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    Jim V. Humble: The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium


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    Jim V. Humble: The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium Empty Jim V. Humble: The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millenium

    Post  B.B.Baghor on Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:28 am

    Here's a link to an audio book by Jim V. Humble, with a few minutes free sample included.
    For those of you, possibly some of you know of this already, who are exposed to environments with
    heavy metals or other toxic material present in it. Also when detoxing of the body is desired, this
    solution, pun intended, is recommended. I'd like to give a word of advise, to never continue to apply
    any method for detoxing or otherwise, when you find great bodily revulsion for it, while experimenting with this.

    Apart from this method, there's a simple one, for detoxing I mean. And that's fasting. Not meant to be practiced,
    when suffering from a chronic dis-ease or mental problems, affecting your general sense of wellbeing and daily life
    functioning, without discussing this with a doctor or therapist.

    With every detox program, be it fasting or by the use of Jim Humble's MMS, it's important to pay attention
    to the phase of releasing toxins in the bloodstream. Only by this step in the process, the body can let go of
    the toxins and remove them entirely, by the natural openings.

    This process of detoxing can cause symptoms like headache, erratic moodswings, nausea, nightmares,
    surfacing emotions of deeply buried issues and past healing processes, tiredness and muscle/bone pain.
    Drinking lots of water can help to dilute and increase the flow of body fluids, but this is accompanied by
    a loss of minerals also. For that, to balance the mineral level in the body, it's wise to choose mineral rich
    food or supplements.

    A low level of minerals may cause a weakness of emotional stamina and possible physical problems,
    where organs are involved in need of it. In my view, food - and health - care should be enjoyed and
    not maintained, by suffering from symptoms for too long. Like being hungry and craving for food and
    a need for care. It's a fine balance, to know when deprivation is chosen with disciplin or with a sense
    of punishment to oneself, from a subconscious level.

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