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    RIP Master Healer dr Pankaj Naram


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    RIP Master Healer dr Pankaj Naram Empty RIP Master Healer dr Pankaj Naram

    Post  mudra on Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:03 pm

    Master Healer Dr Pankaj Naram just passed away

    I found the  note below on doctor Naram's FB page today.

    I had planned to go and see him if he would ever come to Brussels or nearby.

    What a sad news. I have only seen good things said about this man.
    He was loved and deeply respected around the world.💗 It would have been an honor for me to meet such a great and gifted being.

    Rest in deep peace Dr Naram.
    Yours was a life of Love and dedication to the well Being of humanity.🙏💗

    One day, when I was distraught by the death of a loved one, Dr. Naram told me the story of his own master’s passing.
    “Clint, do you know what my master said to me just before he left his body?
    He said, ‘would you get sad if I told you my shirt is dirty, and now it’s time for me to change to a new shirt?’
    ‘Then don’t be sad now that I will leave my body, just like I would leave an old worn-out shirt.’”

    Today, at the funeral pyre - less than 12 hours after the very unexpected passing of Dr Naram - I saw his son Krushna comforting person by person, by giving a soft touch along with kind, loving words — and sometimes by telling this story, about death being no more than discarding an old shirt.

    In the last days with him, Dr Naram spoke with me several times that he was no longer worried about his son... that he now knew Krushna had all the skills needed to succeed in life. I agreed with Dr Naram then, and I knew it even more today, as I watched Krushna be a healing force of love to others, even when in the midst of his darkest hour.

    I couldn’t help but know and feel how Dr Naram lives on.

    So clearly he lives on in Krushna, and the powerful force for good he is, and will continue to be in the world.

    As I walked through the crowd, hugging person after person with tears streaming down our cheeks, I remembered their stories... how Dr Naram changed their life... and in many cases even saved their life... and I knew he will live on in them.

    And in my effort to cope with my own confusion and sadness, I started taking notes on all the ways in which my life has changed, infinitely so, for the better because of Dr Naram. I started making a list of all the things I’ve learned from his teachings and example... not just things included in the book I wrote about him... but from countless quiet moments watching him in real times of trial, and seeing the true nature of a man who devoted his entire life for the good of humanity.

    As the list continues to grow longer and longer, I find myself deeply moved, often to tears, and profoundly grateful for those priceless insights and wisdoms.

    There is no one I’ve personally met that has alleviated more human suffering than Dr Naram.

    In documenting how he did it, and by capturing amazing stories of thousands and thousands healed through his ancient secrets, unexpectedly he also healed so many wounded parts in me.

    As such, Dr Naram lives on in me.

    And if you knew Dr Naram, or knew about him... he also lives on in you.

    Dr Naram taught me one of the the best was to honor life, is to celebrate the life we have in us. And that one of the best medicines for anyone is gratitude.

    As a part of celebrating life... and expressing gratitude... would you leave a comment or story below... of a wisdom or insight you gained from Dr Naram?
    I’d love it if you share a story of how he changed your life.

    Ultimately, I’ll compile them into a gift for Krushna, so he can continue to be inspired to be the great man his dad saw in him, and that he already is.


    There will be a prayer service held for Dr Naram on this Saturday from 5pm-7pm IST.
    Also, one of his long-time students, Suyogi Gessner from Berlin, had an idea for how people all over the world can participate. Even if you are not in Mumbai, India, please light a candle at that time and say a prayer for him and for us all.
    And find one way you might live your life with more of the vibrant joy, compassion, and purpose we saw in Dr Naram.



    Love Always

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