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    Satanic Evil Should Not Be Ignored


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    Satanic Evil Should Not Be Ignored Empty Satanic Evil Should Not Be Ignored

    Post  Seashore Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:02 am

    From Robert David Steele's blog:

    Posted on 2018/09/17
    Carine Hutsebaut: Satanic Evil Should Not Be Ignored

    I must admit that even I, as a child psychologist, have found some of it very difficult to listen to – in particular the anal cutting for sex at 30months of one of the Australian female witnesses Rachel Vaughn, the caged children who had never seen the light of day noted in hers or Fiona Barnett’s testimony and the concept of foetuses being shocked in the womb from Jay Parker or Ronald Bernard’s testimony were all really gutting. How do we get around the problem of people just not wanting to hear this stuff?

    Videos below.  Your strength today is a gift to all children in the morrow. . .

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