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    "They had the usual thin frail body build, chalk white skin, large blue eyes, and nearly transparent platinum blonde hair. Like all of the tall whites, their eyes were perhaps twice the size of human eyes and they stretched noticeably further around the sides of their heads than human eyes do." ~ Millennial Hospitality by Charles Hall

    The Tall Whites are between 1.82 (5’ 11”) and 2.18 (7’ 1”) meters tall. The eyes tend to change color, from blue to pink, as they grow older. The Tall Whites undergo a second stage of growth at 400 years old that appears to continue until reaching the age of 800. Their language sounds is high pitch like dog barking and they have learned English so as to communicate with humans. What is known about their biology is that their bones take much longer to heal. The Teacher one told Hall she required 5 years to recover from a bone fracture. A Tall White's brain can process information twice as fast as a human brain, outperforming anyone's reflexes. They run faster than humans.

    Interview with Charles and Marie Hall, July 2003 - Colorado Springs
    by Paola Harris
    July 2003


    1. What evidence that there are Extraterrestrials interacting with Humans on this planet? 

    In addition to my own personal experiences, the best evidence that I have consists of the verbal reports given to me during the 1965 to 1968 time frame by the other men who served with me in the USAF. I, myself, do not have any physical evidence, photographs, logbooks, anything printed or written reports. However, over the years, I have seen several pictures and highly reliable reports published in books by other authors that showed and reported on the Tall Whites. The pictures also showed one of the tall white’s scout craft. One of the most interesting reports was published by J. Allen Hynek of project Blue Book1 fame. He reported having chemically analyzed material that was reported to have fallen out from the bottom of a UFO. In his report, published back in the late 1960’s, (not sure of the exact date of publication) he stated that its chemical composition was similar to the composition of slag taken from an aluminum furnace that had been heated to approximately 1100 degrees F (I am doing this from memory and believe that I have the proper temperature).

    He failed to notice that the chemical composition of that "aluminum slag" is the same as the composition of modern fiber optics that has been heated to its melting temperature. Optical fibers have a chemical composition that is very high in aluminum. If he had noticed the similarity, he would have had strong evidence for the existence of UFOs that also pointed the way towards understanding the construction of their anti-gravity drive power plant. If American scientists would inspect the sub atomic particles that are easily created, (such as meson, baryons, etc) to see which ones can have their path of flight controlled by optical fibers, his work would have resulted in one of the major discoveries in physics of all time.

    The physical construction of the tall white scout craft and the tall white deep space craft is further described in my books. In addition, in the appendix of Millennial Hospitality III The Road Home, I describe my theory of physics entitled "Hall Photon Theory". I believe that it explains why the construction of the tall white craft allows those craft to rapidly accelerate to velocities greatly in excess of the speed of light. 

    2. Can you speak from personal experience? 

    Yes. My three book series entitled Millennial Hospitality and associated writings, describe in detail my personal experiences at Indian Springs, Nevada, and my personal interactions with the tall white extraterrestrials ~ whose Base is located in the mountains north of Indian Springs, Nevada.

    3. What was your job and position on the Nellis Base? Please state the dates 

    I enlisted in the USAF in July 1964. After completing basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas, I was trained as a USAF weather observer at USAF Weather Training School at Chanute AFB, Illinois. My duties were that of a USAF weather observer during my entire service in the USAF. In late March or early April of 1965, I was assigned to the weather squadron stationed at Nellis AFB at Las Vegas, Nevada. I was stationed at Nellis AFB from the early spring of 1965 until May 1967. While I was permanently stationed at Nellis AFB, Nevada, I was assigned to several temporary tours of duty as the duty weather observer to the Nellis gunnery ranges that are located at Indian Springs, Nevada. Temporary Duty meant that I received extra pay and benefits while serving on the Indian Springs ranges. However, my chain of command, my pay records, and my mailing address remained at Nellis AFB. In between my temporary tours of duty at Indian Springs, I could return to Nellis AFB for duty for various short periods of time.

