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    Interesting theory about what the sun is up to


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    Interesting theory about what the sun is up to Empty Interesting theory about what the sun is up to

    Post  Tatiana Wed May 26, 2010 3:24 pm

    About a month ago I came across some very interesting information about our sun which I wanted to share here, but since the forum where I found it went into extended 'Maintenance Mode' which only recently was ended I refrained from doing so. The information somehow made it to another forum (the ubiquitous GLP) where it evolved into a very long thread with extended video and textual references illustrating various points so even scientifically less well endowed peeps such as myself could understand the concepts discussed.

    Since the original author has given permission to post his material here and to cross-link it, I am doing so now:


    Recent disclosures of solar system changes and behavior
    characteristics indicate a rapidly changing association between the sun
    and the planets. It has been known for a long time that Coronal Mass
    Ejections (CME) account for electrical disturbances and failures,

    The recent introduction of new variables into the
    equation could conceivably compound and accelerate the effect of CME's
    here on earth.

    (Is science, faced with ever changing discovery
    now in uncharted waters?)

    In 2009 NASA made a statement.

    23, 2009: The solar system is passing through an interstellar cloud
    that physics says should not exist.

    Interesting theory about what the sun is up to Localcloud_frisch
    In part... NASA said this...

    <blockquote>The fact
    that the Fluff is strongly magnetized means that other clouds in the
    galactic neighborhood could be, too. Eventually, the solar system will
    run into some of them, and their strong magnetic fields could compress
    the heliosphere even more than it is compressed now.

    compression could allow more cosmic rays to reach the inner solar
    system, possibly affecting terrestrial climate
    and the ability of
    astronauts to travel safely through space. On the other hand, astronauts
    wouldn't have to travel so far because interstellar space would be
    closer than ever. These events would play out on time scales of tens to
    hundreds of thousands of years, which is how long it takes for the solar
    system to move from one cloud to the next.

    "There could be
    interesting times ahead!"
    says Opher.
    (This just might be the
    understatement of the century!

    NASA intimated that their concern over discovering the
    :interstellar cloud fluff: was to do with protecting astronauts...
    making the entrance into the periodic (cyclic) phenomena sound fairly

    It is my considered opinion that entering the fluff has
    far greater implications. Remember they also said "It should not exist."
    This just means they were taken entirely by surprise.

    Having a
    background in Plasma Deposition Technologies, (theoretical/practical)...
    I have a strong feeling that the fluff will greatly excite the sun,
    simplistically, it will begin a plasma transfer between it and the
    bodies orbiting it. Although increased radiation will be a factor, the
    key (detrimental) end result will be a severe disruption of electrical
    energy here on earth.

    There could be other consequences such as
    the charging up of metallic structures and containers which could
    contribute to dangerous situations. The mechanism is about very high
    electrical charges building up in ferrous metals and rogue high tension
    currents in conductive materials. There might even be unheard of mega
    lightning storms in an extreme case.

    The presence of a
    "denser" magnetically charged "space" environment connecting the sun to
    the planets suggests the opportunity for ion plasma flow pathways to
    earth... rather than just standard CME "events".

    more in posts below.)

    (If Sunspots are
    suppressed by the quickening sun conveyor phenomena as reported by
    science, potential would build and release in a different way, see CME
    but "no sunspot" anomaly.)

    I know this is not a new
    doom scenario, but increasingly leaks and semi disclosures are leading
    me to believe we all should develop coping strategies... not panic but
    just good sense contingency against prolonged power disruption. If the
    timing is good luck, then hopefully the weather will be in the
    summertime and not the winter which will be less of a threat.

    hope I am entirely wrong of course, but something tells me "they" are
    about to come clean anyway.

    I believe that knowing and being
    mentally prepared is 90% of preparation. It does no harm to keep the
    possibility in the back of your mind and have some simple coping
    strategy in mind.

    If the power is affected... it will be a long
    time down... most communications will be down far longer.

    Again I
    hope this is NOT TRUE, but there again it sure looks like something is
    in the offing.

    In summary - what is different today?

    Introduction of the magnetized particle interstellar cloud into the
    equasion (Thicker charged particle "space".)
    - Discovery of the sun
    'conveyor' process (CME suppression control/added cosmic timing gear)
    Discovery of existing ion pathway's to the sun. (They are called flux
    transfer events or 'FTE)
    - Other (almost daily confessions) from the
    knowledge community.

    My proposed theory

    <blockquote>The solar system entering the interstellar cloud causing
    the quickening of the sun conveyor leading to increased "no sunspot" CME
    activity initiating a sustained ion exchange flow to the planets via
    amplified flux transfer events - outcome... higher order of magnitude,
    new class... of CME, Super FTE ribbon discharges.

