Insider: Barack Obama. Atheist. So is Jarrett. Not that it matters…I don’t really care. No…I do care. I don’t like the lying about it. The bullsh-t way they go on using people. Pretending. That church in Chicago – it…for Obama it was just about connections. Leverage. Politics. Now I see them…getting the media to show them going into a church, hearing Obama talk about his religion…it’s all…it’s nothing to them. Nothing! God is a joke to those people. A punchline.

    UM: Is that part of the story? The president’s atheism?

    Insider: No. Maybe…speaks to their view of life though, right? How the life of others ain’t important? No accounting for their sins in their world. Hell don’t exist! Murder…got nothing on them. It’s all just an outdated and ridiculous concept, right? Use the Black vote…use it up. Go to their churches and then roll their eyes and mock them behind their backs. He isn’t a Muslim…that…he never was. The president sympathizes with anyone and anything that they feel…the people around him…Jarrett, the First Lady…anyone they feel has been mistreated by this country. That’s his God – anti-Americanism. Mark my words…gonna come out. Some day we will find out the monster we elected in 2008. The monsters that…the monsters who now inhabit the People’s House.

    UM: Good – good…let’s go there. But share the story first. -Name deleted-. Share what he told you. What he saw in Denver. At the convention. If you wish to share anything beyond that – it’s up to you.

    Take a break, and then share that story…

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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty Re: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  Carol on Thu Jan 19, 2012 10:50 pm


    The second installment of our latest interview with a longtime D.C. political operative reveals a story once kept silent – but now finally finding its voice.

    Part two

    UM: …Just start as you did before – before you decided to not include it in that previous interview.

    Insider: I had a good reason for that…still not sure we want to go there. What’s done is done and all I got are thoughts. Suggestions. Bad feelingsU

    UM: That’s fine – the story has worth.

    Insider: Another drink then…and another story for your…for whatever you think it might…

    UM: Go ahead. The convention. Denver. 2008.

    Insider: Yeah…yes-yes-yes. Yes we fu–ing can. Hope. Change. All bullsh-t…
    So let me…let me put it – I’ll start if off like this…
    There’s a fella…he’s West Coast…I’m East Coast. Great guy. Hell of a nice guy. Smart. Real sharp.

    UM: You’re both – you both do the same thing? Within the Democratic Party?

    Insider: Yeah – that’s right. I’ve been at it longer. I’m older…but he’s good. Connected. Well regarded. Funny son-of-a-bitch. Well liked…that’s not easy to do…with what we do…being well liked. I got…plenty…plenty of people don’t care much for me. Comes with the-the job. What it…sometimes what we are required to do.
    You know…you know I destroyed a man’s career for the good of the party? That’s what they told me. For the good…they wouldn’t listen to reason. So drop the goods. Get it to that Homosexual at the Times. Wife. Kids. XXXX…that’s all…that’s—

    UM: (interrupts) I need you to focus on Denver…the convention…your friend. Focus…

    Insider: (smiles) Yeah…my friend. Maybe a friendly acquaintance…he was everybody’s friend though. Even our Republican counterparts liked the guy. Respected him. We didn’t see each other all that much…but there were emails. A phone call here and there. He was a primary contact for the campaign out there…California, had some good people working with us in Nevada. Dealing with the union f-cks out there. J-sus did they screw Hillary on that. I’ve seen some dirty sh-t go down…but that was…they stole it. Bribed it. And she has to know. Has to know…

    UM: The convention. Go back to that.

    Insider: Ok – yeah…the fu–ing convention…
    I’m gonna go there and then jump back…then bring it back…that’s how it went for me. That’s how I started to put it together…what…what left me – what got me worried. Thinkin’ they might of…that something very-very bad went down.
    The Denver convention. Big success, right? Barack Obama…the media…just another easy campaign success for us. Everyone falling over themselves to say how brilliant…how fu–ing brilliant Obama was.

    UM: You weren’t there.

    Insider: No…they had me…I was back east. I watched it on the television like everyone else.

    UM: But your friend was there. From the West Coast…the other operative.

    Insider: Oh yeah…he was there. He was helping organize it all. That’s how he got so close…closer than I had ever been to Obama up to then.