    For example, I returned to duty at Nellis AFB for the Christmas holidays of 1965. As described in my first book, Millennial Hospitality, at first, the other USAF weather observers and I shared and rotated the duty at Indian Springs. However, during the late summer of 1965, and at least twice again in the very early spring of 1966, in separate incidents, my replacement weather observers reported being terrified and threatened while out on the ranges. One was very badly attacked and given a medical discharge. Another two-man team of weather observers refused to go out onto the ranges because they reported that they were followed and harassed when they were out there. After those events, as described in my first book, a committee of high ranking USAF officers and government officials was formed and they decided to send me alone as the primary duty weather observer for the Indian Springs gunnery ranges, while still maintaining the temporary duty status with its extra pay and privileges. I was given special orders, as described in my first book. From that time on, I was stationed almost continuously at Indian Springs. I returned to duty at Nellis AFB only for a few short periods of time to rest and take leave, etc.

    On 07 May 1967, I was transferred from Nellis AFB to Binh Thuy AFB, Republic of South Vietnam. I was stationed at Binh Thuy from 07 May 1967 until 08 May 1968. I was stationed at Binh Thuy over the Communist Great Tet Offensive. Having completed my Vietnam tour of duty, I returned to the U.S. and I was honorably discharged from the USAF on 08 May 1968 at Travis AFB, California. 

    4. Were there others besides you that saw the Tall Whites?

    Yes, the Tall White extraterrestrials were seen out on the Indian Springs Ranges by many other USAF personnel. These USAF personnel frequently encountered them at close range in and around the buildings located out on the various ranges during both day and night time operations. Encountering the Tall White extraterrestrials at close range was such a shock that they were frequently reported as ghosts, angels, or as fantastic creatures. For example, weather observers who saw a group of them standing side by side would commonly report having seen a radioactive floating horse named "Range Four Harry." Other USAF personnel would report seeing short glimpses of the tall whites at close range, and then report having had a "Missing Time" experience or having had an unusual dream. 

    5. Were they ever in the company of other military ~ and when?

    Yes. As reported in my books and writings, I frequently saw the tall white extraterrestrials accompanied by UASF Generals and other high-ranking USAF officers. 

    6. When was your first encounter with these white beings?

    In late May of 1965 and early June of 1965. However, it took me many months to control the shock, the terror, my natural fear of them, and to accept the reality of my experiences. As described in my books and writings, for many months I lived in denial of my experiences, preferring instead to believe almost any other explanation for what was happening. 

    7. What message did the teacher give you and how do they wish to interact with us?

    The Tall White female who called herself "The Teacher" explicitly stated to me that all they really wanted was for people to enjoy them, while they were here. 

    8. Do you still think they are there?

    Yes. I believe that they are still there because the main hanger and their living quarters were permanent constructions located in the mountains at the north end of the Indian Springs valley. The aliens live underground. The main hanger is underground and dug into a mountainside. It has an ideal location. It allows the tall white deep space craft to easily arrive here on earth, land in front of the hanger entrance, and to enter and later leave the hanger without being easily observed and without interfering with civilian airline operations in the Las Vegas area. 

    9. Do you believe that there could be other races on Earth and Where? 

    Yes. In the third book entitled "Millennial Hospitality III, The Road Home" I describe the second race of aliens that I have personally met that are here on earth. In my book I refer to them as The Norwegians (Nordics). I believe that they are coming here from one of the nearby stars such as, perhaps, Bernard’s star, which is approximately 5.5 light years away. They might also be coming from the next star past Barnard’s star, which is approximately 6 light years away and located in the same general direction. I encountered them in Cambridge Wisconsin in 1961, and again in Madison Wisconsin in the fall of 1962 and in the very early spring of 1963. They look exactly like people from southern Norway, except that they have only 24 teeth and slightly webbed toes. Humans, of course have 32 teeth. The teeth on these aliens have much shorter roots than human teeth, and they can replace any tooth that they may accidentally lose. This means that they are not limited to only two sets of teeth the way humans are. I would think that there would exist some dentists, both in Madison, Wisconsin, and in northern Europe in other University communities in the colder portions of the world that could verify their existence. Incidentally, as described in my books and writings, the ones that I personally met, had unusually calm and pleasant dispositions. They seemed to want only to fit into our society and enjoy life. 

    10. Why did you write Millennial Hospitality? 

    I wrote The Millennial Hospitality series because I want my children and grandchildren to understand how I felt when I encountered the Tall White extraterrestrials out in the Indian Springs Valley in Nevada.

