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    Post  bobhardee Wed Aug 01, 2018 8:41 pm

    Back in the early 1990's a Turkish sheep herder discovered a rock sticking out of the soil that he could not explain.  Neither could some of the folks from the Turkish authorities so someone called in an expert.  He was a German  Anthropologist.   He started digging and discovered the oldest known set of "temples" on earth.  The site is known as Gobeki Tepe.  There were a number of remarkable things about this site other than the fact that it was the oldest known.  Prior to that everyone thought that Sumer was the oldest known civilization..... or at least the place where people quit hunting and gathering and established agriculture.  Z. Stichin tells us that that it was not just one or two plants they grew but most everything we have today, they started in Sumer. I think that the time slip for Sumer was supposed to be about  4000 to 6000 BC. Gobeki Tepe goes back some 6000 or more years earlier.   Of the strange things about the place one of the key ones was that after building this concentric worship centers on some 12 acres of ground, they covered them up.  They hauled in thousands of tons of sand and gravel and covered them up.  This video is the first one that I have heard that makes sense as to why they did that.  (I apologize for misspelling or for other mistakes above.  Feel free to make corrections)

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