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    The Anunnaki run the show on Earth


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    The Anunnaki run the show on Earth Empty The Anunnaki run the show on Earth

    Post  Carol Sat Mar 13, 2021 1:45 pm

    Anunnaki - Friday, March 12, 2021

    The Annunaki are the ones that began civilization on Earth, by creating Man with part of their own DNA. And yes, Man was initially created as a gold mining slave. The Annunaki then upgraded Man to become sentient and gave him this world to have dominion over.

    The Reptilians then came to Earth, and they have secretly enslaved Man ever since. The Annunaki have returned to free Man from this bondage….there was a lot of Pleiadian seeding in the Nordic lines, but since the Pleiadians and Annunaki are essentially the same base race, there isn’t a lot of difference.

    If you are Rh-, you have a direct connection to the Annunaki. If you are Rh+, your line is one of the created lines.

    High IQ, eyes in the hazel, blue to green spectrum, industrious/innovative, protective of family, very high ethical and moral code, physically attractive (though this is of course in the eye of the beholder). But again, one should not assume that any of these traits denote “superior” genetics, because the infusion of other seeder groups has made such an assumption impossible.

    There’s an old saying… “What you are is God’s gift to you. What you make of yourself is your gift to God.”

    Because the body affects the spirit.

    A man born in Iceland is different than a man born in Africa. These differences affect how a person will be embraced by those around him. Each world that created seedlines here, wanted to harvest souls that would fit into their world’s homogenous culture. Since mixed seedlines have learned to live harmoniously together her (occasionally), then this world will be used for mixed seeds that are found worthy.

    Annunaki teleportation technology isn’t quite the same as what you’ve seen on Star Trek. The Annunaki are masters of transphasic technology, which is the science of changing the molecular vibration of an object, so it can operate within the laws of a different phase… I’ll explain.
    If you wanted to transport from the planet to an orbiting ship, a transtator beam would vibrate your body at the molecular level, taking you out of phase with your surroundings, this allows you to pass through solid matter. A second magnetic (tractor) beam would lock onto the magnetic poles of your molecules.

    The magnetic beam lifts and delivers you to the waiting ship, where a third transtator beam returns your vibration to its original phase.

    We often use a variation of this that doesn’t change the phase of the person, but instead changes the phase of anything the person passes through during transport.

    The Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) just takes UFO footage and claims it for themselves. The UFO wave that is now filling your skies, came right after Lord RayEl announced their imminent arrival, so those ships are NOT GFL, they are Annunaki ships, under Lord RayEl’s command….our Lord wants you to love and learn, but this is also the time of judgment, so there will be fear in the hearts of those who are not worthy.

    Enki stayed after Enlil left, so history recorded his version of events, but it was Enki that caused the worker revolt so that the necessity of creating slaves would arise, then Enki made the slaves in such a way, that they would be part Annunaki, and thus, an obligation to preserve them was forced upon the Annunaki. And why did Enki do all of this? Because he wanted to create a kingdom on Earth for himself, with obedient slaves. Hardly humanity’s hero.

    Enlil was the responsible one, he was the one against creating a retarded version of the Annunaki, simply to enslave them, his decisions were based on morality and mercy. Once there was no turning back, it was Enlil who nurtured humanity along its path to sentience.
    2 Timothy 3:1-3 Is absolutely today’s world.

    What are angels?
    “Angel” is an occupational designation within the Annunaki Empire. There are people who have volunteered for angelic duty from many races within the Empire.

    Transtator technology is behind our interstellar communications and the way in which our ships travel faster than light. The visible light spectrum you all see is only the smallest fraction of light’s full spectrum, and at different levels in the light spectrum, light travels at different speeds. We change the phasic state of a wave or an object, to match the vibration of these higher
    levels, and then we can move an object within those physical laws of speed. When we return to this phase, we’ve, by relativity, traveled farther and faster than the speed of light in this spectrum.
    What are Reptilians?

    The Reptilians are the armies of Satan, and the Anunnaki fleet has arrived to assist Lord RayEl to remove Satan and his legions from Earth.

    Reptilian cloaking technology
    Eyes and teeth are quickly covered and uncovered by lids and lips. The visual masking device the Reptilians use sometimes has a short lag time because of the rapid lid and lip movement. It’s basically a system glitch.

