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    Planet X In The Newspaper


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    Planet X In The Newspaper Empty Planet X In The Newspaper

    Post  Carol on Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:15 am

    Originally posted by Gone Fishing ~

    Check it out

    The Sun news paper. I kid you not.

    Nebula: K626, I doubt its a set agenda. There are things happening in the heavens that we don't fully understand. There is much information out there about Planet X/Nibiru/Brown dwaf/Death Star/Nemesis etc. I say we all post something we have read or heard. Lets all do that and then closely look at it and discern for ourselves what resonates and what doesn't.

    K626: Stories about the fictional planet Nibiru and predictions of doomsday in December 2012 have blossomed on the Internet. There are now (June 2009) more than 175 books listed on dealing with the 2012 doomsday. As this hoax spreads, many more disaster scenarios are being suggested. “Ask an Astrobiologist” has received nearly a thousand questions about Nibiru and 2012, with more than 200 answers posted. Many new questions are similar to those already answered. Following is a list of the most popular “Twenty Questions” organized in a logical succession and answered in some detail.

    In addition to my responses, there are some other good resources

    * NASA home page story 2012: Beginning of the End or Why the World Won’t End?
    * Neil de Grassse Tyson posted a nice video clip on the Nibiru-2012 issue.
    * Wikipedia has several useful entries. Start with Nibiru Collision, then look at Nibiru Mythology and Nibiru Sitchin). Also informative is the entry for 2012 doomsday predictions.
    * For a detailed description of the origin of the Planet X / Nibiru cult see the discussion by Phil Plait on his Badastronomy website.

    David Morrison,
    NAI Senior Scientist
    June 1, 2009

    1. What is the origin of the prediction that the world will end in December 2012?

    The story started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth. Zecharia Sitchin, who writes fiction about the ancient Mesopotamian civilization of Sumer, claimed in several books (e.g., The Twelfth Planet, published in 1976) that he has found and translated Sumerian documents that identify the planet Nibiru, orbiting the Sun every 3600 years. These Sumerian fables include stories of “ancient astronauts” visiting Earth from a civilization of aliens called the Anunnaki. Then Nancy Lieder, a self-declared psychic who claims she is channeling aliens, wrote on her website Zetatalk that the inhabitants of a fictional planet around the star Zeta Reticuli warned her that the Earth was in danger from Planet X or Nibiru. This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012. Only recently have these two fables been linked to the end of the Mayan long-count at the winter solstice in 2012 – hence the predicted doomsday date of December 21, 2012.

    2. The Sumerians were the first great civilization, and they made many accurate astronomical predictions, including the existence of the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. So why should we not believe their predictions about Nibiru?

    Nibiru is a name in Babylonian astrology sometimes associated with the god Marduk. Nibiru appears as a minor character in the Babylonian creation poem Enuma Elish as recorded in the library of Assurbanipal, King of Assyria (668-627 BCE). Sumer flourished much earlier, from about the 23rd century to the 17th century BCE. The claims that Nibiru is a planet and was known to the Sumerians are contradicted by scholars who (unlike Zecharia Sitchin) study and translate the written records of ancient Mesopotamia. Sumer was indeed a great civilization, important for the development of agriculture, water management, urban life, and especially writing. However, they left very few records dealing with astronomy. Certainly they did not know about the existence of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. They also had no understanding that the planets orbited the Sun, an idea that first developed in ancient Greece two millennia after the end of Sumer. Claims that Sumerians had a sophisticated astronomy, or that they even had a god named Nibiru, are the product of Sitchin’s imagination.

    3. How can you deny the existence of Nibiru when NASA discovered it in 1983 and the story appeared in leading newspapers? At that time you called it Planet X, and later it was named Xena or Eris.

    IRAS (the NASA Infrared Astronomy Satellite, which carried out a sky survey for 10 months in 1983) discovered many infrared sources, but none of them was Nibiru or Planet X or any other objects in the outer solar system. There is a good discussion from Caltech to be found at ( Briefly, IRAS cataloged 350,000 infrared sources, and initially many of these sources were unidentified (which was the point, of course, of making such a survey). All of these observations have been followed up by subsequent studies with more powerful instruments both on the ground and in space. The rumor about a “tenth planet” erupted in 1984 after a scientific paper was published in Astrophysical Journal Letters titled “Unidentified point sources in the IRAS minisurvey”, which discussed several infrared sources with “no counterparts”. But these “mystery objects” were subsequently found to be distant galaxies (except one, which was a wisp of “infrared cirrus”), as published in 1987. No IRAS source has ever turned out to be a planet. A good discussion of this whole issue is to be found on Phil Plait’s website ( The bottom line is that Nibiru is a myth, with no basis in fact. To an astronomer, persistent claims about a planet that is “nearby” but “invisible” are just plain silly.

