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    Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine


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    Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine Empty Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine

    Post  Seashore on Wed Jun 03, 2015 7:59 am

    On the website, there is a page on the verification of German New Medicine.  One of the entries:

    1998: The Medical Faculty of the University of Trnava (Slovakia) tested seven patients with 20 specific medical conditions at the Sainte Elisabeth Institute of Oncology at Bratislava and the Oncology unit of the Hospital of Trnava. As stated in the official certification: The objective was to establish whether Dr. Hamer's system of medicine could be verified by using a scientific method to show that his results are repeatable. This has been the case. (see Trnava Document, 11.09.1998)



    Dated at Herisau, 11 September, 1998

    Registrar's Office
    For the Municipality of Herisau
    The Registrar

    By Order
    (Signed) BALINE



    On 8 and 9 September 1998, seven patients were seen at the Saint Elisabeth Institute of Oncology at Bratislava and the Oncology Unit of the Hospital at Trnava, respectively, in the presence of the Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University of Trnava, the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Social Science, and ten other Professors and Lecturers. The said seven patients presented with 20 particular medical conditions (Dr. Hamer prepared minutes of the examination of such patients, which are attached hereto). The objective was to establish whether his system of medicine could be verified by using a scientific method to show that his results are repeatable. This has been the case.

    Pursuant to the rules of "New Medicine" each and every particular disease can be tested for about 100 different facts. Due to incomplete medical test results not all such 100 facts could be tested for. However, those facts which could be tested, indicated that all natural laws of the "New Medicine" which are the foundation of the "New Medicine" were valid.

    His system was put to the test at the said two conferences. The undersigned are of the view that the validity of the system was sufficiently proven with a high of probability.

    We value very highly Dr Hamer's humanity, his ethical and caring attitude toward the patient and the new holistic approach to the patient. Considering all such factors, we have gained the impression that the question, as to how the "New Medicine" could be applied as soon as possible, should be given attention.

    Dated at Trnava 11.9.1998

    Prof. MUDr. J. Pogady, DrSc, Prof. of Psychiatry -- Signature

    Prof. MUDr. V. Krcmery, DrSc, Dean of the  Faculty -- Signature

    Doc. RNDr. J. Miklosko, DrSc, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research -- Signature

    But the Wikipedia article on Hamer claims that the University of Trnava has no real medical faculty:

    Hamer says that his system is verifiable and that the Trnava University and others have already confirmed some of his theories.[2] In fact the Trnava University has no real medical faculty and the documents which allegedly confirm his view are not available and registered at the university.[25][26]

    Whatever it takes, I think German New Medicine needs to be brought into the light of day and given serious consideration.

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    Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine Empty Re: Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Wed Jun 03, 2015 7:16 pm

    Seashore, I think the best way to find truth of Dr. Hamer's treatment is in real life and by experience, although I haven't had the
    chance, thank God in a way, to meet the man while in need of treatment myself. As far as I've studied the work of Dr. R.G. Hamer MD,
    since 1996, I perceive Dr. Hamer as belonging to the world of good witches and druids, shamans of the true kind, all people who need
    to do their work, in the modern world, with modesty and in a simple workplace and location. Like in the old days of nature devotion,
    under an oak, or remote areas, living maybe in the style of a Baba Jaga or by another eccentric lifestyle.

    The name Hadewich, the good witch of medieval times, means "witch who lives by the hedge" on the outside of a tribal living area,
    with a hedge as natural border. She was respected greatly, but for the eyes of the world she had to practice invisibility.

    I know a spiritual teacher, a woman who went for treatment to Dr. Hamer and found healing that way. Also, I've found reports of fraudulous
    and abusive treatment of Dr. Hamer's name and work, mentioned in the link at the end of this post. I've contacted a German student of Dr.
    Hamer around the end of the '90's and never received a reply. Shortly after some news of that fraudulous practice was published online.

    I believe at some point Dr. Hamer became very angry for being denied approval of his work and found himself entangled in opposed forces,
    at war with each other, fueled by anger that would ricochet off all parties involved. He's battered and bruised severely, starting with his
    own and his family's dis-eases that lead him to the discovery of his miracle cure, as it were. What a life-story, don't you think?  Blink

    It's always been that way, that some people have known that manifestation of matter is a result of our spiritual being at work.
    That's what matters to me only. That view or insight is put in a different way in the quote below here:

    "Through the millennia, humanity has more or less consciously known that all diseases ultimately have a psychic origin and it
    became a "scientific" asset firmly anchored in the inheritance of universal knowledge;  it is only modern medicine that has turned our
    animated beings into a bag full of chemical formulas.” R.G. Hamer, MD

    Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine New-me10

    Years of Frustration and Rejection

    Of course this theory, although well researched with 20,000 case studies, validated with CT  (computed axial tomography or CAT
    scan is an image of the soft tissues of the body) scans and containing compelling evidence, was something completely new within
    standard medical practice.
     When Hamer presented his discoveries to his colleagues, they demanded that he deny his findings or
    leave the university immediately.  He chose the latter course—and continued his research--although the unjust dismissal haunted
    him for years.  And it was to get even worse.

