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    Words emanate a frequency...Can you feel it?


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    Words emanate a frequency...Can you feel it? Empty Words emanate a frequency...Can you feel it?

    Post  Jonah Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:37 pm

    Not just spoken words but also written/typed words. Can you tell the differences between certain frequencies?... or at least what effects certain words may have on you?

    Certain frequencies attach themselves when the time is right.... This is always accepted by the the divine law of allowance.... Sometimes our emotions need to be moved in the manner in which they were given.... Completely understandable to one who is not yet balanced upon exposure to such frequencies...

    Its the attachment of an emotion which is the root cause of such frequencies..... Can we as one learn to forgive such attachments and develop a kind of self-healing process in which all emotions are accepted and then forgotten just as easily as they were created?.... Its all up to you!

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    Words emanate a frequency...Can you feel it? Empty Re: Words emanate a frequency...Can you feel it?

    Post  Carol Thu Dec 02, 2010 6:40 pm

    Yes, I can feel the energy of words of various posters.

    What is life?
    It is the flash of a firefly in the night, the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.

    With deepest respect ~ Aloha & Mahalo, Carol

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    Words emanate a frequency...Can you feel it? Empty Re: Words emanate a frequency...Can you feel it?

    Post  Jonah Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:55 pm

    Here is a song i enjoyed recently

    followed by an articles about silence....

    March 13, 2005
    Silence: A Virtue or A Vice?
    One of my closest friends sometimes tells me, "You give me a great support with your silence." I am happy. I remain silent.
    The same friend some other times tells me, "Your silence hurts me. Do you think its decency to be like that?" I am unhappy. I still remain silent.
    Most of my friends think that I am never silent. Those who matter the most to me know that I am silent most of the time. The above two dialogues are those of someone who matters the most. What should I do? Should I remain silent? Its the easier way. Should I not remain silent? I can try not to be with some difficulty.
    You can tell me that I should be silent when I should be. And I should not be silent when I should not. You think I didn't know that? Its when the question is posed in a more specific manner that the answer becomes elusive for everybody.
    Isn't silence a virtue? I believed that it is. I have read like most of you did, many quotations by many great people trying to tell us how virtuous this virtue is.
    After my friend made those two contradicting statements, I also read a few other quotations by a few great people. e.g:- Silence is a text, easy to misread. and The cruellest lies are often told in silence. Does this make silence a deceptive virtue? How can something be a virtue when it can cause misunderstandings or can be used to cause harm? These properties remove the virtuosity of such a virtue. Then does silence become a vice?
    What is Silence? The simplest meaning is, "the state of saying nothing".
    Unfortunately I also read quotations like Of those who say nothing, few are silent.
    Holy ****! Not only do I not know whether silence is a virtue or a vice. Now I don't even know the meaning of silence. Because, these say that not saying nothing and silence are different. Great People.
    Aren't these great people there to help us lead a better life? These are just making my life more difficult, successfully. Why do they need to quote something philosophical and prove their greatness? A fool like me can't understand them anyway. Why don't they just remain silent?
    I have decided not to take anyone on face value. Hereafter, I make my own definitions. Ok, I am not intelligent enough to make my own definitions. I shall atleast make my own choices. May be they will depend on some of the quotations.
    I realize that whatever silence may be it can neither be a virtue, nor a vice. I will find the inner meaning later when I grow sufficiently wiser. For the time being, I need to choose whether or not to be silent.
    I choose to be silent. Its not because of the enormously great number of pro-silence quotations. Its because, I respect silence more that non-silence. I can be silent with greater ease. Also, its best to be silent when you do not know the right answer and its the virtue of fools.
    I know that my silence will offend my friends - they misinterpret it as apathy. It will offend my teachers - they misinterpret it as arrogance. Most others misinterpret it as ignorance.
    I will live with their misinterpretations, just like I have already learnt to do so. Perhaps, they aren't misinterpreting at all. It doesn't mean that I am placing a gag order on myself. It just means that I will be silent whenever I choose to be. This way you will not know whether I am silent because of my intelligence or my ignorance. And that is just what I want.
    Disclaimer : I hold no responsiblity whatsoever legally or otherwise, if you sense any problems - physical, psychological, spiritual or any other - after reading these posts.
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