    4. Maybe we should be asking about Planet X or Eris, not Nibiru. Why does NASA keep secret the orbit of Eris?

    “Planet X” is an oxymoron when applied to a real object. The term has been used by astronomers over the past century for a possible or suspected object. Once the object is found, it is given a real name, as was done with Pluto and Eris, both of which were at some time referred to as Planet X. If a new object turns out to be not real, or not a planet, then you won’t hear about it again. If it is real, it is not called Planet X.

    Eris is one of several dwarf planets recently found by astronomers in the outer solar system, all of them on normal orbits that will never bring them near Earth. Like Pluto, Eris is smaller than our Moon. It is very far away, and its orbit never brings it closer than about 4 billion miles. There is no secret about Eris and its orbit, as you can easily verify by googling it or looking it up in Wikipedia.

    5. Do you deny that NASA built a South Pole Telescope (SPT) to track Nibiru? Why else would they build a telescope at the South Pole?

    There is a telescope at the South Pole, but it was not built by NASA and not used to study Nibiru. The South Pole Telescope was supported by the National Science Foundation, and it is a radio telescope, not an optical instrument. It cannot take images or photos. You can look it up on Wikipedia. The Antarctic is a great place for astronomical infrared and short-wave-radio observations, and it also has the advantage that objects can be observed continuously without the interference of the day-night cycle.

    I should add that it is impossible to imagine a geometry in which an object can be seen only from the South Pole. Even if it were due south of the Earth, it could be seen from the entire southern hemisphere.

    6. There are many photos and videos of Nibiru on the Internet. Isn’t that proof that it exists?

    The great majority of the photos and videos on the Internet are of some feature near the Sun (apparently supporting the claim that Nibiru has been hiding behind the Sun for the past several years.) These are actually false images of the Sun caused by internal reflections in the lens, often called lens flare. You can identify them easily by the fact that they appear diametrically opposite the real solar image, as if reflected across the center of the image. This is especially obvious in videos, where as the camera moves, the false image dances about always exactly opposite the real image. Similar lens flare is a source of many UFO photos taken at night with strong light sources such as streetlights in the frame. I am surprised that people don’t recognize this common photo artifact. I am also amazed that these photos showing something nearly as large and bright as the Sun (a “second sun”) are accepted together with claims made on some of the same websites that Nibiru is too faint to be seen or photographed except with large telescopes.

    One widely reported telescopic photo ( shows two views of an expanding gas cloud far beyond the solar system, which is not moving; you can see this from the fact that the stars are the same in both pictures. A sharp-eyed reader of this website identified these photos as a gas shell around the star V838 Mon. Wikipedia has a nice write-up and a beautiful photo of it from Hubble. Another high school student was initially impressed by posted images of a red blob that were said to be of Nibiru. Then he worked out in his Photoshop class how to make just such pictures starting from scratch.

    One video posted in summer 2008 on Youtube ( shows a guy standing in his kitchen claiming that one of the objects discovered by a NASA x-ray telescope is Nibiru. What is his evidence? That since this false-color x-ray image released by NASA is blue, this must really be a nearby planet with an ocean. This would be hilarious if it were not used to frighten people.

    7. Can you explain the fact that the area at (5h 53m 27s, -6 10’ 58”) has been blackened out in Google Sky and Microsoft Telescope? People suggest that these have been blackened out because those are the co-ordinates where Nibiru is located at present.

    Several people have asked me about this blank rectangle in Orion in Google Sky, which is a presentation of images from the Sloan Digital Survey. This can’t be a “hiding place” for Nibiru, since it is a part of the sky that could be seen from almost everywhere on the Earth in the winter of 2007-08 when much of the talk about Nibiru began. That would contradict the claims that Nibiru was hiding behind the Sun or that it could be seen only from the southern hemisphere. But I too was curious about this blank rectangle, so I asked a friend who is a senior scientist at Google. He replied that he “found out that the missing data is due to a processing error in the image stitching program we use to display the Sloan survey images. The team assures me that in the next run through, this will be fixed!”

    rest here

    gscraig: This is all good information provided via Q&A but the object I want some understanding or elaboration on is the NEAT comet (though I wouldn't trust NASA's response).

    Where is it now?, What exactly was it's impact on our Sun besides what we have seen? I would have also inquired about the Sun's current activity and his thoughts, the other planet changes, and a time frame on when the Earth (not our solar system) is officially expected to enter the magnetic cloud voyagers I and 2 captured data on. They acknowledged our solar system would be going into it, but no dates, how long, and that's along with them saying some interesting things may happen. Such as? (besides time and distance being less significant in this cloud).

    This is another reason why NASA can't be trusted. I want them to tell us more about what we know (and NASA confirmed) is going on.
    In my opinion, it is also seems a bit unprofessional for someone via NASA to be referencing Wikidpedia, a known user entry website for people to check science facts. lol!!! HILARIOUS!!

    What a silly world we live in.

    Nebula: Nice one K626, thanks.

