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    Book "The end of business as usual". I'll try to throw some humor in too!


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    Book "The end of business as usual". I'll try to throw some humor in too! Empty Book "The end of business as usual". I'll try to throw some humor in too!

    Post  B.B.Baghor Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:32 pm

    In Jan. I've been reading parts of the book "The end of business as usual" by Brian Solis, a longtime blogger and researcher of Social Media. He presents outcomes of polls and statistics, dividing us in age groups with different ways of using internet. He writes "American males between 20 and 32 years of age are 23 hrs online. Once they are more than 1 hr. off line, they begin to feel restless and disconnected."

    Some of you know of my reluctant positive view on the virtual world. I was intrigued by the subject and title of this book and to my amazement I found confirmation of my vision for the future, regarding online sales and services, by the use of mind control. By deceptively alluring methods.     By the use of Social Media the hierarchy between customer and shop/branding/factory is dissolving. In order to create a willing customer, virtual tools and gadgets are used as convincing arguments, authorities, by their reign over the customer's mind (emotional triggers and attention needs).
    All of this gives me the shivers.

    Imagine a web-shop, programmed to tell a customer "Yes, this product is what you always longed for, your best friend told us just now", followed by displaying on screen a "make belief" confirmation, by that same friend. The virtual world can suggest everything and in this way it's deceptively alluring. Another talk with a Chinese man who's involved in Social Media by doing his job, revealed a bitter truth of entertainment addiction. "By observing behavior on Social Media, an underlying need is apparent" he said. "And that's the need for attention" I commented on this, by saying "If that's true, I think it means that by never ever getting real attention, while online, we all live in a bubble of illusions. This causes our continuing visits to the virtual world, never offering satisfaction, always feeding off the screen... as if. To me, this is the very nature of drug use."        The answer was a nod.

    Before I continue, I invite you to share your thoughts with me, if you have thoughts on this subject, that are worthwhile to you, for sharing.

    While reading his book, I went to Brian Solis website and noticed his invitation "Ask me anything!" I decided to send him an email on Jan. 8. This is what I shared with him: "I appreciate your attempt to introduce a new business model for the future, because I agree with the title of the book. I'm looking at it from a different level though and I have a different view on the future of the virtual world and our life in general. In essence, the following line sums up all there is to say on the subject: to me, a predictive business model is to mind control as prayer is to God"

    I asked him to share his future view on life in 2020 and to comment on my points of view. (Brian confirmed receiving my mail and promised to read it as soon as he was settled).

    This is what I shared: "To me, living in the reality we perceive in the 3D world, anno 2014, we're in the middle of "the end of business as usual". To me, it means things aren't what they seem to be. Banks, co-operations, people, images on screen, news of mass media, they aren't what and who they say they are, online or offline. I don't mean to create doom and a reason for gloom, I'm a lighthearted person and I strongly believe in the nature of life, not being able to tolerate our virtual existence and dependency. Life won't allow it, I don't choose for that to happen.

    I'm amazed by finding a clarity of focus and choice, regarding my practical work in 3D, Creative Coach is my job and my favorite pastime. I really find value in reading your vision. Thank you for the book, being instrumental in it!" I've received no response yet  jocolor

    Thank you for sharing this with you, please feel free to comment on this, I truly welcome feedback.
    Like my smile and I like yours.... ahem, I'm somewhat of a jester, but I don't mean to run into mischief. Did I?

    flower B.B.Baghor

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