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    The History of the Culture of War by David Adams


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    The History of the Culture of War by David Adams Empty The History of the Culture of War by David Adams

    Post  mudra Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:16 pm

    The History of the Culture of War by David Adams Historycover

    Although there are many histories of war, this is the first history of the culture of war. Drawing on anthropological, sociological and historical data, it traces all aspects of the culture of war in its evolution from prehistory to the present time. It concludes that the state has increasingly monopolized war and the culture of war, to the point that the state is incapable of promoting a culture of peace.

    This book is part of a trilogy along with World Peace through the Town Hall: A Strategy for the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace and the utopian novella, I Have Seen the Promised Land. Together they put forward a comprehensive and feasible plan to achieve world peace. They are based on the author's responsibility for the United Nations International Year for the Culture of Peace (2000), the Manifesto 2000 signed by 75 million people, and the United Nations Declaration and Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace.

    I posted an excerpt of this book here :  Arrow
    An interesting read.

    Love Always

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    The History of the Culture of War by David Adams Empty Re: The History of the Culture of War by David Adams

    Post  orthodoxymoron Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:53 pm

    I will try to read the book mentioned in your post, mudra. It appears to be fascinating and profound. I sound like a broken-record BUT The Gods of Eden (by William Bramley) really grabbed my attention!! It seems that to secure power, one must be a ruthless SOB -- and unfortunately, once peace comes, the leader of the pack is still a ruthless SOB!! God may be Love -- but the Bible is filled with Merciless-Conquest and Harsh-Administration. I've been wondering if this is how things work throughout the Universe?! Furthermore, the Bottom-Line always seems to be the Bottom-Line (even in politics, religion, warfare, and healthcare)! Does it take a Loving SOB to secure and enforce a Peaceful and Righteous Society?! I've been looking more and more at Deuteronomy through Matthew (KJV) for historical-clues regarding getting the politics, religion, and warfare thing right!! The Torah, and John through Revelation, have me presently perplexed (for legion-reasons). The standard-answers and official-explanations stopped working for me decades ago -- and I've been kicking against the pricks, and beating upon the rocks of infidelity, ever-since. How does one facilitate Ethical Business, Law, Law-Enforcement, the Military, Politics, and Religion -- wherein the Golden-Rule and the Bottom-Line remain in a Dynamic-Equilibrium in a sustainable-manner??? Do the Good-Guys have to hire Bad-Guys to do their Dirty-Work??!! Does the Vatican HAVE to do business with Organized-Crime to keep the world from Self-Destructing?? How much does it REALLY cost to keep Light on the Earth??!! I think VERY few know the correct answer to that question.

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