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    Post  mudra on Wed May 26, 2010 5:05 pm

    There was a cowherd boy who took his cows to the meadows every morning and brought them back to the cowshed at the end of the day. One evening, as he was tying the cows up for the night, the boy found that one of them was missing her rope. He feared that she might run away, but it was too late to go and buy a new rope. The boy didn't know what to do, so he went to a wise man who lived nearby and sought his advice. The wise man told the boy to pretend to tie the cow, and make sure that the cow saw him doing it. The boy did as the wise man suggested and pretended to tie the cow. The next morning the boy discovered that the cow had remained still throughout the night. He untied all the cows as usual, and they all went outside. He was about to go to the meadows when he noticed that the cow with the missing rope was still in the cowshed. She was standing on the same spot where she had been all night. He tried to coax her to join the herd, but she wouldn't budge. The boy was perplexed. He went back to the wise man who said, "The cow still thinks she is tied up. Go back and pretend to untie her." The boy did as he was told, and the cow happily left the cowshed. This is what the guru does with the ego of the disciple. The guru helps untie that which was never there. Like the cow, due to our ignorance, we believe that we are bound by the ego when, in fact, we are completely free. We need to be convinced of this, however.

    -Mother Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)

    Love Always

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    Post  greybeard on Sat May 29, 2010 12:54 pm

    David Icke said some things that I resonate with.

    He talked about nothing being solid its fluid and that the brain
    organizes it into solidity in perception.

    Sages since time began have said this, they, the enlightened ones,
    literally dont see the world the way we do, they dont experience it the
    way we do.

    Everything is atoms in movement everything is actually, merged joined.
    That means you and I and the furthest star are linked.

    Try to see everything without exception as energy atoms in movement.
    Even thoughts are atoms in movement with a unique vibration.

    The powers that be, the Illuminati, we think we have to defeat, stand up
    no that is a thought an energy of the same vibration as the illuminati.

    Nothing is ever changed with the same vibration that caused it.
    Fighting resisting tyranny, is still fighting, is an energy similar to
    that being fought.

    The ego in its vanity thinks it will come up with some way to overcome
    the "enemy"
    hasent happened in the whole history of the human race,
    We have been at war for 95% of human history.

    So what does bring about change --- higher consciousness.
    That is why the powers that be are so afraid of spiritual truth.

    Transcend ego and you are no longer motivated by fear or any negativity,
    you cant be controlled.

    Does higher consciousness work.
    Yes the evidence is overwhelming.

    Millions of people owe their lives to the twelve step program of AA
    Belief in a Higher Power got them out of a fatal addiction and
    transformed their lives and obviously the lives of all who were close to
    them. not much fun being the partner of a performing addict.

    The sufferers of that disease had to let go of their ego enough to admit
    they were beaten, power less, to let go and accept the power of
    unconditional love of those who had suffered and found the way out of

    The twelve step program has been altered to help many other addictions
    because it works.

    It only works for those who have enough humility to let go of their ego
    to at least some degree.

    So all the talk of ascension but will it happen for you and others?
    Only if we are prepared to stop playing the game of the ego.

    Dont take my word for it study read books like "The Power of Now" and "A
    New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle "Power vs Force" by Dr David Hawkins
    make up your own mind then make a real effort to raise consciousness.
    We all benefit from what you do.
    On my high horse smiling.
    with Love

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    Post  ClearWater on Mon May 31, 2010 2:33 pm

    I've been reading the works of Gangaji. They resonate very deeply.
    In the book "The Diamond in Your Pocket", there is a chapter called "Strategies of the Superego".
    I'll share some of it here for discussion/contemplation...perhaps in a couple of installments, as time permits.
    It begins...

    The ego and its partner the superego are internal mental voices that appear to determine who you are. As the I am this body thought (ego) determines your individual reality, the thoughts that determine how your ego is doing, how it could be better, or why it never will be better, as well as how others are doing, are the voices of your superego. Your ego is a simulation, a virtual reality of I am, based on perception, sense experiences, and learning. Your superego is a simulation of authority designed to control your ego. It is based on feedback from others in your life.

    Both ego and its further development, superego, are wondrous phenomena. There is nothing inherently wrong with them. Both have an extraordinary role to play in the theatre of human consciousness. The development of ego is miraculous and the formation of superego is perhaps even more astonishing. The problem arises when they command most of your attention and life force. Your opportunity to spontaneously and authentically experience life is then preempted by attention to the internal war: the voices that state, "I am this or that," versus the counterpoint, "You are not enough of this or that." Some voices say you are good, beautiful, and kind, while other voices say you are horrible, ugly, and miserable.

