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    A balm for Winter


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    A balm for Winter Empty A balm for Winter

    Post  mudra Thu Oct 07, 2021 11:20 pm

    A balm for Winter Ce75e510

    The Sacred Science

    Today I've got a special recipe for you to keep on hand as we head into the colder months in the northern hemisphere.

    Fall and winter weather can be tough on skin. Cold temperatures cause chapping and bleeding. Dry wintry air pulls moisture from our skin and leaves it brittle.

    Below I've shared my family's tried and true first-aid skin balm! It's our go-to for any cold-weather discomfort or minor injury. It soothes pain, stops itching, brings down inflammation and rashes, and helps the cells of your skin heal up quickly!

    This recipe is super moisturizing. Coconut and herbal oils are our two bases, and they work together to rehydrate the skin. Plus, they are antibacterial and rich in vitamin E, which fights against the symptoms of aging. So you can apply this balm to uninjured, dry skin which tends to happen as the days get colder.

    *Please note: To make the balm, you'll need a double boiler. But not to worry if you don't have one of these - you can use everyday kitchen items to make one! All you'll need is a pot that is about halfway filled with water, and a glass bowl that can sit in the top of the pot, suspended about 2 or 3 inches above the surface of the water (it doesn't need to be a perfect fit for it to work!).

    Healing Skin Balm Recipe:


    1 Tbsp. Calendula herbal oil
    1 Tbsp. Plantain herbal oil
    1 Tbsp Coconut oil
    2 drops Tea tree essential oil
    2 drops Lavender essential oil
    1-2 tsp. Beeswax (depending on how firm you want the salve)
    1 ounce salve tin

    Place calendula, plantain oil, and coconut oil into the double boiler, on low heat

    Heat for 20-30 minutes. *make sure not to simmer, just warm*
    Add the beeswax, stir continuously until dissolved.

    Add tea tree and lavender essential oils and stir gently for 5 minutes.

    Pour into the salve tin.

    Leave the lid off until fully cool.

    Once you allow this fragrant oil to cool for about 20 to 30 minutes, it will firm up into a nicely textured balm that you can apply directly to the skin.

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