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    Jon Rappoport Asks Us to Be Creative


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    Jon Rappoport Asks Us to Be Creative Empty Jon Rappoport Asks Us to Be Creative

    Post  Seashore Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:14 pm

    Jon Rappoport gave a talk at the Secret Space Program Conference, 2014.  

    The conference was sponsored by the Breakthrough Energy Movement.  

    Since it is clear that the secret space program already has access to free energy technology, the task we all have as citizens of the world, in my opinion, is to try to help figure out a way to end the secrecy so that the general public can benefit from the technology.  

    How to do this?  Many people feel as if there is nothing they can do.

    In this video of the talk, Jon Rappoport tries to inspire us to believe that we can use our imagination to help change the world.

    Here is part of the Description for the video:

    Published on Mar 9, 2015

    Jon Rappoport will connect mind control operations, the breakaway civilization, the hidden space program, “the Kurzweil Singularity,” and the infamous Nazi cartel, IG Farben, in his presentation of the stunning future as it is unfolding before us now.
    How can the breakaway civilization operate with impunity? There is a vast secrecy about outer space and inner space. Inner space is consciousness. Eight billion people have to have their inner space shut down, through mind control, so that the outer space program can be kept secret.
    Divorcing inner and outer space from each other is the core goal of all elites. It always has been. My commitment is to ending the divorce. Then we would be privy to an astounding kind of knowledge. Not just new information, but a new kind of information. We would see with new eyes.


    Jon Rappoport was a former candidate for Congress. He has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years. Early in his career, LA Weekly submitted his name for a Pulitzer Prize. He is the author of The Secret Behind Secret Societies, and Oklahoma City Bombing: the Suppressed Truth. Jon has spoken to audiences all over the world on politics, mind control, deep medical fraud, and the creative power of the individual.

    I'm hoping some of us will derive some motivation from watching this:


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    Jon Rappoport Asks Us to Be Creative Empty Re: Jon Rappoport Asks Us to Be Creative

    Post  mudra Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:30 pm

    Nice video Seashore. 
    Imagination is a creative and transforming power indeed.
    It is the stuff with which we mold the universe at a causal level.
    That flight we take in high altitude when we found ourselves stuck in a spot and need a larger view.

    Love from me

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