    This is why in the old days, commoners were forbidden to look royalty in the eyes.

    Everything is energy, and when broken down to its base form, one could call it a hologram.
    Almost every public figure is either Reptilian or under Reptilian control. This has been a very large operation, and influencing/educating the masses has been their priority one, so they have left nothing to chance.

    The Nephilim

    The Nephilim were the giants, they were crossbreeds between Annunaki men and Earth women.
    Genesis 6:1-4 When man began to multiply on the face of the land and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of man were attractive. And they took as their wives any they chose. Then the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not abide in[a] man for ever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.” The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterwards, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.

    Yeshua’s imprint on the Shroud of Turin

    The imprint on the shroud was caused by the old-style transporters the Annunaki used. Back then they were not used on living things, only for transporting cargo, because the process of molecular acceleration used to make an object change its phasic state, allowing it to pass through another object, caused the accelerated object to heat up considerably. As most of you know from basic physics, molecular acceleration produces heat, hence the scorching of the shroud. Fortunately, the modern transporters use a cool-beam technology….the acceleration process does release light. And no, there is no published information on the cool-beam method the Annunaki uses… At least not yet….it is a matter of degrees, but there is a level that is acceptable to the rest of the neighborhood. Man has been quarantined here, so he could reach that level, and not pose a danger to others in this region of space.

    In fairness, your species started off from a deficit position, and you’ve come a long way in a relatively short period of time.

    The Pleiadians are real, they are “cousins” of the Anunnaki, and they have been working on Earth for a long time. Most of their work involved seeding the Nordic lines. The video is not made by real Pleiadians though. They are both capable of both good and evil, but they possess an enlightened moral core that drives them to do good.

    Lord RayEl is half Anunnaki, and half Human. His body is Human, but (as we all watched during the Jerusalem Holy Spirit event) his Spirit is Anunnaki. Lord RayEl announced “The Armies of Heaven are fast approaching” on May 21, 2011 address. They were still about 6 months away, traveling toward Earth at high speed. The majority of the fleet arrived in November through January, and have been parked in orbit by Earth, Mars, and the Sun ever since.

    One must be careful not to turn the Anunnaki into magicians. They are immensely powerful, but they do obey most of the laws of physics. When they needed gold, they dug for it.

    The heaviest Anunnaki and Pleiadian strains are usually found in caucasian lines, but the Reptilians spread their seedline almost everywhere, so there really isn’t a good way to differentiate seedlines by sight. We know how people love to segregate themselves and assume superiority/inferiority, based on things that don’t matter as much as a person’s quality of character, so we are saving this for last, so as not to put another reason for discrimination on the table.

    Anunnaki spirit yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that his last incarnation on Earth was as a British King. The reason that the last language on Earth shall be English, is because the Anunnaki speak this as their preferred language. It was introduced and promoted on Earth for this reason.
    Zephaniah 3:9 “For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent.”

    Different groups have made individual contacts, but not to create human ambassadors or channels. The Anunnaki run the show on Earth, so no alien group is going to speak unauthorized. Now that Christ is here, everything official comes through us.

    As to the aliens in question, there is no such thing as “interdimensional beings”, we all have height, width, and depth, which means that we all occupy 3-dimensional space. What is described as interdimensional beings, are simply aliens using transphasic technology. This technology allows them to vibrate at different frequencies, thereby removing themselves from your visible light spectrum.

    Time does not exist, it is not a dimension nor a physical construct, it is an artificial metric used for measuring growth and duration. Do not be fooled by physicists with unquantifiable theories. Gravity is simply magnetism, and localized gravitational fields can interrupt the pull of the Earth’s field.

    The NSA conducts covert operations of this nature, as a branch of the U.S. Intelligence infrastructure, they engage in both active and responsive projects under the umbrella of National Security. The FBI is a law enforcement agency.

    Some have asked why seedline mixing was so hated among the ancients? As we’ve explained, the groups that seeded this world wished to harvest matured souls at the end of this process and return them to their worlds. Their worlds are homogenous, so as to keep them peaceful, and here is an example of why they prefer a homogenous society. Iceland is one of the most homogenous societies on Earth, and a society that carries some of the strongest concentrations of Annunaki/Pleiadian seedlines. It is modern, peaceful, and nearly free of violent crime.

