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    Mayday & What Lies Ahead


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    Mayday & What Lies Ahead Empty Mayday & What Lies Ahead

    Post  Jenetta Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:26 pm

    Civil War in Ukraine, Kerry Skull-and-Boning Fact and RT (Russia Today) to start a New Cold War supporting Svoboda and Right Sector and US NeoConservative Fascism

    By John Hogue | Published: 28 April 2014

    In a press conference held on Thursday, Secretary of State John “F.” (for his grade on fact checking) Kerry went on the attack against RT (Russia Today) network. I want to pass down a list of Kerry statements, first starting with RT that shows this man is living the essence of the Grand Cross Cardinal Square becoming exact on, 20 April 2014. This is in astrological terms a square of Cardinal planets (leadership). It means that the unconscious among us wielding immense military and political power will not lead but lie, to themselves and to the world. The influence of this square defines much of the year 2014 as I wrote in Predictions for 2014:

    Happy birthday Hitler, whatever hole in hell you dwell in. On 20 April 2014, on the anniversary of the Nazi dictator’s birthday, one might detect that “Adolf” has a “gift” waiting for us, one of the most malefic astrological aspects of the New Year. There will be a grand cross of Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Cancer, with Pluto in Capricorn hooked in a near 90-degree upper-cut with Uranus grappling once again in a notorious return of a lingering square.

    My sense is the blunders embarked upon in late April 2014 could see Stupid reign as our cardinal sign because of precipitous decisions made by Israel considering a codependent, preemptive attack on Iran this year with Saudi Arabian help. The Syrian conflict will be pushed to a new intensity and spread its violence full-scale into Iraq, the latter already boiling with daily bombings and a resumption of the sectarian civil war there among its Sunni minority and Shia majority factions.

    Then there’s the US Congress. Need I say more? (Click on Prophecy)

    If I were to add to the ongoing accuracy of the civil war spreading now into Iraq, and the continued and blindly stupid war plans being fomented by Saudi Arabian and Israeli hawks, I would contend that John F. Kerry and his President Obama, who seems to serve Kerry more than the other way around by surrendering his leadership to Kerry’s lies, is April Fool Number One of the Grand Cross. He is deeply under the influence of this self-deceiving square. Moreover, the US and EU press services ape this self-deception. Almost everything you are hearing and seeing is mostly upside down from the reality, and this is dangerous because myth makers are pushing this Ukrainian crisis towards a new Cold War that could very easily flare up hot when false narratives rule the minds of leaders and the malleable lead.

    This next revelation will upset many of you sleeping the American dream about Ukraine. The leader who is least susceptible to the Grand Cross Square is Russian President Vladimir Putin, the new bogeyman of Kerry and his amplifier, the US networks. Despite his being a new Czar of all the Russias, Putin follows a path of meditation via the martial arts. He is physically and mentally fit and his grasp of geopolitical and geo-economic realities reflects the kind of competent leadership of better days long passed. If you must contend with an autocratic Czar, pray he is not a Little Nicky (Nicolas II) and more like Nicki’s grandfather Czar Alexander II who freed the Slav peasants in the 1860s and 1870s and tried to use his autocratic powers to modernize and redefine Russia. Putin is another modernizing autocrat.

    Kerry, on the other hand, seems to have a mindset that is approaching senility with its inability to tell the truth from the false, that is, unless he is playing false for neoconservative effect.

    Yes, Kerry is a neoconservative these days and much more, as I’ve warned six years ago in Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus

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