    Hamer next submitted his research to the University in Tubingen in October 1981 as a post-doctoral thesis. His primary intent was
    to create the opportunity for his results to be tested as soon as possible so they could begin to benefit cancer patients. In May 1982,
    the University rejected Hamer’s work without testing even a single case for reproduction—and to this date they continue to refuse.  
    In the ensuing years, he repeatedly attempted to open a clinic where patients who chose to could utilize his methods, and each time
    he was legally prevented from doing so.

    The criticism (perhaps “persecution” would not be too strong a word here) reached its peak in 1986 when an action was begun to
    stop Hamer from practicing medicine on the basis that he "failed to deny his findings and failed to convert to the tenets of official
    medicine." This judgment was handed down after a single hearing. Hamer was subsequently forbidden to talk to patients and he
    was advised, at age 51, to find a new profession, unrelated to medicine. He was even jailed for 18 months for providing information
    to patients about his “New Medicine.”  His career as a physician appeared to be over.

    Hamer continued his research on a limited basis, being now denied any kind of financial, technical or administrative support.  He finally
    took the University of Tubingen to court and won and the University was ordered by the court to conduct studies about Hamer’s
    findings.  To date they have not done so.
     Since he believes very strongly that current methods for treating cancer (surgery,
    chemotherapy and radiation) are barbaric and completely ineffective on any kind of long-term basis as well—he has very few supporters
    within the conventional medical community.

    Source of text above:

    Dr. Hamer's English website established in 2001

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    Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine Empty Re: Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine

    Post  Seashore on Mon Jun 08, 2015 5:42 am

    The following is an interesting post.  The title is misleading, though.  "German New Medicine®: Rise of a Hoax and the People’s Choice":

    Posted on April 20, 2011

    Coming from France where I lived until 2003, I have been able to observe the development of Biodecoding® and Total Biology®, which both stemmed from Dr Hamer’s discoveries, German New Medicine®. Other European countries have been involved in the spreading of Dr Hamer’s work but I don’t have any factual data to comment on that. What I know is that Dr Hamer’s theories steadily grew in popularity the past 20 years in France to a point that today most health practitioners, whether they are alternative or conventional, are aware of them. Even though Dr Hamer’s theories haven’t been approved by the medical establishment, many scientists and doctors have taken the time to verify whether his theories had any valid foundation. It is no surprise that many of them have been able to validate the theories’ accuracy and had to agree with the relevance of those discoveries despite their initial skepticism.

    The popularization of Dr Hamer’s findings didn’t breakthrough the medical community though, which stayed pretty discrete in exposing them. In fact, for many years, Dr Hamer wanted his discoveries to be exclusively taught to the medical and scientific community. But one of his students, Dr Sabbah decided otherwise, breaking his promise and relationship with Dr Hamer; From this rupture, Total Biology® and Biodecoding® was born. The German New Medicine® principles became available to the masses and started to gain popularity in the alternative health community, which became highly involved in the practice, development and diffusion of these emerging modalities.

    About 5 or 6 years ago, something changed. These healing modalities were naturally becoming more and more practiced. Not a good sign for some people. It is evident that this growth could become a serious threat to the pharmaceutical and medical industry if nothing was done to stop it. For those who learn German New Medicine® and who take the time to observe and research it objectively it is clear that GNM would sign the death of the pharmaceutical and medical industry. It didn’t take long for the French authorities to jump into action. With the help of  wide media coverage, massive arrests and persecutions were launched against health practitioners and doctors who supported Dr Hamer’s theories.

    Amongst the pharmaceutical, medical and scientific community, there are as many opponents to German New Medicine® as there are supporters. The latter are much more discrete about voicing their views on Dr. Hamer’s findings. To avoid persecution or losing their license most will practice or talk about German New Medicine® covertly. This is one of the reasons why successfully treated cases are rarely reported by medical doctors on the internet and in medical journals. Most information found supporting German New Medicine® comes from non-scientifically-approved third parties or testimonials from people who have succeeded in healing using Dr. Hamer’s approach.