    A simple example: If you bang your head accidentally, after the initial shock and sensation of pain, what mental voices do you hear? Do they deal with blame? If so, do they blames you or someone else or some object? These voices arise from your superego's attempt to assert control, usually through verbal punishment so that head banging won't happen again. The superego is your internalized authority, where part of your ego splits off and calls itself "God" or "Mother" or "Father" or "Guru." When you recognize this split, a great inner battle is exposed, especially in the "spiritual" arena where the superego desires to get rid of the ego. Only the superego wants to get rid of the ego. Getting rid of the ego is the ultimate control. Only your supergo needs war. These warring thoughts are of course reflected in our collective world as well as in our individual world. However, for our purpose here, put your attention on what is going on in your egoic reality, not because it should or shouldn't be happening, but simply to discover what is being thought of as real.

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    Post  greybeard on Mon May 31, 2010 2:52 pm

    Clear water love your avatar
    I really appreciate your post
    G. was at Findhorn Foundation last week, I saw here there last year.
    A loving energy just flows out of her.

    KM said at one his talks
    "Do you really want to know my secret?"
    Of course they did
    His answer,
    "I dont mind"
    Thats it and very deep.
    Thanks again

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    Post  TRANCOSO on Mon May 31, 2010 3:27 pm

    Floyd wrote:At last...a thread about lego
    Ego - Page 2 Escherlego

    ... and the door isn't where the window should be, and the window isn't where the door should be ... This is all SO confusing!

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    Post  TRANCOSO on Mon May 31, 2010 3:34 pm

    Floyd wrote: At last...a thread about lego

    And we all know what 'LEGO' means, don't we, childeren?
    ... ??? ...
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    Post  mudra on Mon May 31, 2010 4:50 pm

    TRANCOSO wrote:
    ... and the door isn't where the window should be, and the window isn't where the door should be ... This is all SO confusing!

    Beware the Lego trap Tran .. the only way around is to Trans-dance it Wink

    Love from me

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    Post  greybeard on Mon May 31, 2010 5:08 pm

    O he is pulling our leg-o
    Yes I would like to find the way out of here too. Maya
    I would leg it oh I would if I could.
    may be I have to let go le go.
    ego here ego there.
    I give up open the door

    Pretty please.


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    Post  greybeard on Thu Jun 03, 2010 12:31 pm

    More on the ego
    The Heisenberg Principal is, that which is observed by consciousness is
    Only observation is necessary, an awareness that is beyond thought holds
    the power.
    Its a very complex subject which Hawkins goes into in some depth.
    The kinesology technique that backs up Dr Hawkins subjective experience
    connects to the field of consciousness in which every event though and
    deed since time began is recorded. Using the test there is a yes or non
    yes response to a statement. Basically anything that does not exist, is
    not supportive of life, is an illusion, causes the muscle to go weak and
    everything that is true/ life supporting causes the muscle to be
    For various reasons only about 15% of the populous can use this test
    with accuracy.
    Now the ego
    The thought that I am a me is very powerful because we are infatuated
    with the me story.
    Anything that comes and goes is not Truth. Ultimate Truth is unchanging.
    Truth cant change.
    Thoughts have a wave form but they are not us. till we identify with the
    thought as mine.
    Eckhart Tolle says Descartes had it backwards. "I AM THEREFORE I THINK"
    is more correct.
    Its very complex unless you are very precise in the context of a
    What is true from one view point, at one level of understanding is not
    true at another.
    Ultimate truth is only God is.
    Then its a step down principal.
    Very top is Ultimate God who is pure love and does nothing.
    Next is God of creation who is busy moment by moment.
    There are the Angels
    There are the Avatars
    There are the enlightened
    Then there is the human race in various levels of vibration from Saints -
    unconditional love,
    all the way down to the
    serial child killer.
    All these have there personal vibration, an energy field.
    So the ego seems very powerful because we believe it to be so, only the
    power of God can remove that illusion.

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    Post  mudra on Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:10 pm

    Interesting Chris .
    It brought the following to mind :

    " I have thoughts therefore I have an ego ".
    " I am love therefore I am "
    " Love is what I am "

    There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking
    makes it so.
    - William Shakespeare

    Love from me

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    Post  greybeard on Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:31 pm

    Yes Mudra
    We dont actually have to think.
    We can see a beautiful sunset be awe struck and then the ego compares.
    Yes but the one last Thursday was better,
    All of a sudden the beautiful sunset is lost to consciousness because I am deep in thought in mind analyzing.
    The ego stand to be ignored to take second place to a beautiful sunset, it has to be center stage all of the time.
    All little examination will show this to be true.
    Ramesh had a good way of looking at it.
    He said you will always have a working mind that takes care of things to be done, it is totally focused in the present moment doing. You will know what you need to know.
    The emotional mind is not necessary.
    One can experience great joy sadness all things with out being emotional about it which is a different thing all together.
    Compassion arises right action happens.
    I dont need ego to experience with love compassion and sensitivity.
    I need to get me out of it to really listen to another.
    The ego filters, accesses comparable info so you dont get new experiences everything is tainted by comparrison with past events, it judges files away is very mechanistic.