    Note: Airline pilot David Coote located three witnesses who served at Indian Springs along with Charles Hall.

    Excerpt from Millennial Hospitality:

    Tall Whites appear to be strategist and warriors. Their lives are centered around their children. They heavily protect them; injuring one would be a deadly mistake. Their culture seems almost military like: great importance and respect is given to social positions and hierarchies (them being kind to the Generals but snobby to plain soldiers). Additionally, many Tall Whites appear to be very proud, therefore they don't hesitate to kill:

    Then the guard said forcefully, “You know that if anything goes wrong with this plan we can kill you any time we want to.”
 Standing my ground still shaking in fear, I replied, “Yes, but I haven’t given you any reason to kill me...”
The guard smiled and replied, “You are quite right. We could have killed you in your shack the other night if we had wanted to.”

    "Hall describes the Tall Whites as quite intimidating in terms of behavior and how they regularly stalked military servicemen on duty at the remote desert location where Hall served. The Tall Whites regularly caused powerful emotions of fear and even terror among the military servicemen who didn't understand these Extraterrestrials or weren't ready to interact with them in a friendly way. Yet the Tall Whites were also capable of exhibiting friendship qualities and of being teachers as in the case of Hall."

    Charles James Hall:

    My personal Observations are: I never saw anything that would lead me to believe that the Tall White aliens are supernatural, seeded our planet, want to create hybrids, that there are wormholes in space, or that the Tall Whites traveled backward or forward in time.

    I did observe craft which regularly and routinely traveled faster than the speed of light. I never saw the tall Whites abduct people in the malicious manner that the typical abduction case describes. However, as I describe in my books, while I was out on the ranges, if the Tall Whites believed that a human was in trouble or in need of help, they would come in close to offer help if they could. The terrified and confused human could easily confuse this with an attempted abduction. For example in Millennial Hospitality in the chapter entitled 'Olympic Tryouts' and in Millennial Hospitality II The World We Knew in the chapter entitled 'Olympic Dreams,' I describe my personal experiences in those areas. Also, sometimes other activities might look to humans like abductions when they weren't. For example, in Millennial Hospitality in the chapter entitled 'In Memory of Me, the alien Teacher would bring her little girl to play with the human little girl. Neither the human little girl nor her mothers were actually abducted. I have seen in the literature several cases of that type. Another case of great personal interest is the case entitled 'Incident at Happy Camp' which was researched by one of the famous UFO researchers. In that case, the description of the aliens and their craft definitely matches The Tall Whites. In that case, they only abducted the humans after the humans attacked the children.

    The Tall White lady who called herself "The Teacher" stated that Pamela had been born in Indian Springs Valley during the time when James Madison was the U.S. President. That was back around the years 1812. The construction of the main Tall White hanger was consistent with the late 1940's or early 1950's. I note that The U.S. President Harry Truman stated that he believed he had met the ghost of Abraham Lincoln in the White House one night back when he was president during the late 1940's. However, it is my observation that his description of the "ghost" matched completely with any number of Tall White guards that I personally saw out on the Indian Springs Ranges at night. For that reason, I would guess that the first formal interactions between the Tall Whites and the U.S. Government took place during the 1940's or very early 1950's. I note that the legends of the ancient Greeks, dating back to before 972 B.C., refer to a group of Tall White "gods" who were said to have come to earth from the star Arcturus. For that reason, the ancient Greeks named the star Arcturus "The Watcher" star. For that reason, it is very probable that the Tall Whites have been coming here to earth for at least three thousand years.]

    It is my understanding that the only aliens out on the Nellis Ranges are The Tall Whites. However, I am quite certain that the Tall Whites and the Short Greys hate each other. I am quite certain that The Tall Whites would never permit the Short Greys to come anywhere near their base areas or near to their housing areas or anywhere that their children might be playing, etc. For that reason, I, myself, do not believe that there are any Short Greys out at Area 51 or out in Area 52, or out on the Nellis Ranges . During the two plus years that I was out on the Ranges, I never personally saw any evidence that the Short Greys were anywhere out on those ranges or out at Area 51.

