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    Corbett Report - DARPA Exposed


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    Corbett Report - DARPA Exposed  Empty Corbett Report - DARPA Exposed

    Post  JesterTerrestrial Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:28 pm

    Corbett Report - DARPA Exposed

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    The internet. GPS. Windows. Videoconferencing. Siri. Smart dust. Why isn't it common knowledge that these technologies started as DARPA-funded projects? When the government, defense contractors and tech giants team up to create the next generation of military technology, who wins and who loses? Find out on tonight's broadcast.

    If you consider the fact that new technologies are never declassified or declared in the public domain until they've been rendered obsolete by the next generation; anything we hear about from DARPA will be at the lowest levels of R&D.

    The real 'black projects' at the highest levels of the M-I complex will be decades ahead of anything that DARPA promotes as 'cutting edge', and by the time we finally get to see them, they too will be obsolete.

    As DARPA themselves say; 'Scientia Est Potentia'

    GlasgowTruthGroup 1 hour ago

    This will be especially true of things like 'Smart Dust'.

    If they're talking about using it in 'the future', it means they've been using it for a while, and are now taking it to the next level. If they say it's the size of a grain of rice, it means they've already got it down to a grain of sand or smaller.

    This is the rule of technology, which as James has so eloquently demonstrated here; always comes from the military-industrial complex, and is thus always a matter of 'national security..'

    GlasgowTruthGroup in reply to GlasgowTruthGroup (Show the comment) 50 minutes ago

    And finally, because all of this technology always comes from the military-industrial complex, and is always developed for defense and security related purposes; it is laughable to think that these government agencies and tech-giants are actually working to improve quality of life for the average person - despite massive propaganda campaigns to that end.

    Behind the 'wow factor' and all of the novel utilities, exists an agenda to track, trace, analyze, and control every object on the planet..

    GlasgowTruthGroup in reply to GlasgowTruthGroup (Show the comment) 33 minutes ago

    Dude that was an AWESOME breakdown! That is excatly why i follow your work...F**K YEAH!!

    James Spike 1 hour ago

    2 years later it was Eisenhower not Johnson, but hey we all make errors from time to time

    CTOL1 1 hour ago

    that smartdust will be INSIDE our bodies.!!

    Richreeve75 4 hours ago

    Men who stare at goats. 

    kitabwalli 4 hours ago

    Shouldnt you post links to that radio show every week?

    NicosMind 4 hours ago

    towards the end he talks about "smart dust" which i find really cool and very upsetting all at the same time....

    DAP1230 4 hours ago

    James, thanks for being one of the best teachers that ever happened to us.

    silkcat51 5 hours ago 3


    It's a communistic system that, when used by the Chinese and Russians is/was denounced. We're told it doesn't work and is a failed system. Yet here's the USA using not dissimilar ways of keeping it's economy ticking over. The only difference really being that China and Russia used it for the benefit of the many whilst in the USA it largely benefits only the rich.

    view1st 6 hours ago

    smart dust via chemtrails, HMMMMMM

    SchralperDotCom 6 hours ago

    When the Germans used a similar system to finance their economy they called it fascism and to this day excoriate it. When the Russians had a similar system they called it communism and said it was a threat to civilization. In both cases, millions were killed, maimed and had their lives destroyed to prevent their success. But when the USA and Britain pump-prime their economies with military Keynesianism and war it's called capitalism and is upheld as a shining light for the world to follow.

    view1st 6 hours ago 2

    You're in Japan, you say?  Hmmm...really :)

    mgatchel 6 hours ago in playlist Favorite videos

    watch his older videos of him as teacher in japan to get history/background

    ACSW33TS in reply to mgatchel (Show the comment) 6 hours ago


    chitowndigs 7 hours ago in playlist Favorite videos

    actually, I want your soundtracks lol. Awesome report about DARPA btw!!