    A question that comes often. But don't we need the emotion of fear?
    I don't need fear to tell me not to step in front of bus. Fear paralyzes makes me infective.
    All I need is common sense, life trains me what is supportive and what is dangerous to my survival.
    Only ego feels hurt, is a victim or perpetrator.
    Its not an enemy it just does not know any other way.
    It can be tamed with love then surrendered to God.


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    Post  ClearWater on Sat Jun 05, 2010 2:39 am

    Hi again, Chris.


    We can cherish the freedoms granted by family, culture, and government, but they are ultimately meaningless if we are bound internally by a simulation of authority. Reliance on superego is buttressed by our fear of what we would be without it. In short, we generally have a deeply embedded distrust of our core self. We actually distrust the freedom we crave.

    The question is, can you recognize a mistake (banging your head) and can you know what is wrong (acts requiring moral choices of conscience) without a punishing or rewarding fabricated authority? Regardless of the appropriate functions of ego/superego in the past, in this moment are you willing to trust what you have learned? And even more radically, are you willing to trust the integrity at the core? If there is an ambition to be egoless, it is a red flag. What is wrong with the ego? Who has a problem with the ego? Does awareness have a problem with the ego? Only the superego has a problem with the ego, and it is a huge problem. The superego wants to control the ego.

    In recognizing the tendency of the superego to dominate the ego, without then having to establish a super-superego, you can simply welcome ego with its ambition and needs. In this moment, you can welcome them all - ego, superego, internal and external illusion - into the limitless consciousness that you truly are. Then you can experience yourself as a very limited human being with limited propensities.

    Another very common battering ram of the superego is the idea of "worthlessness," especially in spiritual circles where there tends to be a great fear of arrogance. But arrogance and worthlessness are just two sides of the same coin of ego. Neither experience needs to be avoided. Both can simply be met and directly investigated. If you just allow yourself to be fully and completely arrogant for one second, you will see the absurdity of arrogance, its posturing, its emptiness. It is exactly the same with worthlessness. If you fully and completely experience one second of true worthlessness, worthlessness will become nothing. It will reveal itself to be just another weapon of the superego, having nothing to do with the truth of who you are. Whether you run from arrogance, worthlessness, or any experience, you are constricting the life force. You are desperately attempting to be what you think you should be, while being haunted by what you think you are.

    This sentence in particular, struck me...
    "Whether you run from arrogance, worthlessness, or any experience, you are constricting the life force. You are desperately attempting to be what you think you should be, while being haunted by what you think you are."

    Investigation has proven this to be true.
    As I notice tension, or any symptoms of a constricted life force, I take that moment to look at what I am running from.
    Once I've determined what I'm running from, I invite it in.
    I say "Welcome. Make yourself comfortable and stay if you like."
    You know what happens?
    I invite all to try it and see...

    Love and Gratitude!
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    Post  greybeard on Sat Jun 05, 2010 3:21 am

    Thanks clear water it can be quite confusing/
    The watter is muddied by excessive analyzing spiritual teaching.
    All teachers say the ego must be transcended - then disagree as to how to go about it.
    When one commits to seeking God through the path of enlightenment then all that is not of gGod comes up within you to be recognized made friends with and let go of.
    Its not you but part of the ego and you/we are responsible for its actions.
    Love Chris

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    Ego - Page 2 Empty A course in Miracles

    Post  greybeard on Sat Jun 05, 2010 5:35 am

    <blockquote class="postcontent restore ">
    A Course in Miracles
    Is one of the greatest tools for removing all conditioning, programing,
    The daily lessons are simple but not easy.
    Lesson 34 I could see peace instead of this
    ( I could see peace in this situation instead of what I now see.)

    I went to a study group at The Findhorn Foundation for over a year.
    They were the most peace loving free, compassionate, individuals I have
    ever met.
    Several had been members of the Foundation for over twenty years.
    People from all over the world would come to Findhorn for a few weeks
    and appear at the study group.
    They all had similar stories of how the lessons had improved their
    lives greatly.

    The ego hates the course because it give one freedom in the place that
    really counts --- in the mind.
    No agitation just right action, compassion.
    The course is very clear, we are all Christ, we are all one. We never
    left that oneness.

    Its very easy to see whether something is life supporting or other wise.

    You can tell by the fruits.
    Are the people associated with the teaching at ease, free to express
    themselves, do they have peace of mind?
    Do they express peace love and harmony and act accordance with that?
    I have found that with very few exceptions (newcomers) all students
    without exception have expressed gratitude for the insights the course
    has given them, it has literaliy changed their lives for the better.

    I laugh when I see people who have never had direct experience of the
    course, via a study group, knocking it.
    They are taking some one else's word invariably and who is programed
    Whos teachers preach separation? -- claim you sovereignty sounds great
    but in reality only God is Sovereign.
    We are all equal in that fullness.
    The last resort of the ego is specialness.
    Thats a quote from A Course in Miracles.
    We are all One. Specialness promotes superiority, Edge God Out.

