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    Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned”

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    Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned” Empty Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned”

    Post  Dream Weaver Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:38 am

    Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned”

    This copied editorial resonates to my inner knowing, and why 'flight' is my cup of tea, to be humble and walk away and leave, no one lives to tell this tale of the coming events! You have to really wonder whats going on, a different story at every point of reference on this planet. I'm inclined to believe more with Russian reports. And what was said yesterday in Mothers own words, THE WHOLE PLANET IS LYING, JOHN. I've leaving and that is that, if not my form, my soul will leave a cesspit right in the making. So much for all the Galactic Pitch-Forks, my higher-self said. They are all phonies. Anything remote about ships have only come from Mother. She wants me RIGHT OFF THIS PLANET NOW.

    The bee string has energies, another sting and I'm gone, The dose of antihistamine I took was like a overdose! I had no time to measure in out as 5mls, it was a part shot glass and was sleepy for 24 hours! I felt the Fight & Fright with the Ego that requires a Adrenaline Burst, that would be fatal for me as I have no ego left in my body, so figure that one out. I don't scare off too easy. The ego is a Jehovah DNA Gene in every living being, Show the public fear and they will panic.

    Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned” Mitts210

    Put Up Your Mitts, as they say! I'm not being a coward in the face of danger. What is it with people who seek a death wish. We are all, mostly brain-dead!

    Because I'm new here, posting a link will not work, so this is a full copied report. As I have stated, Heaven is not on this world, this is Satan's Playground. Heaven is in a Parallel World, I was there today in a dream on a farm. I have dreams that show only the truth. I can go right through the matrix grid, but on my return to my form, the Matrix scrambles my recall energy looking like some tossed salad! It happened again today, its happening every day since I registered as DREAM WEAVER. The messages are so perfectly clear and they are meant for my reports right here! Anywhere else, all the trolls will come out of their bunker-burrows like blind rats. I'm talking about the harvest. One detail slipped my mind to telling you on my last INTRO post was messages from HG WELLS and War of the Worlds, with the remake version starring Tom Cruise. If this planet is up for grabs, and all electricity world wide is knocked out, its a harvest come for us all.

    This planet I'm sorry to say, is like a cat with Nine Lives (EVER-READY), this planet only has one left.

    So whats my name: The Schrödinger's Cat!

    Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned” Schrod10

    Schrödinger's cat is a thought experiment, usually described as a paradox, devised by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935. It illustrates what he saw as the problem of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics applied to everyday objects. The thought experiment presents a cat that might be alive or dead, depending on an earlier random event.

    Then there is this movie trailer (below) match which I came across hours before this post: Reported on Veterans Today: US Sabotages Syrian Power Grid.

    The post...

    An extraordinary report prepared by the Military Scientific Committee of the Armed Forces (MSC) on the just completed trials of the Almaz-Antey high energy laser directed energy weapon system project by the 27th Central Research Institute (27-CRI) states that their “immediate dispersement” to Federation allies India, China and Brazil is needed to defend our planet against “inter-dimensional entities” who could soon attempt to recapture Earth.

    Important to note about this report are that the references to “inter-dimensional entities” contained in it date back to the Great Patriotic War (World War II) when then Soviet intelligence services confirmed the German Nazi regimes existing “communication link” with what can only be described as “fallen angels/demons”, but which our planets oldest written records refer to as the “gods”. These “fallen angels/demons”, this report explain, were once vanquished from our Earth about 5-6,000 years ago in what was then referred to by the ancients as “the great overturning” that nearly instantly froze millions of wooly mammoths of Siberia, destroyed the vast city-state known as Atlantis, and is recorded in the stories, religions and legends of all of our planets peoples as “the great flood”.

    Most importantly, however, to have been destroyed in “the great overturning”, this report continues, was the main geographical area inhabited on the Earth by these “fallen angels/demons” located from the Indian subcontinent, through the Himalayan mountain range to what is present day Ukraine, and whose human offspring were known as the Aryan race.

    The two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, this report explains, fully details the interactions of these “fallen angels/demons” with the Aryan race including the use of their Vimana air/space vehicle described as “an apparatus which can go by its own force, from one place to place or globe to globe”.

    Verifying this incredible ancient claim of the power of the Vimana to not only transverse our own planet, but those of others too, this report says, can be found in the symbol of these “fallen angels/demons” called the Swastika being discovered all over Earth, including prior to World War II when the soldiers of the United States 45th Infantry Division proudly wore this symbol prior to rise of Nazi Germany.

