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    Down at the NWO


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    Down at the NWO Empty Down at the NWO

    Post  Atehequa on Mon Dec 15, 2014 5:40 pm

    Platinum haired hussies extrude the news
    Beautiful faces sculptured over ugly souls
    Fair and balanced red clad leggy whores
    Stiletto heels and quick beaver shots
    How they blossom in front of the cameras
    And what goes on behind closed doors

    Uncle Sam, well he got laid off
    His top hat and snazzy suit they sent
    Far south of the Mexican border
    Lady Liberty is now in hock
    She pawned her crown and torch
    Down at the New World Order

    Elected leaders are now selling souls
    Already they've sold too many lives and dreams
    For thirty pieces of silver, without the guilt
    Awaiting personalized saviors and paradise
    Fatted cows fit for the slaughter
    Trapped inside the walls they've built

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