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    Kerry Cassidy Interview of Simon Parkes


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    Kerry Cassidy Interview of Simon Parkes Empty Kerry Cassidy Interview of Simon Parkes

    Post  Seashore on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:26 am

    For those who don't like to sit through YouTube videos, the text of Simon Parkes' newsletter, upon which this interview is based, can read the information:


    . . . Welcome to the April edition of my newsletter.  The last 6 weeks have seen some of the greatest activities on this planet perhaps not seen for the last 20 years.

    In March it may be remembered that President Putin disappeared for some ten days and I can now reveal what he did.  Apart from meeting Chinese officials and formerly signing the BRICS agreement, the elite American government personnel along with their allies in UK rerouted sensitive encrypted information along the VPN line in the Ukraine.  This information contained, amongst others, reports from the atomic energy commission and Britain’s spy centre known as GCHQ.  This information was fabricated and it was hoped that the Russian secret service would intercept these transmissions.  Encoded in this information was the false report that Britain’s nuclear submarine fleet had targeted their missiles on Russia,  I am left with no other conclusion than to believe that this was an attempt to start a 3rd world war.  Thank god President Putin realised the trick and did not respond militarily, however this was the final act that convinced him to sign the BRICS agreement - for up until now he had not formally signed.  This is why he nationalized the main bank in Russia, because he required a state run bank to trade in the new currency which of course will be gold backed. . . .

    On a far more sinister note an arm of the Zionist regime sent a hit squad in an attempt to assassinate President Putin, this was thwarted and at the same time a hit squad was despatched to take out President Obama.  That is why some 10 members of the senate were recently arrested - because this plot also failed.  So now we begin to see why America at its highest levels is fearful of the new gold backed currency.  With China, Switzerland, India, Brazil, potentially Hungary, Iceland and even the United Kingdom wishing to join, America is being isolated economically. . . .

    In relation to the CERN device after 2 years of developmental work and non operation the final part of the 26 mile extension was being put into place when damage occurred to the tubing.  This has put back the operation of the device yet again and we await with interest to see the development.  Many people are making predictions about the Planet X, I certainly am of the opinion that a large foreign body will come close to the earth in the very near future although it will not strike the earth.  The CERN device could be used against such an object.  In short let us imagine a bank and the bank manager goes on holiday leaving the bank employees to usurp their position then the bank manager returns to take charge of the bank and the employees try to stop him.  This is a rather a light hearted analogy of the situation on planet earth at the present time. . . .

    The YouTube Description:

    Published on Apr 17, 2015

    Originally broadcast live and now available here on Youtube. I interviewed Simon Parkes about his latest Newsletter (see below) regarding what's happening right now on the global playing field: PUTIN, THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL RESET, RECENT ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS ON PUTIN AND OBAMA, CERN and more!

    Special Note: Just a few hours prior to the live broadcast Simon's computer was destroyed. He went out and bought a new one and was still unable to get online to use skype. Clearly they do not want this information out there! Please distribute widely!


    FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015


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    Kerry Cassidy Interview of Simon Parkes Empty Re: Kerry Cassidy Interview of Simon Parkes

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Sat Apr 18, 2015 7:09 am

    Thank you, Seashore, for sharing Simon Parkes April 2015 newsletter Flowers I'll give it a try to go through the tubby
    interview. It's been a long time since I listened to Project Camelot interviews, looking and listening to how both Kerry and
    Simon go about it, with fresh eyes and ears, may offer new insights Wink As far as I can discern, I feel that Simon Parkes is
    a well informed and genuine person. He confirms what I've found out about Putin, having gone through some exploring
    about this man. For what it's worth, meant in a good way Cheerful

    As some of you may have noticed in my style of being present here, the most value I find in these Mists, is in discussing
    how we feel and go about it, while pondering and exploring, using this Forum for entertainment and/or finding truth in honest
    discussions. And possibly grow in finding new insights. As I've mentioned before, it's welcome to be present here as a living
    human being and not exclude our emotions/feelings and 3D life experiences.

    There's a tendency to be "cool" and non-engaged, sort of, for the nature of virtual communication is "cool" as in a lack of a
    blood circulation. At the same time, different from my view of years ago, we are the ones that can make it so, regarding
    warmth and beauty, in image and words. Aren't we? It's a choice.

    How can we truly find evidence of theories and messages, when we've not taken part in the creation of them, I wonder?
    The Flat Earth thread is an example of such an endeavor. There's no framework to work with, which can be a pleasant
    way of stretching fixed beliefs, but the discussion needs to be within boundaries, in need of a kind of working model,
    as I see it.

    For me the question is important "Who's asking?" in this exploring for evidence and the "creation" of a Flat Earth theory,
    as if a flat earth is a given fact. For which is found no proof, similar to the theory of a round planet. Who is it that is asking
    questions about the shape of our planet, where is it coming from? When we find that answer, we have a foundation to stand
    on, in discerning the truth, as I see it. That's what I mean by "boundaries" or working model", see?

    If we had memories of having created planet Earth by our own abilities and consciousness, we wouldn't have a need to find
    out if it's round or flat, would we? I'm carefully taking it all in though, this sharing of public information, be it regular or alternative,
    whistling or screaming. For me it works, taking it in in with common sense, taking lots of breaks, specially with the beautiful spring-
    time vibes in Holland. The cherry tree in my neighbor's garden is in full blossom and the warmth of the sun is a balm on my face.

    I hear this ringing in my ears often: "Much isn't what it seems and much is different from how we think it is" I realize this moment,
    in my NOW, after sharing my thoughts with you, that this statement is an invitation to let go and go in trust. Not having a need to
    know the answer and feel secure. I laugh at myself, for returning to my childhood years, for I'm repeatedly stumbling on the invitation
    to live with a question and let it be. I thank myself for sharing this in the Mists, finding clarity again


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    Kerry Cassidy Interview of Simon Parkes Empty Re: Kerry Cassidy Interview of Simon Parkes

    Post  Seashore on Sat Apr 18, 2015 7:38 am

    B.B.Baghor wrote: As far as I can discern, I feel that Simon Parkes is a well informed and genuine person.

    I have that sense about him, as well.

    During the Q&A from the Chat room someone asked a question about something Stewart Swerdlow has said.  Parkes mentioned that he has met Swerdlow and believes him to be genuine.  I was glad to hear that these two know each other because I'm hoping there will be future interviews and conferences from which to possibly gain a comparing of notes between those two insiders.  

    I'm fairly certain that the following Swerdlow presentation was made at the conference where Parkes met Swerdlow in 2013.  Swerdlow also speaks of Simon in the presentation:

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