    Love Chris

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    Post  mudra on Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:32 am

    The search for Truth ( part 1): excerpt
    By Steve Gamble

    Physicists tell us that life comes from the space inside an atom and even from the ‘space’ within the space within an atom. Everything comes from within, not from without. Life itself is created and sustained from that which resides within. We only need to look at how a seed sprouts and transforms itself into a beautiful plant with leaves, buds, flowers and fruit, or into a giant oak tree, to appreciate this. Creation works from in, to out, from its centre, expanding forever outwards. All higher vibrations come from our higher vibratory selves and ultimately from the source of all there is - the infinite seed within. The Ahnu, the source of all life feeds itself energy from within. The more we look inside anything, the more space, the more ‘life’ we will find. Others have been telling us the same story for thousands of years that everything comes from this ‘internal source’. For those of you who have sat in this space and wondered and exalted at the immensity of it all, the peace, the beauty, the serenity and the overall magnitude of everything; you will all know that although one feels so small, yet safe and secure in this expanse of space, one also experiences the incredible feeling and emotion of being one with everything at the same time.

    What comes from this experience is the understanding that the outside universe is merely a reflection of that which exists inside us, each and every one of us; reflected so we can experience it with our physical senses – with one major difference. The major difference is that the inner reality is reflected but distorted by the mind. We create in our own image and we create by thought; thought being energy. Therefore, the outside world is merely a distorted version of what lies within, distorted by the mind/intellect/ego energy, which in the time scale of the evolution of Mankind is relatively young and immature. Whatever we experience inwardly we project outwardly through the process of thought and it is manifested. There are only two emotions, fear and love. Anger, jealousy, embarrassment, hate, revenge etc., are all emotions of fear. Is it any wonder that in the world we live in the thoughts of 5 billion plus people on this planet are generally based on fear? Can we appreciate and understand how our mind and our emotional fears can alter this inner truth and purity, and reflect a distorted version of this purity into the outside world? Could these unbalanced energies and thought forms have formulated the world as we currently know it and continue to do so with the conditioning and controlling influences of Man’s ego/intellect, which is still so prevalent and prominent in the world today? This man-made world is full of chaotic energies, fears, thought-forms, false gods, false angels and so much more – otherwise this world would be a better place in which to live and I’m sure we would notice.

    We are like goldfish swimming in a goldfish bowl; swimming around in ever continuing circles and at every turn believing we are seeing something new, something different, which attracts our fancy each and every time. But just like the goldfish, when we come across Man’s duplicity again we have forgotten that we have ever come across it in the first place. Or, would it be more appropriate to say we have not been allowed to remember? The illusion has cleverly recreated exactly the same scenario it has always created, with its conditioning and controlling factors in place ready to capture, ensnare and erode the spiritual search of Man. The only difference is they are using models that have had face-lifts, sport new hairstyles and new clothes. That’s all. So like the goldfish we fail to recognise we have ever experienced anything like it before.

    Physicists will also tell us that matter (the human body for example) is inert. Matter can only ‘come alive’ or become animated when it is infused with the Ether – space/energy. For those of you who have read some of my other articles you may remember the mention of an atom being 99.999% space and as we and everything else are made up of atoms, then we consist of 99.999% space, only it doesn’t appear that way. Let us take this a step further. An atom is also, therefore, made up of 0.0001% matter; therefore we are made up of 0.0001% matter too. The human body consists of 0.0001% matter and 99.999% space (Ether/light/energy - Spirit). Yet taking this into account we focus 99. 999% of our attention on the 0.0001% of what our human existence consists of, the inert part, matter: and we further consider this to be the only reality that can possibly exist – the physical, materialistic world, which we live in. I repeat, we spend 99% of our time concentrating on the 1% of who and what we are. Is this not wholly disproportionate to the true reality of what is? Why do we continue to do this? Why do we continue to ignore the 99.999% of who and what we are? We all have this wonderful space inside us; a space consisting of light and truth and a great expansive realm of possibilities to explore and enjoy. Can we possibly imagine what we are missing out on? Yet we continue to allow ourselves to be attracted and deceived by the false light and labels of the mind/ego/intellect, which are designed to attract light seekers and encourage them to look outside themselves for the answers. We see the red light in the window, enter the door and begin to give our power and control away to lower vibrational energies. The outside illusionary world created by our thoughts is merely prostitution of our spirituality, put to an unworthy use.

    We have, for so long now been deceived by the Hierarchy, (the ego consciousness) that we have forgotten what vibration the truth resonates at and how we can resonate with it. This is why, when we begin this wonderful inner journey, this exploration of our own space through meditation, we tend to become disillusioned too easily. What do we generally experience first? We experience the great darkness and the ceaseless chatter of everyday life and nothing seems to happen. This mind/ego/intellect combination has been so readied and primed by the conditioning and programming it has been subjected to over the years, that it will try at all costs to stop us from discovering our true reality. So much so that in our meditations nothing spectacular seems to happen at all and we become annoyed with the incessant chatter and become even more disillusioned and enter our spiritual search mode, once again recommencing that same old journey of looking externally for the answers. Yet those who have persevered with this marvellous journey have been justly rewarded.