    Unfortunately, racism does creep into homogenous societies, but it is also in non-homogenous societies, the difference being that in non-homogenous societies, racism often leads to violence. Don’t worry, a good soul is a good soul, and that is the criteria by which residency in the New Kingdom shall be judged.

    The Annunaki were somewhat like humanity at one time, but they will better explain their history later. God is divine, but Man doesn’t fully understand what that means. The Bible never says that God created the universe. He created the Heavens and the Earth. Heavens are settled planets within the Empire, as Earth shall soon be. Satan is not God’s enemy, Satan is Man’s adversary. There are other rulers of planets, but they are part of the Council of the Empire. Yes, Lord RayEl can and will save the world.

    The Empire is vast, but the Council exists because of different ideologies. There are worlds outside of the Empire, but I don’t personally know of anyone desiring to be among them. The Empire is mostly centered in this galaxy, but there has been tremendous expansion recently. I really should leave it to them to explain fully.

    Once souls have reached a safe level of sentience, maturity, and enlightenment, they are allowed to join the greater communion of worlds. The people of Earth (those who have reached this level), are about to graduate into this communion. There is a cooperative agreement between all of the seeders, but the original plan was to segregate the seed-lines, so the harvest would be simple. Mature souls from each seed-line would just go back to their homeworld, but the mixing of seed-lines has forced other options.

    As anyone who has studied the history of the gods knows, the Anunnaki were/are very incestuous, which is why today’s royal families are so incestuous. BUT… The Anunnaki see people as spirits, not bodies, to them the body is only a suit that can be easily changed, so to them, it isn’t incest like humans see it. Actually, we are debating which form of transportation to use at the moment. If things are still relatively calm, then we will just use standard transportation, but if things are really bad, the Annunaki fleet is on standby.

    And you will all have the opportunity to meet and work alongside Lord RayEl at the Ops Center. Triangles are the easiest shape to create and maintain with force fields when ships gate through stars. The biggest hassle for moving ships through interstellar space is fuel storage, but when using stars as “gas stations”, one can fuel up at one star and use that fuel to travel to the next star, so travel then becomes quite efficient.

    Generally, the only fuel stored when “gating”, is the fuel that will be used while traveling at the destination system. When ready to travel to the next star, the course is plotted, a rather large thrust is engaged, and because of the relatively low drag of space, it is like riding a bullet from one star to the next. This method is not the same as subspace (warp) travel, which takes a ship into a higher spectral bandwidth, allowing it to reach near-light speed in that bandwidth, and faster than light speed (relative) in this bandwidth.

    Black people are part Anunnaki, but “Humans” came later. The original creations were called “Man”, but when the Reptilians took over the project, they infused their DNA into parts of the population, creating HU-Man (HU is an ancient word for serpent gods). Man and HU-Man later intermixed naturally, creating “human beings”, which were considered monsters by early society. Enki wanted to keep black people as slaves, so he refused to give them enough Anunnaki DNA to evolve them genetically, so the only way to get more of the Anunnaki DNA, was to integrate black people into Western societies, where natural intermixing increased the infusion of Anunnaki DNA. If you look at a black man from Canada, compared to one whose family line has never left

    Africa, you can really see the difference. It was a rough process, but the black man has made it. As disgusting as slavery is, it was the fastest way to force integrate Africans into Western society. There was no other way the white man would have accepted the black man into Western culture at the time… This way, as harsh as it was, both sides gave the other something needed. Because it most closely resembles Anunnaki society. The New Kingdom will closely resemble a modern and matured version of the West. I’m glad to help brother.

    Satan does what he does because God wants him to strengthen Man through adversity because adversity does build character. There is of course a limit to that. A child starving to death in an Ethiopian desert isn’t learning anything that will make him worthy of the New Kingdom, he is only suffering needlessly… But his suffering is teaching a valuable and terrible lesson to others.
    The reason for all the madness in the world is because Christ/Isa/HaMashiac has returned and is walking the earth today. And the media & governments are trying to cover it up. click the link for more information


    Article by Thomas Cavin

    Anunnaki pantheon return…..

    Anunnaki… Thomas H. Cavin.
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