    UM: And he didn’t think of the convention as a success? Is that right?

    Insider: No, that’s not right. Everyone knew the convention was a success. Can’t deny that…what a show, right?
    …it’s what he saw behind the…behind the scenes.

    UM: From the president?

    Insider: He wasn’t the f–cking president yet. He was still just a do-nothin’ Senator bought and paid for by those Chicago boys.

    UM: Explain what your friend saw – “behind the scenes” as you put it.

    Insider: Oh…what he saw – what he saw…yes indeed. What he saw was sh-t that didn’t feel right. What he saw was…was a guy who came in draggin’ and a guy who left bouncin’ off the f-cking walls. What he saw…what he heard was a godd-mn…dammit…I’m forgettin’ how he told it. The term he used…

    UM: The chant?

    Insider: Yeah – the chant…but he used a term for it and I can’t…it was a word…ah, dammit to hell…

    UM: How about you go back to the coming in dragging part…explain that a bit more.

    Insider: Not much to explain…Obama comes in…he’s been there already right. Several practice runs…fired up the teleprompter, going over the stage marks…all the typical sh-t. When he’s out practicing…the family is all there, right? But when he’s in the back area…no family. They are…they are in different areas. My friend – he thought that was a bit odd.

    UM: The president – Barack Obama…he appeared fine during the rehearsals?

    Insider: Sure-sure…he wasn’t close to Obama at that point – but he could see him from a distance…could hear him. He sounded…looked like the candidate on television. The interviews. Smooth. Confident. Charismatic.

    UM: But then?

    Insider: But…then…later in the back area. Like a meet n greet area…and an adjoining room. Private. Closed off. So my friend is back there…some others too – they are hoping to catch the candidate coming in. You know…everybody wants to shake his hand. All that sh-t.

    UM: And Obama comes in.

    Insider: Yeah – like I said…draggin’. He’s…he looks wiped. Wiped out. His color is all off. His eyes…he barely…my friend says…my friend SAID…he looked right through them. Like his eyes couldn’t focus enough to see them…and a big fella…Black guy…he was…it looked like he was holding Obama up. Making their way to the-the room…the private area.

    UM: Did everyone notice Obama’s condition?

    Insider: I don’t know – my friend didn’t say anything about that…but he sure as hell noticed. He thought maybe Obama had gotten sick…it’s not uncommon on the campaign trail. You eat some sh-t food sometimes.

    …so Obama is holed up in this room. People are kinda mingling about I guess…maybe ten, fifteen minutes go by. Then a couple folks march on in – that’s how he put it to me…they marched on in…very purposeful. One looked like Secret Service…the other was a woman. Didn’t get too specific. Wish he would have but he didn’t. The woman goes in – the other fella…he stays outside the door. She’s in there for maybe another five minutes…she comes back out and tells ‘em to clear the hall. Clear out. Says they need about ten minutes to prepare.

    UM: Prepare?

    Insider: That’s what he told me – she said they needed a little time to prepare.

    UM: For what?

    Insider: Hell if I know.

    UM: So did he clear out with the others? Your friend?

    Insider: No…he goes up to the guy outside the door…outside the room Obama, the big fella, and the woman are in. He’s just concerned…wants to know if he can help in any way. You know, maybe go get something for a bad stomach?

    …But the guy outside the door – he ain’t messin’. It’s all business. Serious. He pushes my friend right on the chest – hard…tells him to step away and to clear the hall. And that’s where…that’s when he hears the chanting. The…he said it sounded like…like a…Gregory chant. That’s the term he used. A Gregory chant.

    UM: Gregorian?

    Insider: Eh? Greg…yeah…Gregorian.

    UM: Was your friend Catholic?

    Insider: Catholic…I…I don’t know. But that was the term there…Gregorian. It sounded like a Gregorian chant coming from the room…the room Obama was holed up inside.

    UM: Could they have been praying? Singing?

    Insider: Maybe..but…this group…the Obamas…prayin’ has never seemed like their thing. The team…they had a bunch of religion jokes you know. Even by then it seemed clear to most of us…like I just told you – Obama is an atheist. Now I’ve developed that little line of reason…0f reasoning later – down the road…but we all figured it then too.