    In fact, this report notes, the earliest known object with Swastika-motifs is a bird from the tusk of a mammoth from the Paleolithic settlement of Mezine, Ukraine dated to 10,000 BC, and its ancient use has also been discovered in the Mississippian-era sites in the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys, the Hopi and Navajo Indians of North America and among the Celts, ancient Germans, Finns…and too many other worldwide cultures to mention in just one article. To our human race reconnecting with these “fallen angels/demons”, this report says, appears to have occurred in the 16th Century when a brilliant new star appeared on the sky in early November 1572, and which we now know to have been Tycho’s Supernova occurring in the constellation Cassiopeia and which was one of about eight supernovae visible to the naked eye in historical records.

    More critical to note about the Tycho Supernova, MSC experts in this report state, is that it also appeared to cause an “inter-dimensional rift” allowing humans to once again communicate with the “fallen angels/demons” who had previously been expelled from our planet, the most important of whom was the personal astrologer-sorcerer to England’s Queen Elizabeth I, John Dee.

    From the historical records from the 16th Century about Dee and his assistants contact with these “fallen angels/demons” we can further read:

       “Dee would perform ritual invocations of the angels, and Kelley would stare into a scrying mirror or crystal ball, wherein a series of angels appeared, transmitting prophecies, instructions and furious pronouncements on the spiritual nature of mankind.

       The angels were not charitable. Raging at the fallen state of humanity, who have only become progressively worse since being sent East of Eden, they consistently liken humans to “harlots”—not in the sexual sense, but in the sense that they weakly allow their attentions to be captivated by literally anything except God.

       Over years of Actions, the angels described the ordering of the cosmos; a series of instructions for ritual invocations; predictions of apocalypse and events to come in European politics; and, finally, the Angelic or “Enochian” language, which they explained was the ur-language of humanity, spoken before the Fall of Adam.

       For Dee, this was not magic, but religion—he supplicated himself to the angels totally. Kelley, though, was terrified of the spirits, considering them demons and constantly begging Dee to cease the sessions. Dee insisted on pushing ahead, overworking Kelley to exhaustion and keeping him virtually prisoner at Mortlake.

       The angels, for their part, detested Kelley, clocking immediately that he had previously engaged in demonic grimoire magic, and quickly became exasperated with both Dee and Kelley. Though Dee may have been the smartest member of the species, he was still perceived as an inconsequential gnat by the angelic hyper-intelligences—particularly when Dee and Kelley began begging them for money (Kelley even asked if the angels could loan him money!). But for all of Dee and Kelley’s embarrassing lack of evolution, they would have to do, because the angels had a plan, and Dee and Kelley were on the hook.

       Put simply, the angels wanted nothing less than a New World Order, run by divine principles, and proposed what must be one of the most dangerous ideas in Western history: A world religion, based on love and unity—a supra-Christianity or Terminal Monotheism which would not only reunite Catholicism and Protestantism but even Judaism and Islam into a fused whole; all made possible, of course, by the technology the angels had provided for direct individual contact with the spiritual agents of God instead of relying on terrestrial authority or scripture.

       Combined with the foundation Dee had already laid for a temporal New World Order under Elizabeth, this new religion would unite the souls of the entire globe, fusing all humanity into one State, and one Church, all directed by the angels themselves—the New Jerusalem.

       So fervent were the angels that they commanded Dee and Kelley to present themselves to the court of Rudolf II, the Holy Roman Emperor, tell him he was possessed by demons, and command him to heed the angelic message. This was a death sentence—but Dee and Kelley, shockingly, made good on it. Rudolf ignored them, but the Papal nuncio did not, and plotted their destruction. The Church, it seems, took Dee and Kelley’s claims seriously—perhaps as a threat to their very existence. Humans talking to God without scriptural or institutional mediation was not on the menu.”

    To the evidence of the success of England under the direction/guidance of these “fallen angles/demons”, this report says, cannot be denied as it began the British Empire on which “the sun never set”, that is until the end of the 20th century when upon the death of Queen Victoria, in 1901, the German House of Hanover (of which Queen Victoria headed) disseminated their “occult knowledge” throughout all of the royal houses of Europe. What began then, this report grimly notes, was a century of wars “deliberately initiated and controlled” by these “fallen angels/demons” intent upon total destruction so as to establish their one world religion, the most destructive being World War II.

    Causing World War II to be so destructive, this report continues, was the German Nazis successful establishment of an inter-dimensional transport/communication device called Die Glocke (The Bell) allowing for the first time since 1561 a Vimana air/space craft to appear on Earth in 1937.