    "Are there many planets like the Earth out in space?" I asked.

    "Yes," she (The Teacher) responded. "There are quiet a few. However, humans are the only people that we have seen who live so closely with their animals. For example, you feel comfortable milking cows, riding horses, and playing with dogs. Every one of those animals could kill you, but you naturally use your intelligence to determine how each of those animals is thinking. Then you naturally take control of them. Only humans do that. On most planets, once people become intelligent, they don't want to have anything to do with the animals that are much less intelligent then they are, so they kill them off.

    "Also, humans will eat almost anything. On all of the other planets, the intelligent people will only eat plants. We, for example, only eat plants."

    On that evening, The Teacher went on to say that I needed to be careful when I was alone out on the ranges because there were "… many dangers." On that evening, she did not further elaborate.

    The Tall Whites do not live at Area 51 (Groom Lake) or at Area 52 (Papoose lake). They live underground in the mountains in Area 53. Their main base is in the mountain immediately to the east of Area 53, which is Area 54. Area 53 and Area 54 and the western parts of the Desert Southwest Game Range are known as DreamLand. It is an area that is so restricted, I used to have an official USGS map of the area that did not show any of the mountains or valleys out there. Instead, it only showed a large white area labeled "Unexplored Territory." The Tall Whites are the only alien creatures that I have ever personally seen out in the deserts and valleys and mountains north of Indian Springs, Nevada. However, I am certain that the "Little Greys" are real and are here on earth.

    I do not personally believe that the "Little Greys" are or ever were at Area 51 itself. My belief is that the "Little Greys" would most likely be found somewhere else, such as in the northern and western portion of the state of New Mexico. For example, based on various items of information that I have personally come across over the years, I am quite certain that the Roswell incident of 1947 was real and that it was a "Little Grey" craft that crashed. I have never personally actually seen a little Grey, and I never want to. As I describe in Millennial Hospitality III, The Road Home, I have also personally met and talked with a second type of alien, the ones that I call the Norwegians with 24 teeth. I am certain the earth is being visited by several different types of aliens. However, I am also quite certain that the US Government also periodically issues disinformation and false information as part of a campaign to create "Smoke Screens." I believe that a substantial portion of the information relating to Area 51 is US Government disinformation and "Smoke Screens." For example, the facilities at Area 51 are in a fenced rectangular area that is only 6 miles by 10 miles. That is nowhere near large enough for an alien base. It is also way too small to safely operate any alien anti-gravity craft. The various fields that surrounded the small Tall White scout craft emanated out at least one and a quarter miles. Fields of that same type emanated out from the Deep Space craft for many times that distance. Neither the Alien Generals nor the USAF Generals would ever agree to bring craft with that kind of power in close to the facilities at Area 51.

    My observations are as follows: Each one of the Tall Whites was an individual. Each one was different from every other Tall White, just as each human is different from every other human. Each one's emotional reactions were different from the others. In order for a human to survive being around them, it was necessary to recognize and understand how different and individual each one of them was.

    It is important to remember that I simply had no point of reference for the experience of meeting creatures not of this planet. I had no briefing. It was night. It was pitch dark. It was in the large empty barracks on the Indian Springs base where I had my bunk. I was completely alone in the barracks. The reality is much different than one might suppose. I lived with them for two years and even toward the end of that time, the experience was never relaxing. For those old enough to remember what innocent times the early to mid-sixties were, I think they might have less difficulty under-standing how unprecedented my introduction was.

    The decision to send me, and no one else, out to the ranges, was made by a committee of individuals that included the Tall Whites as well as high ranking USAF Generals and other high-ranking members of the U.S. Government. The Tall Whites are very meticulous about keeping their agreements and expect the U.S. Government to be equally meticulous about keeping its agreements as well. If I were victimized or threatened by anyone, the Tall Whites would interpret that to mean that the U.S. Government could not be trusted to keep its agreements. The consequences would be enormous. Remember also that I was a weather observer. I was an enlisted man. I was never shown any classified documents. I was never given any classified briefings. I was never a part of any classified program such as building secret aircraft. I never took any photographs. I did not bring any government property, anything material, any diary, or logbook with me when I came off the ranges. I came off the ranges with only my memories.