    There is lots of things Nasa/Gov knows and also say the Ptb!
    Just looking at this article from the actions of Nasa/Govs; should tell you something is happening out there in the heavens or Galaxy/Solar System. All of the talk about the world will end in 2012 fear mongering is bullshit.

    2. The Sumerians were the first great civilization, and they made many accurate astronomical predictions, including the existence of the planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. So why should we not believe their predictions about Nibiru?


    It pays to have a look at this site .

    It appears that a lot of star systems are binary and Sol could have a companion .
    The theory is that objects at the edge of our solar system in an area called the Oort Cloud are displaced in a cyclic manner over a periods of thousands of years .

    There is geologic evidence of recurring devastation on Earth.

    The giant planets Neptune and Uranus are both over 15 times the size of Earth. Those two planet at time have been found to display erratic behavior in their orbit. Pluto has been declassed and it is no longer considered a planet because it is too small and his pull on Neptune and Uranus is negligible. What is causing interference in those two very large planets orbit?

    It stand to reason that it must be a very large body (bigger than Jupiter ) responsible . This large astronomic body is theorized to be only visible on the infrared spectrum . That's why some new space observatories with capabilities in the infrared region have been put in orbit .
    I would not trust NASA. NASA is a military space agencies that manages two space exploration programs . One for the benefit of the public at large with Rocket technology. With this technology it is very slow and dangerous to explore anything . Another space program of NASA is classified and reverse engineered crafts are used.

    The nickname of NASA is: Never A Straight Answer. So people should not believe everything NASA says . Author Richard Hoagland in his book Dark Mission tells the readers how ,when a Mars probe landed showing Mars to look similar to the land in Arizona, the TV technicians were sent around to change the color mix of the TV monitors so that the real color could be disguised. It was not convenient at that time that Mars resembled Earth...


    > Program in Conjunction with McDonald Douglass called KEREGMA.

    > Satellite sent into deep space covertly to send Images back of S.a.A.M.e. (Nibiru) and Its Brown Dwarf Companion Star - Nemesis/Orcus.

    > Five satellites in orbit around Nemesis/Orcus including S.a.A.M.e./Nibiru...

    viking: URGENT MESSAGE

    'SOUTH AMERICA GETTING READY TO ROLL' ....Today, Gerard is sensing that the time is now to issue a warning. Thus, we issue this warning to those with interests in these areas…get ready NOW! What will occur will move the clock forward to a 7 and will shock the world.

    This urgent message just posted on

    enemyofNWO: PLANET X, NIBIRU, and I propose the lies of NASA.

    Until recently , they were telling us that Mars has little water or nothing , most of what is left is frozen underground ..

    Well here is a recent picture of ice on Mars:

    Is Phobos an artificial moon?
    Author Richard Hoagland tells us yes!

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    Planet X In The Newspaper Empty Persistent Evidence of a Jovian Mass Solar Companion in the Oort Cloud

    Post  enemyofNWO on Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:19 am

    Persistent Evidence of a Jovian Mass Solar Companion in the Oort Cloud
    John J. Matese and Daniel P. Whitmire Department of Physics University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA, 70504-4210 USA

    "We present an updated dynamical and statistical analysis of outer Oort cloud cometary evidence suggesting the sun has a wide-binary Jovian mass companion. The results support a conjecture that there exists a companion of mass ~ 1-4 M_Jup orbiting in the innermost region of the outer Oort cloud. Our most restrictive prediction is that the orientation angles of the orbit normal in galactic coordinates are centered on the galactic longitude of the ascending node Omega = 319 degree and the galactic inclination i = 103 degree (or the opposite direction) with an uncertainty in the normal direction subtending ~ 2% of the sky. A Bayesian statistical analysis suggests that the probability of the companion hypothesis is comparable to or greater than the probability of the null hypothesis of a statistical fluke. Such a companion could also have produced the detached Kuiper Belt object Sedna. The putative companion could be easily detected by the recently launched Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). "

    then click on the preferred type of file . I downloaded the PDF file from the author .
    It is hard going , very technical and full of references . Here is one little SNIP of it :

    "A solar companion remains a viable option (Matese et al. ( 1999); Horner and Evans ( 2002)). In addition, we find that an ≈ 4 MJ companion in an orbit such as that shown in Fig. 8 would be capable of adiabatically detaching a scattered disk EKBO, producing an object with orbital characteristics similar to Sedna (Matese et al. ( 2006); Gomes et al. ( 2006)). Allowing for the possibility that the perturber was more tightly bound primordially, smaller masses are then allowed. It may also be possible to explain the misalignment of the invariable plane with the solar spin axis (Gomes et al. ( 2006)) if the putative companion was more tightly bound primordially. Such a companion would have a temperature of ≈ 200 K (Burrows et al. ( 2003)) and will be easily seen by the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (Wright ( 2007)) recently launched.  "

    At page 33 the conclusion

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