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    Firefox book series


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    Firefox book series Empty Firefox book series

    Post  Floyd on Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:46 am

    've been purchasing these second hand through to give as Christmas gifts to family members but saw some
    free links to share here.

    There are 12 books in the original series.
    Foxfire books by Elliot Wigginton.
    motivate his students, Wigginton began an oral history project, asking
    his students to collect oral histories from local residents. Topics
    included all manner of folklife practices and customs associated with
    farming and the rural life of southern Appalachia, as well as the
    folklore and oral history of local residents.

    From making soap,
    to carving water wheels from tree stumps, to... gee, the mind boggles.
    He sent his students out to record the folk knowledge of the generation
    before mine. The people who lived through the last turn of the century,
    while their minds were still fresh. Most of what they are passing on is
    stuff they learned from their parents, and grandparents.

    is the name of a series of books which are anthology collections of
    material from The Foxfire Magazine. The students' portrayal of the
    previously-dismissed culture of Southern Appalachia as a proud,
    self-sufficient people with simple beliefs, pure joy in living, and
    rock-solid faith shattered most of the world-at-large's misconceptions
    about these "hillbillies."
    Here is a "quick" description of just part of what is in the first 5 books:

    These are all circa 1970's to 1980.
    Volume 1: c1972. Log cabin building, planting by the signs, moonshining, etc.
    Volume 2: c1973. Ghost stories, mid-wifery, burial customs, wagon making, etc.
    Volume 3: c1975. Animal care, banjos & dulcimers, wild plant foods, etc.
    Volume 4: c1977. Fiddle making, horse trading, gardening, etc.
    Volume 5: c1979. Iron making, blacksmithing, bear hunting, etc.

    Fox Fire One:





    Download Volumes 1-11 here:

    Just scroll down 'til you find them listed and click on DEMO

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