    Eventually the chatter slows down and then disappears, the darkness lifts and is replaced with improving light and colour and the voice of the inner self; the intuitive voice which we rarely hear becomes stronger and begins to sing the song of truth and light. We can then truly begin to explore this wonderful reality that exists in each and every one of us. We can shop in our own Shopping Mall for whatever we need, to our hearts content. When we are adjusted to this vibration of truth and light, we can see that within us lie the most exquisite treasures and wonders one could possibly behold. Amongst this immense and enchanting beauty of the many different worlds, which we can experience, we are also able to teach ourselves through the process of inner tuition. This is where the word ‘intuition’ comes from, and we can teach ourselves in a personal and symbolic way, all the knowledge and wisdom we need to know from time to time. We then wonder why we ever allowed ourselves to be tempted by the red light into looking externally for the answers at all. Meditation (stillness) helps to slow and stop the chatter of the conscious mind, but to go further is more like an inner journey using the stillness as a door to enter this realm of inner possibilities, which exists in each of us.

    However, the false light of the illusion remains much easier to see because of its lower vibrations and many people without the virtue of patience, dedication and perseverance to stay with their inner journey will naturally and innocently be attracted by this light, though not knowing what it is, or what feeds it. Christ warned us 2000 years ago that we were making a mistake by placing our faith in the wrong God. Christ warned us there were two Gods and that we were following the false god and his false angels and their false truths. The true God, the Creator; was a God from above the Heavens who we could not see, not a false god created by Man who we can meet in the mountains and who rules with fear, control, belligerence, anger, fire and brimstone, jealousy, war, death, sacrifice, hypocrisy and downright deceit. Is this an uncanny description of how the world is run today? The ‘intelligence’ initially responsible for the creation and development of the ego consciousness and the ‘people’ who are responsible for enforcing its bewitching powers today, keep our search for the truth external by working through the weakness and gullibility of our intellect/mind/ego consciousness.

    Materialistic beliefs and desires easily drive these lower intellectual vibrations of consciousness and so over the years it has become easy to erode the memory of who we are, where we come from and where our true spirituality lies.

    Love Always

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    Post  greybeard on Sun Jun 06, 2010 8:50 am

    Thanks Mudra
    Its all about learning and sharing.

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    Post  mudra on Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:48 pm

    The Search for Truth

    by Steve Gamble

    We cannot climb a mountain by camping at the base and hoping to be at
    the top when we wake up in the morning. As with ascending a mountain,
    spirituality too should be taken one step at a time. When we begin searching
    for our spiritual selves we have two places where we can shop.
    We can shop in our inner Shopping Mall, the Shopping Mall for Truth and
    Light or we can shop in the Illusionary Shopping Mall. The difference
    being, our inner Mall is at the top of the mountain and is difficult to
    see and reach, whereas the illusionary Mall is always in front of us and
    is lit up like Blackpool Illuminations so we cannot fail to see it, or
    reach it.
    Too many people want the spiritual path to be quick and easy
    because there are so many methods out there which offer the same easy
    People become a ‘Master’ in a weekend and so others want it too. Others
    may offer a longer solution at more cost but with the same outcome. As
    long as we look for the easy fix there will always be modalities out there
    offering a fast solution. We are our own Master if we can just access that
    aspect of ourselves. When we start this incredible journey the illusionary light
    will always appear brighter to attract us and ensnare us, just as it has over
    thousands of years through religion.

    The illusionary Shopping Mall is more modernised these days
    with its Reiki shops, Sekhem shops, Karuna shops and a whole range more,
    the list is endless. Only we don’t buy our goods from these places with
    credit cards, we pay with our spirituality and our health and the well
    being of not only ourselves, but of the whole of humanity and Mother Earth.
    If our jug is constantly empty because we keep giving our power away,
    we are not able to quench our own thirst let alone the thirst of other people.
    We are all from the same source and we are all equal. Nobody is better
    than we are and likewise we are no better than anybody else is.

    We are, after all, all one and the same. Most people who call themselves
    a Master are a master of nothing, least of all themselves. A true Master
    will never call themselves a Master or tell you what they can do and what
    abilities they have. Only somebody living in his or her ego will do this.
    A true Master will become known as a Master by his followers or
    disciples over time because of the energy, warmth, light and truth they radiate
    and the sheer pleasure one gains from being in their presence.