    UM: And his wife – Michelle…no sign of her?

    Insider: I don’t think so…like he told me…they were never together except on that stage. No wife. No kids. Not until it was showtime apparently.

    UM: So what then? Your friend is stopped outside the door and he hears…he hears what is described as chanting…is he the only one around at this point?

    Insider: Don’t know that – he didn’t say.

    He cleared out – like they told him.

    UM: Does he mention this to anyone else there?

    Insider: Then? I don’t know…he would mention it later though. I do know that. He told it to some others…that’s a big part of this…where this story…where this is headed. It’s where he f-cked up. It’s where…it’s…(trails off)

    UM: That’s not it…tell about when he sees Obama come out of the room again.

    Insider: Yeah…it’s maybe 20 or 30 minutes later…he makes his way back into the hall…there’s already a bunch of people there. Somehow the message went out to come back in…I don’t know. So they’re all mingling…the mood is great. Nothing being said about Obama being sick, or acting strange…nothing.

    UM: But your friend is still wondering…concerned?

    Insider: Oh yeah…that seems natural, right? The guy who is gonna accept the nomination on national television…the guy who is probably gonna be the next President of the United States…he is carried into a room not more than an hour ago? Hell yes you would think he would be wondering what the f-ck is up with that.
    UM: But nobody else was concerned?

    Insider: I told you – I DON”T KNOW THAT.

    UM: Right then…go ahead. Keep going…

    Insider: So…you got about…there’s a ton a people now waiting to see the…to see Obama make his way out into the hall. The ceremony is firing up…you can hear the enormous crowd in the stadium…whatever worries there might have been…people mighta just forgot them. Easy to do in that kind of environment. It’s a f-cking rock concert you know. A convention…that last night…the build up…an amazing thing. Like a drug those moments. You get a taste of it…you want more.

    UM: So Obama comes back out – he leaves that room.

    Insider: Michelle Obama comes out first.

    UM: She does? But she never went in…

    Insider: Obviously she went in at some point…just…my friend didn’t see that. He wasn’t around. Just…just shut up and let me do this…get through this. Keep your mouth shut for a bit…

    …Obama’s wife comes out, there’s another woman carrying a bag thing. That would be makeup. Pretty sure of that. She was always…the amount of cover that Obama wears…I told you about that before right? Cakes that sh-t on. 24/7. It’s why his color seems to change so much…different brand, or product…something like that.
    So they come out…the First Lady – soon to be…Michelle…she just walks on by. Not a word to anyone. She’s got a secret service guy who is alongside her. Out she goes and not a word. My friend notices somebody puts their hand on her – trying to say high or something…it’s harmless…but the Secret Service fella, he is right there to intervene. Pushes this other woman…she gets pushed back and the…Obama’s wife…she just keeps on walking. No smile – nothing’.

    Another five minutes or so and out comes Obama and a few others – the big fella from earlier, the woman who went in after them, and now there appears to be a couple of Secret Service alongside them.

    UM: Was that woman Jarrett?

    Insider: Told you – don’t know. He…my friend – he didn’t say……so out of that room they come. Everybody is excited…including Barack Obama. It’s like…it’s like one man went into that room and another one came out. An entirely different man walked out of that room than went in. That is how…that’s how he told it to me. A different man walked out. The change…that…the transformation was stunning. He seemed taller. His eyes were…there was an energy to him. Powerful. He was smiling and joking, shaking hands, talking real fast…the suit – the one you see on television…every detail was perfect. Everybody was rushing to shake his hand, tell them they loved him…but my friend…he was shaken up. It was too damn weird, right? What the hell happened in that room? How could one man walk in and another man walk out? We’re talking two extremes here…Obama was just about carried into that room…and he comes out…he’s bouncing off the f-cking walls.

    UM: Did your friend get close…up close to Obama at that time?

    Insider: Oh yeah…got the handshake. Looked right up at him. And Obama…he looked right down…looked right down and through him.

    UM: Through him?