    The previous attempt of these “fallen angels/demons” to reintroduce their Vimana air/space crafts on Earth since “the great overturning”, this report notes, occurred on 14 April 1561 when John Dee traveled to Nuremberg, Germany and using the “occult mechanisms” he had been taught by these entities caused to erupt a furious sky battle witnessed by all of the residents of the city, and in which the “fallen angels/demons” were defeated.

    By 1937, though, this report says, an intact Vimana air/space craft was not only in the hands of the German Nazis, they were able to start duplicating it resulting in what are now referred to as the “foo fighters”, a term used by Allied aircraft pilots to describe various UFOs or mysterious aerial phenomena seen in the skies over both the European and Pacific theaters of operations.

    Even after World War II, MSC experts in this report say, the Nazi Germans remaining “foo fighters”, along with the Die Glocke “device”, were secreted to Antarctica where they remain today, and attested to by numerous high-ranking present and former Russian military officials.

    To how great of a danger our planet is in due to these “fallen angels/demons” reappearing with their Vimana air/space crafts, this report warns, is evidenced by the mysterious 9 December 2009 event called the “Norway Spiral” where a fantastical otherworldly spiral appeared in the night sky over both Norway and Sweden and which the ancients of people of our planet had all recorded was sign that always preceded the arrival of the “gods”.

    Equally as critical to note about the 2009 “Norway Spiral”, MSC experts state, is that within days of it occurring “dozens, if not more” mysterious crafts began erupting from deep beneath Siberia leaving massive craters and hurtling into space with one of them being tracked this week where it has taken up an orbit around our Sun.

    As President Putin this past August (2014) classified as a “Potential National Threat” any news/information relating to these mysterious crafts erupting from beneath Siberia, this report does note…however, it further states that what is now called the Chelyabinsk meteor event of 15 February 2013, that exploded with 20–30 times more energy than was released from the atomic bomb detonated at Hiroshima, was (based on orbital trajectory) in actuality an “apparent attack” against the Siberian region where these mysterious crafts are being launched from, and was “exactly like” the 30 June 1908 meteor attack upon this same region that is now called the Tunguska event.

    Also, and perhaps most disturbingly, this report concludes, US-EU attempts to demonize President Putin and embroil Russia in war are, in fact, “an elaborate masquerade” designed so that these Western powers can overrun Siberia to destroy/dismantle what by all appearances seems to be an ancient defense system designed to protect our planet from these “fallen angel/demons” who are now in league with, if not outright controlling, nearly all of the Western nations on Earth.

    And finally, though not exactly referred to in this MSC report, Western scientists appear to be preparing their citizens for what is to come by publishing many scientific papers this past year proving that parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, a position, mind you, first stated by the renowned French scientist and UFO researcher Jacques Vallée, who decades ago warned that what are commonly called aliens from other worlds may, in fact, be fallen angels and demons.

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    Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned” Empty Re: Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned”

    Post  Carol Sat Mar 05, 2016 12:26 pm

    I suspect others are planning for the EVENT. lol!

    The Truth Call from Friday Night with Fisher (RV intel about minute 35)

    Some notes:

    Fisher on the Real Truth Call Thursday Night:   Fisher is a highly connected individual, says he has a Majestic security clearance (ET and space issues).  He has been gone for many months, but returned 2 days ago, and has given long Q&A sessions. Here is the one from Thursday night, beginning at 75 minutes in:

    Letters from the US Treasury went out to a special list, telling the recipients that their currency was ready to exchange.  [remember the guys in Mexico and Canada who got such letters about crossing the border?]

    81min:  IRS will go away, agents will go to work at the UST refunding your tax returns.
    Seniors will get 2500 per person to the seniors.

    134:  Shortages in US are beginning because corporate government is not working with the rest of the world.  Longshoremen are idle.  But there are warehouses full of supplies when the government allows the exchanges to go thru, if we need them.

    Fisher: Bankers will now create a common law trust for you, to receive your currency exchange funds.  Strawman (birth certificate) trust will be issued to Social Security recipients, and will be 25M dollars.  IRS will work to refund federal and state income taxes.  In 2 years, there will no longer be a need for money.

    Cashless society program now is promulgated by the galactics and the white knights.  Was favored for control by the PTB, but they are no longer around.  Most have been snatched up, more will be.  Bank CEO levels are all on lists.  They are working on the lists.  I have seen 170 odd pages of names.

