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    Some refreshing common sense in these crazy times

    Vidya Moksha
    Vidya Moksha

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    Some refreshing common sense in these crazy times Empty Some refreshing common sense in these crazy times

    Post  Vidya Moksha Thu Apr 16, 2020 4:00 am

    So I have my new monthly download quota, and have been wasting it on a few you tube videos. Here's another old geezer who wont use 10 words when he can use 100.

    Our old favourite, Clif High. Essentially this was a video debunking David Icke's latest video concerning 5G.

    However, when clif gets past his 20 minute rant, there is some solid thinking going on in that bald dome of his.

    Essentially. 5G is irrelevant as globalization just died. There are no new phones being made, no new tech. This will be the case for many years. There will need to be a massive shift from globalization to locally produced goods. New factories will need to be built. We wont have the component parts from China, therefore tech will evolve, but will use fewer components. (its a good time to have a 30 year old truck to live in Wink )

    Food prices will rocket. Food will have to be grown locally. In the temperate regions we will have to invest 2 hours a day just to survive.

    Corona is a bioweapon, and that news will come out. So no new viral research.

    Oh, and David Wilcock is an idiot.. I knew I liked Clif  Cheerful .. and that voice of his.. I could listen to clif all day, which is just as well, as usually you have to.. he does ramble and repeat himself a lot..

    however, recommended viewing just to put a few things into perspective.


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    Some refreshing common sense in these crazy times Empty Re: Some refreshing common sense in these crazy times

    Post  mudra Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:24 pm

    I like to listen to Cliff High from time to time as well Vidhya.

    In this video he sticks to the line of thought he already had back in january when he warned Covid19 to be a bio weapon.

    This is plausible if I put it in the context of other data I read since and that he mentions in this vid.I understood his concern then because I too was closely watching what I was seeing taking place in China Wuhan and it was quite grim.

    That the prices are going to sky rocket I agree. One doen't need a crystal ball to make such a prediction when the whole world is on lockdown and so many countries are depending on China and other places of the world. Not a single country on earth is self sufficient these days.Even Buthan is endebted I learned.

    Cliff doesn't give credit to the David Wilcock and Corey Goode 's scenarios. neither do I.I lost interest in them long ago.

    That the world will not be the same any longer I completely agree. Its not the end of the world but it is the end of the world as we have known it. Its a certainty for me.

    That we will have to rely on our own and find innovative ways to survive I think so too. For many this will a complete shock that they are not prepared to face. When food supplies come missing and money is of no use some will need to roll up their sleeves and think differently. Which is not a bad thing.
    That things will be handled on a local basis. Yes certainly but that doesn't mean there won't be a central entity supervising it all. This this what is already in place in china where appointed citizens control all the others in the community.

    There is no relation between 5D and Covid 19: maybe not a direct relation but it can't possibly help either. 5D will probably make the surveillance and smart control of everyone easier too and in that sense the relation between Covid and 5D is of another order.

    This is the end of globalism. Well lets say globalism as we have known it is coming to an end may be. Globalism was there to take powers away from governments while in parallel putting them uner the burden of debt. It will just be defined otherwise in the next phase as I don't believe the Covid19 arrived by accident. Nationalize them, then globalize and finally centralize.

    There were prior indicators showing things were about to change in 2020 and I think the plan is right on target: not ahead of time and not behind.

    5G is dead and won't come back before a few years : I wouldn't be surprised they are actually busy finishing the work off while keeping everyone on lockdow.
    Anyways my provider Proximus here in Belgium announced its now rolling 5G power over Belgium except brussels. That they don't need the towers to be there in order to already upgrade their system.

    Agenda 21 and 30 offer a complete new way of living. A complete new world.
    This has been long timed planned and worked towards.
    And its not ahead nor behind. The plan is now.Watch out what 2021 holds.

    These are my thoughts at the moment.
    And at the same time I have the feeling that any outcome is possible still. As if being at the cross roads of various time lines.

    Which one will I find myself upon.
    Interesting ☺

    Love from me

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