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    Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming?


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    Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming? Empty Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming?

    Post  Seashore Fri Apr 09, 2021 8:17 am

    Apr 9, 2021

    Michael Salla

    Exopolitics Today Podcast discussing recent claims by Dr. Steven Greer that an Alien False Flag event is being planned by the Deep State, as best evidenced by political developments surrounding the upcoming June 2021 release of an Intelligence Community report on the threat posed by UFOs active near US naval war exercizes and military facilities in general.  Dr. Michael Salla examines the genesis of warnings concerning an alien false flag event, and the likelihood it will happen under the current Joe Biden Presidential administration.
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    Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming? Empty Re: Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming?

    Post  Ashera Fri Apr 09, 2021 8:33 am

    And what should I care as long as it supports my case?

    Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming? Sheba_12

    Why should I side with people who subversively work against me?

    Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming? Starga10

    Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming? House_13


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    Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming? Empty Re: Is an Alien False Flag Event Coming?

    Post  NANUXII Fri Apr 09, 2021 6:31 pm

    Hey Seashore ,

    I have followed this subject for a few years now. It was in fact the whole reason i became interested in the alternate media. In late 2009 i was given a series of visions that cover this happening. In the visions i saw great confusion , people armed with batons and knives , the sky was awash with smoke and colours. Ships flew and took people, and in the midst of it all a woman came to me from a ship, she was from the OEA ( Outside Earth Alliance ) she looked at me with my machete and said " what are you going to do with that ? " she was implying two things. 1 you have no chance of defending your self and 2 you have no need to do so.

    The Idea behind the FF Alien Invasion is to usher in a new god system. They know the old system put in place some 2000 years ago will fail. Took us long enough to realise its a sham. When i say sham i mean misguidance of truth. There is a god , i firmly believe this , but he / she / it or all 3 plus more combined has a very different constitutional make up to what we have been lead to believe.

    Because the ptb have such great foresight they have been planning this for decades. When will it happen ? when the sequence is correct. Dystopia is the first marker. Once that is in force the new god will come.

    Dystopia is happening right now, well actually the slow boil has been happening for close to 100 years , the whole corona virus bs , its all part of the control system and its targeted at disrupting current religious strains more than anything. The next ones to fall are the ones dependent on government welfare. They will be forced to get the injection for corona if they want to keep getting the hand outs. This system of forcing those dependent i realise now is what i was talking about a month ago. It has come to my attention that governments are implementing a system where by you must have the injection in order to continue getting financial relief.

    So if you are dependent on this then i say get clear of it if you can. Personally i would rather die than to let them get to me and of it comes to the wire i will give them a shock that will be more than a tickle. I say this with great love and fierce knowledge.

    The greater picture from the macro view is not control but to gain intelligence. The human genetic program started some 250,000 years ago was not done with the blessing of the council. However it has been allowed to play out so that we can become intelligent and hopefully become part of a greater family. It has been known for millennia that the humans created will not learn except for when they are at the precipice of destruction.

    The ptb are playing their part in all of this but they too have been tricked by their god. Their actions will be rewarded in the most un seen ways and will live out what will seem an eternity of karma. I forgive them now and i wish them well in their endeavors.

    We all have the opportunity right now to become clear of fear, to become courageous, to know thy self and enter into the light / dark when the time comes with no regrets.


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