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    Ed Dames Remote Viewing Predictions 6/29/10


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    Ed Dames Remote Viewing Predictions 6/29/10 Empty Ed Dames Remote Viewing Predictions 6/29/10

    Post  Carol Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:51 am

    I've never really liked Dames and tend to put him into the catagory of Sorcha Fael as I suspect he is a disinformation agent. However, I do like to follow what he comes up with. I do agree with a few of the items he listed with respect to no economic recovery and I do have a friend who has regular contact with Big Foot and they are not what people think and indeed there is much more to them then meeds the eye. I do plan to invest in Walmart as it appears to be the only stock that has remained stable all of these years. Gold as of last Sunday was $1250 so this prediction bears watching. As for 2050 ~ who knows? With all of the upcoming earth changes who knows who will be in power then. His Mars info is a huge stretch of imagination. I just have a difficult time even thinking of that one as a possibility. Anyway.. take a look and share what you think may be a hit or miss.

    Maj. Ed Dames returned to Coast to Coast to share remote viewing updates on such topics as the oil spill, evacuations, solar activity, and the economy. The oil spill in the Gulf will have long term consequences for the region, he said. After hurricanes move petrochemicals onto land, water supplies will be poisoned, and there'll be evacuations in the area on the level of Katrina or Chernobyl, with martial law possibly imposed, he warned.

    Among his other predictions and statements:

    Israel will go to war with Iran, and America will get involved clandestinely.

    There will be no economic recovery, and the U.S. empire will end in "fits and throes."

    By next year, the stock market will dwindle down to below 2,000. Gold, however, will rise in value to $3,500.

    Around 2050, the outer planets will be explored by teams from Russia and other countries, but the US won't be involved.

    Bigfoot are actually transported here from vehicles in deep space that beam them down to certain safe points.

    Crop circles are created by underground robotic entities on Mars that focus a kind of holographic energy on the surface of the Earth.

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