    I have met many doctors who use Dr. Hamer’s approach but do not want to reveal their results publicly. They are family doctors, oncologists and neurologists. Some of them openly discuss German New Medicine® with their clients and some don’t to avoid liability issues. The last several years though, I have seen more and more licensed medical practitioners taking a stand for German New Medicine® and I think we’ll see significantly more of them in the coming years especially now that it has reached the American, African and Asian continents.  Despite the high controversy surrounding Dr. Hamer’s findings, some ranking them as a hoax, German New Medicine®  theories are standing up stronger than ever. People from all around the world have already made their choice!

    For more information about Biodecoding® and German New Medicine® visit

    It is so sad that doctors have to worry about liability for truly helping their patients.

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    Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine Empty Re: Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine

    Post  Eartheart on Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:45 am

    Rolling Eyes I timetraveled back and instructed Jesus on NewgermanMeds, which
    helped the HolySpit implementing his truthMoove... Razz

    Actually called a pharmazeutical-military complex allready, with all its genocidal tactics and multilayered suppressions of solutions, patents, lifeexpressions, alternatives& parallel existences...&&& WE CAN CLEARLY DEPICT THE SOURCE OF ALL ILLNESS... The sick driven satanic MOB, all archontic killerstrains, powerhungry (them even need such words) mutants,
    the whole fu**king systems of modern materialism Arrow Exclamation Question Mad

    The core of disputet newgermanmeds goes like this, for which i am shurly embedding my thanx - it saved my live as well against the darco maniacs:

    Lifeforces embedd you in a strong EM harmonic effluence, very difficult to disrupt;
    Such disruptions can when established and maintained lead to a controlled induction of sickness and death;
    By Alphabetagency developed scripts and jew tactics of personality screwing, ID theft, Lifestream displacements, heavy mobbing, sudden loss of ID/Partners/soulplacement and sirious fraudlike destruction of your estimed place in community or an location -- such disruptions are enforced... pig

    They lead to an emo-trauma (needing 5step regression) with an neural feedback in that brainparts, which where shown in those CAD scans by NGM.
    That is the main sichness than, all other symptoms appeaar along the 5step autoimmune healing process. Wich can sped up to Jesus Lovespeed if you master the EM field of your emotions - point into believe/faith ect...

    Concerning the metastasic cancerous symptomes of fear, confusion, anger,
    groll and revenge/hate - they appear along the healing and are not the sichness!!!!!! rendeer Like horizonatal and vertical mirror freqency-screens established by karmatic wrong choices against life, we can see our own ugly till death cyclops or return to resonant coherent harmonix geek
    So if you get out of conflixed polarity matrix, you leave it all behind,
    including this so called NGMeds and have a better thing/k to doooooo Cool

    Eartheart sets us free (wow, i can write this up without reverences in 5 and 1peace)


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    Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine Empty Re: Verification of Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine

    Post  Seashore on Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:15 am

    Seashore wrote:It is so sad that doctors have to worry about liability for truly helping their patients.

    Details about Dr Hamer's personal story:

    Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer, born in 1935 in Frisia (Germany), studied medicine and theology at the University of Tübingen. At the age of 22, he completed his master’s degree in theology and then, four years later, received his professional license as a doctor of medicine. The following years he practiced at different university clinics in Germany.

    In 1972 Dr. Hamer completed his specialization in internal medicine and began to work at the University clinic in Tübingen as an internist in charge of cancer patients. At the same time, he ran a private practice with his wife Dr. Sigrid Hamer, whom he had met during their studies in Tübingen. He also showed an extraordinary talent for inventing medical devices.

    Among others, he owns the patent for a non-traumatic scalpel (Hamer-Scalpel) which cuts twenty times sharper than a razor blade, a special bone saw for plastic surgery, and a massage table that automatically adjusts to the body’s contours.

    His inventions provided Dr. Hamer and his family with the financial means to move to Italy, where he realized his plan to treat the sick in the slums of Rome free of charge. On August 18th, 1978, while in Rome, the Hamers received the shocking news that their son Dirk had been accidentally shot by the Italian Prince Victor Emanuel of Savoy. On December 7th, 1978, Dirk succumbed to the injuries and died in his father’s arms.

    Shortly after Dirk’s death, Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Since he had never been seriously ill, he postulated that the development of his cancer could be directly related to the unexpected loss of his son. In fact, he would eventually, in honor of Dirk, call this unexpected shock a DHS or “Dirk Hamer Syndrome”.

    Dirk’s death and his own experience with cancer set Dr. Hamer on an extraordinary scientific journey.

    At the time head internist of a cancer clinic at the University of Munich, he began to investigate his cancer patients’ histories and soon learned that, like him, they all had experienced an unexpected shock of one sort or another. But he took his research even further. Pursuing the hypothesis that all bodily events are controlled from the brain, he analyzed his patients’ brain scans and compared them with the corresponding medical and psychological records. To his amazement, he found a clear correlation between certain “conflict shocks”, how these shocks manifest on the organ and how all these processes are connected to the brain. Until then, no studies had examined the origin of disease in the brain and the role of the brain as the mediator between the psyche and a diseased organ.

