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    We Need to Stop Believing Lies


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    We Need to Stop Believing Lies Empty We Need to Stop Believing Lies

    Post  Seashore Fri May 25, 2018 8:16 am

    When I say stop believing lies, I'm referring to outright lies or lies of omission that we get from the mainstream news.

    If we the people don't wise up, we're going to continue getting more of the same mess we have today.

    Thanks to the work of Jim Fetzer, a retired professor who began revealing false-flag terror after 9/11, I've learned that many of the mass shootings for the purpose of terrorizing us into submission as a society, have actually been staged attacks using paid "crisis actors."  

    Another thing that is used is simulated ammunition, called "simunition."  It is made from bee's wax and laundry detergent, creating hits leaving minor injuries, which heal quickly.

    If you're interested in looking into Jim Fetzer's analysis of news reports, you can start with his blog: James Fetzer .

    Also, don't forget, please, that if you see negative things about him on the internet, that the Deep State is likely fighting his work with lies about him, also known as a smear or hit piece.

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