    There are so many self-styled Masters and Gurus out there today
    that tell us they have amazing abilities and talents. To the vast
    majority of us there is just no way of determining whether what they are
    saying is true or not. Their stories are impossible sometimes to
    corroborate because they are so fantastic. In fact, the stories are so
    fantastic and wonderful at times that we naturally want to believe them
    because we want the stories to be true and we want to be part of this
    ‘incredible’ adventure.
    And so we start to give our power away again. These type of people feed
    on our power. Our power feeds their over inflated ego’s. They may even
    tell us what star system we originate from, or what part of the Solar System
    we first incarnated on.
    They may even tell us about some of our past lives, although my experience
    has shown they say many of the same things to many different people.
    I know of a number of people who were told by the same ‘guru’ that they
    all had the same past life.
    Now that must have been one crowded body. These people love to emphasise
    their own self importance and may even tell us of some of their own alleged
    past lives; always important people though, such as Merlin, Nostradamus,
    Tesla, Einstein or even Christ.

    However, because these people have bought into the lower vibration of
    ego they cannot exist in the light of truth and we have nothing to fear
    from them. When we realise this and realise who and what these people
    truly are, we stop feeding their ego and their power is weakened and ultimately
    taken away. We then see them for what they truly are, sad, lonely and insecure people,
    who need to create a fantasy world in which they can live to avoid dealing
    with the issues they have buried deep within themselves.
    Some of these people become pathological liars and begin to firmly believe
    that they do live in this illusionary world they have created around themselves
    and which they expect everybody else to live in too. If we can dispel the ego
    of an individual by refusing to give them our power to feed on, then we can do
    like-wise with the combined ego of this man-made illusion, which surrounds us all.
    If more of us were to do just this, then surely we would help to purify the consciousness
    of Mother Earth, which nurtures us all? If we stop feeding anything it will eventually die!

    The simple answer to healing work in particular, is to ALLOW, no symbols,
    no invocations, in fact no mind input at all because all it does is distort or limit the
    energies being channelled and further blocks the intuitive side from coming through.
    [However, sometimes it is valid to ask for help from aspects of oneself when doing inner
    journeys and distant healing].
    We keep giving our power away to other people, to invocations and to the
    use of symbols, believing they all play a more important part in the healing
    process and life itself. By giving our power away and focusing on unbalanced
    energies outside of us we are feeding the predatory consciousness and
    it becomes increasingly more difficult to remain balanced and centred,
    at one with ALL THAT IS within us. By doing this we are blockingour intuitive
    side and stopping ourselves from moving further along this wonderful path.
    The answer and truth of everything lies within each of us. It is only
    by going within that we will find our centre, our balance, connect more
    consciously with our spirit and connect with our true being, which in
    turn enables us to channel the most purest energies of all, because they
    come from the balanced source within. All we need to do is to say
    thank you when we have finished.

    Balance is a state of being, a state of calmness and extreme stillness
    amidst the chaos and turmoil that passes itself off as being the ‘true’
    reality in which we live. Like a tornado, which weaves its chaotic magic
    by creating destruction, devastation and imbalance with and within everything
    it touches, so too does man. Like a tornado has its inner peace- the
    eye of the storm - so too has Man. The centre of every storm is absolute
    peace, pure stillness and utter calm - complete balance amongst
    all the surrounding chaos. The centre of Man is no different. We need to find
    this inner centre, this inner balance, our own area of absolute stillness
    to avoid living in our own and everybody else’s chaos. A storm is only
    one example of how Nature shows us where and how we can find this balance,
    this space and inner peace of pure tranquillity.

    There is no greater force than that of equilibrium. Everything, every
    energy, every vibration ultimately strives to reach its own perfect state
    of balance. We are no different. If we continue to look and focus our
    attention outside of us, all we will see and experience is the chaos of
    the storm and we will never find our inner self, our true being,who and
    what we really are. In attempting to reach this calm equalised state of
    being, it is only natural that everything including ourselves will tend
    to begin by swinging wildly from one extreme of chaos to another, just
    as a pendulum swings. We are constantly traversing the chaotic aspect
    of the storm if you like, passing fleetingly through that
    perfect balance somewhere along the way without consciously recognising or
    acknowledging it for what it truly is, except just enough perhaps, for our inner self,
    our intuitive side to register there is more to this life than we presently understand.
    This may explain why many of us keep searching for this something,
    this ‘more to life’, yet remain unsure of just what it is we are actually
    searching for.

    Just as the universe may eventually cease to expand and begin to flow
    back towards its source, we too are beginning to stop searching forever outwards to
    find truth and balance. Through realisation, some may say awakening,
    we are beginning that opposite swing of the pendulum back towards
    our true inner selves and searching inwards, back towards balance, towards
    the centre away from the chaos and finally towards the peace and understanding
    of Oneness itself. Somewhere between that outer ‘reality’ of this chaotic
    physical world and the inner truth of everything that is, lies our own perfect balance,
    our own perfect space, which will allow us to exist as a Spiritual Being enjoying a physical experience.
    Not a Human Being striving and struggling to achieve a Spiritual experience in this Land of Illusion.