    Or... Umbilical
    Intermittent Plasma Transfer Phenomena

    Other published variable
    (supporting) factors

    Recent follow up findings - Examples of
    new variables

    - 11 year solar cycle - as a routine phenomena -
    not true this cycle.
    - Large CME recorded - no causal sun spot
    - Equatorial bulge growing rapidly - change to
    gravitational pull.
    - Jet streams are migrating toward the poles
    - Sun in its quietest state in 100 years. (study)
    - Sun
    "conveyor" belt system speeding up over five years of monitoring.


    plethora of new interstellar/cosmic/planetary behaviors or findings
    preclude the usefulness of all prior studies, projections, hypothesis or
    extrapolations... science is where we are... back to square one.


    Mainstream touting Solar Storms Could Be Earth's Next Katrina.
    Mainstream acknowledgment that CME are associated with EQ
    Significant comet debris made it to the sun undetected or unannounced.
    Little or no follow up subsequent to announcing rapid growth of
    equatorial bulge.
    - More speculative aspects of the Electric Universe
    theory argue that some planetary features, such as craters are produced
    by cosmic mega-lightning electrical scarring rather than impacts with
    - Noctilucent Cloud observations increasing in strength
    & frequency.
    - Sun conveyor belt challenges existing models of
    the solar cycle.
    - Large holes discovered in Earth's protective
    shield - effect not as thought.
    - Earth's poles long overdue for
    reversal - according to science.


    Super Flux Transfer Events "SFTE" - Potential

    - Sudden, dramatic changes to weather patterns
    Increased extreme weather events
    - Shifted seasonal patterns
    Increased EQ activity
    - Mystery booms
    - Hyper cloudless
    "lightning" storms
    - Unusual sky effects
    - Tide and water level
    - Unanticipated coronal mass ejections originating from a
    quiet sun.


    There are about 9 pages discussing different aspects which follow - so please take a look there if you like.

    The author is Walking Owl. He also has started a blog recently where he posts about related issues - you can find the link for that in his signature.

    Here is the link to the even longer discussion at GLP (28 pages so far!)

    I used to be a member at GLP before it was taken over and I must say I was a bit nervous reading there again after all these years - but I am happy to say that I survived and so did my pc. You might want to do a hosing down (full pc scan) to make sure you didn't come away with cooties - or stick with the original link and discussion.

    I thought that there were some people here who might be interested in this material, though I must say I was not sure where to post it. If for any reason you (admin, mods) think there is a better place for this somewhere else, please feel free to move it there.

    Interesting theory about what the sun is up to Icon_flower

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    Interesting theory about what the sun is up to Empty Re: Interesting theory about what the sun is up to

    Post  Tatiana Sat May 29, 2010 8:42 am

    Well, I see some people are looking at this material at least. I know there is a lot to read! Interesting theory about what the sun is up to Icon_eek Interesting theory about what the sun is up to Icon_eek Interesting theory about what the sun is up to Icon_eek

    I have found it difficult myself to find the time to plough through all that material even though it is extremely interesting to me on many levels. As if that wasn't enough, I have several more links to add to the heavy load!

    This is a link to a synopsis of the material found in the Fluffy Magnetic Ribbon Nemesis thread available in pdf format for download and a link to a blog started by the OP of that thread relating to the material there.

    Following is another link to an even longer thread (40 pgs so far!) about the same material that is ongoing as we speak. Certainly there are many people who find this a worthwhile subject to explore.

    I was only able last night to finish reading the original GLP thread and I must say I was pleased at the depth of treatment accorded this material. Even so this is dealing with a subject matter which easily could descend into a gloom and doom fear fest, I found it quite engrossing and uplifting as some of the quotations I copied below will show. For simplicity sake I have put them into one quotation even so they are from many people made at different times during the discussion. Anytime there are a series of periods it denotes a new quote by someone.

    For an extremely short recap, a magnetic field shaped like a ribbon was found at the edge of our heliosphere around the beginning of 2000. It completely baffled scientist. Literally. They had no idea that a magnetic field like the one found could even exist.

    Well, it has supposedly penetrated our solar system bubble (the heliosphere) and is moving through the solar system. A magnetic field like this could possibly cause the sun to have bizarre solar storms, at a time when already the sun is near its maximum cycle.