    Insider: Yeah boy…right the f-ck through him. He didn’t recognize…my friend…he had been introduced to Obama not more than a day before. He was helping organize the whole fu–ing event there in Denver. He spoke to the president…to the nominee…probably for about ten minutes. And there was nothing odd at that time…Obama seemed like what everybody saw in public. Not what my friend saw go into that room…or what he saw come out of that room. And Barack Obama – my friend was very…he made a point of emphasis there – Barack Obama did not recognize him in the hall. Not a clue. He smiled down at him, shook his hand…kept repeating thank you over and over again…and his eyes were always blinking. Fast.

    UM: Blinking…his eyes were…blinking?

    Insider: Yeah…like f-cking shutters. Blinking. Over and over again. My friend watched him as we he made his way to the side stage…his eyes were blinking over and over again.

    UM: Drugs? Amphetamines?

    Insider: I told you before what I know on that…the…his depression…or something along those lines…that was leaking out from the White House after he got in there…so maybe. Maybe somethin’ like that.

    But that ain’t the meat of this thing…the…that’s not…I don’t give a f-ck if there were drugs or what involved before he gave that speech in Denver. What I care about…what-what…where this gets…where this leads us here is how people start gettin’ messed up who mighta seen whatever happened in that room before that speech…
    …My friend…I heard later he had shared what he saw here and there. I’m guessing that sharing…my gut tells me somebody wanted him to shut the f-ck up about it.

    UM: Explain why you have that feeling. Just…put it out there. You’ve gone too far not to finish it.

    Insider: I don’t…you don’t…you still don’t have…you’re too bold sometimes and that scares the hell outta me.

    UM: This friend you’re talking about – you said they are…they were – younger than you? Quite a bit younger?

    Insider: Yeah…younger…young enough anyway.

    UM: Enough?
    (Long pause)

    Insider: Young enough that when they are found dead at home with no sign of…of…of foul play…when the cause is put down as “natural causes”…
    …when – I mean natural causes? Really? Just like that? Natural f-cking causes? A guy…he’s in relatively good health…not so bad anyways…he is found dead alone at home…been dead for weeks…natural causes? All neat and tidy like that huh?

    Guy in his 50′s…natural causes. Just drifts off of natural causes? Well f-ck you no. Now that just don’t sit right with this here boy.

    UM: And no investigation, right? Nothing.

    Insider: That’s right – nothing. I get the news…stunned. Pissed. Suspicious. Worried. Sh-t, I had everything running through my mind the moment I got word. The timing…everything pointed to something not being right? Something serious was…it was all…things were not right.

    UM: So no specific cause of death?

    Insider: No investigation…coroner…the only word on that I heard back was no investigation. Nothing. Was it a heart attack? Some said it appeared that way…but nothing official on that. NOTHING. It just…they found him dead, he was gone…that was it. DONE. A guy in his 50s just up and dies and that’s it? No way.

    UM: And then the other stuff you tied together…I haven’t heard that from you yet. Go ahead…tell that now. It should be a part of this.

    Insider: You really think so? You really…none of this sh-t scares you?

    UM: Yeah…it scares me. If your instinct on this is right…yeah, very much so.

    Insider: You doubt what…what I’m sayin’ here? You don’t believe it?

    UM: Not at all but you said yourself…this is…this is a feeling you have. Nothing specific. At least nothing you’ve told me yet.

    Insider: Oh…oh…the kid wants specifics…that it? So easy to ask for…but then…but then what then?

    UM: What?

    Insider: You heard me – what then? What’s knowing gonna change in any of this?

    UM: Maybe nothing…but keep telling what you know.

    Insider: Don’t know it…feel it.

    UM: Fine then…what you feel it to be. You said there was – that you put it together. The other pieces.

    Insider: Yeah…I did. You want to know all that? How…how if you say too much in this…what I do…step too far out of line and that’s it. Ruin your marriage? How about some jail time? Maybe more? Maybe less? That’s how it is for us…we all…you don’t ever wanna do the things I’ve done.

    UM: You’re drunk.

    Insider: Yes I am. You’re not?

    UM: No.

    Insider: You drinkin? Bushmills? I brought it – I asked…you said…that was right?

    UM: And then some – and thank you.

    Insider: Not drunk?

    UM: No.

    Insider: Bullsh-t.

    UM: Finish the story. Share the pieces.

    Your friend dies. No investigation into cause. Then what? Who else? What other – who else is involved?

