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    AT&T might block ur YouTube Face-book & Popular Sites Nov 28 because they can


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    AT&T might block ur YouTube Face-book & Popular Sites Nov 28 because they can Empty AT&T might block ur YouTube Face-book & Popular Sites Nov 28 because they can

    Post  Carol on Wed Nov 21, 2012 7:56 am

    Its not the job of the internet provider to create this anti internet chilling effect or to hand out arbitrary punishment with no appeal process is it ? , After nov 28 if a family member or stranger or friend uses your connections and downloads copyright anything ,every one in your house gets punished , its collective punishment , They are not mandated to do this so that means they hate you, they despise you , they want you to feel small and insignificant . They want to monitor you 24/7 365 days a year , take your business somewhere else fast , read the articles below to know who else to give the shaft to .
    Accused of infringement? AT&T will take away YouTube and Facebook and send you to Copyright Reeducation Gulag

    Quote: The material does not specifically mention the method AT&T will use to prevent customers from surfing online but did note that “access to many of the most frequently visited websites is restricted.” Early information suggests that customers will be disallowed from visiting their favorite sites until acknowledging via email or checkbox in a pop-up that their IP address had been flagged.

    AT&T Starts Six-Strikes Anti-Piracy Plan Next Month, Will Block Websites
    Full article:
    A set of leaked internal AT&T training documents obtained by TorrentFreak reveal that the Internet provider will start sending out anti-piracy warning notices to its subscribers on November 28. Customers whose accounts are repeatedly flagged for alleged copyright infringements will have their access to frequently visited websites blocked, until they complete an online copyright course. It’s expected that most other participating ISPs will start their versions of the anti-piracy plan on the same date...

    One can use the Torproject to deal with this and it would help to have a back up modem. VPM for laptops and a router that supports vpm.
    BUFFALO AirStation HighPower N300 Gigabit Wireless Router WZR-300HP

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