    Really bad solar storms means the potential loss of the electricity grid, maybe worldwide. If the grid starts going down, it results in a cascade of failures. These cascades are developed in the grid system as a safety mechanism. The problem is that this safety mechanism is to prevent total grid collapse in the event of a localized problem. This will not be a localized incident, so the cascading effect will only help the grid completely fail.

    When the grid completely fails, it can't get back up. There is no energy to replace parts, etc.

    ...............Lately, I have thought of the event, if it is to happen, as a RESET button.

    Please understand, as I have said many times in this thread, is I am in strong agreement with the metaphysical propositions to an event as this. The whole, raising your consciousness, the Shift, etc.

    But, if I choose to not think of it in that way, and think of it purely in a physical event to happen to our civilizations, then I can view it as a RESET button.

    In my opinion, it would force us to make the change that many of us want.

    Fiat money and currency would collapse over night. The corruption caused of greed and pride and avarice will have an awesome paradigm change the moment the grid goes down. It would make community and towns and villages important again as you would have to 'know thy neighbor' as you rely on eachother to survive. Taking away digital entertainment would result in closeness of families and friends again. 1st generation children will know what it is like to live according to nature, not outside of it. The Shift it would cause is unfathomable.

    I understand the chaos and horror it would cause in cities, and the bad seeds taking advantage, but don't they try to do that already?

    Everything would be RESET, and we will have learned of the destructive values of currency in the form of paper money and interest and fiat, and that these items, of themselves, are valueless...

    ..............You know what they say about coincidences... there are none., only synchronicities.

    I have been doing a lot of research on this phenom (obviously). I have been looking into research involving magnetics and DNA and it is a very un-researched field, so there is not a lot of info on that end of things.

    There is, of course, a ton of info on cosmic radiation and Gamma Ray Bursts and their effects on DNA, so there is a link there.

    I try not to post my metaphysical views on this thread too much, but I am in your boat and the others here that view this as the catalyst for consciousness shift, the New Beginning, etc. Ascension... we can only hope.

    But, EVERYTHING points to this event! I posted earlier that this event describes what religious texts speak of, channelers, prophets, cyclical extinctions, cyclical evolution theories, EVERYTHING!

    ..............Is there some type of magic in store for us with the interaction of this high density, highly magenetic plasma cloud that's impinging upon our home?

    The timing is uncanny and I wonder if it need not necessarily enter our solar system in order for it to have some sort of effect upon us.

    Just the relatively close proximity could be enough to unleash some sort of potential.

    Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth surface and the ionosphere.

    [link to]

    The human brain is a biological organ. On one hand it is soft, flexible and adaptive, but on the other hand is relatively stable and coherent with well developed intelligence. In order to retain intelligent thinking in a soft and adaptive organ there needs to be a constant, globally available, synchronization system that continuously stabilizes the brain. Rapid intelligence and reactions require and electromagnetic signalling system, supported by a biochemical system. The Schumann Resonance signal provides a brain frequency range matching electromagnetic signal, providing the synchronization needed for intelligence.

    re scientific verification of the ribbons possible penetration of the heliosphere
    ..............That is the one missing bit of scientific validation, if the ribbon has actually penetrated the heliosphere.

    a couple pages back, I explained this, it you want to have a look.

    From my sources (one is the OP from the "So Close" thread), the ribbon HAS penetrated the heliosphere. The arrival time (if you can call it an 'arrival) is sometime before the end of the year. This info is from my sources not from scientific papers. NASA and other powers will not release the info on where the ribbon is at the moment.

    ......Everything is ELECTRIC. With positive and negative poles. The reason the ancients were more in tune is because they didn't have the "unnatural" EM currents interfering like we do.

    The ribbon isn't our nemesis. The manmade waves ARE.

    The hypothalamus is the portion of the brain that aligns with the circadian/natural rhythms of the Universe. Not the pineal gland.

    The hypothalamus is a portion of the brain that contains a number of small nuclei with a variety of functions. One of the most important functions of the hypothalamus is to link the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland (hypophysis).

    The hypothalamus is the electromagnetic computer which will regulate phenomena in cells, in animals it will, regulate hibernation. This computer can be manipulated by affecting the input of electromagnetic radiation. The presynaptic and postsynaptic cells are separated by a synaptic cleft which is filled with a dense granular material, which responds to the changes in magnetic fields.

    ...............Let me tell you about your DNA. It is magnetic, and therefore it responds to the grid!

    With respect to magnetics, gravity, time, and matter placement: There is a puzzle here that has never been unraveled. It never could be within your old 4D paradigm.

    Now, suddenly in this new energy, your science begins to understand that there are at least 11 dimensions at the heart of every atom of matter. (We have told you that there are 12.) And suddenly you are beginning to understand that even time is variable.