    Tfortruth2 7 hours ago

    What's the song in the background before "the last word"

    Tfortruth2 7 hours ago

    Not Johnson, Eisenhower

    Tfortruth2 7 hours ago

    Perhaps they could integrate some reality tv and a few celebrities in the FANG project to increase popularity and speed up the project.

    analogious 7 hours ago

    What do you think about Alex Jones and Mark Dice? I never trusted those guys period and i stopped watching AJ years ago!!!! Actually there's a bunch of people within the "truth"/ alternative media movement people who i do not trust and even the people like you who i listen to i hold up underneath a microscope. But both AJ and Mark Dice are definitely agents in my opinion. I've seen too much information and anomalies which make it all blatantly obvious in my opinion. What do you think?

    JevyJav 7 hours ago

    "based on hunches about the future.." Interesting since we know now that they've been using time travel to view and effect planetary outcomes since at least 1968 secretly. I think exposing this information is key to understanding why our Gov makes the crazy choices it does. They are "helping" us avoid a probable future in their Fascist minds. "we know better than you" is the prevailing attitude from the secret gov. imo

    Ruby Romaine 8 hours ago

    Star wars project...remember that one? It was a big deal then ...nothing about it...must have been a success.

    ddot atriv 9 hours ago 4

    It's hard to get excited about crowd sourcing when it's being used to create even more instruments of death

    How could anyone doubt our world is run by psychopaths?

    MrMartGonzo 10 hours ago 5

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    Pulsed Neutrino 10 hours ago

    Comment removed

    Author withheld

    Wasn't it "Eisenhower" that coined the phrase "Military industrial complex" and gave that speech about unwarranted security measures? Johnson is responsible for the death of the next elected president who took office and warned us that we were "opposed around the world by a monolithic conspiracy". We didn't listen then either.

    soldier4prophesy 10 hours ago

    member that mysterious meeting Obama had a few years ago with the heads of all the tech giant companies, including Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Now it seems clear that this was simply corporatism in action, likely doling out DARPA projects to each one. There is not much to go on otherwise, to make sense of that meeting, which of course the MSM largely ignored, in spite of the eyebrows that should have been raised and the questions that should have been asked.

    k33p2theC0d3 10 hours ago

    If they'd just go back to calling it the "war department", we could call this WARPA. ;-)

    k33p2theC0d3 11 hours ago

    futuremap is now that ibm program for cataloging criminals and predicting crime

    Pulsed Neutrino 11 hours ago

    FDR took us off the gold standard. Stop believing the lies.

    bumcheek7 12 hours ago

    41:25 for those of you who are hard of thinking- love it

    MrSteelduck 13 hours ago

    LOL.. "those of us" who quit listening to James long long ago Very Happy

    zhrmod in reply to MrSteelduck (Show the comment) 11 hours ago

    America the Republic has created the tail that threatens to enmesh the Host.

    CardinalSinga 13 hours ago

    @ 06:10 it looked like James would play the guitar, but it just was his big microphone pillar.

    Very Happy

    mihdd 13 hours ago 2

    Funny, I wrote my comment before I got to the part where you said the same basic thing. re: failure or not

    daggles6 13 hours ago

    DARPA is obscene and exactly the means to further the fascist Washington Empire throughout the world by ANY means, no holds barred.

    Nothing too "tin foil hat" to be far short of what is actually going on, though I personally stop short of UFO theories and such-like.

    An example of my position is that I am a member of A&E for truth and we try to stick with evidence, though evidence will hopefully lead to prosecution of those who conspired to demolish WTCs 1, 2, 7 and a portion of the Pentagon.

    Gerry Hiles 13 hours ago

    Actually they do use "telepathic spies" ... they call it remote viewing and use it all the time. By calling it a failure, it throws us off the trail that they are using it.

    daggles6 13 hours ago

    FANG: tells us that the coming imperialist aggression by NATO/US will be not so much a desert country~~Since they said "amphibious"; from which we then can infer will be in equatorial africa (being as we already have drones there).

    Cherish is the new love. Join a party.

    FlyingAxblade 14 hours ago

    Moon landings were, in their way, false flags to force the USSR into spending far more than the Soviets could afford ... just an extention of the Cold War generally, that forced the Soviet Union into the "arms race".