    Love Always

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    Post  greybeard on Thu Jun 10, 2010 7:01 am

    <blockquote class="postcontent restore ">
    The ego hates the thought of surrender, It believes it is
    Sovereign ultimately means "I can do without God" EDGE GOD OUT.
    Many come to AA and they have a real problem with the concept of
    surrender to a power greater than one self.
    Frankly its no big deal.
    For me surrender simply means I cant do this on my own, please help me.
    Admitting that help is needed takes humility and that is the first step
    to recovery.
    One can have a very healthy self esteem and accept that assistance is
    Self esteem is not ego.

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    Post  greybeard on Sat Jun 12, 2010 4:43 pm

    <blockquote class="postcontent restore ">
    I think the most important questions you can ask of any spiritual
    teaching or teacher is.
    Are the teachings helping me NOW?
    If they are not helping you now then they will not help you become more
    kind and compassionate person which is a necessary part of Ascension as
    I understand it.
    The good teacher will help you remove all causes of fear. Ego being the
    main one.
    Fear and Love (God) cannot co-exist.

    A famous sculptor was asked how he created a beautiful woman from a
    block of marble.
    His answer. "I just chip away everything that is not feminine."

    So in essence we are pure and good, free from bondage of all kids of
    limitations, mainly of the mind.
    Free from the mentality of the ego we are naturally loving and kind
    putting others before our selfish needs wants and desires.

    Thanks to Fred in PA for this Eckhart Tolle quote which really says it all.

    "A true spiritual teacher does not have anything to
    teach in the conventional sense of the word, does not have anything to
    give or add to you, such as new information, beliefs, or rules of
    conduct. The only function of such a teacher is to help you remove that
    which separates you from the truth ... The words are no more than
    signposts." - Tolle


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    Post  greybeard on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:34 pm

    <blockquote class="postcontent restore ">
    Free of illusion this is the way that the world
    reveals it self.

    “The Worlds appearance and quality then demonstrate a profound
    change. Everything reveals itself
    as intrinsically exquisitely radiant. Everything presents it self with
    aliveness and awareness The prior appearance of the world in contrast
    was drab and monochromatic compared to Technicolor. Now all shines forth
    in its own radiance of stunning beauty consequent to the aliveness
    pervasiveness and universality of life.
    All is interrelated and expressive of Oneness and Unity. All is
    happening spontaneously on its own. Th brilliant quality of radiant
    beauty shines forth as the Essence of Creation. The mind becomes silent.
    At first hesitantly then over whelm, it realizes that Divinity is
    revealing Itself like the gift of a presentation
    It is uniquely Divinities manifesting as Creation, which s continuous .
    All shines forth its awareness by worship and adoration of the existence
    of overwhelming Love as Presence. The presentation is stunning and even
    the field of conscious awareness is stilled by the grandeur.
    The presence precludes functioning in the ordinary sense. The familiar
    self-identity has disappeared. It is not even possible to speak of the
    Reality without Divine assistance. It cannot be described or explained.
    (To even allude to it took thirty years)”

    This copied from page 114 of Discovery of the Presence of
    God/Devotional Non-duality by Dr David Hawkins
    This is the World as seen from the perspective of the state of
    That is our destiny.

    Dr. Hawkins is an internationally renowned psychiatrist, physician,
    researcher, and pioneer in the fields of consciousness research and
    spirituality. He writes and teaches from the unique perspective of an
    experienced clinician, scientist, and mystic and is devoted to the
    spiritual evolution of mankind.

    Discovery of the Presence of God/Devotional Non-duality

    This, the sixth book in a progressive series by the author, finalizes
    and further clarifies the true nature and core of the condition termed
    “Enlightenment.” Although it draws on consciousness research for
    explanation and contextualization, it is primarily an instruction manual
    for the serious spiritual devotee and reveals information that is known
    only by those who have transcended the ego to reach Divine Realization.

    This is the inner route from the self to the Self, and the descriptions
    of the progressive states are devoted to the reader’s own Illumination.

    The subjective states of the mystic have been of great interest but
    historically never have been clarified to the degree presented in this
    semi-autobiographical account that also provides the means by which to
    identify their rare occurrence and thus describe the core
    characteristics of Spiritual Truth.

    Devoid of ecclesiastical doctrine or religious belief systems, the
    pristine essence of all spiritual Truth is revealed in its purity with
    unprecedented clarity. It becomes clear that to truly “know” is to “be”
    rather than to “know about.” Why all of Dr. Hawkins’ books begin and end
    with “Gloria in Excelsis Deo!” becomes apparent.

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    Post  greybeard on Sat Jun 26, 2010 1:16 pm

    <blockquote class="postcontent restore ">
    Certainly in the case Of David Hawkins there is no ego and the
    self of him is the same Self as the Self of Ramana etc it also the same
    Self as the Self of you.
    Hawkins says he is not actually in the body, "People talk to it but
    thats the way it is here"

    We cant fully understand till we are in that state but David Hawkins
    comes closest to describing what it is like.
    Awareness remains and that is eternal. That is what you are and I are as
    One. Awareness.
    There are levels of God awareness (even that is not absolutely correct)
    The first being full enlightenment as described by Hawkins. He is not
    saying he is God God as I understand it.

