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    Digital Gold / Hayek coins


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    Digital Gold / Hayek coins Empty Digital Gold / Hayek coins

    Post  Carol Sun May 10, 2015 12:24 am

    Now Business Insider is reporting of a new cryptocurrency that will be making its way onto the scene. Anthem Vault, a company that specializes in precious metals and technology, is launching a new “coin” later this month.

    This digital currency is similar to Bitcoin, except it will supposedly be fully backed by gold.

    ACCORDINGto the company, a coin will be valued at one gram of gold at the day’s market price. The name of the coin will be the Hayek, named after the Austrian school economist. Friedrich Hayek was an advocate for free market policies, and he won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1974.

    Since the new digital currency will have a gold backing, unlike Bitcoin and other digital currencies, it will work differently, too. While the details are still not clear, it seems that in order to obtain Hayek coins, you would have to purchase the amount of gold in terms of the NUMBER of digital coins you want to obtain.The metal would then be maintained in an Anthem Vault ACCOUNT, and a customer could convert the metal into the digital currency in exchange.                                                         

    Anthem Vault is an online precious metal retailer that provides U.S. residents with an efficient and liquid way to buy, own and sell physical, 100% fine stored and insured gold and silver bullion. The company is incorporated as a Nevada corporation under the name “Anthem Vault, Inc.” and is regulated as a precious metal dealer by the USA Patriot Act.

    Welcome To Anthem Vault!

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