    Later, there will also be the acknowledgment that the displacement of matter from one area to another is also part of this equation.

    There is one specific formula whose attributes are gravity, magnetics, time, and the location of matter. They all come together in a grand dance that will be the "mother lode" of physics when it is discovered and understood.

    When it is ready, this information will be brought to you, but for now, let me tell you about the "pattern" of how this works for your DNA. [link to]

    ...............The incoming ribbon is not bad. It's a "correction" of the imbalance of "positive" energy that we are trapped in here.

    Whereas "positive" is not good and "negative" is! They like to fool people like that...

    ..............And this is why it will be a return to what was understood by the ancients. It's a cyclical thing. We build these "towers of babel" that confuse everything. And begin to think that we know everything and can change how it all works. That's ego.

    There is a natural system in place that works perfectly. And when we come into alignment with that system is when we see the beauty in it. And then so devote our energies to it's pure and divine cause.

    .............How birds decode their "magnetic sense" is another topic of debate.

    Keratin. A product found in their feathers. As is found in the hooves and talons of animals and the hair and nails of humans. It helps them immensely, and is one of the reasons they are more in tune with eq's, tsunamis, etc.

    Circadian rhythms.

    Only human production of it has been lost due to artificial products and artificial em waves.

    . .

    Okay, this is fascinating!

    Are women more intuitive than men because their hair is longer? And often their nails are longer?

    In Biblical days, men wore long hair. Did that allow them greater sensitivity to the paranormal?

    ............why do the hairs on your body stand on end to certain feelings?

    hundreds of keratin fibers in a hair sample.

    what`s a feeling?

    an electromagnetic transmission`s why shaman wear the furs of animals

    ............Why would the North American natives wear feathers on their heads and down their backs?
    The feathers create a counter clockwise spin field about them, they don't weigh much.

    .............The connection has always been with us. Only lost in modern times.

    This is the message of the ancients. Return to the old ways. In tune with nature and existence. Because EVERYTHING is connected.

    I am in my sixties and though I do not want to die just yet I also do not relish the thought of surviving a disaster of any magnitude, be it a pole shift or whatever - I'd rather come back later young and fresh with a healthy back to help rebuild if you ask me.

    That said, I also think that to a young person who is just starting out this information ought to be of paramount interest as they will be the ones having to carry on if they survive. Which to me means that now is the time for them to prepare themselves in terms of skills and knowledge so their chances will be greater to make it through. So I hope that this information will help to motivate some of you to do just that - this is it's purpose imo.

    I would however be interested to hear from some of the more scientifically minded people here about what they think of all this. I know you are out there!

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    Interesting theory about what the sun is up to Empty Re: Interesting theory about what the sun is up to

    Post  mudra Sat May 29, 2010 9:13 am

    hello Tatiana .
    Thank you for bringing this up.

    The data very much remind me of Astralwalker's work posted in PA in 2008.
    A book has been made out of his so called Nexus thread .
    The book : Nexus event _ unknown form of energy comes our way .
    is available for online reading here :

    You'll find Part 2 :

    Earth bombarded with Gamma rays

    and part 3 :

    Super Wave Dr Paul La Violette

    particularly relevant here .

    Love from me

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    Interesting theory about what the sun is up to Empty Re: Interesting theory about what the sun is up to

    Post  Carol Sun May 30, 2010 7:41 am

    This is a great thread. Thank you for posting it Tatiana and thank you for the other links mudra. This is exactly what a number of us has been preparing for. Here in the northwest corner of the US the higest temperature expect today 74 degrees is expected to be the highest temperature for this area this year. Yesterday morning it was 32 degrees outside and it is almost June. There have only been 3 spring like days in the past two months and the rest of the time it is a continuation of winter conditions.

    I'm concerned that this is already affecting earth conditions and even more concerned about survival in cold climates is electricity is down. How can folks grow food in these types of conditions? How can they continue to keep warm or even transport food? Mass die off would first happen to those who dependent upon drugs to stay alive as those individuals are at most risk. Diabetics would be at great risk as well and of course those who are in the cities even in worse situations as they are dependent upon electricity to pump water to flush toilets. One can just imagine what a nightmare this can turn into.

    There is also a great book out, Not by Fire But by Ice which addresses how the planet will enter into another ice age following the CMEs, a superwave (described by Paul LaViolette and Patrick Geryl), pole shift. How or when these events are to occur we can only speculate but our earth changes are letting us know the effects of the sun is affecting our climate even at this moment. This does not take into account PX and it's magnetic influences as well. Indeed, these are interesting times.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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