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    free oneway obama taxi to your walmart


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    free oneway obama taxi to your walmart Empty free oneway obama taxi to your walmart

    Post  Eartheart Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:14 am

    FOX studio in the chickenhen of your brain, warning you of alien hoax.

    Then they tried same scam in germany, which stinks like a death programming glitch, like we've those braininduction and compulatory
    government programms in europa too...

    Here it looks like a stupid germanised TV-script, no one allowed on scene,
    no dead bodies but a mad dangerous, police saviour dictation, the shooter
    shot (murdered) and his body gone - sitting now in a hotelbed with a state sponsored hooker and awaiting next mission... study
    ------------------------------------------ Cow Cow Cow --------------

    The Merkel Effect

    Saw a brandnew parisian Movie, where to sexworkers talked about
    german clients, their inability to cumm properly, avoid body deformations and a bored slackness. Then one stated;"Thats the Merkel effect!"
    This brings me to consider how much the dark satanic overcoat has influenced the most intimates and personal reflections...

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