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    School of New Earth


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    School of New Earth Empty School of New Earth

    Post  mudra on Thu Nov 18, 2010 4:47 pm

    School of New Earth

    The School of New Earth [S.O.N.E] proposes a fresh approach to “community living” – one that is not only dedicated to human and environmental concerns, but is also creative, technologically advanced and aesthetically designed. It is an attainable vision of a bright and better future, one that is appropriate to the times in which we live, and both practical and feasible for a positive future for all the world’s people. S.O.N.E calls for a diverse and innovative approach, in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, environmental degradation and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable. Over the course of the next 12months S.O.N.E will manifest highly innovative, dynamic communities around the world. This information and website acts as an online flare, to attract the individuals and families who are vibrating in the direction of self-sustainable living, desire to prepare for coming climate changes and economic collapse, and a strong wish to live in heart, freedom, self-mastery and creativity. For those people will have attracted this idea into their consciousness. WELCOME.

    * It is the aim of S.O.N.E to replace monetary-based (scarcity) economies with a resource-based (abundance) economy.
    * Reclaim and restore the natural environment to the best of our ability.
    * Develop and use clean, renewable energy sources.
    * Encourage the widest range of creativity and incentive toward constructive endeavor, lifestyle endeavor and community endeavor.
    * Transcend the need for any boundaries that separate people.
    * Realize the declaration of the world’s resources as being the common heritage of all Earth’s people.
    * And preparing people intellectually and emotionally for the changes and challenges that lie ahead.

    Love Always

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    School of New Earth Empty Re: School of New Earth

    Post  Floyd on Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:04 am

    Interesting Mudra. Thanks for posting

    from their site

    . 800feet above sealevel

    2. Own water supply

    3. Fertile soil

    4. Isolated

    5. Protected from volcanic, earthquake and nuclear activities

    6. Large area to which we can lay the foundations for an advanced new civilization of 10,000years.

    7. Beauty – because the place we settle has to be a place we love with all our hearts.

    The right property will effortlessly become available as we desire it
    . The time for this is 2009. The more individuals focusing their energies on the outcome the quicker it will manifest. Once we purchase the land – everyone involved – regardless of their financial contribution or age- will automatically become equal owners in the property assuring that there is never a system of ownership.

    If you are vibrating and wish to be a part of not only a community preparing for 2012, but a community that is moving into the future far beyond this – then start searching for property online. Email the site your results and lets start putting the pieces of the puzzle together

    looks like they are feeling positive!

    From what I have heard from someone, the southern hemisphere will be caught up in the old system for a while and will not be very pretty.
    A bit like scenes from the movie The Road is how it was described. This is because the southern hemisphere will still be tied to the moon system for a while, with the moon changing its orbit and more or less disappearing from view and influence on the northern hemisphere, causing water movement (as you will know, Luna and Aqua are very closely related) on earth and taking out western civillisation in the proccess (given that many of the worlds most important and wealthiest cities are on the coast this is fairly straight forward to comprehend.

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