    . . . Dr. Hamer’s research radically upsets the many existing theories of conventional medicine. His explanation of disease as a meaningful interplay between the psyche, the brain and the corresponding organ refutes the view that disease occurs by chance or as a result of a mistake of nature. Based on sound scientific criteria, German New Medicine shatters the myths of malignant cancer cells or of destructive microbes and identifies “infectious diseases” as well as cancerous tumors as natural biological emergency measures, in practice for millions of years, designed to save the organism and not, as we have been taught, to destroy it. Diseases such as cancer lose their frightening image and are recognized as meaningful special biological survival programs every human being is born with.

    In October 1981, Dr. Hamer presented his research to the University of Tübingen as a post-doctoral thesis. The objective was to have his findings tested on equivalent cases so that German New Medicine could be taught to all medical students and patients could benefit from the discoveries as soon as possible. But to his great surprise, the University committee rejected his work and refused to evaluate his thesis, an unprecedented case in the history of universities. There was yet another surprise. Shortly after he had handed in his thesis, Dr. Hamer was given the ultimatum to either deny his findings or his contract would not be renewed. It was extremely difficult for him to understand why he was being expelled from the clinic for presenting well-substantiated scientific findings. After his dismissal, he retreated to his private practice where he continued his research. Several attempts to open a private clinic failed because of concerted efforts opposing it. Letters of Dr. Hamer’s patients to health officials remained unanswered or were returned with the comment: “Not applicable!”. The firm position of the authorities has not changed.

    In 1985, after 29 years of marriage and the raising of four children, Sigrid Hamer died. She had never really recovered from the grief over the death of her son and the relentless intimidation by the Savoy family.

    The harassment of Dr. Hamer culminated in 1986, when a court sentence stopped him from practicing medicine. Despite the fact that his scientific work had never been disproved, he lost his medical license, at the age of 51 on the grounds that he refused to renounce his findings on the origin of cancer and to conform to the principles of official medicine. Deprived of a medical license, Dr. Hamer now relied on other doctors to obtain brain scans and patients’ records. But he was determined to continue his work. By 1987 Dr. Hamer had already analyzed over 10,000 cases and was able to expand his discovery of the Five Biological Laws of German New Medicine to practically all diseases known in medicine. Meanwhile, the press and the medical establishment stopped at nothing to attack him and his work. Tabloid journalists and medical “experts” portray Dr. Hamer as a charlatan, a self acclaimed miracle healer, a cult leader, an irrational outsider, or an insane criminal who denied cancer patients the ‘life-saving’ conventional treatments.

    In 1997 Dr. Hamer was arrested and sentenced to 19 months in prison for having given three people free medical information without a medical license. By contrast, in 1991, thirteen years after he had killed Dirk Hamer, Victor Emanuel of Savoy had been sentenced to a mere 6 months probation for the illegal possession of a weapon. When Dr. Hamer was arrested, the police searched his patient files. Subsequently, one public prosecutor was forced to admit during the trial that, after MORE THAN five years, of 6,500 patients with mostly ‘terminal’ cancer, 6,000 were still alive. And so, ironically, it was his opponents that provided the actual statistics attesting to German New Medicine’s remarkable success rate. Yet, to this day the University of Tübingen refuses, despite court orders in 1986 and 1994, to test Dr. Hamer’s scientific work. Similarly, official medicine refuses to approve German New Medicine despite its numerous verifications by both physicians and professorial associations.

    On September 9th, 2004, Dr. Hamer was arrested at his home in Spain. Following a European extradition order, Dr. Hamer was extradited to France, where he was held in the French prison Fleury-Mérogis. Dr. Hamer was sentenced to three years in prison without probation. The charges: “fraud and the complicity in the illegal practice of medicine” He has been charged and found responsible for the deaths of French citizens due to the availability of his publications in French. It should be mentioned that Dr. Hamer had never spoken to any of the individuals in person.

    Dr. Hamer was released in February 2006. In March 2007, he was forced to leave his Spanish exile. He is now living in Sandefjord, Norway.

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    Post  Seashore on Wed Jun 17, 2015 6:30 am

    Seashore wrote:
    Yet, to this day the University of Tübingen refuses, despite court orders in 1986 and 1994, to test Dr. Hamer’s scientific work.

    What I want to know is how do they get away with that?  Why no enforcement of court orders?

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    Post  mudra on Thu Jan 16, 2020 2:29 am

    Rich Planet TV show 280
    Part 1 of 4: Sacred Medicine

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    Post  mudra on Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:16 am

    Introduction to the 5 biological laws

    Love Always

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