    There is so many thoughts on what enlightenment is that I thought it
    best to get it straight from the one who is in such a state.

    There are levels of enlightenment and after fully transcending the ego
    this is an account of the final state
    copied from the book "I Reality and Subjectivity" by Dr David Hawkins MD

    "Suddenly without warning, a shift in awareness occurred and the
    Presence totally prevailed, unmistakable and all encompassing. There
    were a few moments of intense apprehension as the self died, and then
    the absoluteness of the Presence inspired a flash of awe. This
    breakthrough was spectacular and more intense than anything before. It
    had no counterpart in ordinary experience. The profound shock was was
    cushioned by the love that is the Presence. Without the support and
    protection of that love, it seems that one would be annihilated.
    There followed a moment of terror as the ego clung to its existence,
    fearing it would become nothingness. Instead, as it died, it was
    replaced by the Self as Everythingness, the All in which everything was
    known and obvious in its perfect expression of its own essence.
    With non-locality came the awareness that one is all that ever was or
    can be. One is total and complete, beyond all identities, beyond gender,
    beyond even humanness itself. One need never again fear suffering and

    What happened to the body beyond this point is immaterial. At certain
    level of spiritual awareness, ailments of the body heal or spontaneously
    disappear, but in the Absolute state such considerations are
    The body will run its predicted course and then return from whence it
    came. Its a matter of no importance, Reality is unaffected. The body is
    an it rather than a me; just another object like furniture in a room. It
    may seem comical that people still address the body as though it were
    an individual you, but there is no way to explain this state of
    awareness to the unaware. It is best to just go about ones business and
    allow providence to handle the social adjustment. However as one reaches
    bliss, it is very difficult to conceal that state of intense ecstasy.
    in this final apocalypse of the self, the dissolution of the sole
    remaining duality of existence versus non existence dissolves in
    Universal Divinity and no individual consciousness is left to chose. The
    last step, then, is taken by God."

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    Post  hippihillbobbi on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:43 am

    Chris, Mudra et al--

    WONDERFUL thread, everyone! thanks to you all. i'm definitely gonna look up David Hawkins, Chris, and also Lady G. (forgot her name), Mudra. i REALLY APPRECIATE these tips ..... from two of my FAVORITE tipsters! Ego - Page 2 193366



    p.s. i just realized it was ClearWater, not Mudra, who referred to Gangaji 1st in the thread ..... SORRY to mistake the two of you ..... i blame the similarity of the "Wisdom Quotient" that you each possess! (or maybe ..... the senility of a 60 year old!) Ego - Page 2 161430 Ego - Page 2 161430 Ego - Page 2 161430

    love again, batsyb

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    Post  ClearWater on Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:00 am

    Hi hhb!

    David Hawkins and Gangaji both do an excellent job of explaining the state of self-awareness.
    This state would not generally be associated with 'ego'. However, it is not exactly something separate from ego, either.

    Ego, as far as I can tell, is the identification with one thing as opposed to another thing.
    Ego is comparison... 'I am this. I am not that.' I identify with this. I separate myself from that.

    The state we might call 'ego-less' is not really a state that is separate from ego.
    If there is a separation (in our minds) between ego and ego-less, then the mind that sees that separation is ego-identified.

    The state we might call 'ego-less' is a state in which ego is incorporated into the totality of being.
    In this 'incorporation', the ego ceases to be something separate from 'me'. Therefore, the concept of ego (comparison) simply dissolves.

    Wisdom is stated by many wise people in particular, and it is okay to take in all that these particular people have to say.
    It is also true that ALL of us are wise. ALL of us are sources of wisdom. Therefore, it is not 'necessary' to look to other particular people to find wisdom.

    You are wise. I am wise
    We ARE wisdom.

    Love and Gratitude! Ego - Page 2 Icon_sunny

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    Post  greybeard on Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:18 am

    Good day!!!
    Particular people, teachers, we dont need but without the wisdom of those who are experienced where would we be? -- in ignorance.
    Even top singers athletes teams etc have a coach to keep them "aligned".
    There is only One voice only One teacher and that is the same Self--- consciousness manifesting though billions of forms.
    The paradox is that there seems to be the many but there is only the One substrate.
    Thanks to all contributors, you teach me so much.

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    Post  mudra on Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:04 am

    Many before us have planted seeds on the road so we can drink at that fountain of beauty to go through these times in peace .. all these brothers and sisters have paved the road with beauty.
    I am gratefull to the beauty I found in this world .. this has been a source of inspiration to me .. nature , art , and people I met or read... they all helped me to grow in the love flow .. the source of all that is .

    Love from me

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