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    On Line Privacy


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    On Line Privacy  Empty On Line Privacy

    Post  NANUXII Mon May 23, 2016 12:35 pm

    Hello Earthlings

    I wanted to share a method of making your on line PC somewhat safer for on line surfing etc , it wont make you anon but it will reduce your metadata metrics that are being collected

    It will also drastically reduce the ability to manipulate your PC remotely.

    Firstly you will need a " comms machine " this is a lap top you dedicate for this function.

    Step 1 : Purchace a Linux CD , i use Rebecca Linux Mint
    Step 2 : Remove your hard drive
    Step 3 : Boot your machine from your CD drive and let linux do a temp install
    Step 4 : Once its installed go to your temp files and open as root
    Step 5 : Open your home files and select View hidden Fiels
    Dtep 6 : Go Back to Temp folder and select View Hidden Files ( delete all files in this folder ) minimise Go to home files and delete all files with a .file name ( basically all the hidden ones )
    Step 7 : Go to main menue and change desktop sharing to off
    Step 8 : Go to user icon and turn off Cinnamon Looking Glass and set to Normal mode
    Step 9 : Go to your on line router page and hide your SSID and re log as a hidden network.

    This configuration will basically make you invisible to all hackfesters and peek a boo white hats , you can still be tracked but if you use a tor browser then youre even less likely to be tracked :0)

    If you want to go a step further use a network thats not registered to your name , further still dont share the network.

    At the end of each session delete your cache and local .file folders in that order

    note nothing can be installed on this machine , it will function from the CD which cannot be re written :0)

    at the end of each session delete the contents of your temp file.




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    On Line Privacy  Empty Re: On Line Privacy

    Post  Pris Mon May 23, 2016 4:35 pm


    Thanks for sharing the info! Cool

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