    Many other airmen who served with me at Indian Springs witnessed the Tall Whites out in the desert. In addition, in the years that have passed since then, I have personally met a number of other individuals who have seen the tall Whites.

    Over the years, I have personally seen the black triangular craft. They typically made a lot of noise. I use my own personal rule of the thumb that any craft that makes a noise when it flies was built by the USAF. The Tall White craft use an anti-gravity propulsion system. It is perfectly silent. It doesn't leave anything behind, even sound. I note that the craft that crashed at Roswell in 1947 was disc shaped and apparently could also move in perfect silence. However, the helicopter designed by Werner Von Braun about 1938 was also disc shaped. Von Braun's design had four propellers inside of a large porous disc shaped envelope constructed out of lightweight materials. In principle, it could have reached supersonic speeds without creating shock waves. The purpose of the disc shaped envelope was to control the airflow around the disc shaped craft as it moved, thereby, propelling the craft forward, backward, side to side, up and down. An observer would not have been able to tell the difference between a craft of the Roswell design and a craft designed by Werner Von Braun by only considering its shape.

    It was my personal observation that their society has an organization very similar to our own American society or to the societies in Western Europe.

    The Tall Whites never discussed religion or philosophy with me. However, as I describe in (my books) Millennial Hospitality in the chapter entitled 'Rite of Passage,' and in Millennial Hospitality II The World We Knew in the chapter entitled 'Olympic Dreams' when the Teacher was talking with the other Tall White aliens, she told them that I believed in God and they all understood what she meant. A significant number of events of that type convinced me that they do have a religion and are naturally religious.

    Tall Whites are envious of our ability to mentally multi-task. They themselves seem to concentrate on only one thing at a time. Perhaps you are confusing me with someone else. The Tall Whites are physically more fragile than we are and therefore are afraid of us, just as we humans are naturally afraid of gorillas in the jungle. That fear has nothing to do with intuitive abilities or extrasensory perception. They are also afraid because we are completely at home here on the planet earth. We, as humans, are naturally built to survive here on the earth. We understand the animals and feel comfortable handling them. We fight with each other and then laugh it off and become friends. Our bodies can take tremendous physical damage and heal quickly. We handle bee stings, minor dog bites, being kicked by a mule, falling off logs, etc. We enjoy watching, playing, and laughing at brutal contact sports such as football and ice hockey. They can't do any of those things. They consider the earth to be a "… cold and desolate wilderness." We kill each other every time we have a war. The Tall Whites view humans as rather rough and tumble creatures, who happen to have discovered how to make nuclear weapons. It is little wonder then, that they are naturally afraid of us.

    The Tall Whites can only read a human's mind if they are using their technology. In particular, they had to be wearing one of their electronic communication devices. The longest distance that I ever personally saw it operate at was one and a quarter miles. It frequently happened, especially during the daytime, that many of the Tall Whites would come to where I was and they would not be wearing their electronic devices. On those occasions, if none of them had learned to speak English, the only way to communicate with them was using hand signals – pointing, gesturing, etc. If they chose to electronically hypnotize a human, they had to use one of their microwave based electronic devices. In that case, the human was simply hypnotized, exactly the same as if, say, he had been hypnotized by a magician during a stage show. I note that The Tall Whites have hearing at least as good as that of a dog. Like a dog, or a rhinoceros, they appear able to hear sounds whose frequencies are too high for a human to hear. I believe that, like a Rhinoceros, their vocal cords can also make sounds that are too high for a human to hear. This means that when several of them came around to where I was, they could talk between themselves using sounds that I could not hear. On those occasions, if a human didn't realize what was happening, it would seem as if they were practicing telepathic communication between themselves.

    The Tall Whites were only willing to exchange technology with the US Military if it was to their advantage to do so. I am certain that technology relating to the building of better radios and electronics in general was one area where the Tall Whites and the US Military exchanged technology. Creating better quality building and construction materials that could be used to repair their Deep Space Craft was another. The Tall Whites naturally benefited if we humans were capable of building, and constructing trade items. They were willing to exchange information relating to medicine, food, clothing, electronics, nuclear reactors, scientific details relating to our solar system and nearby solar systems, creating better metals, ceramics, and plastics. However, the Tall Whites had no desire to exchange technological secrets relating to anti-gravity drive, traveling faster than the speed of light, or to various forms of advanced weaponry. They greatly preferred to form joint teams with the US Military where the Tall Whites provided and operated the Deep Space craft, handled all of the building & repair of the anti-gravity drives, the propulsion system, and the advanced weaponry.