    Ever since the Truman Doctrine of nuclear first strike (circa 1948) Washington hegemon has been relentless, including Nixon ditching the gold standard and establishing the petro-dollar as the global reserve currency.

    I'd like to think that you have my basic info ... ? But i am 69.

    Gerry Hiles 14 hours ago

    Well there you go and "Moon-landings" never happened ... faking was well-funded and easy to do, given advanced filming techniques.

    But ask yourself: How was it possible to carry enough fuel to decelerate to land on the Moon gently?

    And how could it be possible to carry enough fuel to lift from the Moon AND to accelerate to get back to Earth (basic physics renders that all impossible)

    It's a toss-up which is more bizarre - the official 911 story, or Moon-landings.

    Gerry Hiles 15 hours ago

    Donald is kickin back watching the big screen. He likes to stand they say.

    BlueSkyDesign101 15 hours ago

    45:50 Don't look at what darpa is doing look at what is being funded in RnD university research. Stuff like nanotech, new computing architectures and technology, Engineering microbes, plants, animals and managing the computation software that can manage that data and computations. The reverse engineering of plants and animals. Are they designing viruses/nanotech and experimenting with them on the public?

    westin1985 15 hours ago

    What you have to worry about is who will take control of the scientific/military technology that is developed? Right now people are taking over the US and its technology. Just as a lot of technology came from WWII. The US took many scientist and technology from germany and took control of it. Who will take over the technology from the US and how will they use it.

    westin1985 15 hours ago

    My Fang project:

    I call it the "peace' vehicle, an armored vehicle filled with very powerful explosives. The important thing is to use it in a US Middle-East military base. The original still unseen thing about it is what happens when you turn on the engine. (no need for a complicated system), it advances at slow speed inside the base and automatically detects the hig ranked officers in the area using an integrated system. It then explodes there killing all officers, promoting instant peace..

    RaulentRoi2 15 hours ago

    The best trick the govt uses is to partner with a company and give that company access to research information that it commercializes and makes a huge amount of money on. That company can then take that money and fund new research the govt doesn't have to pay for. Add to that the company is taken public and huge amounts of money is given to the original owners to make new company/govt partnerships. The company can also do more research with new money. This is an ingenious system that works.

    westin1985 15 hours ago

    Killing machines get the funding because somewhere else someone is doing the same thing.

    westin1985 16 hours ago

    You have to look at the universities that are doing RnD research. A lot of that research is coded in special scientific languages that most people can't understand. At this point is just scientific studies. Some how someone that knows this scientific knowledge packages and sells it to someone that doesn't understand it but they understand general things and they have the money to throw at it. This is DARPA. They have this wish list and these scientists look at ways they can meet a wish.

    westin1985 16 hours ago

    good information ... cheers JC

    AncestralReflections 16 hours ago

    great show. thanks so much for this.

    biozamadotcom 16 hours ago

    Infowars was exposed this week aswell, Infowars aka Stratfor. But did I miss you talking about it yet or what?

    I'm I Xxxxxxxx blind, or are you people a circle of cointelpro stooges

    Please correct me if you haven't covered this yet, but as far as I can tell you haven't


    22CaliberHitters 17 hours ago

    Infowars jumped the shark in 2007, IMO.

    Samuel Mael in reply to 22CaliberHitters (Show the comment) 16 hours ago

    Ya know.....Im wondering exactly what you want from people??

    See, Sherry is not exactly an UNKNOWN person. She did a TV show where she was hypnotized and she found out she was Marilyn Monroe.....XD Thats right, SHE THINKS she is the REINCARNATION of a dead movie star. She is also Briantologist. Ya know....that Nazi who lives in australia. So, perhaps people are just not taking her seriously.

    All Im saying is......when info comes from a confimed nutcase, you tend to ignore it at first.

    FreedumbFighter29 in reply to 22CaliberHitters (Show the comment) 12 hours ago


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