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    Intel, Disclosures and Gossip Such as Not to Spoil Your Tea Empty Intel, Disclosures and Gossip Such as Not to Spoil Your Tea

    Post  Carol Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:42 pm

    Intel, Disclosures and Gossip Such as Not to Spoil Your Tea Tea
    Intel, Disclosures and Gossip Such as Not to Spoil Your Tea
    by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
    Few understand the American election, even those who live here. I am forced to write for an international audience, which may actually make more sense to Americans. President Obama inherited two wars, a collapsed stock market and massive debt. Money was lent that never existed, collateralized by imagination, derivatives, overvalued real estate but real jobs were the result, jobs that came with home purchases, paid taxes, people buying things, when the “phony dollar, euro and pound” died, so did our ability to supply jobs. It is a different group of companies, what we call a “fix.” The old “blue chip” companies went broke, or so we are told, and we picked new ones and are pretending things are better. We make up for it by, not only printing massive amounts of counterfeit currency for ourselves but for Europe as well. We are basing our economy on wartime spending, which is financed by borrowing. The wars, the Bush “terror wars” are the most insane and dishonorable in American history. I even have Army Intel telling me the World Trade Center towers were brought down by sophisticated miniature hydrogen bombs. Over the past few months, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a rogue operation even by Federal Reserve Standards, without any authorization, created $31 trillion and simply “gave it away,” pumping it into European banks, we have records as there was a partial audit done at the request of congress. The foreign owned banks that represent the Federal Reserve System, really an ancient expression of 18th century “moneylenders”, had “gone under.” And finally, we have recognized what has been minimally “inter-planetary” aircraft built by our own governments using technology that we have had for decades, technology that represents unlimited “free energy,” perhaps uncontrollable planetary development but worse, disclosure of some “dark secret.”

    Senior reliable sources, by that I mean mainstream “Big Army” flag officers, have been consulted about the use of cold fusion, hydrogen/boron fusion and other “non-lethal” or “aneutronic” devices that can provide all power needed on earth at extremely low cost. This technology is decades old, as is similar technology that nullifies gravity. This means that conventional rocket travel, our guided missiles, our airplanes, even our most advanced secret projects have been entirely “cover and deception.”

    The dark side is that America, seen as the representative world power, primarily at least, has decades of interaction with alien species, multiple alien species, and has “bought time” as it were through denial and through agreements that allow the seizure of humans for something far worse than the “anal probe.” We are a planet where animals are bred for food under brutal conditions and where continual warfare, too often near “UFO” level technologies used against virtually unarmed civilians are seen as acceptable by most people. Moral and ethical concerns seem to have been systematically bred out of the most advanced societies through continual exposure to highly propagandized public education. America now has more secret prisons than Nazi Germany was said to have “concentration camps, far larger, far more expensive and, unless we can prove otherwise, capable of certainly more deaths.

    The issues have been, of late, seeking a currency for world trade and to secure and underwrite industrial growth while the “fiat” currencies of the west, all of them, have proven to be worthless. The $31 trillion dollars in unauthorized Federal Reserve currency exports is proof that, in actuality, there is no world currency exchange and it is now and has been for years, nothing but an act.

    China has sought more, and to advance the process of creating a parallel currency as a hedge against political instability, to continue hiding from the public their recent political collapse and economic downturn, China has licensed South Korea’s technology for producing gold.
    As cover for this, China has sent groups around the world buying non-producing mines, producing offers for worthless “gold tailings” and has been loading the internet and technical publications with pseudo-science, utter fiction and deception.

    The problems are twofold:
    It creates gold as a derivative of subjective value, something Korea would never have done. Thus, any currency underwritten by gold will not only eventually have no trade value but, when the public learns of the process, gold market will crash.

    Diamonds, a vastly larger market, both gem quality and industrial, have been manufactured for decades. Currently, there is no accepted technology that can detect phony diamonds. This is the truth and those who say otherwise are unaware of advances in growing diamonds from much smaller “seed crystals” with individual DNA. This is far different than “cloning” and, as yet, no equipment used by any government, quite purposefully, can detect these phony stones. Thus, all world diamonds are technically worthless.

    Our most crippling problem is the lack of a government, particularly the ability of the Supreme Court to go “activist” and usurp states’ rights, interfere in elections, write its own legislation, that and our “money in politics” issue, primarily involving Israeli interference in the House of Representatives is likely to bring about use of emergency presidential powers after the election. Thus far, one Supreme Court Justice is guilty of tax evasion, another tied to organized crime, both “neocon-activists.” Both face arrest."

    Read the full article at link above.

    Personal note: The writer is an Obama supporter and does not have all the facts surrounding O's illegal presidency.

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