    I am quite certain that the Tall Whites have several agreements with the Highest levels in the U.S. Government, including with the US President, the US Congress, the US Air Force, the US Military, and with the CIA. I am quite certain that the Tall White leaders have met with the highest leaders in the US Government, the US military, and the CIA including The US President, several of the highest ranking Senators and Congressional leaders, the highest ranking USAF Generals, and the highest levels of the CIA. I am quite certain that all of those leaders were well aware that they were meeting with the Tall White Extra-Terrestrials.

    I have never regretted having lived these events. If given the choice, I would without hesitation relive them again, painful as they were. I have always been very proud of the service that I rendered my country. If given the choice, I would gladly do so again, even if it meant reliving both the bad times as well as the good.

    Karma One ~ May 2005


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    They are sleeping ..

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    Mar 24, 2013 - Ex-Military Veteran works with aliens! NEW! PROOF ALIENS EXIST

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    The Tall Whites have a physical form similar to ours in all gross aspects. That is, they are upright bipedal vertebrates; they have human-like faces, etc. With suitable clothing, they can and do pass as humans during well-guarded forays into Las Vegas.

    They have the faculty of speech, but some of their speech sounds are outside the audible spectrum for humans. In other words, we can't hear the sounds.

    Normal speech sounds “like a dog barking or a meadowlark singing”. However, some Tall Whites can mimic human speech and in fact carry on normal conversations with humans. Some have demonstrated an ability to imitate specific humans so well that the imitation cannot be detected when used over a telephone.

    They also can use a device that projects speech so that it is heard by humans within their head. This works only over a short range (several feet) and requires the human to turn the head sideways to the Tall White.

    The device is also a language translator. According to its settings from time to time, Hall was occasionally able to overhear Tall Whites conversing among themselves as though they were speaking English.

    As stated, there was a pattern of confrontations with our personnel, in which panic led to injury and death of our soldiers. These beings are all well-armed, and they can and do kill, sometimes at the tiniest provocation. They react and move much more rapidly than humans can, so if they decide you have threatened them, you may be cut down and bleeding out without having even been warned.

    Every Tall White adult carries a pencil-like weapon that can be set to stun, kill, immobilize, or "hypnotize" humans. It can also administer severe pain, and they frequently use it to discipline people who act in ways that annoy, frighten, or endanger them. The weapon's actions and effects are accomplished by varying the frequency of focused microwaves to interact with specific ions in the human body.

    Although they can be friendly, they are at times arrogant and insulting. They appear to be sensitive to our social structures (i.e., classes), for example cultivating relations with high-ranking military officials, some of whom were often seen working with them, while holding lesser-ranking persons in disdain. Hall got along with them by letting them treat him as their "pet", a term they used in his presence.

    Karma One : Do you have information about the first interaction between the Air Force and the Tall Whites when the Air Force arrived in Nevada to build the Nellis installation? You seem to say that the Tall Whites were not newcomers and that they were in fact installed there for quite a long time before the US army? .

    Charles Hall : I do not have any personal information regarding the first interactions between the US Government and the Tall White aliens. However, as I describe in "Millennial Hospitality III - The Road Home", The Tall White lady who called herself "The Teacher" stated that Pamela had been born in Indian Springs Valley during the time when James Madison was the U.S. President. That was back around the years 1812. The construction of the main Tall White hanger was consistent with the late 1940's or early 1950's.


    On a side note: the link on that article from the OP on the bottom of the page is interesting as well.

    Possible Extended Encounter with Imdugud

    study Second side note: Guess I'll have to read up on Anton Parks....interesting:

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    Anton Parks' accounts are interesting -- can't quite explain it but I've "seen" some of the "people" he mentioned. It was a brief "view" but the message was simple: "be responsible for your creation", which gave me goosebumps. Especially when the "view" outside was one large planet in stunning blue. Have to wonder if it was Earth 'a long, long time ago' ...

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