    Insider: The other pieces?

    UM: That’s right…the other pieces.

    Insider: I won’t name names…not gonna put that on you..not gonna…I don’t want that responsibility.

    UM: Fine…but you can still share the details. Don’t need to be specific – just specific enough.

    Insider: How about the involvement of one of the most powerful members of the United States Senate? That enough to perk you up? That enough…f-cking specifics for you?

    We got the death of a longtimer…an operative. Good solid party guy. Fifty somethin’ years old. Natural causes. No investigation. He sees something about the current United States president…says it…shares it with some others, including this Senator. They are tight. Go way back a ways. She’s got power. If she has…if she gets some kind of information… that makes her a threat. It makes him a threat. There’s a business partner…he…well wouldn’t you know it…he has a serious legal threat brought down on him around the same time! Imagine that? Bet he was told something too, right? No accident there. Warnings is what was going on there. Back the f-ck off – and it was comin’ right from the White House boys. Or worse yet…back to f-cking Chicago. The unions. That vote that pissed ‘em off so much. And then they killed him. And now they are taking on the Senator herself. Right on it. Theft? And the fu–ing thief is…I sh-t you not…she headed up an Obama group. That’s either ballsy or stupid…or both…or just fu–ing insane. The Senator…she knew something. That vote…how she bypassed Obama on the Bin Laden announcement. That wasn’t his call and she knew it. She knew it. Her words that night. “No one knows when. No one knows how. No one knows why.” She was warning them to back off…the White House. Back the f-ck off. The public face…all smiles and nods. That’s how it’s always done…but there’s what’s said off to the side, if you know what to hear…you catch it. It’s there. You just gotta wait for it. You just—

    UM: Apologies, but you…can you slow down. You’re throwing out too much too fast here. Slow it down. Please. I apologize but this is…it will be way too difficult to follow.

    Insider: For who?

    UM: For me…for anyone who reads this.

    Insider: I don’t give a f-ck about them…this ain’t…I am…this ain’t for them. You asked me to tell you this…you…this is for you. I…if they can’t follow it…let the dumb bastards try. Piss on ‘em.

    UM: Fine – but I can’t follow it…so…start again. The Senator – start with her. Take a bit of time to explain that…
    …and then go from there.


    Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence. -G. Washington

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty Re: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Fri Jan 20, 2012 2:04 am

    I'll have to take a closer look at this when I'm not so tired. I just started reading 'Family of Secrets' by Russ Baker, about the Bush's. I started reading it a long time ago, but I got sidetracked and disillusioned. I can only take so much, and then my imagination takes over, and I have to stop. The seemingly Rogue Secret Government stuff really worries me. I understand secrecy and behind the scenes staging and managing, to a certain extent, but when it gets out of control -- it's like cancer. "There's a cancer growing on the Presidency". I presently feel as if the Secret Solar System Government needs to be reformed -- but I have absolutely no idea about the particulars or the various factions, which undoubtedly exist. I'm probably too idealistic, naive, and simple -- to properly understand and deal with what REALLY goes on behind the scenes, throughout the solar system -- which includes Washington D.C.

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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty Re: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  Carol on Fri Jan 20, 2012 7:24 am

    I think you hit the nail on the head Oxy. There is a cancer in the office of the President. If this story is true it just confirms other data that was share by ET and others.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty Re: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:06 pm

    I get the impression that leading religious and political figures are trained, groomed, and manipulated from the shadows -- in ways which MIGHT involve drugs, sorcery, perfect possession, blackmail, sick-rituals, etc, etc, etc. I could be more specific, but I'd rather not. Some have even pointed toward 'soul-scalping', 'cloning', 'chip-implantation', MK-Ultra type programming, etc, etc, etc. I get the impression that leading religious and political figures work for the 'Secret Solar System Government' -- but I also get the impression that there are several factions of this hypothetical government -- which fight with each other -- yet ultimately work for a 'Common Boss'. Just speculation. The Spiritual, Mental, and Technological Manipulation might be Extremely Sophisticated. This sort of thing Scares the Hell Out of Me. I personally witnessed something in the 1980's which might point to at least some of the phenomenon just mentioned, but I'd rather not elaborate. There is a video-clip of Bill Clinton, right before a press-conference or speech, where he has the most blank and spooky look on his face. They're putting the makeup on, and he's just sitting there, looking like he's in another world. Obama is so very skilled at public speaking, but he always seems to be somewhat robotic (to me anyway). I don't follow politics much, and so I don't get used to seeing the various public figures. But when I do, it scares the hell out of me.