    Replicators, light chamber devices, tachyon units, Cobra was responsible for getting that tech released early.  Cars will use an excited dark matter device, and will fly.  Free energy device attached to your house. Upgraded water facilities all over the planet—what will you need money for?  All your needs will be met.  Combined ayurvedic and standard Western  medical practice.

    St Germain is real.  Sheldon Nidle was a living man, now is an ascended master.  Will be returning.

    We do not have to worry about earth changes.  Earthquakes have been ameliorated and are being monitored, and energy pulled away.  Galactics monitor timelines, and can choose which we follow.  There will be galactic representatives monitoring most exchange centers.

    New notes will be different sizes, and ATM machines may need to be exchanged.

    Everyone will have a card, attached to an account.  It is not your account to use, except when you need the assets out of your regular routine life (visit to Las Vegas).

    Operation Northern Thunder is a military agreement among 60  countries that they will have peaceful coexistence, and not follow banker’s directives.

    Announcements are coming in the next month to shake everyone to their boots, and wake them up to what they are, March and April.

    152 min—summary of political changes.
    Congress has agreed on a 17% flat tax only on new items.  Dodd-Frank is going to be repealed, and Glass-Steagle renewed.  New currency will roll out in phases.  Phase has already started.

    Exchanges: Whales go first, then bank selected individuals, then Admirals group, then smaller groups, probably Gen64 group and internet people who keep track of what is going on.  Between now and the next 2-3 weeks.  Probably this week end.

    Chemicals in chemtrails are being pulled out now [by ETs?].  Plants will start growing better now.  Why not just stop all the chemtrails?  They are keeping up appearances.

    Big three changes are the agreement with the banks that the USD will be treated as a gold backed currency, repeal of Frank Dodd and reinstatement of Glass-Steagel act, and the coming 17% flat tax.
    I don’t think there will be an election, not the one you are planning.  Bank Bail-in section has been taken out.

    188: Light chambers.  Sheldon N said a year or so away.  Have a 3D and a 5D model.  The time frame you want to hear is 4-6 weeks.  Healing chamber is a lower generation model.  Canadian technology.  Light chambers will be tuned to an individual body/individual.

    Obama will probably not finish out his term.
    New administration is planning to take over in weeks.  Obama has already signed his resignation, according to an agreement with the White Dragon Society.  He will be moving to Dubai.

    American States will resume their individual sovereignty, without corporate Federal Government usurpation.  Corporate state governments will go away.  Or they are already gone.
    Those who did not get their currency that they paid for from Sterling will either get the currency or a refund.

    There is a difference between State of Alabama and Alabama State.  State of _____ is a corporation, and is going away.  Power will revert to the State.  Has already gone away.  Each state will become The Republic of, as in Republic of Texas.  As opposed to Texas State.

    It won’t matter, everyone is going to get a prosperity package. They have already been funded 3 weeks ago, and humanitarian packages funded as well.  There are 78 private prosperity programs, where they had to invest.  Everybody gets the other prosperity packages, 18+ years of age.  Within days of RV.  Will be released in stages, like homeless veterans first, etc.

    Zim value: screens showing .65 and RV flashing.  Reason is that Zimbabwe has lots of resources, and China is backing Zimbabwe.  The huge notes that people bought for cash in purposes, like 100T notes, are actually sovereign bonds of Zimbabwe government.  Each note will be exchangeable.  This was a move to fight the cabal that was set  up many years ago.

    Infrastructures all over the world will be rebuilt.  Eventually, all will live under the ground or the sea in transparent aluminum domes.

    Q: Who will be doing all the work?  A: Androids, built specifically to serve.
    Some people will want to work.  Especially the arts, you will want to contribute.
    AI programs already exist which will do the work.
    The currency was supposed to have been exchanged years ago.  We should have been ready for the new technologies, but it was all held up.  Earth is ascended, and has a schedule to keep.

    There is already a volunteer force which has committed to performing menial tasks.  Many of them are billionaires.

    Canada will follow the same plan as US.

    Banks really want these currencies.  They will fight for them.  IF one bank doesn’t want them, there is a bank next door which does.


    More Fisher from Last Night (sorry I cannot access it)

    You can listen to the WC (Real Truth) call Friday Night Replay with Fisher at

    605-562-3140, code: 143153#

    Fisher is interesting AS IS COBRA

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    Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned” Empty Re: Russia Issues Grave Warning: “Prepare To Defend Earth, Fallen Angels Have Returned”

    Post  Swanny Sat Mar 05, 2016 3:20 pm

    I can't see the videos as I don't have the plug in pale

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