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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty Re: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  Carol on Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:27 pm

    Oxy, I generally avoid political speeches and such like the plague but I did catch one by Michelle Obama and O prior to the elections and the person who is there now is not the same. How do I know. The energy signature is different. Their physical appearance is the same but on an intuitional level their energy feels different.

    Years back I developed this little skill on how to intuitionally jump onto people's timelines to go backward in time, explore the present or go into their future where I could pick up images and just know what was going on. Basically everyone has their own unique vibrational energy signature which are all distinct and different from one another. This is how one can remote view pretty much anyone anywhere - even if they left this dimension and crossed over.

    I got kind of good with this. Subsequently I was asked by a friend, who had been in an auto accident with her husband and he was now in a coma if I would tune into him. When I did and I immediately experienced myself in the dimension souls who cross over go to. Her husband was figuratively standing there with several others who were orienting him to the other side. Physically he wasn't dead, yet but spiritually he had left his body and I knew he wasn't coming out of his coma. I had to tell my friend what I saw which was very sad. This is one reason why I don't do this that often except in emergencies.

    The day of the Fukashima quake I was emailing with a friend in Tokyo when it happened. I tuned in to help locate family members for my friend I immediately got an image of the family member - actually on an energetic level I became one with the person and could sense what was going on around us. It's somewhat difficult to explain to someone else but for me it's kind of like turning a switch on and off to gather different type of data.

    So, on that day I saw Michelle and O I got a good intuitive feel of their unique energy signatures. As this was the first time I had heard either of them speak I paid very close attention to them both. All I can add, from my own intuitional level is that the people who occupy the Whitehouse do not have the same energy signature of the people who were on the campaign trail.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol
    Lad of the North
    Lad of the North

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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty Re: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  Lad of the North on Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:04 am

    So lets see if the dots are connected and the facts check out many have done the work in the comments section I have already done it and their is one common name associated with all these events as you will see

    the guy who ended up in jail

    The dead guy

    The Powerful Senator who Broke the Bin Laden news

    Where did all that money go

    From the LA Times Oct 13 1994

    KITCHEN CABINET--In the tense moments before her nationally televised debate last week with challenger Mike Huffington, Sen. Dianne Feinstein huddled with her brain trust--plus one of President Clinton's leading political advisers. Shortly before going elbow-to-elbow with Huffington on "Larry King Live," Feinstein gathered with husband Richard Blum, media adviser Hank Morris and communications director Bill Chandler over dinner at the Monocle, a favored hangout for lawmakers. Joining them was Paul Begala, who helped mastermind Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign and has continued to advise Clinton. Begala is close to Feinstein's campaign manager, Kam Kuwata, and consultant Bill Carrick and has a consulting contract with the Democratic National Committee. "When you're in these races you have friends help," Kuwata said.

    The Political Race Against the Obama Candidate

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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty Re: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  mudra on Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:45 pm

    None of your links are working Lad of the North

    Love from me

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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty Re: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  orthodoxymoron on Tue Jan 24, 2012 4:59 pm

    Carol, I think there are very, very few human beings who are properly qualified to deal with things supernatural, as you are seemingly able to (and I am NOT one of these people). I like to research and reflect, but I don't do much more than this, and I don't anticipate changing my MO anytime soon. I tend to think that Perfect Possession is Rampant and Legion -- especially the 'higher' one climbs in the world of Fame, Fortune, and Power.
    Lad of the North
    Lad of the North

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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty Re: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  Lad of the North on Wed Jan 25, 2012 1:04 am

    mudra wrote:None of your links are working Lad of the North

    Love from me

    Fixed now

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    WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done… Empty Re: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: You Don’t Ever Wanna Do The Things I’ve Done…

    Post  mudra on Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:32 am

    Thank you Lad of the North

    Love from me

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